Đồng nghĩa của absent minded

Tính từ

Forgetful or careless due to distraction
absent absorbed abstracted careless distracted forgetful inattentive preoccupied vague bemused dreamy engrossed faraway musing oblivious unaware unheeding unthinking heedless neglectful unmindful distrait ditzy scatterbrained brooding pensive thoughtful wool-gathering airheaded daydreaming dreaming idle inconscient lost mooning moony remote removed scatty spacey surroundings unconscious unobservant withdrawn woolgathering apt to forget in a brown study goofing off lost in thought miles away pipe dreaming space cadet out to lunch unaware of events head in the clouds with a memory like a sieve with a mind like a sieve far away distant absentminded bewildered not with it rapt dizzy in a world of your own not with us puzzled confused befuddled somewhere else silly at sea in a daze immersed vacant intent giddy mystified nonplussed disorganized birdbrained baffled perplexed empty-headed erratic in a dream thoughtless feather-headed feather-brained unreliable muddled wrapped up disoriented dazed confounded not there disorganised insensible slaphappy discombobulated muddleheaded agitated blank unsystematic negligent delirious troubled diverted dippy dappy disconcerted discomposed worried inclined to forget goofy immersed in thought deep in thought flustered inadvertent engaged distraught featherbrained stumped fazed unfocused ditsy addled irrational spellbound deep disorientated harebrained flighty taken up caught up woolly-headed pixillated mixed-up pixilated muzzy addlepated shell-shocked punchy zonked-out dopey spaced-out punch-drunk spacy zonked dopy at a loss hung up with one's head in the clouds a million miles away at sixes and sevens muddle-headed spaced out amnesic amnesiac detached empty frantic frenzied hysteric hysterical out in space confusional mixed up beside oneself wrapped-up fascinated anxious asleep bugged elsewhere vacuous omitted minus bare hollow deficient devoid undependable frivolous in short supply regardless inobservant unobserving unwatchful unperceiving undiscerning unhinged unbalanced lacking concentration not concentrating unnoticing off in a world of one's own apathetic bored listless off-guard dozy ruffled demented unglued pestered harassed tormented frothy lightheaded puerile irresponsible light-headed madcap futile yeasty light-minded hassled all at sea unsound senile stupid illogical bird-brained sidetracked psychotic deranged unstable crazy unsettled out-of-joint disregardful slapdash slipshod lax whacko captivated mesmerized consumed addle-brained glassy-eyed gone shot to pieces screwy not knowing if one is coming or going shook up with Alzheimer's disease fouled up unscrewed amnemonic inattentive to slack wandering negligent about nirvanic unwitting oblivious to sloppy remiss ignorant entranced involved hooked intrigued riveted not thinking clearly remiss in indifferent to remiss about lax about in a flap driven to distraction gripped occupied submerged enthralled speculative meditative reflective ruminative entranced by in a world of one's own preoccupied by bound-up up to here mesmerised head over heels fascinated by distracted by eat sleep and breathe riveted by taken up by captivated by all wound up enthralled by spellbound by out of it looking out window having a memory like a sieve asleep on the job not on the job like an absent-minded professor intangible unreal misty shadowy fantastic stupefied chimerical phantasmagoric dreamlike phantasmagorical stunned beautiful otherworldly excellent astral unsubstantial mythical introspective marvelous superb illusory imaginary whimsical nightmarish wistful immaterial introvertive marvellous in a reverie with your head in the clouds out of this world fuddled thrown dumbfounded clueless shaken flummoxed bushed unnerved discomfited addle astonished bamboozled spaced befogged astounded raddled fogged bedeviled floored beaten shaken up mazed wildered taken aback thrown off balance bedevilled fuzzy

Tính từ

Completely fascinated or absorbed by what one is seeing or hearing
rapt captivated entranced rapturous spellbound ecstatic enraptured enthralled fascinated bewitched charmed enchanted gripped transported delighted elated elevated engrossed enrapt euphoric exhilarated giddy heady held intoxicated mesmerised mesmerized rhapsodic rhapsodical riveted sent thrilled absorbed blissful intent preoccupied ravished absent abstracted beguiled busy content daydreaming dreaming employed enamoured enamored engaged happy hypnotised hypnotized inattentive interested involved joyful oblivious occupied overwhelmed taken unconscious wrapped blissed out hung up wrapped up carried away caught up in overjoyed excited on cloud nine over the moon in seventh heaven joyous in raptures animated jubilant stunned impressed gleeful delirious awestruck exultant awestricken stoked dazzled cock-a-hoop on a high transfixed on top of the world high walking on air jumping for joy beside oneself with happiness exalted enthusiastic frenzied infatuated aroused on cloud seven delirious with happiness starstruck beside oneself with joy in transports of delight floating on air proud cheerful pleased hysterical fervent corybantic flying in high spirits floating turned-on affected in transports attracted wigged out wild with excitement enticed overpowered in heaven tickled pink flying high in a frenzy of delight extremely happy turned on awed intrigued snowed ebullient inspired zestful exhilarative energized trapped attentive delightful rejoicing triumphant bright cheery energised exulting high-spirited in paradise in rhapsodies gladdened flushed filled with joy captive beatific crowing revelling boastful crank glorying prideful swaggering gloating dizzy stimulated treading on air orgasmic victorious gay triumphalist reveling flipping merry wowed deliriously happy made up smitten overexcited gone in exaltation athrill upbeat crazy out mad sunny dreamy wild only too happy as pleased as Punch piqued galvanized moved concerned galvanised quickened blown away mentally enchanted tickled to death in a frenzy pleased as punch very happy as happy as Larry very interested tantalized immersed seduced titillated cheered roused as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy happy as a lark happy as a clam like a child with a new toy hooked on tantalised ardent beside oneself passionate caught up emotional lyrical extravagant eulogistic fond of in love with extremely curious sold on under a spell very inquisitive stuck on highly interested extremely interested very curious breathless hooked amazed puffed up agape over-the-top bedazzled won over open-mouthed hopped up set up looking good fired up under someone's spell exuberant glad eager enthused keen motivated avid tickled desirous willing great hungry agog solicitous gung ho impatient ambitious appetent thirsty athirst geeked greedy hepped up full of beans hopped-up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed aflame uplifted inspirited up triumphal celebrating doing handsprings earnest spirited devoted committed warm vigorous lively zealous hearty vehement pumped wholehearted rabid raring fanatical obsessed fervid fiery dynamic energetic vivacious dedicated voracious passional ready animate nutty nuts wacky perfervid forceful antsy anxious industrious afire unqualified intense active yearning diligent assiduous juiced conscientious gaga itching determined driven sprightly bugged zesty warmblooded ready and willing as keen as mustard keyed up champing at the bit keen as mustard mad keen hot to trot turnt raring to go gone on chomping at the bit red-hot buoyant jovial encouraged excitable enlivened inclined electrified craving jolly peppy amenable bursting disposed awakened longing pining sparky restive hankering covetous tumultuous alive

Trái nghĩa của absent minded

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