Đồng nghĩa của misguided

Alternative for misguided

Đồng nghĩa: ill-conceived, mistaken,

misguides, misguided, misguiding

Đồng nghĩa: lead astray, misadvise, misdirect, mislead,

Tính từ

Having or showing faulty judgement or reasoning
misplaced unwise erroneous foolish ill-advised unwarranted fallacious imprudent injudicious unfounded deluded ill-considered ill-judged impolitic inadvisable inappropriate misconceived misled mistaken unsound rash bearded bum-steer confused deceived disinformed errant erring faked-out indiscreet inexpedient stonewalled stray straying unreasonable off course uncalled for labouring under a delusion led up the garden path foolhardy reckless incautious careless thoughtless unthinking hasty irresponsible short-sighted brash tactless undiplomatic silly inconsiderate ill-conceived indelicate wrong-headed hare-brained heedless impulsive improvident overhasty stupid graceless irrational naive senseless unintelligent harebrained undesirable mindless unguarded ill-thought-out unconsidered unsuitable precipitate illogical inane witless unwary madcap asinine negligent immature hotheaded untimely improper wrong impetuous temerarious idiotic brainless risky hot-headed spur-of-the-moment pointless unreasoning devil-may-care playing with fire maladroit unadvisable inept impractical crazy crackbrained unpolitic headlong ridiculous dumb daft imbecilic moronic precipitous wild childish insensitive unfortunate fatuous inattentive overbold nonsensical regardless wacky helter-skelter over-adventurous simpleminded futile idiotical harum-scarum tearaway unthought-out dim-witted featherbrained wronged ill-timed unreflective disadvantageous misjudged doomed flawed misunderstood misconstrued detrimental fooled tricked infelicitous unsubtle garrulous nosy scatterbrained spur of the moment inapt unsensible inconvenient unadvised unrecommended premature clueless damaging prejudicial harmful headstrong inadvertent cavalier poor damfool inopportune untoward uncaring unsympathetic offhand not recommended bad vacuous unreasoned lamebrained out-of-place misdirected nonrational meaningless lamebrain not thought through badly thought out giddy half-witted fruitless birdbrained feather-brained flighty hurried pell-mell flying cursory drive-by rushed gadarene kooky aberrant nutty mad leaving self wide open off the deep end ignorant absurd ludicrous laughable risible farcical preposterous fiery sudden precipitant frenzied determined furious insuppressible passionate jumping to conclusions obtuse unsafe unobservant unwatchful off-guard unalert unmindful uncautious wary bold unvigilant neglectful derisive dopey derisory comical doltish daredevil pathetic cockamamy cockamamie caught napping asleep at the wheel fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful leading with one's chin any old way off guard asleep on the job foot-in-mouth pay no mind unseemly audacious overconfident unheeding crackpot daring badly planned half-baked cock-eyed venturesome venturous kamikaze overventuresome adventuresome adventurous uncontrolled uncareful breakneck carefree unsmart death-or-glory out of control hell-for-leather fast and loose bull-in-a-china-shop over-venturesome off the top of one's head quick speedy swift slapdash abrupt casual rapid fast blind remiss dangerous violent perfunctory spontaneous lavish myopic extravagant unpremeditated immoderate outrageous indifferent unrestrained unexpected absent-minded crude rough lightning superficial untactful brief rushing unconcerned imperceptive frivolous wanton prodigal gauche intemperate shortsighted previous capricious automatic gruff desperate profuse clumsy excessive impromptu whirlwind harsh blithe napping bungling unpolished fleeting reactive haphazard brisk blundering awkward uncircumspect vulgar unsagacious astigmatic instantaneous fleet unpredictable instant short instinctive mechanical oblivious nonchalant knee-jerk wasteful unconscious untroubled impracticable frantic unworkable involuntary intuitive erratic unplanned spendthrift unworried unforeseen uninterested irreflective unanticipated abandoned thriftless boorish blunt unreserved feckless hectic passing desultory death-defying sharp immediate subitaneous summary unfettered deaf listless near-sighted fanciful expeditious sloppy snap coarse careless of dozy crass hot breathless rapid-fire nippy splitting snappy galloping zippy fleet-footed dizzy rattling blistering short-term lax credulous unprepared meteoric accelerated prompt unlooked-for quickie without warning nearsighted whistle-stop jumping the gun ad hoc short-lived luxurious cool heady fearless intrepid courageous radge unrealistic unthoughtful surprising snatched brave dauntless undaunted chaotic lively trigger-happy tempestuous empty-headed barmy suicidal scatty fantastic unduly quick hazardous disregarding riotous shiftless profligate too soon startling happy-go-lucky wide open uneconomical unthrifty unfeeling derelict nonobservant half-cocked risk-taking lunatic fantastical easy-going unaware uninformed off deep end out on limb slipshod undiscerning unsophisticated lawless dotty dippy inconstant divvy unintended airy flippant insouciant unpractical gratuitous supererogative fly-by-night ditsy delinquent short-range restricted limited extemporaneous unwarned unknowing unsuspecting swaggering breezy romping light-minded disorderly disregardful insane unreal bizarre self-destructive overnight fast-track squandering free-spending reflex unintentional unwitting uncouth tasteless incidental off one's guard apathetic whimsical uninhibited momentary monstrous scandalous heinous anxious fluctuating fickle fitful uncreative unimaginative careless of one's duty callous emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed unfussy purposeless lackadaisical fugacious transitory without regard shocking atrocious worried distracted straightforward alacritous quick-fire unhesitating in the dark supererogatory hit-or-miss cyclonic hurricane tumultuous very fast tornado half-hearted slight token lacking foresight slack rude unmeditated vacant unmeant brutish asleep at the switch out to lunch sketchy routine eager fierce ardent like a bull in a china shop heavy-handed free and easy uncalled-for impassioned vehement unbridled shallow random depthless uncritical uncivil unreflecting ad-lib fervid restive forgetful unperceptive winging it not in the loop hit or miss heedless of abundant free volatile inattentive to disregardful of going off deep end spasmodic acute quickened paying no heed to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to explosive unusual speeded high-speed without notice without delay out of the blue not bargained for express extremely fast dangerously fast at speed flat-out at full tilt

Tính từ

Based on a mistaken belief
fallacious false misleading deceptive erroneous incorrect mistaken untrue wrong delusive delusory fictitious illusory spurious sophistic specious faulty flawed imprecise inaccurate inexact misinformed unfounded baseless distorted fabricated foundationless groundless unproven unsubstantiated beguiling bogus deceitful deceiving deluding dicey iffy ill-founded illogical phoney uncorroborated unsupported dodgy made up sophistical trumped up fishy fraudulent mad off phony reasonless ungrounded unreal unreasoned without basis without foundation full of holes off beam way off way off beam unsound invalid untruthful out in error imaginary unjustified sham questionable unreliable chimerical unwarranted concocted invented idle unverified unconfirmed wide of the mark conjectural vain unreasonable nonvalid speculative gratuitous bottomless trumped-up off-target off target economical with the truth imagined fake abroad delusional illusive hollow not backed up by evidence untested unattested illusionary fanciful fictional unjustifiable counterfactual not exact not accurate askew fabulous uncalled-for empty mythological mythical way out off base flimsy off-beam deluded chimeric untenable counterfeit amiss unprovoked dubious unauthenticated fakey impostrous lying hallucinatory without substantiation without merit unauthorized defective awry wrong-headed dishonest erratic seeming erring irrational apparent fluffed apocryphal unfactual nonfactual wrong number all wet all off astray misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated wide not backed up uncalled for causeless non-existent fancied without justification without cause unauthorised without reason notional not precise not working at fault without explanation out of line out of commission whimsical visionary Barmecidal supposititious fictive semblant suppositious ostensible Barmecide ideal fantastic on the wrong track blue sky pipe dream mendacious off-base tenuous fantastical phantasmal phantasmic phantom pretend mythic made-up fantasied imaginal make-believe dreamlike unsubstantial phantasmagoric ethereal insubstantial romantic immaterial shadowy dreamy nonexistent legendary hypothetical vague intangible imaginative phantasmagorical abstract storybook bizarre quixotic impalpable blue-sky figmental wild theoretical artificial pseudo airy fantasy otherworldly absurd weird incredible nightmarish far-fetched aerial ridiculous out of this world surreal indistinct ambiguous vaporous incorporeal unclear assumed spectral psychedelic fairy-tale misty extravagant mock obscure unbelievable Kafkaesque imponderable dreamed-up devised capricious curious ghostly conceptual oneiric evasive ghostlike hazy bodiless faint traditional spiritual dim utopian pretended unbodied fabled puzzling volatile supposed nebulous formless nonphysical discarnate nonmaterial equivocal insincere indescribable extraordinary preposterous inexistent imagal wonderful wistful absent virtual metaphysical tricky eccentric unlikely unrealistic synthetic queer poetic product of someone's imagination all in one's head incomprehensible hyped up strange offbeat crackpot thought up marvellous marvelous phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic phantasmagorian hoax allegorical epic filled with dreams misconceived phantasm inane trick unread mocking idealized folkloric created mythologic storied simulated disembodied chimeral non-physical non-material unembodied subjective created out of thin air improvised wraithlike unworldly idealised in your head dream-filled conceived confusing transcendental supernatural unearthly ideational suppositional putative larger-than-life unprovable dreamt up disincarnate conjectured theoretic trancelike trance-like faux reproduction reachy replica unnatural imitation disingenuous casuistical uncorporeal wanting lacking missing unstraightforward indefinable superstitious freety apprehensive fearful tall untouchable glib dead gone blank departed extinguished vacant void null gossamery defunct negative lost perished extinct dreamish hypnagogic weightless wispy casuistic bewildering misrepresentative distracting perplexing mistakable demagogic catchy confounding flakey far out fairy tale kinky flaky floating outlandish left-field wondrous cheating cunning untrustworthy devious faithless pretending baffling ephemeral dainty rare frail rarefied diaphanous thin light frivolous fragile cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take imperceptible to the touch slender infirm petty decrepit puny fly-by-night enigmatic astounding pie in the sky castles in the air on cloud nine expressive passed on passed away elusory creative sensational astonishing awesome spectacular stupendous out there breathtaking romanesque glamourous glamorous odd nonsensical implausible null and void few and far between fresh exotic original insane too little too late improbable ludicrous crazy inspired artistic inventive fancy quirky originative flighty weird and wonderful deviating surprising daydreaming unspecific oracular unthinkable inconceivable peculiar doubtful musing preoccupied artful brilliant unconventional freaky radical fertile freakish ingenious genius experimental innovative keen indistinguishable indefinite abstracted pensive fugacious transient shy elusive fleeting greasy transitory stonewalling occult mysterious evanescent innovational unorthodox vivid revolutionary astute blurry undefined unconvincing unimaginable foolish comical incredulous grandiose oddball dreaming distracted blurred fuzzy far-out head in the clouds avant-garde out of touch with reality Promethean unconceivable wacky ambitious amazing uncompelling zany ruminative meditative inattentive thoughtful reflective distrait murky unrecognizable indeterminate bleary gauzy foggy opaque cockamamie barmy different potty daft singular extreme rapt absent-minded wool-gathering absorbed nebulose undetermined pale blear outré faraway unrecognisable cloudy out of sight off-the-wall cock-and-bull off the wall hare-brained cock-eyed apparitional excellent introspective far away in a reverie with your head in the clouds miles away lost in thought beautiful astral superb in a brown study introvertive lacking definition out of focus ill-defined fool's paradise figment of someone's imagination

Tính từ

Not suitable or appropriate in the circumstances
inapt unsuitable inappropriate improper inapposite unfit ill-suited incongruous indecorous infelicitous unbecoming unseemly amiss wrong unbefitting unfitting unprofessional malapropos ungentlemanly unladylike untoward ill-advised ill-considered ill-judged inadvisable inept inexpedient injudicious regrettable unfortunate untimely awkward clumsy dull graceless ill-timed incompetent incorrect inopportune misplaced perverse slow stupid tactless tasteless unapt undue unhappy unsuited gauche ill-fitted inexpert lacking in propriety maladroit out of keeping out of place undesirable banal flat ill-adapted inadept inexperienced insipid jejune undexterous unfacile unhandy unmeet unproficient in bad taste in poor taste out of order irrelevant inapplicable impertinent immaterial extraneous irrelative not pertinent not germane unacceptable unwarranted uncalled-for inapropos incompatible ineligible disproportionate insensitive unseasonable off inconsonant out of line left-field ill-chosen not proper foot-in-mouth bad form way off indelicate inadmissible discordant irregular indecent inharmonious inconsistent discrepant erroneous imprudent inaccurate uncomely odd at odds undignified unrelated unconnected indiscreet immodest false abnormal preposterous impolite uncouth foreign ludicrous inadequate unworthy discreditable rough ungodly out-of-place out-of-season unfitted malodorous off-base beyond the pale out of the way unreasonable contradictory absurd impolitic coarse illogical rude disreputable immoral rotten unqualified unsatisfactory unmannerly clashing dissonant jarring vulgar erring beside the point objectionable crooked unfair not good enough unworthy of not designed not up to scratch ineligible for unequipped for unprepared for unsuited to inadequate for ill-suited to unsuitable for unfitted for inappropriate to not designed for ill-adapted to uncalled for out-of-the-way unconventional incautious improprietous untactful meaningless pointless ridiculous funny off-balance detrimental offensive not done dishonourable illegitimate dishonest corrupt unethical unrefined unscrupulous unmatched disparate dissident disagreeable interfering senseless unhandsome tacky unlovely salacious not up to snuff not qualified dishonorable out of character against the rules not cricket irrational wrong-headed not suitable faulty defective poor crass tawdry ruffian shameful raffish inelegant crude cheap rowdy extrinsic uncharacteristic outside unvirtuous loose wanton ill-bred shameless unorthodox remote inappurtenant garbage awry heterogeneous boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous mistaken confused unassimilable uncivil shocking bad imperfect astray adrift flawed disobliging disobedient miscreant thrawn wayward aberrant delinquent uncontrollable ornery troublesome obstructive unhealthy fractious rebellious unhelpful mean fallacious neither here nor there inefficient uncool useless ineffective conflicting unlawful haywire sick foul nothing to do with it unallowable contrary not equal to not good enough for no good disconnected from distant from invalid remote from different from disconsonant strange bizarre irreconcilable glitched up off-key incoherent impermissible forbidden prohibited precluded disallowed ironic paradoxical not in harmony divergent uncoordinated shifting unbalanced unpredictable distorted lopsided jumbled unavailing uneven rambling in opposition alien incongruitous unintelligible twisted incongruent fitful fantastic unadmittable not allowable exceptionable censored unadmissible ill-favored excluded unwelcome barred not acceptable banned unwanted standing out a mile like a fish out of water sticking out a mile ill-favoured not appropriate naughty

Tính từ

Guilty, responsible, deserving blame
at fault accountable answerable blameable blameworthy censurable culpable erring guilty reproachable responsible errant incorrect liable mistaken offending to blame wrong deserving blame in error in the wrong on one's head blamable reprehensible sinful reprovable condemnable chargeable blameful faulty delinquent criminal wicked iniquitous out of line behind discreditable shameful indefensible inexcusable guilty of evil culpable of disreputable caught unholy amiss demeritorious scandalous peccant at the bottom of on the hook contemptible implicated deserving of censure charged with concerned amenable convicted felonious subject censured depraved convictable licentious condemned accusable impeached incriminated doomed disgraceful obligated legally responsible bound bad objectionable ignoble deplorable tied unworthy opprobrious despicable remiss dishonourable odious unacceptable unjustifiable insufferable regrettable repugnant unforgivable unpardonable exceptionable offensive obnoxious dishonorable found wanting punishable impeachable indictable dirty hung up smoking gun off base caught red-handed caught in the act caught in flagrante unwarrantable inexpiable outrageous unconscionable unjustified unprovoked unreasonable insupportable without justification without cause without reason gratuitous excessive uncalled for immoderate unwarranted uncalled-for intolerable untenable unallowable unpermissible beyond the pale unnecessary irremissible deadly mortal unjust not forgivable unmerited ungrounded rude impermissible criticizable impolite

Tính từ

Happening by chance, unintentionally, or unexpectedly
accidental chance unintentional fortuitous casual unintended unplanned fluky inadvertent random unexpected adventitious serendipitous unforeseen unpremeditated coincidental incidental unlooked-for unwitting aleatory unanticipated flukey involuntary unconscious unknowing unmeant unthinking contingent mistaken occurring by accident occurring by chance subconscious uncalculated occasional happening unexpectedly haphazard lucky odd undesigned erratic unthought aimless extemporaneous undevised purposeless unforeseeable arbitrary fortunate spontaneous unpredictable unpredicted irregular out of the blue fluke opportune stray propitious auspicious happy timely providential felicitous scattered hit-or-miss careless circumstantial innocent heaven-sent uncertain sudden sporadic by chance isolated unconcerned reckless convenient unlooked for expedient offhand desultory variable successful apt advantageous golden not bargained for catch-as-catch-can helter-skelter favourable promising enviable meet proper just favorable nice efficacious fitting well timed well-timed ad hoc unpurposeful capricious not planned impromptu possible related accompanying spot lucky-dog naive thoughtless by-the-way concomitant contributory attendant at random simple luck out luck in concurrent by accident unhoped-for without warning negligent welcome unheeding heedless depending liable probable probably provisional likely subject reliant feckless uncaring unmindful irreflective naïve right periodic trial and error hitty-missy benign good seasonable rare honest well-intentioned infrequent seasonal intermittent abrupt not on purpose ripe jammy chancy incalculable natural unsystematic appropriate correct satisfactory beneficial suitable befitting effective freak startling surprising disorganized slapdash indiscriminate disorderly unmethodical lone single slipshod part-time fragmentary astonishing unsought surprise unimagined unenvisaged scattershot chaotic undirected orderless hit-and-miss prosperous privileged abnormal at the mercy of events higgledy-piggledy healthy unthought of unorganised designless unselective uncoordinated disorganised loose jumbled unorganized willy-nilly unconsidered devil-may-care messy wholesome well-off profitable hit or miss any which way any old way all over the map bright all over the place from left field favored fair favoured blindsiding extraordinary unannounced amazing shocking incredible remarkable astounding without notice unimaginable jolting unusual dumfounding jarring unsuspected staggering stunning stupefying dumbfounding flabbergasting jaw-dropping inconceivable eye-opening overwhelming undreamed-of bizarre uncommon freakish unthought-of unthinkable out of the ordinary not in the cards uncanny unheralded peculiar disconcerting unsettling dramatic striking unbelievable atypical queer upsetting preposterous strange unwonted baffling befuddling outlandish freaky flustering confounding shock miraculous undreamt-of unheard-of outrageous unpublished undisclosed dynamite better than expected withheld unplanned for out of character like a dream come true beyond your wildest dreams undreamed of uninvited unprompted unsolicited weird curious sensational fanciful far-fetched quaint eerie bewildering devastating unlikely incomprehensible mystifying puzzling spooky anomalous singular exceptional spur-of-the-moment unprepared awful unnerving crazy aberrant unique awe-inspiring mind-boggling shattering mind-blowing muddling beyond belief eye-popping hard to swallow unordinary unheard of whimsical nonplusing portentous confusing discomfiting dismaying conspicuous nonplussing extemporary off-the-cuff unrehearsed ad-lib improvisational extempore improvised unstudied offhanded snap alarming uncustomary untypical phenomenal preternatural especial aberrated exceeding disturbing disquieting perturbing unparalleled extraordinaire impulsive unscheduled down and dirty unaccountable unrepresentative frightening scary frightful rogue

Tính từ

(of a person or their actions) Characterized by abnormal and morally unacceptable practices or tendencies
perverted corrupt debased debauched depraved sick warped dissolute perverse vile aberrant abnormal amoral corrupted degenerate deviant distorted evil immoral twisted wicked decadent degraded dissipated reprobate abandoned defiled demoralised demoralized deviate libertine sicko unclean unwholesome vicious vitiated wayward wrong bad contorted grotesque impaired jackleg kinky loose pervy rakish rotten sadistic tainted unhealthy unnatural vitiate monstrous rakehell rakehelly licentious sinful lewd profligate wanton impure lecherous lascivious unchaste lustful libidinous sordid base intemperate promiscuous unprincipled indecent prurient fast low unrestrained louche carnal concupiscent obscene lubricious salacious shameless disreputable coarse self-indulgent fast-living gone bad wild immodest fallen nefarious villainous randy dirty miscreant sybaritic goatish voluptuary horny swinging lickerish profaned gone to the dogs dishonourable desecrated uncleanly ungodly scungy mean crude indulgent contaminated improper easy unconstrained dishonorable sensual raunchy vice-ridden filthy hot itchy lubricous hypersexual satyric passionate pleasure-seeking in the fast lane fast and loose high living despicable sullied hedonic iniquitous brutal criminal sleazy gross profane unsavoury ignoble riotous disgusting dishonoured raffish retrograde vulgar unrefined violated deteriorated retrogressive drunken open infamous ribald bestial dishonored unsavory light in the gutter lacking restraint hedonistic foul not pure naughty incontinent night owl of easy virtue erroneous dubious prodigal inferior diseased wolfish hardened voluptuous vulgarized vulgarised wrongful unworthy incorrigible impious unrighteous unholy blasphemous irreligious degenerated roguish ruttish unaccommodating shrewish bad-tempered incorrect crabbed churlish ill-tempered ill-natured surly spiteful freethinking lusty low-down unregenerate scoundrelly abased flatitious demeaned sinking failing degrading epicurean overindulgent luxurious rascally knavish boorish baneful flagitious deleterious careless roundheeled rude hot and heavy decaying moribund lost declining imprudent whorish heedless inconstant irresponsible flagitous no better than one should be out of control uncontrollable immoderate uncontrolled dirty-minded hellbent uncurbed gone to seed fleshly smutty animal unruly unmoral lax desirous relaxed scabrous disorderly tarnished decayed stained spoiled polluted soiled besmirched dirtied infected ruined adulterated putrefied despoiled fouled spoilt uninhibited unbridled unrestricted unhindered reckless unvirtuous ungoverned gay nasty unimpeded free untrammeled unconfined grubby unblushing untrammelled trashy stag blue porny bawdy pornographic gutter unprintable unscrupulous locker-room X-rated audacious carefree brash raw unchecked rampant runaway self-gratifying exciting fast-paced temerarious devil-may-care daredevil slack harsh extravagant frivolous foolhardy gadabout unhampered impulsive impetuous unbounded

Động từ

Past tense for to guide or inform poorly or incorrectly
deceived fooled deluded hoodwinked misinformed misled beguiled bluffed conned duped bamboozled hoaxed snookered tricked cozened suckered gaffed hornswoggled snowed snew snown buffaloed burned burnt gammoned had humbugged juggled spoofed caught gulled took in taken in had on strung along faked out sucked in did a number on done a number on pulled one's leg leaded one down the garden path pulled the wool over one's eyes put one over on cheated swindled defrauded double-crossed led on bilked gypped kidded rooked put on diddled pulled a fast one on shafted scammed pulled a swifty on ripped off stiffed led up the garden path outwitted betrayed flimflammed seduced mulcted victimized victimised entrapped euchred took for a ride taken for a ride fleeced buncoed illuded inveigled ensnared swizzled stung did done fiddled put on the wrong track pulled the wool over somebody's eyes lied sold a pup to chicaned pulled the wool over someone's eyes disinformed beat outfoxed overreached led astray befooled jived faked misdirected put on an act put on false front put up smoke screen set up prevaricated finagled skinned fabricated misstated misrepresented mousetrapped distorted perverted imposed on sold outmanoeuvred roped in outmaneuvered sent on a wild goose chase led down the garden path taken to the cleaners took to the cleaners hosed reamed tempted enticed hustled lured shortchanged screwed propagandized sticked stuck chiseled chiselled propagandised made a fool of circumvented baited falsified played a trick on pretended fudged covered up pulled somebody's leg goldbricked pulled someone's leg caught out pulled wool over eyes played trick on gave someone a bum steer led up garden path wrong steered had someone on put up a front given someone a bum steer corrupted lain to lay to took advantage of taken advantage of led off thrown off the scent threw off the scent bled squeezed shorted fibbed flirted trifled joked teased skunked dallied entranced charmed attracted enchanted toyed choused coquetted thimblerigged used wantoned dazzled spellbound blinded hypnotized captivated mesmerized wooed bewitched plucked pluckt imposed nobbled dissimulated bunked won over beaten entangled enmeshed robbed clipt disappointed cuckolded hooked clipped gouged soft-soaped sweet-talked four-flushed thwarted pulled in baffled dusted feigned shammed allured decoyed solicited stepped out imposed upon crossed up played away outsmarted exaggerated buttered up trapped sent on a wild-goose chase maneuvered manoeuvred pulled something jerked around wound up pulled fast one played joke on beat out of dissembled perjured equivocated juked finessed manipulated shucked jockeyed blagged mesmerised exploited shaved hypnotised played framed played a prank on played a jest on played a joke on stumped stitched up foxed played a practical joke on gaslit paltered gaslighted bulled misinstructed gave wrong information to given wrong information to took someone in took someone for a ride taken someone in taken someone for a ride double dealt stretched the truth passed off said something untrue told a terminological inexactitude perjured oneself faked it flammed played for a sucker play-acted pulled a fast one BSed fixed concocted a story fixt played games with run a game on lacked candor told a lie sold a pup not told the truth psyched out framed someone told an untruth made a sucker of told stories made up a story perjured yourself played for a fool departed from the truth committed perjury told a falsehood told a white lie told untruths pulled wool over invented a story given the runaround gave the runaround shaken down shook down did in done in taken for took for taken shove shave shaven took took to cleaners taken to cleaners taken for ride took for ride beaten out of threw thrown ran a game on got the better of gotten the better of did the dirty on done the dirty on hocus-pocused given the wrong impression gave the wrong impression misspoke misspoken forswore forsworn overdrew overdrawn broke promise forswore yourself broken promise forsworn oneself forsworn yourself forswore oneself beared false witness coaxed cajoled persuaded wheedled induced influenced fascinated flattered blandished blarneyed pulled urged prevailed on talked into drew drawn wiled wangled swayed come on palavered tantalized got round tantalised worked on spread it on invited let down got sandbagged pressed prest wormed bantered pestered plagued snared steered honeyed killed witched brought round double-dealt convinced turned on smooth-talked hit below the belt pulled strings pulled wires magnetized magnetised bedevilled bedeviled came on intrigued jollied frustrated importuned bartered soothed jawboned contrived enraptured milked flirted with stroked whetted the appetite of oiled soaped prevailed upon swept off one's feet mocked tolled crossed rigged made mouth water sweetened up arm-twisted put someone up to something hit on made up to one-upped sold down the river gotten gat set at ease let on split sold out put off guard played games argued into bent the rules stacked the cards pulled something funny stretched the rules tormented titillated tortured flanneled flannelled fawned defied foiled defeated bribed talked netted obsessed encouraged ingratiated captured gagged jested yucked quipped yukked japed wisecracked funned joshed chaffed dared belied eluded disobeyed rebelled against come on to vamped excited taunted stupefied provoked appealed to courted affected bootlicked softened massaged pushed brownnosed crowded embezzled beckoned mollified appeased impressed toadied caressed played dirty counterfeited simulated two-timed led leaded prodded philandered with made toyed with annoyed besotted harassed gnawed beleaguered badgered worried harried converted placated challenged assumed professed biased biassed pilfered pressurized reasoned argued pressured coerced arranged dragged trained drug roped immeshed meshed entoiled implicated bagged embroiled tangled ensnarled ragged ridiculed bothered rushed gotten around got around conciliated alleged pandered to pacified propitiated sweetened trimmed worked over built up cribbed rogued belirted lirted blenched trifled with chatted up operated infatuated angled landed swept off feet made your mouth water pressurised kowtowed tripped up assuaged gentled dangled something touted ensorcelled caught up shilled involved betrapped benetted distracted handed a line sucked up to played up to acted claimed short-changed failed backstabbed made eyes at kept hanging humoured softened up impersonated purported aspired talked into something laid it on brought pressure to bear on rubbed the right way laid it on thick fast talked twisted somebody's arm screwed over disarmed suckered into egged one on yanked somebody's chain poked fun at shucked and jived kept hanging on passed for malingered made fun of plotted machinated made someone's mouth water brought off sold a bill of goods to fished made sport of passed yourself off as played false claimed falsely reeled in whitewashed won the affection of swept you off your feet humored dangled a carrot in front of masqueraded wrought conspired colluded worked setted a trap for connived swung kept someone hanging on lobbied laid for laid claim stabbed in the back stonewalled unarmed made out flattered into boxed in twisted around your little finger jazzed licked someone's boots came on to gnawn gnew drawn out drew out besotten gave the come-on to given the come-on to drew in drawn in got next to gotten next to batted eyes at stage-managed broken faith with broke faith with took out taken out swang swungen gave bum steer given bum steer broken the rules broke the rules done someone in the eye did number on done out of taken to the cleaner's did someone in the eye did out of took to the cleaner's done number on

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