Đồng nghĩa của preoccupied

Alternative for preoccupied

Tính từ

Concerned with something else
concerned obsessed absorbed in engrossed in intent on interested in involved in passionate about focused on immersed in sunk in taken up wrapped up in absorbed engrossed occupied immersed intent rapt enthralled captivated engaged involved focused focussed deep gripped fascinated riveted hooked lost wrapped up consumed caught up mesmerized fixated spellbound mesmerised attentive intrigued hung up interested fanatical observant busy hypnotized concentrating infatuated fixed hypnotised single-minded intense buried head over heels passionate concentrated devoted preoccupied by held really into tied up caught up in happy distracted entranced up to here enrapt hell-bent committed into abstracted hooked on steadfast besotted queer smitten all ears locked in dialed in turned on eat sleep and breathe keen enthusiastic monomaniacal submerged gripped by enchanted preoccupied with single-minded about obsessive about possessed by hung up on gone dedicated to enthusiastic about devoted to riveted by potty about nuts about gone on wild on crazy about stuck on dotty about in a brown study heavily into determined prepossessed up to here in up to your ears deep in thought set firm obsessive resolved earnest steady resolute inflexible studious watchful taken up with enraptured alert bewitched wrapped charmed enamored bound-up beguiled captivated by enamoured absent-minded taken over all wound up wound up having a one-track mind possessed attached bent steeped eager obsessed with insistent wackadoodle wackadoo infatuated with fanatical about paranoid neurotic centered impatient besotted with centred connected bound up enfolded in the grip of busy with knee-deep ardent fervid fervent feverish crazy glued hanging on every word impassioned nuts full exclusive whole entire undivided all up to one's ears in dotty sedulous diligent assiduous monopolized industrious bugged ignorant engaged with beguiled by monopolised engaged in rapturous ecstatic hypnotized by fixated by fiend for intrigued by mesmerized by absentminded entranced by fascinated by distracted by taken up by distrait dreamy enthralled by spellbound by transported transfixed strong-minded persistent dogged dedicated driven intensive motivated somewhere else in a world of one's own with one's head in the clouds wool-gathering not there miles away not with us settled enticed rhapsodic giddy delighted elevated thrilled euphoric elated exhilarated rhapsodical heady sent intoxicated blissful ravished absent joyful inattentive taken dreaming overwhelmed content daydreaming employed unconscious oblivious set on deep in carried away blissed out mad lovesick head over heels in love attracted frenzied keen on mad about crazed wild violent frenetic raving seduced fond zealous in love love-struck taken with twitterpated by bewitched by smitten with enchanted by charmed by wild about extreme berserk curious inflamed over-enthusiastic moved potty bigoted drawn agog gung-ho excited inquisitive silly caught predisposed affected insane perfervid biased stimulated rabid sold impressed roused gaga enamored of inspired touched addicted lured inspirited struck on addicted to nutty sweet on love-struck by in love with carrying a torch for consumed with desire for swept off your feet bowled over by very attracted to enamoured of head over heels in love with greatly enamoured of amorous sold on mad on loving very keen very enthusiastic maddened demented enquiring snoopy beady-eyed nosy responsive open awakened struck fired sympathetic on the case inquiring burning with curiosity hopelessly in love swept off one's feet by under a spell turned on by far gone on under the spell of enraptured by out of one's mind attached to attracted to using hungry for eager for partial to fond of wasted abusing jonesing for dependent on shooting up under the influence dependent strung out jonesing on prone habituated with a … habit immoderate extremist frantic intolerant uncompromising maniacal furious compulsive burning overzealous diehard visionary prejudiced raging fierce one-sided irrational unreasonable partisan ferocious illiberal delirious passional overenthusiastic infuriated swivel-eyed narrow-minded intemperate berko fiery incorrigible credulous impulsive willful erratic opinionated unruly partial stubborn fanatic obstinate headstrong contumacious domineering mad-dog ultraist diseased deranged freaked out corybantic sizzling bitten overboard sick unwell militant virulent infected flipped naked ill poisoned smoking nuts for high on doting lovestruck bowled over doting on under someone's spell very keen on ensorcelled by hopelessly in love with very taken with

Tính từ

Not paying attention to something
inattentive distracted abstracted dreamy absent faraway oblivious daydreaming distrait musing unmindful woolgathering dreaming ditzy lost absentminded unconscious unheeding removed unobservant diverted distraught inadvertent regardless scatterbrained vague inobservant undiscerning unobserving unperceiving unwatchful apathetic bored dozy listless unnoticing absent-minded wool-gathering lost in thought miles away in a brown study out to lunch not with us lacking concentration not concentrating off-guard off in a world of one's own absorbed pensive thoughtful distant bemused engrossed unaware rapt heedless reflective introspective meditative ruminative brooding speculative forgetful contemplative cogitative careless ruminant neglectful negligent broody wistful thinking scatty intent studious wandering deep in thought vacant reflecting pondering unthinking far away moony detached immersed in thought imagining in a world of your own philosophical deliberative withdrawn remote attentive prayerful blank agitated spacey disregardful intangible unreal misty shadowy fantastic puzzled bewildered chimerical phantasmagoric phantasmagorical otherworldly excellent astral unsubstantial mythical marvelous imaginary whimsical nightmarish immaterial introvertive somewhere else insensible mystified nonplussed fantasizing fantasising out of this world mooning airheaded museful apt to forget unfocused pipe dreaming analytical not with it retrospective marvellous deep discerning philosophic calculating with a mind like a sieve with one's head in the clouds inclined to forget indifferent insensitive unconcerned unseeing immersed wrapped up not there gone gentle visionary fanciful lulling soothing utopian quixotic impractical calming relaxing idealistic frantic frenzied hysteric hysterical delirious ruminating in brown study out in space beside oneself excogitative unsystematic disorganized unreliable undependable giddy feather-headed empty-headed erratic dizzy birdbrained feather-brained surroundings idle inconscient reasoning cerebral intellectual a million miles away empty dippy dappy disorganised baffled space cadet goofing off unaware of events head in the clouds thoughtless vacuous slapdash slipshod lax omitted minus bare hollow deficient devoid with a memory like a sieve amnemonic inattentive to slack negligent about nirvanic unwitting oblivious to sloppy remiss out of it looking out window having a memory like a sieve remiss in asleep on the job indifferent to not on the job remiss about like an absent-minded professor lax about in short supply confused solemn perplexed flustered troubled disconcerted ruffled discomposed wary cautious dreamlike pestered worried harassed befuddled tormented earnest serious observant observative grave beautiful superb illusory fazed confounded hassled sidetracked at sea in a reverie with your head in the clouds in a flap driven to distraction

Tính từ

Unavailable for meetings
busy unavailable engaged occupied tied up working wrapped up at work on duty in a meeting tied down on active service otherwise engaged engrossed in harness already taken have a previous engagement have a prior engagement in conference on assignment taken with a customer employed active involved diligent absorbed bustling industrious assiduous sedulous laborious hopping immersed tied-up hard-pressed utilized on the job utilised hard at work on the go on the hop hard at it in use interested focused on clocked up on the trot head over heels rushed off your feet too much on plate reserved being used overloaded committed snowed up to one's ears busy as a bee have one's hands full at it busy as a beaver on the move full hired operating energetic signed laboring selected inked in place in collar on board plugging away retained in a job on the payroll labouring jobholding contracted dynamic productive vigorous spirited tireless jumping lively time-poor held booked rushed off one's feet hard-working hardworking in full swing having fish to fry having enough on one's plate efficient having a full plate slaving hustling harried in demand having many irons in the fire participating devoted enthusiastic on the run dedicated keen dutiful spoken for ardent influential fervent devout faithful activist motivated contributing leased populated populous peopled rented forward go-getting go-ahead two-fisted participant operative running associated with affiliated with concerned with connected with participating in taking part in

Tính từ

Puzzled, confused, or bewildered
bemused confused bewildered puzzled baffled stupefied dazed muddled mystified perplexed stumped stunned befuddled nonplussed fuddled thrown clueless dumbfounded at sea bushed discombobulated discomfited discomposed disconcerted disoriented distracted flummoxed shaken troubled unnerved addle addled addlepated astonished astounded bamboozled bedevilled bedeviled befogged confounded dizzy dopey dopy engrossed fazed floored fogged mixed-up muddleheaded muzzy pixilated pixillated punch-drunk punchy raddled shell-shocked silly slaphappy spaced spaced-out spacey spacy zonked zonked-out absent-minded at a loss beaten mazed shaken up taken aback wildered at sixes and sevens flustered fuzzy thrown off balance staggered surprised lost woozy speechless flabbergasted startled groggy shocked amazed out of it disorientated gobsmacked uncomprehending dumbstruck bowled over aghast overwhelmed blank uncertain rattled dazzled not with it all at sea overcome mixed up foxed blown away light-headed dismayed knocked for six giddy lightheaded staggering unsteady awestruck thunderstruck wobbly upset stuck gaga hazy agape awed wonderstruck hard-pressed addlebrained faint shaky breathless hard put reeling doubtful disturbed dumb weak-kneed tipsy slap-happy woolly awestricken dumfounded wooly openmouthed open-mouthed wide-eyed filled with astonishment filled with amazement filled with wonder lost for words filled with awe off balance nonplused weak in the knees worried inattentive vexed beat vertiginous drugged vague dreamy stymied agog swimming gravelled in a dither graveled numb blind blinded light foggy disorganized off-balance incredulous marveling wondering marvelling shook unglued numbed disorganised woolly-headed benumbed spaced out out of control at a loss for words shook up unable to believe one's ears without ideas impressed defeated embarrassed eccentric discountenanced trippy frustrated whirling swimmy aswoon frozen intoxicated senile drowsy maladjusted distraught daft puckish touched impish prankish capricious whimsical pixyish bedazzled half-asleep bleary unhinged deranged unbalanced demented foolish impassive empty vacant unexpressive put to it gone come apart out to lunch not knowing if you are coming or going frightened alarmed jolted in a state of confusion in a muddle had their heads messed with besotted caught on the hop goggle-eyed in amazement taken by surprise unable to believe your eyes caught on the wrong foot bollixed awe-struck balled up fouled up at your wits' end uncertain which way to turn brought to a standstill confusticated got caused to be at a stand buffaloed thrown off tottering weak made to scratch their head teetering in a fog mind-blown without a clue at a complete loss abstracted with rubbery legs unable to believe one's eyes absent diverted agitated with legs like jelly distrait weak at the knees distant faraway absorbed ruffled absentminded pestered harassed tormented hassled sidetracked unfocused miles away in a flap driven to distraction horrified overawed clouded cloudy blurry stupid petrified appalled struck dumb terrified tongue-tied shattered staring paralyzed paralysed terror-stricken in shock spooked terror-struck scared terrorized fearful horror-struck horror-stricken panicky afraid anxious terrorised scared witless knocked sideways muddle-headed scared to death frightened to death scared stiff woolly-minded electrified abashed enthralled spellbound rendered speechless confusional awe-stricken staring in amazement distressed licked knocked knocked out delirious owly-eyed moon-eyed saucer-eyed crushed left speechless irrational unsound gutted psychotic unstable crazy unsettled out-of-joint whacko rooted to the spot devastated with Alzheimer's disease addle-brained glassy-eyed shot to pieces screwy not knowing if one is coming or going unscrewed affected emotional moved struck choky taken transfixed buried blown-away verklempt unable to continue run-over swamped bowled-over overthrown swept off one's feet immobilised immobilized pushing the panic button in a panic have cold feet in a cold sweat

Tính từ

Distant and cold in manner
stand-offish aloof cold distant haughty remote reserved detached impersonal unapproachable unsociable avoidant chilly cool uncommunicative unforthcoming unfriendly withdrawn abstracted disdainful indifferent introspective introvert unconcerned uninvolved unresponsive introverted Olympian standoffish antisocial dispassionate unclubbable asocial standoff frosty icy diffident offish uppity incurious unbending casual disinterested removed uninterested cold-eyed stuck up putting on airs dry laid-back buttoned-up unemotional frigid unsympathetic undemonstrative formal unfeeling stiff emotionless cold-blooded apathetic impassive passionless reticent glacial unwelcoming restrained solitary chill austere antiseptic forbidding wooden phlegmatic uncordial inhospitable lukewarm gelid stolid clammy unenthusiastic brittle hard-eyed hostile reclusive stony calm taciturn affectless uncongenial wintry wintery numb retiring misanthropic quiet clinical stoical stoic impassible rigid coldish frozen supercilious arctic guarded unneighbourly silent unmoved poker-faced shy offhand stuffy secretive deadpan private self-controlled uncompanionable unsocial unaffable passive uncurious businesslike controlled unsentimental close blank vacant expressionless conventional neutral annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious insolent serene sober unloving muted composed starchy negative matter-of-fact objective media-shy heartless flat nonchalant unamiable cold-hearted unpassioned abstract thick-skinned retired impartial inhibited hard-boiled staid antagonistic cool, calm and collected off unruffled self-contained mild unexpressive unkind snooty tranquil shrinking lifeless placid stern demure strait-laced severe dead bland toneless hollow stilted snobbish close-mouthed rational unexcitable modest eremitic flinty tight-lipped laconic callous timid self-effacing nowhere imperturbable unimpassioned immovable unaffected nonemotional steely collected prim inexpressive hard-hearted hard-headed backward bashful closemouthed dumb unsmiling uncivil serious inimical unneighborly pococurante rude short nongregarious inflexible laid back uncaring uncharitable repellent insensible complacent insouciant perfunctory insensitive obdurate inapproachable cold-shoulder inaccessible spacey stony-eyed cold as ice spaced-out out of it conservative unaffectionate contained half-hearted tepid uptight hesitant unenthused unamicable ungenial catatonic timorous inward-looking analytic superior laissez-faire noninterventionist empty spiritless hardhearted sheepish coy recessive unhappy hateful depressing level-headed cool-headed stony-hearted cheerless mopey mopish socially inhibited unagitated alienated bored brooding distrustful scowling ardorless impervious loveless impotent unromantic aseptic retreated thoughtful recluse equable unimpressionable contemptuous withering seclusive unvexed not surprised nonplussed unworried logical proud lofty suspicious coldhearted marble uncompassionate blah listless cynical eremetic ascetic disagreeable hermitlike just watching the clock not giving a damn lackadaisical outside on ice stuck-up uninquiring cold fish lone wolf exact precise unwilling to mix with other people correct proper bureaucratic inhuman uncommitted unbiased unprejudiced non-emotional ungenerous mute along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches subtle hands-off slight affected starched untalkative tongue-tied unconversational easygoing supine seemly official featureless uncolored straight depersonalised faceless candid colorless careful soulless depersonalized gray colourless grey equal measured nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic secret mum polite xenophobic antipathetic jaundiced mortal adversary ill-disposed adversarial discourteous ungracious speechless tight-mouthed wordless curt dark clamlike straight arrow by the numbers keeping people at arm's length stiff-necked mumchance faint subdued unreceptive self-restrained evasive mom hush-hush strictly business cold turkey constrained apathetic about unmoved by indifferent about uninvolved in incurious about uninterested in brusque unfavorable unfavourable at a loss for words unsurprised strict cautious on the QT dried up buttoned up clammed up harsh pokerfaced hard grim indirect rigorous grave soft-spoken peaceful sedate gentle ceremonious noncommittal solemn dour uninvolved with bored by unmindful of dispassionate about heedless of deaf to unrelenting stringent straight-faced exacting fierce tough unforgiving authoritarian louring gruff unyielding illiberal solid ramrod intimidating rough lowering rugged sombre earnest ungentle astringent inexorable somber hard-nosed no-nonsense mean-looking heavy-handed

Động từ

Past tense for to hold or engage the attention of
engrossed absorbed absorpt engaged involved gripped held immersed arrested enthralled fascinated interested captivated intrigued occupied bewitched caught charmed engulfed riveted rivetted beguiled bemused busied entranced enveloped enwrapped mesmerised mesmerized spellbound fixated hypnotised hypnotized applied assimilated attracted caught up consumed cornered enraptured filled hogged monopolised monopolized soaked became lost become lost sewed up sewn up took up taken up upped on held your attention diverted distracted amused entertained enchanted grabbed employed pleased held the attention of transfixed kept busy tied up captured gained seized fixed delighted allured cheered magnetized inspired bedazzled magnetised solaced hooked tickled slayed knocked dead held in awe held spellbound put under a spell drawn drew won buried pulled enticed obsessed overwhelmed enamoured impressed lured moved invited enamored kept amused regaled wiled witched killed got lost in lost oneself in concerned attended disported affected influenced won over used up held one's attention recreated held attention vamped sent wowed slain slew gratified satisfied piqued elated indulged inspirited stimulated humored gladdened relaxed enlivened comforted humoured ecstasized appealed to knocked out turned on tickled pink subjugated made merry grabbed the attention of enslaved subdued subjected cracked up tickle to death swept off one's feet tickled the fancy of threw yourself into absorbed yourself in thrown yourself into tickled to death given pleasure to gave pleasure to

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