Đồng nghĩa của hag ridden

Tính từ

Causing or affected by anxiety or stress
fraught anxious agitated distracted distressed distraught upset worried desperate frantic overwrought panicky panic-stricken panic-struck wired emotive hassled stressed tense uptight adrenalized beside oneself stressy strung-up emotionally charged worked up wound up having kittens in a flap in a state on tenterhooks in a cold sweat in a flat spin tearing one's hair out mad frenzied delirious wild hysterical frenetic crazy furious excited hectic rabid violent berserk raving corybantic unscrewed insane shook up crazed swivel-eyed hyper unglued unzipped deranged weirded out wigged out at wits' end feverish strained fevered uncontrolled fierce ferocious maniacal confused demented drawn raging out of control zonkers angry in a tizzy weird freaked out spazzed out keyed up flipped out in a stew hot and bothered hot under the collar hyperactive manic harassed energetic turbulent intense tumultuous overcome confusing unbalanced unhinged distrait hysteric chaotic nuts rattled bothered worked-up fast and furious beside yourself out of one's mind at the end of your tether madding convulsive overexcited emotional consumed sapped drained tired fatigued in a frenzy carried away not knowing what to do with oneself out of one's wit fanatical taut obsessive exciting phrenetic furibund lost it devastated in a lather shattered harrowed wrought-up verklempt pained flustered tormented concerned nonplussed thrown muddled disturbed perturbed discomposed troubled addled overburdened very upset pinched in a panic out of your mind like a chicken with its head cut off under pressure berko het up last-minute in a tizz nervous edgy jumpy uneasy jittery restless on edge twitchy fidgety nervy antsy unquiet unnerved ill at ease in a dither neurotic all of a dither unsettled apprehensive insecure queasy queazy hinky highly strung aflutter goosey dithery atwitter strung out hung up high-strung overstrung strung up uncontrollable disquieted disconcerted ruffled alarmed overactive heated excitable restive overwhelmed fretful shaken affected under a strain discombobulated nervous wreck overanxious under stress angsty in a twitter squirrelly a bundle of nerves toey moved up the wall on pins and needles in a state of agitation spooky windy clutched bundle of nerves in a fluster in a tiz-woz unrelaxed fazed stunned struck incredulous overawed inflamed wreck moving stressed out white-knuckled fluttery shot shot to pieces white knuckled wrought up in a state of nerves pressured shaky choked overpowered destroyed stirred up flapping unrestrained in a spin aroused all of a flutter unrestrainable afraid frightened fretting fearful maniac worried sick trembling quaking scared anguished vexed spooked irrepressible fiery impetuous impassioned maddened vehement driven to distraction rampant blazing tempestuous incensed fuming spasmodic seething possessed passionate riled with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof bricking oneself having butterflies in the stomach angstful uncomfortable beset all of a lather a wreck solicitous shaking in one's shoes with your heart in your mouth worried stiff irked flurried tortured bugged in a twit in a sweat plagued in a fit out of one's wits unstable sensitive brittle skittish nerve-racking feeling anxious stressful nail-biting in suspense mental nerves on edge nutty ape amok bananas bonkers spare batty bats barmy barro crook off the air off your rocker porangi off your head crackers on the rampage out to lunch around the bend off the deep end through the roof postal tooshie stirred weary strung-out freaked-out wound-up worn unstrung touchy high keyed-up fired-up hot-and-bothered spent throwing a wobbly steamed up all shook up hot under collar

Trái nghĩa của hag ridden

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