Đồng nghĩa của rushed

Alternative for rushed

rushes, rushed, rushing

Đồng nghĩa: accelerate, assault, attack, besiege, charge, dart, dash, drive, expedite, hasten, hurry, pressure, push, race, run, scurry, speed, storm,

Tính từ

Done or completed too hurriedly
hurried hasty precipitate cursory fast quick rapid rash brisk expeditious speedy swift flying headlong overhasty precipitous gadarene prompt helter-skelter pell-mell drive-by impulsive sudden impetuous reckless spur-of-the-moment perfunctory imprudent incautious abrupt careless heedless foolhardy immediate fleeting superficial temerarious slapdash injudicious breakneck summary brief instantaneous passing short ill-advised unthinking quickie snappy instant precipitant premature alacritous desultory casual thoughtless lightning harum-scarum unconsidered fleet hare-brained whirlwind express rushing ready ill-considered unexpected haphazard nimble unhesitating sketchy madcap rathe previous offhand indiscreet subitaneous token timely unplanned inattentive slight unpremeditated spontaneous inconsiderate on-the-spot violent whistle-stop uncritical depthless winged nippy fleet-footed unthought-out meteoric impromptu zippy hot breathless rapid-fire punctual splitting dizzy galloping rattling blistering furious passionate early random half-baked accelerated ill-judged hotheaded short-lived quick-fire hurrying snap hectic dangerous unforeseen unanticipated snatched surprising daring rough tempestuous daredevil brash expeditive incidental irresponsible headstrong momentary urgent unfussy purposeless startling unlooked-for fugacious transitory unguarded unwary now or never not to be delayed spanking hit-or-miss hot-headed foolish unduly quick devil-may-care over-adventurous without warning pronto cracking in nothing flat without delay shaking a leg screaming speedball like mad on the double very fast like crazy peremptory double-quick barrelling unintentional overbold wild inadequate nodding slipshod trite misguided half-hearted mechanical uninterested trifling harebrained ill-conceived ardent eager fierce uncoordinated fiery immature frenzied determined irrational insuppressible routine automatic imperfect flash flimsy light partial insincere inconsequential feigning paltry impassioned vehement unbridled unreasoned unrestrained jumping to conclusions shallow sloppy unreflecting fervid restive direct catch-as-catch-can unarranged unscheduled unintended unprepared undesigned surface-level going off deep end prevenient anticipatory hit or miss overnight sharp fast-track frantic PDQ agile harefooted lissome speeding ultrasonic lively supersonic split-second fleet of foot unwise impolitic negligent improvident tactless indelicate stupid audacious inadvisable mindless undiplomatic short-sighted adventurous inexpedient silly graceless unheeding venturesome bold senseless inappropriate kamikaze hell-for-leather unmindful neglectful inadvertent venturous impractical ill-thought-out regardless blind overconfident wrong-headed remiss flighty unsafe unobservant maladroit lavish myopic asinine crazy extravagant giddy crackpot immoderate outrageous indifferent risky daft crackbrained death-or-glory untimely absent-minded unsubtle crude unwatchful untactful unreasonable unpolitic unconcerned imperceptive frivolous wanton insensitive prodigal gauche intemperate shortsighted capricious gruff desperate uncaring profuse cavalier clumsy cock-eyed excessive wrong tearaway harsh undesirable blithe over-venturesome ignorant napping bungling unpolished inept reactive blundering awkward uncircumspect vulgar unsagacious astigmatic unadvised unpredictable unalert unvigilant off-guard uncareful instinctive playing with fire oblivious absurd preposterous nonchalant ridiculous idiotic inane knee-jerk wasteful unconscious untroubled impracticable scatterbrained ill-timed unworkable involuntary intuitive erratic spendthrift unworried witless irreflective abandoned thriftless boorish blunt dumb unreasoning unreserved feckless wacky unsuitable unintelligent carefree death-defying mad adventuresome unfettered deaf listless near-sighted fanciful coarse unsound careless of dozy crass bull-in-a-china-shop confused short-term lax misconceived fast and loose credulous badly thought out not thought through nearsighted jumping the gun ad hoc luxurious misjudged cool heady fearless intrepid courageous radge unrealistic unadvisable unthoughtful brave dauntless undaunted infelicitous garrulous nosy chaotic trigger-happy empty-headed barmy suicidal naive unfortunate childish scatty fantastic unsympathetic hazardous disregarding riotous shiftless profligate too soon inopportune nonsensical leaving self wide open off the deep end happy-go-lucky wide open uneconomical unthrifty unfeeling derelict nonobservant half-cocked risk-taking ludicrous lunatic fantastical easy-going spur of the moment unaware uninformed off deep end out on limb undiscerning unreflective unsophisticated lawless dotty dippy inconstant divvy airy flippant insouciant unpractical brainless fatuous illogical gratuitous supererogative fly-by-night ditsy delinquent short-range restricted limited extemporaneous unwarned unknowing unsuspecting swaggering breezy romping light-minded disorderly disregardful nutty insane unreal bizarre self-destructive squandering free-spending reflex unwitting uncouth tasteless off one's guard apathetic whimsical uninhibited monstrous scandalous heinous anxious fluctuating fickle fitful unsensible inconvenient pointless improper unrecommended uncreative unimaginative careless of one's duty callous emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed lackadaisical without regard shocking atrocious worried distracted straightforward in the dark supererogatory cyclonic hurricane tumultuous tornado lacking foresight slack rude unmeditated vacant unmeant brutish not recommended asleep at the switch out to lunch like a bull in a china shop heavy-handed free and easy uncalled-for uncivil unseemly uncautious wary ad-lib forgetful unperceptive winging it fast-and-loose not in the loop badly planned overventuresome caught napping foot-in-mouth heedless of unsmart uncontrolled not careful abundant free volatile asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out any old way asleep on the job inattentive to disregardful of spasmodic acute quickened paying no heed to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to out of control explosive unusual speeded misplaced unwarranted erroneous high-speed without notice fallacious unfounded out of the blue not bargained for off the top of one's head mistaken deluded misled extremely fast dangerously fast at speed disinformed stray errant deceived bum-steer bearded faked-out erring stonewalled straying flat-out off course labouring under a delusion led up the garden path uncalled for at full tilt

Tính từ

Feeling or looking strained as a result of having too many demands made on one
hassled harassed hounded beleaguered bothered stressed agitated beset browbeaten flustered harried plagued pressured troubled distressed pressurised pressurized tormented worried frayed hurried stressy uptight hunted stressed out hag-ridden hard-pressed under pressure under stress in a state hot and bothered up against it under the cosh at the end of one's tether at the end of one's rope with one's back up against the wall anxious distraught tense strained vexed jittery careworn upset nervous overwrought edgy put upon frazzled unnerved persecuted disturbed fretting overburdened distracted haggard fraught perturbed disquieted desperate wired frightened shaken uneasy disconcerted pinched discomposed drawn ruffled unsettled frantic antsy unquiet apprehensive insecure irked alarmed worked up rattled queasy queazy nervy dithery aflutter jumpy ill at ease atwitter strung out beside oneself unglued muddled goosey hinky in a flap on tenterhooks hung up in a tizzy having kittens shook up in a cold sweat het up under duress on the spot tensed harrowed at wit's end aggravated badgered besieged downtrodden terror-stricken stricken stressed-out pestered shell-shocked on the rack panicky panic-struck panic-stricken worn out dismayed hurt emotive strung-up adrenalized confused grieved gutted choked sad discountenanced emotionally charged wound up with one's back to the wall saddened inconvenienced unhappy irritated oppressed burdened angered annoyed offended disappointed fretted tearing one's hair out in a flat spin low thrown shocked verklempt blue unzipped wounded come apart broken up put out cut up at sixes and sevens in disorder psyched out all torn up amazed bummed out grim weighed down heavy-laden afraid concerned fearful worried sick on edge fretful trembling quaking scared twitchy restless anguished spooked riled toey discombobulated flurried fidgety angstful uncomfortable tortured bugged squirrelly overstrung solicitous spooky windy angsty clutched keyed up in a twitter a wreck strung up in a sweat a bundle of nerves in a dither worried stiff in a tizz in a stew in a twit bricking oneself all of a dither in a state of agitation with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof with butterflies in one's stomach all of a lather shaking in one's shoes on pins and needles with one's heart in one's mouth taut shaky excited excitable wrought up in a state of nerves highly strung hysterical high-strung neurotic hyper febrile all of a doodah rigid stretched skittish irritable fatigued sensitive in suspense trepidatious hectic like a cat on hot bricks tired frenzied restive touchy tight overactive heated shaking struggling timid flighty stiff overtaxed timorous drained waiting with bated breath exhausted terrified overexcited unrelaxed in a panic emotional wrought-up testy tetchy weak querulous careful hot under the collar hesitant fluttery crotchety peevish temperamental irascible brittle crabbed captious fevered short-tempered bad-tempered wreck shivery ill-tempered critical under a strain waiting for the axe to fall snug tightened moved feverish hyperactive shot to pieces in a spin not slack not loose tightly drawn tightly stretched infuriated exasperated taxed shy skittery long-suffering spasmodic sapped overstretched easily upset mousy highly-strung unsettling unnerving easily frightened easily agitated fazed white-knuckled watchful disturbing disquieting aghast dreading overextended pushed busy inflamed charged hairy unstable moving shot overanxious exciting creepy prickly a basket case sweating bullets distressful hot-tempered snappy chippy quick-tempered stirred up flapping having butterflies in the stomach like a fish out of water nervous wreck white knuckled agitating all of a flutter in a lather aroused anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting oversensitive moody impatient up the wall bundle of nerves rundown overloaded worrisome cross complaining stressful raddled suspicious doubtful foreboding mistrustful distressing stress-ridden contracted fractious petulant under attack flushed startled intense uncertain concerning frozen aquiver daunted quivering miserable nerve-racking nail-biting nerve-wracking unreluctant irrational withered gaunt unwell lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies having cold feet having a funny feeling angst-ridden flexed hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited hard tooshie swivel-eyed overworked grumpy ill-natured freaked-out steamed up overwhelmed flipped out wound-up throwing a wobbly crazy high keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered hot under collar beside yourself stirred weary strung-out at the end of your tether worn all shook up worked-up unstrung out of your mind spent hollow-eyed hollow-cheeked solid firm unyielding provoked cranky splenetic out of sorts whining crabby grumbling ratty zipped up hot juiced up snappish perverse contrary ornery caviling faultfinding carping huffy mean worn-out close inflexible extended burned out cavilling fussy

Tính từ

Rather rude, curt or abrupt in speech or manner
unceremonious abrupt bluff blunt brusque curt short brusk crusty downright short-spoken snippy brief callous inelegant terse unconstrained gruff rude snappy impolite discourteous sharp uncivil rough offhand tart ungracious snappish churlish harsh no-nonsense brisk direct caustic crisp surly plain-spoken tactless to the point crude frank matter-of-fact outspoken abrasive undiplomatic impetuous unmannerly cavalier impatient snippety indelicate laconic dusty upfront bad-tempered straight from the shoulder ill-tempered straightforward forthright short-tempered monosyllabic clipped candid breviloquent unequivocal bearish bald brutal peremptory tetchy off honest pulling no punches not afraid to call a spade a spade not beating about the bush calling a spade a spade not mincing one's words speaking one's mind testy pointed decisive concise succinct vigorous pithy imperious irascible businesslike unfriendly petulant thoughtless graceless sharp-tongued impertinent bad-mannered ill-mannered grumpy open hearty good-natured genial approachable crabbed out of sorts friendly sullen cheery barefaced sincere loud blustering ill-natured crotchety crabby grouchy taciturn speaking as one finds sour cross point-blank explicit simple bare stark unadorned undisguised hard-hitting trenchant unvarnished unqualified unembellished offish ill-humoured unpolished uncompromising angry ill-humored boorish nasty morose saturnine boisterous truculent straight-talking straight-shooting compressed thumbnail epigrammatic compendious aphoristic compact condensed incisive abridged limited sparing abbreviated sententious apothegmatic small capsule summary compendiary potted telegraphic fast boiled down little short and sweet

Động từ

To have headed straight towards a specified direction or object, usually at an accelerated speed
made headed broke dashed ran bolted bound bounded fled advanced darted departed raced scrambled scurried sprinted went beelined careered headed off hurried hustled left made a break made off moved scampered scuttled set forth set off set out shot sprant took off aimed beared cut steered took flight veered speeded sped hastened pressed pushed accelerated cut along put on some speed run teared zoomed whisked hared bundled hurtled charged galloped zipped railroaded forced belted streaked scooted pelted stampeded bustled plunged dived bombed barreled pounded barrelled zapped steamrollered whipped hied bucketed blazed motored steamed quickened careened travelled rustled dispatched hasted wheeched buzzed nipped whirled blasted rocketed jetted trotted bowled fleeted coursed cannonballed breezed highballed chased stepped whizzed clipped traveled flitted rolled humped boogied scudded jumped ripped expedited hurled rammed legged it cracked on precipitated fired hightailed it sent rapidly speeded up sped up stepped on it made haste posted made short work of hurried up stepped on gas passed rapidly flung fast-tracked hotfooted it flown flew torn tore dove driven blew blown drove went hell for leather went like lightning burnt rubber shaken a leg went like a bat out of hell shook a leg broken gotten cracking got a move on gone like lightning brake gone like a bat out of hell burned rubber got cracking got your skates on got the lead out gone hell for leather gotten your skates on gotten a move on gotten the lead out flashed swept hightailed scuttered winged shifted whooshed barrelled along swooped scorched laid rubber sprung beat it beetled put one's foot down spanked along put foot bowled along made tracks jogged skipped sailed gone like the clappers went like the clappers tripped skedaddled rattled along moved quickly skimmed split sprang cut and run hit the gas put your foot down gone like the wind went like the wind leaped leapt got a wiggle on fluttered made it snappy gone fast went fast cantered ambled loped lunged spurred stepped up stepped on the gas made time spurted burnt burned put pedal to the metal put the pedal to the metal escaped decamped run away vroomed got moving gotten moving floored it doubled surged jogtrotted cleared out dogtrotted vamoosed bulleted passed floated lost no time paced whipped along boiled moved along made a run for it raged gathered momentum really moved yeeted hopped it whirred fussed rushed around stormed pranced gamboled gambolled frisked flowed streamed moved faster whished run off cannoned skited skittered scrammed scramed skirred kited went faster gone faster pressed on retreated stirred hooked it scarpered bugged out scatted revved up gone drove fast driven fast tooled launched oneself proceeded sallied tumbled lashed showed a clean pair of heels made a break for it lit out bombed along burst picked up speed fanged it busied yourself waltzed belted along tore along plowed bestirred covered ground put on a burst of speed smoked torn along cut out moved fast dusted thrust bucked up booked it ran away gone quickly went quickly taken flight hopped to it hummed snapped to it looked alive gone like a bomb went like a bomb absconded flickered flicked capered danced hopped cruised piled flittered burred droned bumbled bounced pattered glided glid romped were busy gotten going dogged it flirted got going was busy been busy gushed played strolled drifted turned tail beat a retreat ploughed cavorted rattled cascaded run like the wind bobbed whistled ran off brushed run for it slid cleared off sauntered coasted slipped poured pushed on marched impelled started roared frolicked levanted moved briskly cracked skipped off hovered bucked blitzed slooshed flooded went headlong gone headlong thrown oneself threw oneself flourished rode ridden catapulted dipped brandished went like a bullet picked up the pace bowled over gone flat-out chucked it down run like mad wasted no time moved rapidly went flat-out moved it sped away taken off snapped it up whipped around increased speed pumped did a runner moved apace not lost a minute walked casually rolled along heaved geed up turned on steam scattered stepped along fired up got lost rushed at expressed progressed pitched passed by racked got faster had it away gone like a bullet headed for the hills nailed it wound rushed off run very fast done a runner run fast opened the throttle hurdled swooshed festinated stepped lively thrusted surged through hurried it up made oneself scarce peeled out hopped along gusted dug in moved forward rattled your dags outstripped made a quick exit gathered speed gotten faster made yourself scarce beat a hasty retreat sent forward shot through looked lively geared up strode launched winded plunged ahead passed quickly slipped away kicked rocks rushed headlong gotten it on got it on got out gotten out ran like the wind beaten a retreat ran for it ran like mad ran fast went away gone away got on it gotten on it taken wing took wing tore out torn out gone by went by gone all out went all out shown quickly showed quickly bore borne ran very fast went at top speed gone at top speed gone like lighting went like lighting stridden went briskly gone briskly gone rapidly went rapidly went at breakneck speed gone at breakneck speed gone like greased lightning teared up the miles tore up the miles went like greased lightning did a bunk gotten lost flew the coop did a fade took a powder been through done a bunk taken a powder gone through flown the coop went through done a fade beaten a hasty retreat brast

Động từ

Past tense for to gush out in a sudden and forceful stream

Trái nghĩa của rushed

rushed Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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