Đồng nghĩa của heated

Alternative for heated

heats, heated, heating

Đồng nghĩa: affect, arouse, cook, excite, inflame, kindle, move, prepare, provoke, stir, warm,

Trái nghĩa: cold,

Tính từ

Inflamed with passion or conviction
impassioned frenzied intense angry animated bitter passionate raging spirited violent excited fierce furious lively vehement fiery fervid stormy tempestuous agitated feverish full-hearted hectic hyperactive overactive overwrought passional perfervid acrimonious ardent avid fervent indignant irate ireful mad wrathful emotional flaming torrid burning charged incandescent hot-blooded red-hot demonstrative zealous superheated religious warm-blooded enthusiastic blazing warm eager glowing wild fanatical earnest rabid frantic hot tumultuous vigorous keen ferocious explosive strong turbulent heartfelt frenetic inflamed volcanic keyed up impetuous profound rough aroused convulsive committed cyclonic paroxysmal forceful hammer and tongs knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts bang-bang wholehearted powerful temperamental urgent volatile consuming excitable deep-seated boisterous unrestrained fevered stimulated acute heightened delirious stirring incensed uncontrolled restless sincere ungovernable hysterical exciting thrilling deep sentimental vivid impulsive melodramatic white-hot deeply felt dithyrambic hopped up on fire manic vociferous emphatic clamorous febrile savage cataclysmal cataclysmic insistent energetic forcible overcharged fuming dedicated feeling vocal messianic uncontrollable desperate expressive loud in a lather extreme potent concentrated full-throated nervous rash raw moving hyper excessive intensified impatient hearty ablaze worked up emotive overemotional ecstatic all-consuming mercurial enthused high-strung tender responsive steamed up gung ho hot-tempered true blue deep-rooted contentious accelerated enraged overexcited fanciful mighty tremendous seething touchy irascible turned on arousing sexy titillating mettlesome spunky high-spirited bad-tempered ill-tempered distracted desirous gingery resolute peppery scintillating stimulating interesting devout overzealous assiduous steadfast allegiant blustery very angry agitable neurotic importunate outspoken noisy severe immoderate marked roaring foul gusting gusty squally windy howling inordinate intemperate heavy penetrating unqualified piercing forthright strident pyretic susceptible card-carrying raucous demanding eventful formidable hellacious blistering short-fuse hot-headed highly strung dirty nasty filthy inspired pronounced opinionated sensitive vociferant obstreperous rousing blustering rampageous gotta have dying to serious keen as mustard mad keen pious hot for unfeigned warmhearted sweating stirred loving roused heartwarming mushy romantic touching sentient verklempt on the make starry-eyed fired up from the heart inspiring eloquent poignant high-pressure hotblooded precipitate affecting headlong quickened high-powered flushed burning up off the air very excited on the warpath fit to be tied febrific foaming at the mouth touchy-feely chaotic flurrying flustering riotous rumbustious buzzing brisk bustling unbridled vibrant wooly rip-roaring disordered nutsy zoolike jungle hassle madhouse confused unsettled crowded maniacal woolly very busy very active fast and furious like Piccadilly Circus hell broke loose obsessive busy swivel-eyed in a tizzy like one possessed choppy harsh crazy crazed storming rugged vicious inclement aggressive destructive stormful disturbed brutal unruly thundery berserk distraught hard raving jarring cacophonous nuts sharp bleak roily blowy threatening unmanageable menacing stridulent buffeting overwhelming insane devastating thunderous swirling maddened bumpy almighty rampant deranged hotheaded dynamic grating out of control discordant fraught cruel uninhibited boiling gruff breezy coarse strenuous storm-tossed confusing ebullient inharmonious unmusical great rainy unchecked homicidal overpowering irrepressible bloodthirsty corybantic uncurbed vivacious panic-stricken demented stirred up roiled active unhinged painful dreadful headstrong spasmodic intensive carried away exquisite fearsome ghastly terrible frightful fearful maniac beside yourself beside oneself heavy-duty knock-down drag-out full-blooded in a frenzy abandoned standup harmful involuntary unconstrained unrepressed full-on hoarse rasping husky dry ugly typhonic hurtful demonic unpredictable gay blind roller-coaster irresistible bursting foaming unbalanced injurious screeching maddening blaring shrill in turmoil furibund phrenetic wired unscrewed unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable at the boiling point pumped unrestrainable full of upheavals unstable annoying vexatious irritating raring obsessed ready abusive panic-struck full of ups and downs weltering storm-wracked murky frigid riproaring cold damp sprightly disorderly hazardous risky distrait weirded out wigged out lost it tremulous rebellious moiling ruffled panicky squawky squawking effervescent psyched voracious berko raining cats and dogs coming down overcome high game in a state driven to distraction very upset unnerved possessed out of one's wits in a panic in a fit hysteric bullying overwhelmed dissonant ear-piercing juiced nutty amped high as a kite murderous struck overawed affected stunned incredulous ruthless resounding callous terrorizing pugnacious rampaging excruciating unmelodious incoherent pitiless barbarous thuggish sadistic merciless barbaric rough-and-tumble unfettered biting tiring exacting wigged-out babbling irrational overpowered heartless inhuman agonizing ruinous arduous tough challenging assertive coercive agonising outrageous festive demoniac terrorising radge laborious exhausting hefty crushing devastated oversensitive snappy quarrelsome querulous pettish fractious hypersensitive petulant easily offended trying testing unsparing taxing gale force full of force deadly destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself hallucinating light-headed rambling lunatic wandering unreasonable disarranged lightheaded aberrant deviant bewildered hallucinatory flipped deviate cut-throat burdensome tireless full lethal fatal irritable quick-tempered humming zestful onerous full on wearing imperious rowdy action-packed damaging dramatic choleric flipped out out of one's head off one's head out of one's skull happening abubble alive kinetic buzzy full of activity thriving zesty full of life go-go peppy astir flourishing abuzz electrifying merry aboil mortal smart shaken infuriated testy steamed-up all shook up hottempered mean death-dealing all-powerful

Tính từ

Made warm or hot

Tính từ

Very hot, having a significantly high temperature
baked baking boiling broiled broiling burned burning burnt cooked fiery fired fried hot parched scalding scorched scorching sizzling toasted warmed searing roasting blistering sweltering torrid blazing red-hot sultry flaming red ardent steaming ultrahot piping hot superheated incandescent white-hot parching on fire tropical fervid fervent smoking igneous fevered febrile like an oven piping ovenlike recalescent decalescent calescent white thermogenic very warm boiling hot tropic close warm stuffy feverish feverous humid summery sweltry baking hot withering glowing very hot extremely hot blazing hot violent kindled like a furnace alight ablaze afire intense aflame fierce acute strong extreme explosive dreadful heavy heavy-duty vehement furious intensive terrible excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome profound keen deep hellacious almighty hard ghastly fearful frightful ferocious raging stifling unbearably hot like a blowtorch febrific hectic pyretic uncomfortably warm simmering powerful severe burning up dry arid hellish insufferable unbearable diabolical aboil suffocating barren enkindled kindling smoldering ignited inflamed oppressive unstoppable waterless desert dried enflamed combusting lit conflagrant flushed lighted set on fire flickering empyreal agitable turbulent flaring unrestrained in flames smouldering very great blistery flashing gleaming overheated fiery hot brilliant aglow shining radiant bright luminous roaring lucent live candescent dazzling sweaty lambent effulgent bedazzling lucid refulgent fulgent beaming clear shiny drying ruddy sparking oven-like glaring radiating burning hot red hot oxidizing airless oxidising muggy steamy hot and humid sticky jungle-like stewing perspiring like a Turkish bath vibrant shimmery shimmering glistening rich luculent light splendid sheeny lustrous glowy rutilant intensely hot phosphorescent Day-Glo luminescent fluorescent

Tính từ

Very agitated, angry or impassioned
angry animated excited furious inflamed roused enraged uptight keyed up worked up wound up het up in a state anxious distressed tense agitated upset distracted frantic jittery nervous edgy stressed hectic frenzied uneasy jumpy overactive twitchy on edge overwrought in a tizzy worried distraught unsettled disturbed alarmed unnerved antsy hysterical troubled desperate nervy perturbed fidgety overexcited ruffled disconcerted adrenalized wired high-strung in a panic wrought-up emotional hyper unquiet ill at ease hot under the collar discomposed hyperactive feverish hot and bothered restless beside oneself stressy flustered disquieted rattled shaken fazed concerned bothered harassed discombobulated stirred up angsty flapping aroused having kittens moved in a dither in a tizz in a lather all of a dither in a flap all of a flutter in a flat spin in a spin neurotic panicky highly strung strung out tooshie swivel-eyed worn under a strain crazy excitable strung up worked-up unstrung stirred touchy overstrung weary tired strung-out high keyed-up affected freaked-out fired-up overwhelmed hot-and-bothered spent wound-up throwing a wobbly beside yourself all shook up in a twitter steamed up out of your mind at the end of your tether flipped out hot under collar apprehensive fearful flushed startled scared annoyed terrified flurried intense skittish frightened shocked daunted aflutter aquiver unreluctant irrational flighty dismayed hyped-up febrile fraught afire atingle dithery hyperexcited provoked zipped up hot juiced up

Tính từ

Showing anger or indignation, especially at something unjust or wrong
indignant angry furious mad resentful riled sore annoyed disgruntled fuming incensed irate livid miffed provoked aggrieved peeved wrathful affronted choked discontented dissatisfied distressed disturbed exasperated hurt in a huff unhappy huffy irked irritated nettled offended pained aggravated angered apoplectic ballistic chagrined choleric enflamed enraged foaming hopping horn-mad hot inflamed infuriate infuriated ireful outraged piqued rabid rankled riley roiled seeing red shirty steaming ticked upset vexed wroth acrimonious boiling bugged cheesed off cross displeased narked p.o.'d scornful steamed tooshie browned off going crook hopping mad hot under the collar in high dudgeon put out steamed up teed off up in arms burned up in a fume in a pet not best pleased bent out of shape blue in the face fit to be tied off the air raging incandescent on the warpath foaming at the mouth irascible seething antagonized raving wild frenzied splenetic aerated ranting storming ill-humored spare passionate antagonised hot-tempered beside oneself wound up in a temper ill-tempered bad-tempered ill-humoured in a frenzy beside yourself with rage with all guns blazing ropeable very angry maddened hacked rousted roused frustrated crook soreheaded waxy stroppy antagonistic dogged hostile uptight buffaloed perturbed snaky scandalized frantic scandalised dark shocked worked up hacked off fed up boiling mad ticked off overcome with anger at boiling point peed off raging mad all steamed up in a rage beside yourself bummed out in a lather pushed too far rubbed the wrong way blown a gasket in a paddy as cross as two sticks at end of one's rope in a bate in a filthy temper hot and bothered galled bothered testy brassed off vex ruffled eggy troubled miffy agitated snuffy flustered ratty harassed irritable scunnered in a bad mood wrath violent chafed insane bitter bent berserk crazed unreasonable irrational harried impatient smoking corybantic fierce touchy afflicted hoha snappy up the wall intense gnashing one's teeth fiery stung blazing flaming desperate demented maniac worried raving mad uncompromising surly disgusted blazing mad flaming mad tormented infected crabbed fretted embittered frenetic sensitive dirty filthy ferocious unglued crazy short-tempered in a towering rage at daggers drawn out of humour quick-tempered sombre sullen somber in an uproar good and mad mad as hell stressed out tense stressed excited burning with excitement anxious het up goaded scalding steamy piping airborne air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air ready to be tied hateful insulted radge black disappointed rancorous tetchy very upset out of control crackers chippy disheartened slighted sour dishonored humiliated as black as thunder in a wax discouraged grieved grouchy sulky hassled umbrageous dishonoured grumpy prickly crabby snitty red swollen acrid weighty grieving hard annoying distressing unfulfilled defeated full-on all-out energetic manic breakneck concerted unsatisfied unsated ungratified out of sorts extremely angry raw vehement vicious rage fizzing confused chafing septic reddened carrying a chip on your shoulder hung up perplexed blustering powerful uncontrolled rough rampant festered itching smarting tender stinging burning itchy angry-looking painful puffed up fevered festering doing your nut boiling over going ape out of countenance throwing a fit blowing one's top blowing a gasket ranting and raving blistered burnt scalded bloodshot mad as a hornet excitable oversensitive temperamental melodramatic quarrelsome querulous pettish tempestuous fractious hypersensitive petulant easily offended emotional hotheaded hot-headed volatile hot-blooded fanatical extreme impulsive mercurial stormy fervent peppery dramatic shaken steamed-up all shook up highly strung hottempered mean intolerant maniacal extremist bigoted over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard biased prejudiced one-sided zealous feverish partisan illiberal gung-ho delirious intemperate swivel-eyed narrow-minded perfervid berko deranged nutty dedicated overboard sick naked poisoned mad-dog ultraist enthusiastic diseased ardent sizzling bitten unwell militant obsessed virulent flipped ill keen freaked out

Tính từ

Interesting and lively
animated lively spirited active energetic excited vital enthusiastic vigorous vibrant vivacious buoyant dynamic passionate sprightly ardent ebullient fervent perky sparky airy alive brisk eager high-spirited peppy quick sparkling zestful zippy bouncy bubbly effervescent exuberant vivid fiery forceful full of life gay impassioned animate bouncing chipper chirpy elated frisky go-go jaunty jazzy kinetic mettlesome pert pizazzy pizzazzy racy snappy spanking springy zappy zealous peart activated alert energised energized happy vitalized zingy bright and breezy bright-eyed and bushy-tailed alive and kicking full of beans full of vim and vigour cheerful merry bright upbeat cheery sunny jolly joyful breezy blithe frolicsome light-hearted blithesome jovial spry carefree gladsome glad mirthful genial lighthearted in high spirits playful zesty gleeful joyous jocund gamesome happy-go-lucky dashing strong optimistic nimble keen positive full of the joys of spring sportive irrepressible lightsome frolic confident of good cheer exhilarated laughing as merry as a grig scintillating crank radiant hopeful flamboyant bold winsome eupeptic smiley canty in good spirits agile stimulating festive smiling jocular untroubled spunky good-humoured good-humored exciting fun-loving pleasant debonair light grinning wick unworried gingery entertaining witty contented fresh jocose full of pep bubbling without a care in the world striking boisterous sparkly as lively as a grig lusty euphoric cock-a-hoop jubilant intense dazzling brash hilarious feisty beaming tireless full of fun blissful full of energy powerful smart fun brilliant insouciant full of get-up-and-go content barnstorming swinging rollicking hyper jumping hardy gutsy showy indefatigable hearty invigorating amusing exhilarating cheering sanguine daring full of hope invigorated sporty funny fast determined interesting clever swift rapid peppery devil-may-care fearless envigorating rich robust avid easy perk rocking affable plucky sharp tough gritty convivial skittish go-getting on the go enterprising delighted forcible resilient flush hot colourful colorful red-blooded breathless ludic enjoyable overjoyed elastic dizzy untiring refreshed bullish effective casual reinvigorated raring to go coruscating up high-powered revived nonchalant fortified emboldened feeling one's oats speedy sexy renewed ball of fire dramatic enlivened theatrical venturesome inspirited easy-going swashbuckling gallant buzzing outgoing wild eventful healthy emphatic effusive relaxed exultant rakish pleased unconcerned fascinating distinctive bustling nippy impish hasty whimsical dapper unthinking gratified fleet sturdy coltish fleet-footed frivolous welcoming lightning flying breakneck satisfied devilish ecstatic glitzy potent gushing chuffed driving unserious whirlwind humorous in fine fettle courageous glowing loud encouraged hale and hearty easygoing amiable on top of the world industrious splitting blistering rapid-fire galloping rattling high alacritous festal extravagant brave kittenish delightful facetious pleasing rosy volatile assured frolicky supple over the moon pushy self-assertive efficient rejoicing full of zip prankish good-natured aggressive expansive larkish excitable thrilled felicitous fast-moving assertive as happy as a clam tickled vehement expectant certain sure tickled pink floating on air can't complain full of joie de vivre pleased as punch disposed to look on the bright side tickled to death self-confident gregarious neat stirring storming flippant droll uproarious graceful sassy saucy indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless party hurried expressive wacky noisy rowdy busy fairylike grooving aware valiant informal insubstantial salacious fancy jazzlike psychedelic mobile formidable beatific youthful excellent magnificent new outstanding marvellous whopping wonderful marvelous remarkable exceptional burning frothy agitated urgent tumultuous pertinent dull relevant tight heady occupied turnt fanciful warm stylish strenuous clubby social abuzz friendly benign romping dexterous deedful dextrous piquant poignant tasty pungent tart tangy lightweight unflagging pleasure-seeking slaphappy adroit agreeable rhapsodical willful unruly laid back ostentatious stalwart happening humming partyish waggish adventurous on the move wanton graphic cordial sunbeamy ventilated mellow easy-breezy low-pressure laid-back forward presuming full of vim and vigor jumpy wicked holiday mischievous full of the joy of living aglow spicy free and easy unconstrained offhand puckish joshing loony chaffing jokey bantering jollying larking nutty bucked revitalized recreative romantic attractive raffish glittering bubbling over camp fancy-pants Pickwickian daffy rapturous roguish flourishing picturesque as happy as a sandboy game fay sportful tricksy antic elfish larky rascally to the point enlivening cheerly naughty trivial trifling diverting revivified rejuvenated rested restored eye-catching roseate audacious swish venturous free-swinging elegant nervy adventuresome intrepid nerved very happy can-do comical espiègle elvish wrapped gruntled athletic fit strapping fine glimmering glinting unusual arresting electric magnetic enchanté able-bodied thriving blooming off-the-wall stimulated heartened as pleased as Punch as happy as Larry made up well pleased like a child with a new toy like a dog with two tails thankful lots of laughs recreational dry fun-filled chucklesome full of spirit in good health urbane charged revitalised reenergized functional go-ahead hale in good trim in good kilter strong as an horse in good condition strong as an lion strong as an ox sound in tip-top condition in good shape detailed evocative characterful virile trim natty effectual flip joking spruce flighty exclusive swank rousing strengthened pepped up freshened reanimated motivated perked up looking on the bright side buoyed up pushing full-blooded high-octane glass half full sunny side up resplendent flashy gaudy persuasive take-over steamroller fighting fit take-charge hard-driving inspired supported aided roused reassured cheered ballsy over the top over the top OTT in the pink full of vim lurid have-a-go operating functioning unwearied unfatigued fresh as a daisy like a new person untired quickened garish doubtless implicit clear cocksure charismatic activating productive self-motivated highpowered energising influential compelling energizing hyped-up go-getter vitalizing handy occupational working diligent operational serviceable operative splashy lucid elaborate bombastic highly coloured willing flexible like new rehabilitated bright-eyed like a new man bushy-tailed gratifying play hard ball play for keeps coming on strong practicable utile beautiful ridibund undoubtful secure self-assured in good heart fit as a fiddle deep devout adjustable adaptable variable utilitarian well-oiled generous unreserved profound accommodating deepest backslapping uninhibited responsive malleable abiding profuse full unrestrained honest frank back-slapping fluid compliant deep-rooted warm-hearted deep-felt good natured fanatical steadfast resolute tenacious pliant changeable pliable modifiable alterable yielding firm versatile complaisant tolerant conformable iron-willed fierce driven dedicated prompt expeditious firm in spirit strong-minded persistent staunch independent perceptive resolved dogged hard-nosed faithful sagacious keen as mustard uncompromising decisive unwavering obstinate heroic strong-willed indomitable stubborn unflinching mean single-minded loyal earnest two-fisted purposeful stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful unhesitating unfaltering unyielding unbending take charge recuperative mutable soaring cracking high-speed express fast-track ready headlong volant tantivy accelerated expeditive going harefooted nifty

Tính từ

Strongly wanting to do or have something
thirsting eager bursting craving desiring hankering keen longing pining yearning acquisitive agog ambitious antsy appetent ardent athirst avid breathless champing at the bit covetous desirous dying to earnest fervent fervid greedy gung ho hot hot to trot hungry impatient intent rarin' to go ready and willing restive restless self-starting solicitous thirsty vehement voracious warmblooded wild wishful zealous anxious raring aching hoping wishing hopeful excited enthusiastic willing juiced itching crazy pumped ready stoked on tenterhooks waiting with bated breath dying intent on geeked hepped up hopped-up bent on on the edge of one's seat raring to go ripe set on hankering after gagging on pins and needles desirous of enthused nuts passionate great determined energetic spirited committed fanatical dedicated active resolute driven motivated industrious vigorous forceful inclined steadfast aspiring intense devoted game amenable animated purposeful enterprising indefatigable diligent disposed persistent impassioned untiring go-getting inspired wholehearted assiduous unflagging thrilled tireless tenacious aggressive chomping at the bit assertive striving lively keen as mustard interested persevering prepared dogged happy glad single-minded aroused insatiable rapacious ravenous keyed up pushy fierce fiery obsessed strenuous dynamic stimulated fired up mad keen hard-working conscientious expectant pertinacious gutsy psyched gluttonous mettlesome set progressive moved stirred minded exhilarated bold itchy burning edacious militant apt unwavering plucky grasping exuberant hoggish pleased esurient staunch delighted unrelenting go-ahead fain pioneering as keen as mustard mad swinish strong strong-willed sedulous feverish eager beaver bright-eyed and bushy-tailed piggish ebullient afire resolved firm rigorous perfervid obstinate vivacious hard-driving obsessive beside oneself psyched up zestful potty predisposed rabid self-driven bent worked up awakened engaged hearty self-assertive charged desperate avaricious bright aflame insatiate qualified uncompromising ravening straining at the leash budding ruthless tough courageous high-spirited power-hungry insistent studious stubborn on the make gone on sprightly self-seeking faithful confident devouring high-reaching ball of fire goal-oriented in the mood of a mind grudging on fire peppy strong-minded titillated bent upon infatuated juiced up fixated hell-bent get up and go wanting uncontrolled adventurous dotty likely unrestrained prone daft possessed compulsive inexhaustible can-do unwearied violent pushing stalwart high devout laborious fond smart feisty full of beans agreeable busy unwearying infatuated with intelligent able alert incessant full-blooded unremitting unbending devoted to weariless fixed jumping grind hyper perky unyielding intemperate in suspense unshakeable constant piggy hardworking all agog potential unflinching skilled steady unfaltering brave languishing thrusting wannabe loyal edgy decisive on the go elated wistful compliant operose in-your-face endeavouring docile coming on strong close close-fisted carnivorous gormandizing gobbling grabby gulping guzzling electrified obliging power-loving cooperative acquiescent rhapsodic aspirant prospective optimistic self-asserting encouraged animate anticipating promising roused unquenchable frenzied tumultuous powerful forcible potent would-be curious open-mouthed endeavoring attentive extreme astounded unappeasable possible wired supportive frenetic gung-ho prodigious nutty hung up agape daring intensive audacious painstaking thunderstruck flabbergasted lusting fired hooked atingle fanatic blunt unbridled enthralled coveting keen on warm passional resounding muscular emphatic raving hysterical enamored given talented Herculean gross uncontrollable intrepid envious resourceful unfailing nutso unswerving dashing stout punchy gifted bugged steely hot for undaunted wolfish enamoured of smitten with selfish mean galvanized monomaniacal zippy hard-hitting unsatisfied obdurate undeviating snappy zesty in favour content nervy up-and-coming on edge spunky gannet-like omnivorous impulsive in favor very keen on fearless hooked on in love with enamoured enamored of true in want of hardy pumped up itching for open bustling deep galvanised partial in a hurry iron-willed indomitable dying for dutiful persisting prehensile unhesitating geared up turned on with bated breath stirred up self-confident gritty pulling no punches hungering have-a-go desiring success dead set cranked up full of determination true-blue nothing loath like a ball of fire needing upbeat positive uncomplaining unceasing long-suffering materialistic self-improving complying approving touched mercenary fidgety moneygrubbing unsettled for ok with sympathetic straining chafing impetuous refreshed revitalized restored agreeing ungrudging assenting diehard ablaze all out smitten excited about revitalised radical intending gotta have inspirited energized habitual influenced activated uplifted future up resilient all a-gog cheerful full of enthusiasm sincere in love overwrought dizzy sapless cottonmouthed juiceless bone-dry consumed compelled lacking fascinated aglow aspirational panting hoping for longing for energised red-blooded lusty vital bouncy immovable unshakable unbendable unshaken wacky concerned tantalized unqualified involved high-powered frantic delirious uproarious gingery focused consumed with desire unreluctant gaga tantalised riled up spoiling serious impelled adamant urgently requiring peppery wild-eyed zealotic fireball careful chafing at the bit turnt red-hot crude rude hard-nosed untrammeled untrammelled inquisitive quenchless induced obsessional favourably inclined ambitious for anxious for yearning for eager for adoring doting big focussed joyous joyful buoyant jovial teachable partial to wild for crazy for aquiver atremble pushed steered guided besetting fond of sweet on very enthusiastic sagacious sure in a frenzy astonished surprised amazed meticulous enlivened overjoyed excitable euphoric enraptured ecstatic willing for ready for avid for primed preoccupied immersed concentrated pysched up unstinting boorish chirpy exacting particular thorough punctilious jolly exultant irrepressible so-called dormant professed predatious crying out in great need of very excited dry as dust lustful amorous hopeful for aspiring towards keen for anticipatory hungered unfilled heedful game for elevated sparky on cloud nine intoxicated giddy piqued tickled tickled pink accessible all set equipped about to organized close to alacritous at hand with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone absorbed riveted concentrating occupied engrossed unslakable inextinguishable inappeasable up for on for firm in spirit independent perceptive heroic certain two-fisted stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad take charge jumping up and down rising coming urged on spoiling for full of life full of spirit unfulfilled self-appointed undeveloped latent self-styled up for it waiting expecting ravening for greedy for thirsty for craving for wishing for hungry for self-indulgent stingy miserly tight-fisted parsimonious penurious pennypinching tight immoderate clamorous crying pressing exigent importunate urgent demanding unsatisfiable limitless dirty filthy proactive bullish banzai inflexible fit convenient expeditious employed alive blissful jubilant can't wait hard arduous taxing addicted to succeeding emerging soaring go-getter climbing awaiting anticipant aspiring to over-enthusiastic never satisfied original gobsmacked spellbound dumbfounded soi-disant unrealized quasi- in urgent need swotty plugging working slogging plodding take-charge unclean sordid squalid brutish all-out exhausting brisk extremely enthusiastic covetous of lusting after liable to likely to visionary competitive watchful apprehensive with potential cock-a-hoop imaginative ingenious relentless in need of mad on embryonic cutthroat sustained rigid ferocious unable to be satisfied trainable bigoted wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo anticipative vigilant awe-stricken shocked with an appetite wrapped up liable subject susceptible insatiat with a yen bloodthirsty unabated stringent assured organised in the making likely to succeed inventive dauntless defiant bullheaded warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy biased erratic headstrong domineering opinionated credulous willful unruly contumacious incorrigible addicted sworn empty gorging sating starving starved dog-hungry creative consenting on the up and up sharp venturesome quick-witted capable clever fast through and through cut-throat self-willed self-assured vulnerable upwardly mobile intensely competitive fiercely competitive stop at nothing having killer instinct dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke bound and determined self-possessed venturous free-swinging entrepreneurial emboldened adventuresome nerved accommodating ballsy good pledged pious stanch waiting on looking for jealous very hungry nuts for high on bound out dyed-in-the-wool card-carrying starved to death decided favorable down-the-line deep-dyed stirring take-over gumptious driving go-go advancing hustling innovative spanking single-hearted old faithful true to the end out-and-out given over to true blue minding tractable biddable helpful receptive favourable one persuadable responsive likely to get likely to have at risk of given to with a tendency to get in danger of getting apt to get well-disposed resentful spark plug hard ball out to fixed upon anxious to obsessive about committed to intending to inflexible about hell-bent on insistent on fixed on fixated on obsessed with dead set on resolved on fanatical about impatient to resolved to single-minded about do-or-die determined to hell-bent upon decisive about firm about determined on as game as Ned Kelly so-minded so minded in accord with like-minded possessive begrudging green invidious jaundiced green-eyed green with envy more than willing

Tính từ

Mulled or flavoured

Tính từ

Requiring sensitive or careful handling
delicate sensitive difficult touchy sticky ticklish tricky complicated contentious intricate prickly problematic problematical thorny awkward convoluted dicey knotty provocative catchy complex controversial hairy hard perplexing tough critical divisive embarrassing emotive involved precarious scandalous volatile dodgy nasty nettlesome spiny tricksy uncertain uncomfortable unpredictable hair-trigger hot-button inflammatory subjective emotional debatable disputable disputed disputatious arguable polemical controvertible dubious contended questionable polemic vexed suspect dubitable moot tendentious debateable contested contestable notorious debated hot doubtable doubtful at issue in dispute open to question open to discussion under discussion iffy unsettled open to doubt open to debate undecided argumentative unresolved unsure equivocal borderline troublesome issuable negotiable unclear taxing undetermined up in the air chancy quarrelsome in doubt scrappy unconfirmed unestablished fishy open indefinite indeterminate trying yet to be decided ambiguous indecisive irksome worrying upsetting vexatious bothersome dangerous unconcluded concerning suspicious unproven unreliable risky vague litigious salty spiky opinionated factious contrary fire-eating eristic unsound spurious flimsy in question having a chip on one's shoulder ambivalent unpleasant impassioned paradoxical puzzling unknown marginal inconclusive conjectural baffling unsupported unreasonable unverified mootable speculative belligerent combative pugnacious pending shady queer shaky subject to debate tenuous weak untrustworthy undependable unsubstantiated persuasive on ice suppositive suppositious on the back burner up for discussion uneasy clouded hotheaded unlikely unclassifiable tender outstanding unascertained bold outspoken uncompromising passionate like herding cats tentative peripheral frontier bordering ongoing in contention nice inexact bleak dire unsteady unstable groundless unfounded unsolved unanswered in the balance baseless unwarranted inconstant capricious fickle temperamental mercurial rocky variable changeable fractious hazardous onerous challenging forbidding arduous grim grievous untested ill-founded sub judice open for discussion yet to be settled not yet settled much debated unjustifiable unjustified unattested uncorroborated awful punishing rough dark disagreeable distressing perilous worrisome far from certain presumed assumed not validated unfriendly bitter disturbing spartan hostile tight foundationless without basis invalid nonvalid without foundation nebulous kid-glove unprovable apocryphal undefined moving touching open to suspicion not backed up by evidence occult obscure hypothetical cryptic enigmatic contingent rational logical hard to believe rationalistic sentimental stirring exciting thrilling affecting harassing under advisement not obvious under examination not definite dialectical poignant heart-warming tear-jerking heart-rending severe formidable analytic affective affectional heartwarming analytical dialectic riddling not yet established a live issue a moot point a controversial subject a matter of opinion betwixt and between touch and go bone of contention the jury's out between sixes and sevens between rock and hard place

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heated Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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