Đồng nghĩa của reinvigorated


Past tense for to give new life, energy or strength to someone or something
revitalised revitalized restored revived renewed rejuvenated resuscitated revivified stimulated reanimated enlivened recreated freshened braced renovated repaired inspirited exhilarated vivified cheered quickened modernised modernized updated replenished regained prodded prompted cooled jogged breathed new life into brought around brushed up refreshed regenerated invigorated recharged envigorated resurrected energized rekindled energised refreshened strengthened pepped up awakened reawakened kick-started waked up roused rewakened rewaked aroused encouraged fortified animated enkindled rallied bucked up put some spark into reactivated re-established reconditioned bounced back uplifted woken up woke up activated rewoke rewoken built up restarted reinforced relieved brightened recovered brought back livened up put new life into touched up made whole reproduced reconstructed galvanized vitalized boosted reestablished relaunched reinstituted heartened stirred galvanised brought to given a boost to gave a boost to given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to bolstered helped propped up excited saved inspired reintroduced given new strength to gave new strength to got going again redeveloped changed improved perked up rescued overhauled reorganized motivated reorganised stirred up brought back to life put new heart into spruced up given a new lease of life to gave a new lease of life to remade reinvented repeated incited redevised rebuilt redesigned copied recalled triggered kindled refitted comforted sustained reinstalled titivated reassured emboldened restated reopened whetted instigated wakened topped up overcome gladdened brought round solaced pleased recuperated dynamized consoled rediscovered tidied dusted neatened cleaned sweetened fanned filliped fired spiked cured healed amended resumed re-created reaffirmed cooled down revamped tempted titillated freshened up confirmed restituted retreaded rehabbed refurbished reclaimed spruced changed radically produced re-formed promoted zipped up piqued increased vivificated moved innervated innerved goaded precipitated dispatched urged actuated sprung spurred livened impelled picked up stiffened fired up cleaned up aired out made healthy blew away the cobwebs blown away the cobwebs breathed life into performed CPR poured it on made young again gave new life to made someone feel young again juiced up added some zest to buoyed up given the kiss of life to snapped out of it gingered up come to life made younger restored vitality to gave the kiss of life to jump-started jazzed up amped up raised from the dead given new life to made confident redone redid overcame sprung up sprang up sprang grew grown did done given courage to gave courage to gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm came to life given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation shaken up shook up done up gave face lift to given face lift to did up went over gone over gave a new lease on life given a new lease on life rehabilitated buoyed remodeled remodelled mended cheered up fixed up made over vamped up brought up to date steeled chirked up reconstituted geed up patched doctored fixed reinstated reenergized pushed assured sparked enheartened jumpstarted redecorated refurnished raised your spirits lift gentrified elated psyched up lit a fire under electrified restored to life redeemed tarted up retouched brought something up to code summoned up furbished set to rights rebooted hit the ground running tuned serviced set right recrudesced borne up bore up empowered incentified applauded impassioned disinhibited swayed enforced incentivized spurred on egged built whipped up boosted up cheered on reenforced raised ignited revved up pumped up provoked relit relighted nudged praised pricked stiffened the resolve of raised the morale of boosted someone's morale spirited someone up lifted the spirits of bielded stimulated spiritually reexperienced transformed unwound relived waked awaked upgraded reformed lifted recollected recaptured revisited gave shot in arm given shot in arm recycled remembered retrieved face-lifted cleansed led leaded reworked rewrought boosted moral thrilled replayed refound rectified elevated raised someone's spirits conjured up remastered lit up made good called up dug up brought to life gave a new look to blazed a trail given something a facelift gotten into shape brought to mind returned to exalted made alive summoned back found again given a new look to lived through again straightened out gave something a facelift gussied up got into shape informed salvageed discovered again experienced again salvaged driven drove given hope to gave hope to given confidence to gave confidence to awoken woke woken awoke gave life to given life to gave a buzz given a buzz went through again gone back to gone through again went back to

Trái nghĩa của reinvigorated

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