Đồng nghĩa của avid

Alternative for avid

Đồng nghĩa: eager, greedy,

Tính từ

Having or showing a keen interest in or enthusiasm for something
enthusiastic eager keen ardent voracious insatiable devoted hungry passionate fanatical fervent greedy thirsty zealous athirst acquisitive agog antsy anxious crazy dedicated desirous enthused excited fervid geeked grasping great hopped-up hot impatient intense juiced nuts pumped raring ravenous solicitous stoked wild avaricious covetous earnest rapacious wholehearted breathless gung ho hepped up dying to gotta have keen as mustard as keen as mustard longing yearning vehement spirited craving intent impassioned committed ambitious champing at the bit determined motivated hankering itching driven burning animated pining dying energetic desiring willing fierce interested perfervid fiery chomping at the bit inspired resolute appetent lively ready industrious mad keen tenacious feverish steadfast single-minded dogged persistent purposeful unwavering passional vigorous active devout forceful pushy wishful mad hopeful red-hot obstinate self-starting warm torrid aroused staunch heated thirsting charged bright-eyed and bushy-tailed exhilarated stimulated exuberant strong-willed ready and willing thrilled diligent persevering keyed up stubborn aching aspiring aggressive strong untiring moved assertive obsessed self-driven self-assertive unfaltering militant hearty strong-minded gone on ebullient hot-blooded warmblooded gluttonous assiduous go-getting vivacious emotional fired up profound heartfelt sincere hard-driving edacious raring to go goal-oriented zestful serious indefatigable ravening resolved striving psyched firm unflinching infatuated with inclined enterprising devoted to stirred flaming gagging uncompromising deep-seated gutsy itchy ruthless warm-blooded hot to trot afire deeply felt beside oneself bursting unquenchable rarin' to go wishing bent prodigious unappeasable potty fond set insatiate acute daft uncontrolled rabid delighted restive piggish swinish hoggish indomitable amenable titillated true unhesitating disposed esurient true-blue obdurate pertinacious unrelenting piggy demonstrative insistent blazing hot for hooked on unbending unflagging incandescent expectant intemperate aflame religious deep awakened dynamic superheated plucky unyielding loyal restless progressive pioneering revitalized very keen on full of beans glowing faithful obsessive high-spirited game languishing wistful psyched up dead set worked up bent upon elated on fire true blue power-hungry self-asserting conscientious self-seeking eager beaver get up and go high-reaching full of determination power-loving electrified infatuated rhapsodic fixed ecstatic dotty enamored keen on settled encouraged sprightly roused inveterate omnivorous nutty urgent pressing exigent nutso frenzied revitalised uncontrollable pleased animate powerful engaged glad gritty lustful amorous compulsive tireless unremitting tumultuous wanting stalwart deep-rooted happy pious wolfish devouring extreme heightened severe mettlesome curious steely addicted to undaunted hung up unfeigned hysterical empty gorging starving starved dog-hungry gross sating enamoured of smitten with enamoured overwrought clamorous demanding crying bold consuming adventurous unshakeable possessed gannet-like in love with galvanized undeviating inflamed full-hearted furious unqualified excessive ripe unsatisfied feisty enamored of dutiful high can-do itching for importunate ferocious galvanised all-consuming high-pressure iron-willed good dying for intent on decisive confident go-ahead desirous of all agog on tenterhooks steady self-confident in suspense starved to death turned on hopped up hell-bent like a ball of fire on the make juiced up cranked up in a hurry pumped up geared up waiting with bated breath desiring success hungering needing reinvigorated reborn approving touched atingle lusting diehard edgy hoping solid set on constant stanch decided bent on hardboiled buckled down enthralled desperate habitual inspirited energized chafing straining sworn tried-and-true responsible tried dyed-in-the-wool smitten influenced activated uplifted cottonmouthed juiceless bone-dry sapless proactive bullish banzai impetuous restored refreshed prepared aglow born-again adoring big doting zealotic fired frenetic fanatic wild-eyed fireball gung-ho self-motivated upwardly mobile energised consumed with desire unreluctant resilient longing for hoping for take-charge in love dizzy up frantic raving uproarious delirious all a-gog extremely enthusiastic stirred up quenchless straining at the leash clamant partial to crazy for wild for untrammeled untrammelled unrestrained supportive fain high-powered consumed compelled anxious for yearning for ambitious for eager for minded immoderate marked full of enthusiasm in a frenzy coming on strong intransigent hard-nosed unbendable unshaken immovable unshakable dry as dust explosive inordinate heavy penetrating piercing vivid potent spoiling ready for willing for avid for angry violent raging bitter very excited favourably inclined unslakable inextinguishable inappeasable buoyant joyous joyful jovial fond of sweet on very enthusiastic adamant monomaniacal impelled melodramatic hellacious blistering intensified chafing at the bit sure sagacious inquisitive fascinated up for on for in the mood of a mind pysched up excitable enlivened overjoyed euphoric enraptured hopeful for envious aspiring towards prehensile keen for fixated obsessional induced wacky concerned tantalized overemotional sentimental emotive jumping up and down compelling imperious instant dire imperative entreating necessitous exacting emergent nagging unsatisfiable critical limitless atremble aquiver competitive irrepressible hardy brave tough courageous tantalised bugged zesty gaga jolly exultant crazy about mad about relentless impulsive besetting pushed steered guided greedy for ravening for thirsty for craving for wishing for hungry for turnt never satisfied rigid cutthroat sustained rigorous sedulous predatious elevated giddy piqued peppy tickled tickled pink sparky on cloud nine intoxicated open-mouthed firm in spirit independent perceptive two-fisted heroic stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful certain take charge mean unabated bloodthirsty stringent assured stormy tempestuous disturbing annoying troublesome suppliant overeager harassing hungered unfilled hooked nutso over nuts about shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about aspiring to warlike gladiatorial defiant brutal scrappy bullheaded feeling abject genuine entrenched spoiling for alive blissful jubilant overactive hectic agitated hyperactive unable to be satisfied honest hard-core rooted extraordinary intrenched exceptional card-carrying hang-tough self-willed full-blooded intensely competitive go for broke in-your-face self-assured fiercely competitive bound and determined stop at nothing having killer instinct self-possessed cut-throat dog-eat-dog urged on raw enduring close fast truehearted down-the-line as thick as thieves trusty unfailing boon bosom inseparable astounded on the edge of one's seat on edge thunderstruck with bated breath on pins and needles flabbergasted cock-a-hoop covetous of lusting after stirring thorough bona fide rousing supreme grave tender warmhearted responsive indignant wrathful irate acrimonious ireful with an appetite in need of with a yen in want of hankering after overly solicitous thoroughgoing very hungry mad on sexy loving erotic sensual steamy bred-in-the-bone confirmed red-blooded sultry wanton licentious satyric concupiscent salacious lewd lascivious lecherous randy sizzling horny lubricious libidinous romantic turned-on prurient thrusting manic cordial emphatic overzealous from the heart overenthusiastic expressive ablaze forcible temperamental moving intensive real fevered dinkum over the top carried away bigoted amped crazed incensed significant deep-dyed complete eloquent hard thrilling unswerving volatile rash authentic vocal dithyrambic poignant affecting steamed up pledged whole-souled addicted touching white-hot vociferous strenuous unaffected effervescent unruly over-enthusiastic sensitive meaningful fuming unadulterated absorbed occupied involved messianic ghastly almighty forthright full inspiring upfront absolute total unpretentious exquisite engrossed dreadful truthful ungovernable biased guileless opinionated irascible terrible extremist distracted vicious fearful fearsome unpretended blunt unbridled loud frightful hyper incorrigible brisk excruciating full-throated volcanic amatory punchy outspoken mercurial heavy-duty overwhelming overpowering hard-hitting solemn dear adherent whole-hearted deepest studious hot-tempered unpretending through and through pulling no punches hard-working heart-to-heart out-and-out amped-up mournful enraged effusive proselytizing evangelistic mighty tremendous seething spunky sad aflutter dramatic arousing titillating uninhibited peppery gingery bubbling over scintillating susceptible uplifting doleful all out allegiant heartrending neurotic agitable exciting heartwarming overcharged bound verklempt sentient primal preoccupied soulful knee-deep visceral unconcealed undisguised noisy intuitive instinctive alight engagé attached touchy-feely very great very angry strident raucous natural prepossessed open single-hearted old faithful true to the end given over to mushy hot-headed high-strung pronounced concentrated proselytising evangelical vociferant obstreperous turbulent rough short-fuse highly strung perfectionistic principled ignited precipitate headlong hotblooded quickened major gut participating off the air on the warpath untainted artless visionary meant paroxysmal cyclonic touchy savage convulsive busy drastic foaming at the mouth fit to be tied disorderly lit lighted wackadoodle wackadoo sharp resounding arduous muscular taxing actual undissembled pretensionless undesigning starry-eyed knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts bad-tempered ill-tempered hammer and tongs bang-bang hardened seasoned frank candid contributing influential activist all-out exhausting erratic partial headstrong domineering credulous willful contumacious chronic maniacal intolerant established twenty-four carat honest to God high as a kite goody-goody worshipping worshiping venerating heart-and-soul revering pietistic employed working radical perennial lifelong revolutionary trustworthy hopping immersed bustling forward indelible proved immutable idealistic unreasonable illiberal prejudiced one-sided irrational partisan beguiled enchanted besotted charmed unquestionable revolutionist nuts for high on impenitent unapologetic unashamed irredeemable unreformable ineradicable longtime inexorable in flames infuriated swivel-eyed narrow-minded berko berserk goody two-shoes ingrained definite incurable explicit accustomed inured habituated staid lovesick captivated bewitched wigged-out subjective unstinting unambiguous unreserved categorical infected naked insane corybantic deranged overboard sick poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased bitten unwell virulent flipped ill sicker tied-up unlimited unmitigated unrestricted unequivocal positive unconditional undivided taken spellbound love-struck seduced indulgent anacreontic amative sisterly brotherly overindulgent long-established righteous affectionate unalloyed utter legitimate long-standing freaked out vital hard-line well established die-hard deep-set hard-shell firmly established well-established creditable credible ultra undiluted unquestioning outright up front articulate detail oriented silver-tongued vibrant abiding entire fullhearted fair dinkum rebel persuasive fluent perky very keen caring kind airy quick sparkling zippy benevolent gentle terrorist bubbly bouncy pregnant revealing graceful friendly nurturing full of life gay hundred percent effective suggestive chirpy bouncing springy snappy go-go frisky jazzy pert racy zappy pizzazzy pizazzy chipper kinetic jaunty spanking thoughtful considerate sympathetic peart without reservations never-failing generous attentive amiable reverential reverent telling revelatory graphic glib lucid smooth-tongued meaning pointed well-spoken alert vitalized zingy warm-hearted tenderhearted bright and breezy indicative well-expressed alive and kicking expressing adoration bound up close-knit grandiloquent rhetorical smooth-spoken well spoken voluble impressive magniloquent well expressed sententious facund full of vim and vigour

Tính từ

Primarily concerned with making money, typically at the expense of ethics
greedy rapacious grasping covetous acquisitive avaricious mercenary grabby coveting moneygrubbing selfish materialistic desirous money-grubbing hungry close-fisted gluttonous insatiable close miserly stingy predatory voracious edacious mean money-oriented hoarding money-grabbing esurient ravenous hoggish gobbling guzzling craving eager devouring grudging carnivorous gulping gormandizing prehensile parsimonious penurious tight grabbing possessive venal swinish penny-pinching Mammonish Mammonistic usurious sordid piggish extortionate on the make snoep tight-fisted itchy ravening dirty gross filthy miserable bribable pleonectic squalid brutish unclean rude crude piggy insatiat boorish money hungry money motivated self-indulgent pennypinching insatiate intemperate omnivorous unprincipled unethical unscrupulous gold-digging corrupt marauding plundering preying wolfish murderous furious ferocious savage scrimping tightfisted cheese-paring forehanded cheap extorting quaestuary demanding thrifty ungenerous frugal illiberal uncharitable closefisted sparing mingy chintzy spare near stinting Scrooge-like pinchpenny pinching skimping saving economical pennywise churlish chary curmudgeonly petty ungiving cheeseparing skinflinty prudent costive worldly cheapskate beggarly provident skinflint meager unwasteful economizing meagre ironfisted economising scrounging scrimpy skimpy canny careful cost-effective efficient money-saving time-saving work-saving watchful on the rims practical circumspect prudential penny-wise methodical ignoble abstemious cautious narrow hard-fisted extremely thrifty scurvy cupidinous on a tight budget tight-wad puritanical ascetic masochistic scanty extremely frugal sensible exacting severe derisory abject harsh careful with money stewardly wary tightwad vulturous exploitative vulturine money-conscious cost-conscious bloodsucking hard oppressive rigorous mean-spirited gannet-like menacing blood-sucking Scotch lascivious lecherous fierce consumerist lupine wolfy lustful leering wolflike capitalistic bourgeois temporal object-oriented mundane profane sensual earthy terrestrial carnal earthly-minded material unspiritual yuppie money-orientated secular banausic

Tính từ

Loudly cheerful, enthusiastic or approbatory
hearty ardent eager passionate enthusiastic intense spirited zealous animated ebullient lively impassioned exuberant energetic vivacious dynamic deep devout emphatic loud affable effusive generous jovial unreserved cheerful profound backslapping deepest uninhibited responsive amiable vigorous abiding cheery frank full gay glad gushing honest jolly profuse unrestrained welcoming back-slapping deep-rooted warm-hearted deep-felt good natured keen fervent vehement earnest fanatical wholehearted fiery fervid committed dedicated excited warm perfervid enthused exhilarated devoted gung ho high-spirited forceful rabid sincere burning emotional great fierce obsessed zestful passional pumped intent antsy afire hungry ready willing voracious red-hot interested desirous wild athirst mad keen keen as mustard heartfelt extreme flaming titillated stoked raring motivated violent assiduous agog solicitous active diligent determined aflame impatient nuts anxious ambitious appetent thirsty heated crazy superheated torrid charged religious glowing feverish blazing demonstrative hot-blooded warm-blooded incandescent hot greedy ready and willing deep-seated as keen as mustard keyed up raring to go deeply felt bright-eyed and bushy-tailed champing at the bit hopped up full of beans chomping at the bit effervescent heartful feeling inspired stirred inspirited galvanized stimulated roused energized diehard card-carrying ecstatic encouraged moved aroused uplifted influenced activated raw gotta have dying to serious pious hot for tender true blue unfeigned warmhearted habitual militant energised self-driven stirred up galvanised hung up hankering amenable breathless restless inclined disposed happy longing unreluctant pining engaged craving game restive covetous single-minded pushy purposeful obsessive itchy ripe zealotic fired go-ahead frenetic fanatic fireball self-starting possessed gung-ho wild-eyed acute strong coming on strong powerful forcible explosive heavy intensive urgent vicious exquisite overwhelming overpowering abject excruciating hellacious heartrending hard ghastly dreadful furious terrible almighty frightful clamorous outspoken vocal noisy vociferous heavy-duty fearsome very great blistering ferocious fearful forthright insistent strident desperate angry impetuous frantic on the make inflamed full-throated pronounced opinionated potent concentrated hyper delirious thrilled fascinated rhapsodic animate geeked nutty wacky tantalized industrious concerned unqualified yearning juiced conscientious gaga itching driven tantalised pleased sprightly bugged zesty warmblooded turnt gone on hopped-up hot to trot hepped up excitable tempestuous stormy frenzied raging mad rash temperamental consuming tumultuous impulsive fired up on fire manic fevered psyched uncontrollable hectic amped heightened volatile crazed hyperactive messianic irascible acrimonious hysterical dithyrambic volcanic steamed up mercurial hot-tempered wishing amorous hopeful dying desiring intent on overzealous raving uproarious steadfast allegiant agitable neurotic aggressive proactive bullish banzai daft in a frenzy very excited untrammeled untrammelled jumping up and down potty extremely enthusiastic take-charge can-do short-fuse hot-headed high-strung highly strung eventful exciting severe immoderate uncontrolled marked inordinate vivid intemperate penetrating piercing bitter busy excessive melodramatic intensified turbulent rough emotive overemotional sentimental all-consuming ungovernable noteworthy interesting moving inspiring eloquent stirring poignant high-pressure hotblooded expressive precipitate thrilling affecting headlong quickened high-powered convulsive paroxysmal cyclonic touchy savage disorderly knock-down-and-drag-out bad-tempered blood-and-guts ill-tempered bang-bang hammer and tongs distracted overactive overwrought full-hearted agitated red-blooded unruly high sultry high as a kite action-packed strenuous ireful indignant wrathful irate wigged-out

Tính từ

Tending to ask questions or to investigate, typically for information or knowledge
curious inquisitive probing questioning quizzical enquiring inquiring interrogative investigative querying scrutinising scrutinizing enthusiastic examining inspecting fascinated interested intrigued keen agog eager excited moved attentive captivated gripped riveted absorbed affected engrossed intent enticed focussed focused stimulated enthused entranced hooked inspired ambitious desirous inspirited roused ardent impressed inquisitorial beady-eyed analytical searching inquisitory attracted nosy into analytic drawn catechistic caught predisposed rapt obsessed sold lured taken touched penetrating burning with curiosity quizzing catechistical exploring earnest snoopy responsive charmed entertained awakened fired all ears gone occupied wondering struck sympathetic open dying to know doubtful on the case eat sleep and breathe investigatory outward-looking studious prying heuristic speculative intrusive fact-finding Socratic bewitched besotted enamoured enamored fond crazed smitten mesmerised mesmerized spellbound mad keen on enthralled by devoted to passionate about struck on mad about fixated by addicted to hooked on riveted by interested in enamored of attached to enthusiastic about mesmerized by twitterpated by attracted to nuts about turned on gone on crazy about bewitched by besotted with infatuated with hungry for clever insightful sensitive pointed canny smart perceptive incisive thorough trenchant sharp subtle discerning perspicacious exploratory intense researching discriminating acute ingenious piercing judicious intuitive astute quick-witted observant fascinated by intent on smitten with eager for sweet on love-struck by enchanted by charmed by hung up fond of captivated by wild about obsessed with taken with enamoured of beguiled by partial to gripped by in love with intrigued by enchanted enthralled immersed deep enraptured infatuated involved consumed preoccupied engaged hypnotized head over heels lost caught up mad on sold on wrapped up hypnotised loving amorous in love beguiled transfixed held taken up up to here crazy lovesick head over heels in love fixated connected ignorant distracted devoted submerged absentminded distracted by somewhere else in a brown study entranced by wool-gathering not there in a world of one's own taken up by distrait miles away with one's head in the clouds preoccupied by bound-up absent-minded dreamy abstracted all wound up not with us spellbound by stuck on dotty twitterpated silly about has a thing about swept off one's feet fixed concentrated steady enrapt watchful concentrating steadfast settled alert locked in set on dialed in deep in really into

Tính từ

Waiting for the axe to fall
in suspense agog anxious eagerly excited all agog edgy jittery jumpy on edge on tenterhooks open-mouthed agitated apprehensive keyed up nervous overwrought uneasy uptight with bated breath worried waiting for the axe to fall tense nervy restless twitchy fidgety wired in a tizzy het up fretful stressed worried sick worked up strung out in a state in a tizz in a flap in a state of agitation in a state of nerves in a stew in a sweat squirrelly spooky windy strung up having kittens toey all of a dither in a twitter overstrung on pins and needles in a twit all of a lather strained like a cat on a hot tin roof wrought up waiting with bated breath in a dither bricking oneself all of a doodah troubled perturbed antsy upset unquiet insecure queasy queazy unsettled hinky aflutter dithery goosey atwitter hung up ill at ease hyper concerned fearful distressed disturbed disquieted fretting bothered afraid careful uncomfortable flurried shaky discomposed shaking solicitous spooked shivery unglued watchful scared angstful stressy frightened angsty taut with one's heart in one's mouth like a fish out of water aghast with one's stomach in knots a bundle of nerves having butterflies in the stomach sweating bullets shook up like a cat on hot bricks bugged with butterflies in one's stomach in a flat spin a basket case a wreck shot to pieces hot and bothered in a spin dreading under stress restive unstable excitable unnerved neurotic sensitive highly strung hysterical brittle skittish nervous wreck nerve-racking feeling anxious overanxious stressful nail-biting wound up high-strung beside oneself nerves on edge bundle of nerves anxiously waiting fearfully anticipating nervously awaiting apprehensively expecting alarmed flustered distraught panicky rattled dismayed terrified timorous frantic tormented uncertain shaken timid disconcerted hesitant ruffled harassed shy shocked distracted vexed frenzied in a panic unsure annoyed horrified in a cold sweat startled discombobulated anguished trembling irritable self-conscious impatient shrinking adrenalized hysteric desperate panic-stricken horror-struck unrestful petrified unhappy hassled intimidated fazed embarrassed terrorized frozen confused fraught irked suspicious scared stiff diffident plagued discomfited retiring terrorised tortured stressed out touchy affrighted quaking unrelaxed terror-stricken unconfident awkward mousy overexcited daunted irritated thrown scared to death doubtful febrile sad choked weak mad cowardly faint-hearted afflicted feverish lily-livered miserable cut up trepidatious irascible saddened stunned wretched hectic inhibited irrational aroused discountenanced bashful distrait beset emotional irresolute pressured scary pusillanimous unsteady running scared have cold feet perplexed muddled devastated delirious spineless sorrowful hot under the collar flighty chicken put out angry under pressure pained harried cowed self-doubting yellow angst-ridden obsessed stiff terror-struck miffed horror-stricken scared witless peeved peevish fractious fluttery hurt heated overactive spasmodic aggravated disconsolate distrustful fevered frazzled grieved inconsolable riled wrought-up quivering cautious critical out of place at the end of your tether wavering turbulent meek clutched harrowed weak-kneed inconvenienced manic heartbroken grief-stricken questioning unpeaceful gutted up the wall dolorous desolate bummed out fainthearted mistrustful phobic appalled tremulous all torn up broken-hearted wounded unassured overcome sorrowing beleaguered fidgeting raving cowering despairing sissy blue overwhelmed afeared cross crazed frit paranoid frightened to death wimpy in a funk pessimistic demoralized swivel-eyed high brokenhearted in a blue funk unzipped worked-up haunted shaking in one's shoes crazy affected in a lather carried away beside yourself tetchy testy skittery indecisive querulous insane exercised having cold feet crotchety captious crabbed in a frenzy easily frightened dubious provoked wrecked unnatural bad-tempered short-tempered vague shook gauche not confident white-knuckled blushing ill-tempered oversensitive ratty hag-ridden agonized wary despondent unassertive wreck tentative introverted gutless depressed narked traumatized basket case guarded sceptical dejected furious melancholy wriggly moved vacillating mousey squirmy panic-struck under a strain panicked withdrawn wiggly craven demoralised exasperated hyperactive careworn wild doleful bitter disappointed doubting skeptical fearsome fitful shot down traumatised recreant grieving weeping mournful rueful disoriented pigeon-hearted lacking confidence fixated passive frightened out of one's wits perverse ornery tensed scared out of one's wits preoccupied galled angered woeful dolesome worried stiff cynical unbalanced teed off not self-assured lacking self-confidence spiritless soft hounded all of a flutter in turmoil wailing aching bewailing bemoaning suffering lacking courage wimpish unheroic yellow-bellied unruly funky feart feeble abashed berserk verklempt sheepish pigeonhearted itchy chicken-hearted wet discouraged disheartened chickenhearted shaking like a leaf consumed rabbity poor-spirited stilted frenetic oppressed agonised stupefied submissive unyielding weary bedevilled broken up stressed-out unhinged sleepless active numb unscrewed deranged demented dazed dumbfounded out of your mind in pain racked with suffering racked with pain in pieces violent bedeviled flipped out out of one's mind in awe pushing the panic button in doubt tossing and turning in a pother burdened in a tiz-woz twittering faltering dithering scunnered fussy easily agitated intense flushed disorderly swithering complaining dragged ripped creepy frisky inflamed aquiver overemotional caught up disorientated moving shot petulant unreluctant emotive stirred up flapping unconsolable reserved afire hyped-up atingle hyperexcited histrionic jerky strung-up white knuckled worrying asea blanched strict conventional bewildered wrung palpitant curt emotionally charged displeased exacerbated puzzled chagrined mortified pestered compulsive obsessive hard-pressed prickly strange lost overstretched discomforted hot-tempered snappy temperamental chippy quick-tempered mistrusting chary all nerves hyperexcitable grumpy ill-natured juiced up zipped up hot prim chafed sorry deploring lamentable plaintive lugubrious regretful funeral plangent moody falling apart foreboding unmanly goose-bumpy nerveless quivery butterflies jellyfish on the qui vive cranky splenetic grumbling out of sorts whining crabby recalcitrant restlessly moving old-fashioned run scared volatile unhealthy abnormal biting one's nails butterflies in stomach on the defensive circumspect untrusting painful refractory lacking in confidence lacking assurance modest shamefaced hurried changeable roving bustling transient wandering intermittent inconstant footloose nomadic pressurized pressurised obstinate stubborn offended fretted maladjusted faultfinding huffy mean snappish contrary caviling carping tongue-tied lacking social skills self-effacing tearing one's hair out tied up in knots mannered artificial ill-at-ease aw-shucks low very scared in fear and trepidation numb with fear abject boneless dastardly tooshie unforthcoming erratic deviant aberrant disordered biting nails having butterflies having a funny feeling having stage fright white-livered poltroon sookie keyed-up fired-up stirred unstrung freaked-out wound-up hot-and-bothered strung-out worn tired spent cavilling apprehensive about intimidated by leery paralysed speechless paralyzed raging uncontrolled alarmed at in a fluster champing at the bit in disorder amazed throwing a wobbly easily upset fiddle-footed sissified milk-livered chicken-livered caitiff base candy-assed fierce maniacal rabid ferocious put upon benumbed transfixed unsure of yourself out of countenance cringey psyched out come apart steamed up out of control berko shattered cowhearted backward worthless possessed wakeful Delphic immobilized immobilised unpoised shell-shocked weird spazzed out last-minute zonkers corybantic weirded out freaked out at your wits' end wigged out at wits' end at one's wits' end not knowing what to do with oneself out of one's wit hot under collar all shook up at sixes and sevens nonplussed addled nuts gripped at wit's end under the cosh up against it indeterminate unclear equivocal borderline unknown questionable ambiguous dubitable chancy inconclusive gentle Milquetoast capricious bullied browbeaten insomniac on guard all wound up visited by preyed upon heavyhearted broken cheerless morose hopeless on the rack dominated controlled no guts having the willies paper tiger bereaved down heartsick hurting very upset cursed seized unsleeping awake rigid dogged overpowered surrounded mourning crushed insomnolent touch and go on thin ice hanging by thread suicidal devoured held bewitched suspecting alert persecuted taken over under a spell fiendish in the grip of up in the air like a chicken with its head cut off flexed tight trustless infuriated incensed enraged irate in a temper forlorn downcast vigilant clouded possessive quizzical hard without sleep wide-awake attentive wide awake gloomy dismal woebegone aggrieved fed up hacked off resigned wondering unbelieving solid firm tightened in despair defeatist heavy with grief overcome with sorrow melancholic strabilious bleak sunk no-win long-suffering jealous cheesed off shirty peed off brassed off sore ticked off stretched weighed down can't win close snug tightly drawn inflexible extended in the pits not a prayer at end of one's rope down in the dumps in the soup in the dumps burning with excitement indignant steaming crook bent out of shape boiling ireful snaky having reservations in question

Tính từ

Full of energy and enthusiasm
spirited lively active animated energetic sprightly vigorous vivacious bold vital enthusiastic fiery passionate dynamic peppy sparkling vibrant ardent effervescent gritty brisk chirpy gay gingery jaunty jazzy kinetic peppery perky pert pizazzy pizzazzy racy snappy spanking sparky springy valiant zappy zesty zippy airy animate barnstorming bouncing frisky rocking bouncy bright burning hot hyper jumping sharp zingy high-spirited full of life mettlesome bubbly buoyant full of beans zestful exuberant cheerful merry playful chipper frolicsome happy upbeat bright-eyed and bushy-tailed spry jolly dashing cheery strong sportive blithe sunny ebullient full of vim and vigour breezy forceful keen alert peart spunky light-hearted gamesome joyful carefree enterprising powerful daring feisty fun-loving frolic blithesome eager joyous aggressive hardy lighthearted in high spirits nimble gutsy intense adventurous forcible jovial quick bright and breezy tireless stirring fresh vehement rollicking flamboyant glad alive and kicking courageous go-go happy-go-lucky plucky wild festive tough lusty gleeful indefatigable zealous excited audacious bustling busy intrepid exciting confident boisterous agile strenuous witty jocund stalwart scintillating venturesome jocular alive robust mirthful genial lightsome full of fun crank ludic fearless full of the joys of spring determined brash stimulating sturdy irrepressible full of pep vivid colourful skittish driving resolute wick sparkly potent emphatic devil-may-care rousing debonair buzzing light nervy kittenish elated gallant positive flourishing gladsome frivolous fervent colorful red-blooded coltish impish industrious smart adventuresome as merry as a grig impassioned mischievous emboldened nerved swashbuckling full of get-up-and-go prankish swinging go-getting fun full-blooded flippant punchy entertaining humorous striking high-powered thriving imaginative humming ingenious piquant full of energy bubbling jocose hearty insouciant abuzz in good spirits as lively as a grig happening brave resourceful unrestrained romping energized venturous free-swinging roguish spicy daredevil waggish wanton frolicky contented clever energised ball of fire game ballsy stout optimistic funny inventive effective hopping untroubled untiring sporty sound astir unflagging winsome creative interesting heroic eupeptic on the go canty assured whimsical volatile dazzling abubble aboil pushy rowdy heated moving innovative exhilarated ambitious activated dauntless valorous rumbustious assertive roisterous poignant emotional uncontrolled unruly dramatic tart go-ahead healthy of good cheer puckish gratified sassy riotous resounding muscular intensive capable salty flush jokey doughty delighted euphoric fay sportful antic elfish larky devilish showy jubilant charged relaxed content arch fierce pleased satisfied lionhearted easy raucous fit larkish facetious eventful teasing flip elvish rugged mobile excitable comical hopeful hard-hitting laughing unconcerned raring to go rash quick-witted hale and hearty original good-humoured in-your-face good-humored resilient modern feeling one's oats sensitive brilliant coming on strong romantic on top of the world responsive noisy sexy dapper pungent entrepreneurial invigorated undaunted casual rip-roaring up-and-coming knockabout beaming storming progressive without a care in the world fulfilled honored loud fervid new talented hectic uninhibited gifted violent robustious rambunctious able gregarious unafraid tangy hell-raising perk occupied nonchalant proud unflinching cheeky combative blunt unbridled pushing saucy vitalized tenacious fluid quarrelsome fast dynamical argumentative bellicose pugnacious rakish easy-going belligerent contentious exceptional joking truculent hale militant naughty chaotic wonderful confrontational warlike wicked gumptious hard arduous virile swift graceful radiant take-over disputatious unworried tumultuous expressive blooming biting high-octane agonistic in fine fettle exultant rapid working chippy frantic appreciative gladiatorial demonstrative tricksy rascally taxing productive discordant exhausting electrifying smiley amusing droll assaultive diligent overjoyed brawly laborious hot-blooded decisive heroical foolhardy reckless able-bodied athletic dexterous forward social blissful coruscating full of spirit warm thrilled frenetic frenzied slaphappy perceptive temerarious laid-back all-out unthinking stouthearted scrappy have-a-go ready inspired lion-hearted efficient espiègle in good condition easygoing gutty ecstatic convivial buzzy supple dextrous over the moon tongue-in-cheek risible glib fighting fit sanguine ornery prideful honoured grateful esteemed dignified expansive full of vim cocksure bullish pulling no punches assuming presuming glowing furious elastic full of joie de vivre unreserved expectant fit as a fiddle smart-alecky self-assured sharp-witted disposed to look on the bright side quick on the draw quick on the uptake neat theatrical stylish swaggering invigorating frolicking capering outgoing attractive raffish salacious fancy jazzlike psychedelic glitzy deep fairylike grooving emotive boon exhilarating heady aware swish elegant pioneering awake all out turnt savory savoury hilarious youthful excellent magnificent outstanding marvellous whopping marvelous remarkable overbold formidable rich tasty distinctive urbane liberal disruptive advanced forward-looking chivalrous stout-hearted breathless envigorating party dogged earnest Herculean pertinent dull relevant tight provocative intriguing fascinating indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless demoniac motive locomotive kinematic motile high informal enlivened enlightened driven forward-thinking exclusive swank coquettish persistent unremitting pertinacious disorderly deedful beatific ostentatious macho rigorous insubstantial unserious full of the joy of living clubby coy jesting jumpy arresting cock-a-hoop cheering pleasure-seeking rising overexcited uproarious flirtatious on the move practical smiling grinning festal partyish enjoyable welcoming fanciful full of vim and vigor comic amiable full of zip self-assertive vibrating feverish cavalier still going strong going strong juicy avant-garde nifty holiday cute clamorous undisciplined wayward rough abandoned as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy deviceful pixieish scampish bantering knavish pixy pixie sly leprechaunish chucklesome refreshed torrid superheated ventilated affable mellow easy-breezy low-pressure contemporary sophisticated hip electric magnetic well impetuous wilful roistering zoolike to the point functional revitalized reinvigorated explosive warm-blooded religious ungovernable beside oneself with joy wrapped on cloud nine thankful on cloud seven tickled chuffed in jest clowning in fun shallow superficial trivial free and easy unconstrained offhand full of activity clangorous obstreperous hardened inured engaged whole heartening heartwarming blessed rapturous effectual wholesome silly flirty empty-headed demure giddy scatterbrained dizzy feather-brained revivified rejuvenated rested restored renewed perfervid incandescent passional staunch headstrong toughened snazzy slapstick highbrowed profound ironic tactful smart-aleck nimble-witted cutting assiduous up-to-date trendy full of hope cavorting strident vociferous vociferant over-the-top brawling enduring resistant employed operating functioning revived revitalised reenergized strapping fine doubtless implicit certain clear sure good can-do encouraged greathearted undauntable manful sedulous exacting tiring extroverted childish hot-tempered cantankerous hostile have a bone to pick on the outs at loggerheads mean have chip on shoulder battling fighting have it in for antagonistic charismatic activating self-motivated highpowered energising influential compelling energizing hyped-up go-getter vitalizing handy occupational operational serviceable operative rollicksome thumping ripping in good health inspirited strengthened fortified pepped up freshened reanimated motivated perked up challenging demanding in good trim in good kilter strong as an horse strong as an lion strong as an ox in tip-top condition in good shape difficult to keep down practicable utile right as rain bursting with health ridibund undoubtful secure well-conditioned in rude health in good heart self-confident fit as a flea aweless bantam flexible rolling with punches quick to recover quick to bounce back utilitarian well-oiled lithe play hard ball play for keeps persuasive steamroller take-charge hard-driving unwearied looking on the bright side unfatigued fresh as a daisy like a new person untired buoyed up quickened adjustable adaptable variable turbulent severe restless testing harsh trying unsparing in the pink red-hot accommodating feelgood meaningful suggestive supersmart acute hyperintelligent intelligent ultrasmart astute hungry craving hardworking advancing self-starting itching yearning aspiring hustling lusting sociable burdensome full flustering madhouse bombastic personable limber light-footed tied-up touchy like new rehabilitated bright-eyed like a new man bushy-tailed brainy trim natty in full swing busy as a bee deft malleable difficult spruce eloquent artistic graphic significant revealing likable friendly bumpy onerous full on wearing imperious action-packed acrobatic willowy spark plug hard ball compliant all there with it impudent fleet nippy quick-moving fleet-footed lissom featly light-foot lissome gracile nimble-footed feline lithesome talkative congenial extraverted telling pregnant revelatory indicative evocative descriptive meaning sympathetic twinkle-toed on the ball brazen pliant changeable pliable modifiable alterable yielding thin-skinned flattered likeable cordial quick-thinking twinkle toes fabulous clear-headed quick on the trigger quick off the mark spright winged prompt mercurial gassy easy-moving on the warpath high-strung visionary indicating emotion indicating feeling allusive deeply felt insolent shameless versatile complaisant tolerant conformable cocky revered venerated well-pleased barefaced impertinent unabashed immodest presumptuous brassy understanding representing pictorial indicating tender representative articulate pathetic thoughtful full of feeling communicative touching full of emotion pointed open easy-to-read picturesque masterly silver-tongued signifying recuperative mutable soaring rude glittering wise bold-faced defiant blatant unashamed familiar unshrinking unembarrassed unblushing free overfamiliar brazen-faced brassbound brass-necked arrogant flashing glistening shimmering not backwards in coming forwards bold as brass twinkling shining glinting gleaming iridescent lustrous coruscant shimmery flickering glistering dancing opalescent scintillant effulgent fulgurating mantling starry shiny spangled lambent glittery gaseous

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