Đồng nghĩa của advancing

Alternative for advancing

advances, advanced, advancing

Đồng nghĩa: move forward, proceed, progress, promote,

Trái nghĩa: retreat,

Tính từ

Coming nearer in space or time
oncoming approaching forthcoming coming upcoming imminent impending nearing onrushing gathering looming proximate arriving close expected immediate pending prospective threatening fast-approaching at hand on the way close at hand to come about to be about to happen in the offing in the wind future on tap on hand anticipated near on the horizon in the air in the pipeline drawing near in store on the cards on us in prospect rushing surging potential convergent approximating awaited moving closer predestined inevitable resulting fated destined inescapable supplied in the cards in preparation due next nigh unborn eventual converging subsequent progressing getting near gaining upon to be almost on one just round the corner near-term en route in view up-and-coming coming up brewing on the agenda just around the corner planned following ensuing later menacing downstream succeeding coming soon upon us in the wings likely underway under discussion consequent overhanging up and coming on the go latter in the stars down the pike down the road down the line likely to happen possible considered probable -to-be handwriting-on-the-wall intended looming large successive near-at-hand soon-to-be proposed near at hand see it coming scheduled unavoidable ineluctable subsequential consecutive yet to come coming after next off directly after coming next contemplated being prepared under way in production hovering portending awaiting ominous happening soon hereafter waiting to looking to round the corner ultimate emerging in sight nearly on us in the near future appearing rising extended long-term over the long term around the corner intending aspiring looked-for hoped-for would-be presumptive designate after promised latent successional in the making posterior succedent sequential resultant consequential postliminary pursuing running later on in line following after late next up sequent supervenient on the trot serial fast approaching inevasible unescapable expectant foreordained ordained certain on its way on the verge preordained bound doomed meant predetermined sure foredoomed guaranteed designed assured that is to be settled que sera sera predesigned compelled condemned closed nailed on sealed very likely way the ball bounces directed hanging over stated written in the cards instant that will be inexorable compulsory

Tính từ

Having a period of great prosperity or rapid economic growth
thriving flourishing successful prosperous booming healthy developing growing prospering blooming burgeoning lush palmy progressing prolific boomy expanding going golden halcyon luxuriant profitable roaring triumphant wealthy fast-growing arrived blossoming cooking rich robust rolling doing well going strong home free sitting pretty have it made have the wherewithal on top of heap fruitful productive lucrative vigorous fat rampant buoyant fertile moneymaking remunerative opulent gainful profuse strong exuberant fortunate rank teeming mushrooming flush substantial affluent fecund comfortable well-heeled paying overgrown green dense worthwhile beneficial monied thick economic verdant fructuous juicy cornucopian jungly money-spinning loaded lucky moneyed abundant privileged profit-making leafy well-off well-to-do improving happy riotous superabundant grown advantageous plentiful ballooning snowballing joyous plenteous jungle-like in clover auspicious faring well uptown rewarding well-endowed in the ascendant snug well-fixed deep-pocketed fat-cat silk-stocking on the up and up in full swing glorious favoured favored in top form in the pink bankable copious weedy grassy joyful idyllic prodigal overflowing abounding boom lavish good helpful oofy on a roll minted blessed on easy street well off upper-class on velvet leisure-class in the money well heeled doing it easy set for life in easy street in luck maturing rosy grass-covered carefree sound working upmarket active thrifty busy and up verdurous blissful contented promising on the up large extensive diffuse graminaceous fresh gramineous viridescent virid cushy jammy easy high-income up-and-coming going places money-making well-paid commercial main-line providential propitious cost-effective high-paying advantaged going well well-paying for-profit renumerative socially advantaged enviable elite in the gravy win-win sweet fatness favourable solvent efficient well paid financially rewarding gangbusters boffo delightful precious best cost effective paradisiac peak favorable encouraging in the black ongoing generative high-yielding creative proliferating propagative pecunious inventive fructiferous excessive upscale propertied generating reproducing propagating breeding proliferant pregnant spawning plutocratic financial ample independent cash rich quids in stinking rich filthy rich rolling in money multi-crore having it made of means of independent means in the chips on Easy Street worth a bundle rolling in it of substance with deep pockets worth a packet made of money

Tính từ

Having or showing initiative and resourcefulness
enterprising original resourceful bold daring spirited imaginative ingenious adventurous audacious enthusiastic energetic inventive vigorous creative able active alert ambitious bright capable clever eager gifted intrepid keen quick-witted sharp talented venturesome adventuresome courageous dashing dynamic emboldened entrepreneurial free-swinging go-ahead gutsy hardy nerved nervy up-and-coming venturous zealous aspiring busy craving diligent driving go-go gumptious hardworking hungry hustling industrious innovative itching lively lusting peppy progressive pushing ready self-starting snappy spanking stirring take-over yearning zippy hard ball spark plug coming on strong brave fearless daredevil plucky rash reckless dauntless foolhardy spunky valiant temerarious heroic unafraid valorous undaunted ballsy confident gallant game modern have-a-go unflinching enlightened go-getting positive risky forward-thinking forward-looking brash swashbuckling stalwart determined avant-garde gritty gutty resolute pushy liberal pioneering proactive advanced disruptive devil-may-care doughty rising new madcap overbold mettlesome forward heroical decisive lionhearted assured stout dangerous unshrinking lion-hearted aweless feisty headstrong hazardous aggressive heedless exciting exploratory carefree risk-taking thrill-seeking dareful smart on the go as game as Ned Kelly sturdy death-or-glory wild purposeful overconfident death-defying vital driven ungoverned uncurbed restless presumptuous seeking high-powered inspired practical perceptive forceful reforming nifty deviceful stylish impulsive strong-willed jaunty sporty dazzling debonair action-oriented forehanded visionary foreseeing prescient farseeing progressivist provident foresighted forethoughtful farsighted salty cocky impudent smart-alecky cheeky brassy obtrusive crusty flamboyant exuberant avant modernistic breezy fire eating hot shot open-minded revolutionary radical go for broke attractive romantic raffish animated buoyant out on a limb cutting-edge up-to-date state-of-the-art swish elegant urbane dapper showy exclusive swank gay rousing striking vivacious promising manful stouthearted greathearted undauntable budding coming assuming bantam apt emerging high-reaching striving succeeding soaring climbing go-getter with potential get up and go in the making on the up and up likely to succeed trailblazing leading-edge newfangled innovatory latest contemporary trendsetting new-fashioned brand-new hot ultra-modern futuristic current high-tech red-hot groundbreaking unconventional designer ultramodern up to the minute fashionable space-age neoteric up-to-the-minute modish mod ground-breaking cutting edge present-day trendy new age fresh leading edge front-line in au courant voguish way-out in vogue hip in fashion recent ahead of its time novel a la mode updated modern-day nouvelle hi-tech latter-day highly developed experimental chic newest up to date all the rage vanguard unorthodox unfamiliar now off-centre left-field popular happening with it faddish modernised modernized leading newly discovered recently developed in-thing never-before-seen innovational topical complex sophisticated just out high-end bleeding edge present sexy popularized popularised extant today immediate nontraditional forefront offbeat bohemian eccentric 21st-century landmark breakthrough future ongoing culty far-out twenty-first century du jour ahead of the times underground lead beat head present-time SOTA hot off press à la mode twenty-first-century bang up to date different mistakenly trendy new wave unusual unique singular unprecedented uncommon untested fundamental rare surprising strange untried unknown exotic unhackneyed drastic elaborate out of the ordinary game-changing world-shattering germinal strategic well-thought-out multifaceted formative well-designed involved well-planned intricate well-built originative Promethean in style cool flash swinging snazzy natty kicking kicky tony fly spiffy sassy stylin' contemporaneous plugged-in most recent

Động từ

Making progress
on the move making progress proceeding progressing developing going forward moving forward forging ahead pushing forward moving along forging on making headway pressing on pressing ahead gaining ground pushing on marching moving on covering ground coming forward continuing ahead pushing ahead storming making one's way launching moving ahead going on plowing on marching on dispatching passing on making inroads moving out going ahead going forth continuing on driving propelling pressing forward ploughing on moving onward continuing moving going journeying pushing traveling travelling cracking on growing heading maturing upgrading speeding shooting evolving working one's way making strides keeping going getting on getting going navigating crossing passing improving faring blossoming ameliorating edging coming along flourishing pacing going along going off working towards trucking carrying on transiting tracking peregrinating running traversing rolling on perambulating moving towards taking the next step becoming better getting better proceeding along cutting across coming keeping on keeping moving making your way getting ahead hieing wending hying getting forging following working walking edging forward dashing ahead shooting ahead flying progressing towards making inroads into gathering way cruising playing climbing running through getting along unfolding elevating moving up expanding enlarging changing elaborating unrolling altering spreading metamorphosing emerging thriving extending prospering differentiating modernizing transmogrifying adapting transforming modernising refining augmenting revolutionizing getting somewhere coming on skyrocketing succeeding bettering oneself climbing the ladder working one's way up rising stepping forward going places building up adapting yourself working out educing working up revolutionising coming of age opening out deriving increasing ripening bettering running along driving forward keeping running

Động từ

Present participle for to re-schedule at an earlier time or date

Danh từ

The process by which something unfolds or becomes revealed
unfolding progress progression growth advancement expansion advance spread buildup evolvement maturation maturing spreading evolution evolving flowering unravelling unraveling enlargement addition augmenting reinforcement maturity upgrowth elaborating reinforcing ripening increase adulthood augmentation boost developing hike improvement increasing perfecting upping ongoing adding to making progress development furtherance flourishing blossoming burgeoning metamorphosis emergence rise transformation extension headway growing betterment fruition amelioration refinement enhancement adaptation change reworking elaboration modification revision education transmogrification blooming training unrolling recasting reconstruction working out coming-of-age cultivation refining elevation melioration enrichment polishing fine-tuning perfection order flow succession movement sequence procession march passage continuity proceeding expedition operation process motion passing chain journey forwarding momentum promotion scheme course escalation onrush consecution string movement forward onward motion step forward forward movement onward movement steps forward forward motion breakthrough gain innovation upgrading upgrade proliferation heightening gestation anabasis incubation leap revolution going mellowing continuance accrual modernization break uptick rally mushrooming swelling accretion accession snowballing regeneration stride preferment upswing scientific advancement technological advancement step up ballooning civilisation civilization build-up increase in size blow up blowing up capability ability transspecific evolution ontogenesis ontogeny inroads natural process boosting ground gained widening nurture thickening broadening macroevolution pregnancy finding leap forward inroad step discovery find invention success quantum leap gravidity germination benefit raising accumulation shooting up incubate nurse nourish step in the right direction change for the better springing up supplement sprouting increment addendum collecting amassing formation more gathering amassment raise plus cumulation parturiency thriving intensification encroachment vegetation reproduction family way fecundation agglomeration bump pullulation moving forward gradual growth aggrandizement expanse multiplication magnification swell amplification diversification spike buildout uptrend diffusion inflation upsurge upturn unfurling embellishment aggrandisement spreading out opening out scaling up continuation career forward march giant strides getting ahead going forward

Danh từ

Something that promotes action or activity, especially in an official capacity
encouragement support advocacy endorsement backing furtherance promotion advance furthering boost championing cultivation supporting campaigning championship endorsing espousal fostering promoting sanctioning sponsoring advancement assistance espousing favor favoring favour help promulgation stimulation activism boosting favouring forwarding fueling fuelling nurture propagation recommending reinforcement sponsorship strengthening boosterism upholding calling for arguing for pressing for pushing for advising in favor aid abetment hand assist succor lift succour recommendation development leg up defence patronage relief facilitation helping hand shot in the arm defense backup service approval abetting inspiration benefit cooperation reassurance comfort benefaction auspices elevation pick-me-up easement spur stimulus fillip urging aegis enhancement care nurturing acceptance financing pursuit moral support advantage abettance push betterment auspice guardianship protection blessing grant subsidy a helping hand a leg up abettal wingman proposal argument for approving justification campaigning for support for adoption spokesmanship pleading for embracing sanction patronization wingwoman cheering up invigoration lifting consolation heartening enlivening seconding welcome taking up devotion to advising in favour looking after guidance impetus taking to siding with wholehearted reception preferring enthusiastic reception commendation accompaniment giving deliverance salvation alleviation advice rescue attention kick secours tonic spurring on secondment adherence maintenance preferment progress raising preference exaltation ennoblement buzz aiding helping facilitating assisting prelation vouching for pushing acceleration succouring improvement hastening aiding and abetting expediting philanthropy funding augmentation succoring guaranty egis welfare profit gee-up go-ahead contribution to envigoration upliftment prosecution nurturance speeding up carrying-out investment good guide collaboration contribution sustenance services utility accessory asset resource ministrations intervention offices compensation a kindness a hand windfall resort pointer recourse boon refuge crutch influence solution godsend side behalf concern sake uplift countenance representation place part cause stead account bolster a lift a favour a good turn a break

Phó từ

Before an action or event
ahead before afore already antecedently anteriorly beforehand earlier formerly preliminarily previously in front onwards advanced ante at the head fore foremost precedent precedently preceding previous progressing to the fore at the fore in advance in the van in the foreground in the vanguard in the lead at an advantage at the head of the queue once sooner heretofore hitherto earlier on before now until then in the past at one time in days gone by back when forward aforetime until now ahead of time before then way back when a while ago in days of yore early erstwhile in readiness in anticipation anciently then once upon a time in former times in times past in bygone days up to then time was some time ago a while back in old days in years gone by long ago time was when before present in times gone by in the olden days at an earlier time before this back in the day in earlier times near nearest former up to now fast forwards ere since so far by the time by then by the time mentioned by that time lately onetime back ago as was erewhile radically prematurely inopportunely precociously unseasonably of old olden days water under the bridge away back eons ago used to be of yore down memory lane precocious up till now prior to now prior to the present time in the old days in those days before the present one time previously ages ago from way back at one stage on a former occasion last time prior to this one time before back then on one occasion since God knows when prior to this time in the good old days years ago in times bygone at one point in times of yore agone gone syne sometime theretofore yet thus far in time gone by erst whilom as yet to date till now up until now in olden times up to this time in antiquity in yesteryear in auld lang syne in days of old at some point beforetime now until that time until recently bygone still at that instant one time quondam in one case further back but once above no longer by now from year one in my day until this time up to the present time even now till then up until then

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