Đồng nghĩa của plenteous

Alternative for plenteous

plenteous /'plentiful/ (plenteous) /'plentjəs/
  • tính từ
    • sung túc, phong phú, dồi dào


Being plentiful or more than enough in quantity
plentiful abundant generous liberal ample bountiful copious lavish bounteous overflowing profuse bumper galore inexhaustible infinite large rich great huge prolific aplenty comfortable cornucopian fertile flush opulent plenty productive superabundant teeming fruitful lank luxuriant affluent a gogo full handsome heavy plenitudinous substantial unstinting voluminous wealthy no end stinking with a dime a dozen thick on the ground no end in sight considerable abounding sizeable extensive hefty significant substantive big tidy whopping major prodigious sizable immense excessive good rife exuberant goodly immeasurable sufficient healthy enormous massive respectable astronomical appreciable boundless prosperous oversized gigantic colossal monumental commodious mammoth elephantine lush titanic astronomic monstrous herculean jumbo replete hulking king-size king-sized whacking thick vast king size in abundance noticeable large-scale marked riotous princely extravagant flourishing rank outsize largish biggish exorbitant prodigal grand munificent fat swarming bulky profitable not to be sneezed at tremendous lucrative complete numerous unlimited mega countless fecund innumerable thriving reasonable myriad oversize outsized broad flowing well-provided Himalayan Brobdingnagian humongous serious vigorous giant expansive mountainous thumping advantageous overgrown solid long entire whole decent gross booming adequate much comprehensive gushing immoderate worthwhile awash fulsome measureless epic sweeping unwieldy mighty fraught dense thronging gargantuan rampant humungous super ginormous well-supplied proliferous far-reaching lousy fructuous verdant capacious monster crawling with no end of green oceanic gigantesque walloping heroic cosmical cosmic pharaonic cyclopean planetary heroical galactic supersized supersize spacious jungly leviathan thick with fair vasty grandiose thumping great whacking great whopping great super-duper rewarding paying well-stocked filled in plenty remunerative gainful mucho overabundant crammed stuffed packed dripping many multifarious multiple manifold multitudinous stink with diffuse wide tolerable goodish over the top meaty pronounced hulky measurable pretty wordy prolix verbose jungle-like worth taking into account incalculable eternal stupendous rolling in money roomy unrestricted kingly competent swimming superfluous chock-full enough improvident endless limitless populous proliferative alive with easy bonny unsparing global deep wholesale unusual luxurious generative lousy with a mess of weighty inordinate illimitable terrific widespread almighty enough and to spare exhaustive interminable awesome towering extreme formidable expanded overwhelming imposing weedy leafy grown elegant fine reproductive generating reproducing breeding yielding proliferant high-volume spawning cumbersome high coming out of ears all-inclusive far-flung spread-out stretched-out mundo detailed very big Herculean never-ending very great whale of a Gargantuan very large unbounded blossoming halcyon burgeoning successful golden buoyant wide-reaching wide-ranging spanking gracious pleasant generously proportioned prospering growing blooming suitable extra-large notable meaningful expanding well-fixed satisfactory well-situated well off important powerful free from hardship well-off well-heeled well-to-do boomy abundant in overloaded with well provided with rife with crammed with brimful with awash with well stocked with teeming with crowded with jam-packed with chocker with abounding in brimming with chock-a-block with charged with swarming with jammed with bursting with stuffed with overflowing with packed with well supplied with loaded with replete with solid with rich in chock-full of fraught with filling hearty extraordinary rambling husky cavernous square decent-sized strapping burly ponderous boxcar open material rolling consequential stodgy heavyweight sensible satisfying airy palatial spacey leaden sumptuous profusive openhanded extended momentous strong steady earth-shattering earthshaking bull mondo extra surplus in excess cushy wide open competitive stiff legit disproportionate billowing excellent baggy phenomenal steep well furnished loose-fitting vital crucial legion sundry several convoluted swelling simple covering various high-ceilinged effusive good-sized fairly large heightened severe intemperate unreasonable escalated increased jacked up resplendent loaded fancy utmost paramount gushy open-handed unrestrained uncrowded not inconsiderable chic gilded terrible prime outspread outstretched mass above average abnormal intensified latitudinous beamy urgent fundamental critical universal nationwide protracted essential central pressing leading heavy-duty super colossal across-the-board international whopper thundering intercontinental a whale of a all-encompassing worldwide brimming crowded prolonged spread out real key comfort calorific Bunyanesque brobdingnagian lengthy decided massy mastodonic monolithic far reaching eventful historic firm sturdy sound elaborate useful durable valuable principal exceeding ultra wide physically yawning hollow starchy tectonic gaping sepulchral big-deal major-league fatty creamy unfathomable dark minute elaborated particular gloomy concave resonant echoing reverberant sunken dismal circumstantial particularized seriatim specific thorough explicit exact precise painstaking full-bodied accurate chambered deep-set alveolate chasmal cavelike socketed in-depth blow-by-blow particularised curved inward in detail broad-ranging more than enough


Given freely and generously
unsparing liberal unstinting bountiful generous free munificent lavish ungrudging abundant open-handed profuse unselfish beneficent benevolent big-hearted bounteous free-handed kind-hearted ready bighearted charitable freehanded freehearted fulsome kind magnanimous open openhanded prodigal willingly given cruel excessive extravagant giving inexorable procrustean unkind unrelenting ample plentiful full hospitable unstinted willing obliging princely indulgent benignant big high-minded tolerant reasonable philanthropic fair good considerate greathearted honest helpful altruistic moderate excellent easy lofty kindly loose noble handsome soft-touch honourable kindhearted equitable just thoughtful honorable self-sacrificing eleemosynary humanitarian humane selfless sympathetic compassionate philanthropical openhearted profligate wasteful thriftless great-hearted rich immoderate unrestrained exuberant unstinging acceptable wild large-hearted over the top warm-hearted understanding soft-hearted almsgiving substantial unreasonable effusive unprejudiced disinterested eager public-spirited self-denying devoted self-forgetting caring good-hearted friendly overgenerous loving chivalrous incorruptible self-effacing extroverted decent denying overabundant open-hearted improvident intemperate immaculate merciful casual free-and-easy social-minded pharisaical inoffensive goody-goody benign moralistic spotless respected angelical esteemed unerring creditable do-good approving holy copious generous to a fault gentle unmarred well-disposed pristine gracious graceful pietistical pietistic chaste goodhearted unflawed untouched prayerful redeeming virginal unblamable redeemable teeming luxuriant superabundant opulent riotous sumptuous lush luxurious moneyed abundant in abounding in


(also used as determiner) Enough to meet a need or purpose
sufficient adequate enough ample appropriate commensurable commensurate abundant acceptable plenty proportionate requisite satisfactory sufficing competent congruous decent fit fitting proper suitable tolerable agreeable apposite apropos average bounteous comfortable fair passable plentiful reasonable serviceable suited aplenty bountiful copious correct fitted minimal necessary satisfying unobjectionable good enough well-suited all right as much as is necessary as much as you need enow OK okay respectable fairish good up to standard presentable so-so up to par up to scratch fair-to-middling unexceptional up to snuff fine middling up to the mark alright palatable moderate sufficiently good not bad common copacetic hunky-dory standard convenient run-of-the-mill mediocre ordinary fair to middling sound fairly good solid unremarkable admissible jake copasetic vanilla bog-standard goodish pleasing A-OK pleasant in order allowable plain vanilla swell kosher indifferent workaday undistinguished valid assuaging assuasive appeasing apt rightful medium half-pie quite good due pretty good no great shakes not up to much nothing to write home about substantial generous tidy ducky moderately good becoming not too bad deserved right just unexceptionable condign merited not much cop opportune befitting happy cool felicitous applicable mean timely intermediate expedient O.K. middle-of-the-road meet right on tickety-boo on the beam on the ball up to code bearable run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class second-rate just right considerable sizeable noticeable biggish significant goodly sizable appreciable marked worthwhile snug fair enough amateur totally fine amateurish completely understandable modest everyday normal commonplace unimpeachable livable usual midway median uninspired unexciting middle midsize midsized groovy delighting cogent gratifying peachy fulfilling neutral inconsequential inconsiderable limited easy trendy welcome in the swim delightful big hep large inoffensive innocuous peachy keen hip cooking with gas harmless not so hot advantageous perfect prosperous wealthy luxurious justified better than nothing propitious favourable opulent liberal elegant ideal fortunate lucky golden promising auspicious obligatory warranted providential benign ripe seemly done equivalent corresponding affluent gracious okey-dokey desirable seasonable pertinent relevant comparable equitable worthy germane commodious comme il faut comely heaven-sent favorable well timed best cornucopian handy cut out for user friendly advisable in keeping fit for purpose righteous right up someone's street to the point useful in keeping with politic in character nice legit well-timed proportional equal bounden well-fixed well-situated well off correspondent consistent right and proper free from hardship well-off well-heeled well-to-do compatible coextensive matching symmetrical in accord beneficial helpful sensible effective profitable related judicious material gainful practical usable qualified pretty appurtenant prudent on the button to the purpose wise connected functional constructive preferable adapted linked ad rem feasible valuable pat on the nose recommended choice of use suggested likely tactical relative fruitful tailor-made benefic benignant of benefit useable well-matched practicable friendly beneficent conformable needed expected prepared productive well-chosen earned fortuitous pointed salutary toward strategic applicatory legitimate belonging justifiable hopeful like-minded complementary ready behooveful commonsensical decorous of service workable equipped desired logical capable encouraging employable pragmatic anticipated recommendable required preferred wholesome accommodating timeous carefully selected kindly authorized spot on correlated salient congruent exact matched well deserved well earned sympathetic able made to order optimal precise authorised on target operable well of assistance realistic conducive deserving efficacious achievable having direct bearing on having to do with neat doable relating available chosen utilitarian pertaining commendable specified intended brave healthful viable flattering indicated sustainable sanctioned favoring lawful selected true cognate approved within reason real legal sagacious rewarding important licensed authentic benevolent favouring rational applicative conforming recognized telling well suited towardly positive lucrative that's the ticket efficient permitted very model operative furthersome quintessential licenced recognised called for of value official canonical orthodox pertaining to supreme effectual bona fide on the money decisive full of promise conclusive for the best successful in one's interests just the job made well provident destined favourite favorite rehearsed conformed reconciled accommodated allied awaited slated richly-deserved peculiar unique well-deserved well disposed inspired complimentary laudatory kind relatable bright cut out utility permissible wearable good for designed rosy behooving beseeming akin well chosen cheering pleasureful pleasurable reassuring counselable associated with reasoned essential prerequisite particular optimistic working actionable well qualified joyous well put well expressed convincing well-earned just what was ordered of a kind analogous to one's advantage in one's interest supportive instrumental accurate express heartening sane flukey fluky kindred on-topic prompt roseate upbeat rose-colored weighty harmonious consonant accordant concerning pointful referring conformant trained eligible remunerative meritorious punctual looked-for predictable seasonal compelling definitive best suited clear according to Hoyle real-world healthy utilizable what the doctor ordered great archetypal consummate absolute ultimate prototypical of interest uplifting win-win inspiring worth it in point dexter in readiness potent active of help forceful determinative powerful forcible attainable operational realizable attractive called-for serendipitous casual incidental enviable accidental immediate speedy quantified listed just the thing in one's best interests coming rhadamanthine scheduled fit to be eaten equal to consumable up to comestible versatile fit for human consumption safe to eat approving capable of edible possible manageable associable sought after set disposed appropriate to the time of year normal for the time of year in the running in line for accomplishable commendatory salubrious hygienic commending protean apropos of to your advantage crying out tenable within reach just what the doctor ordered the very thing just what one needs excellent wonderful indulgent accommodative obliging utilisable in good time at the right time level-headed in the nick of time up-to-date up-to-the-minute habitable endorsed accredited formal honest moralistic moral virtuous ethical principled noble card-carrying right-minded certified authoritative well grounded realisable well advised of choice authenticated supportable inhabitable sufferable endurable exploitable validated within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility within possibility well thought out holding water on the level twenty-four carat on the up and up in principle optimum documented accepted verified licit signed sealed ratified cozy tenantable homey enjoyable civilized lodgeable prime peak top genuine constitutional statutory acknowledged -worthy allowed signed and sealed ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared customary cathedral decided ex cathedra definite established and delivered ex officio idyllic foremost civilised cosy finest choicest fit for human habitation worth living best possible self-serving to one's own advantage in one's own interests pre-eminent best-case de jure most correct


With all parts included
full complete comprehensive thorough exhaustive extensive whole entire unabridged detailed encyclopaedic encyclopedic broad grand intact perfect absolute abundant adequate ample compendious copious cyclopedic embracive global integral plenary plentiful choate compleat inclusive itemised itemized largest long omnibus panoramic total uncut universal unlimited all-embracing all-encompassing all-inclusive in depth in-depth most all-in broad-gauge broad-gauged cover-all sweeping wide-ranging general overall far-reaching thoroughgoing blanket wide widespread overarching across-the-board all-out catholic wall-to-wall wholesale umbrella deep across the board expansive worldwide profound intensive meticulous all-round common careful all-around unrestricted out-and-out broad-brush large-scale interdisciplinary multidisciplinary generic full-scale pervasive indiscriminate minute cross-disciplinary painstaking international full-dress whole-hog overwhelming unconditional broad-ranging prevalent rigorous clean radical rampant pervading unmitigated nationwide scrupulous pandemic countrywide mass exact particular efficient panoptic extended coast-to-coast from A to Z rangy full-blown unqualified blow-by-blow far-flung elaborate discursive encompassing rife outspread eclectic ubiquitous categorical omnipresent broad-based outright epidemic one-size-fits-all major thorough-going integrated permeating utter inescapable popular without exception diffuse bird's-eye company-wide straight-out vast assiduous circumstantial conscientious soup to nuts clocklike particularized tough all the way slam-bang royal plenty open plenipotentiary encyclopaedical encyclopedical quorate everything all immense unbounded significant final definitive fully constituted latitudinous panned searching categoric catchall sedulous outstretched particularised thoroughpaced scopic pure sheer all in prevailing predominant the word aggregate gross broad in content including all members including all categories boundless systematic wholistic replete maximal bright clear no stone unturned preponderate diligent extensively considered thoroughly proper rounded holistic non-selective leaving no stone unturned catch-all all-together on a large scale all over the place generalized unselective generalised exaggerated overstated overdrawn drastic full-out life-size one-to-one unrestrained personal immediate collective in toto all together with everything included ball-of-wax desperate severe serious forceful stringent long-range long-term intricate experienced full-on big picture undiminished plain violent draconian cosmopolitan ecumenical exclusive revolutionary encircling containing infinite comprising synoptic unanimous multinational mundane worldly regular astronomical accepted firsthand direct penetrating the works essential elemental specific the whole shebang the big picture of great scope all-over lock stock and barrel consummate intimate special first-hand public varied far-ranging large broad-spectrum conventional nonspecific standard usual shared expanded diverse customary wide-reaching diversified liberal heterogeneous miscellaneous motley mixed assorted promiscuous scopious ragtag non-exclusive patchwork majority ruling multifarious typical piebald everywhere mainstream raggle-taggle kitchen-sink commonplace accustomed received orthodox mingled all-purpose stock joint undisputed established net cosmic planetary communal in circulation in force in vogue enlarged balanced widened spread broadly-based ubiquitary normal master effective endemic important momentous non-specific recognized unconfined limitless traditional traditionalist huge great well-rounded endless recognised life-changing ambitious big sizable lengthy basic nonexclusive jumbled bulk quantitative protracted massive humongous all-pervasive very common all-present ever-present present everywhere all-pervading influential weighty consequential broad-minded tolerant unsectarian unbigoted celestial empyrean terrestrial stellar well established variegated run-of-the-mill hefty flexible undogmatic of moment of significance in quantity in bulk unexclusive taken as a whole general-purpose open-minded world-wide unspecialized multiculti unprejudiced of consequence of great import in the mass extreme indeterminate receptive charitable wall to wall average nondiscriminatory national wonted without end widely distributed ordinary routine open-door non-restrictive welcoming wide-stretching vulgar habitual natural societal all-encompassing all-embracing wide-extending many-sided widely held far-stretched far-spread far-going far-extending free-for-all open to the public mutual magpie manifold multifaceted selective middle-of-the-road free to all accessible to everyone dilettantish cumulative composite multiform combined cooperative united compiled concentrated social consolidated socialistic collated assembled unified

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