Đồng nghĩa của opportune

Alternative for opportune

Trái nghĩa: inopportune,

Tính từ

Suitable for some particular purpose
favourable seasonable timely benign golden good heaven-sent providential advantageous appropriate apt auspicious convenient expedient felicitous fitting fortunate happy lucky propitious relevant right ripe suitable well-timed applicable favorable fit fortuitous helpful pat pertinent proper timeous well timed beneficial profitable useful promising gainful meet desirable befitting prosperous encouraging apposite bright valuable effective worthwhile fair fruitful seemly beneficent fitted welcome apropos becoming serendipitous handy advisable judicious hopeful of benefit correct germane rewarding to the point benefic strategic benignant fluky rosy just constructive productive salutary likely suited satisfactory behooveful conducive congruous nice best flukey ideal optimistic heartening of assistance of use wise of service favoured significant full of promise wholesome sensible favored friendly acceptable jammy roseate upbeat politic efficacious toward commodious worthy successful rose-colored blessed benevolent of value prudent to the purpose practical material accidental incidental kindly decent positive reasonable instrumental prompt lucrative serviceable meritorious tactical recommended punctual related requisite pretty necessary worth it legit kosher to one's advantage right on on the nose on the button healthy connected perfect agreeable chance coincidental merciful pragmatic enviable unexpected casual due invaluable towardly furthersome unforeseen neat brave reassuring well-off hot important healthful gratifying belonging favoring cheering needed rightful dexter exciting sufficient appurtenant relative pointed sound deserved favouring ad rem well-suited in keeping inspiring pleasing uplifting suggested of help valid in one's interests presentable comme il faut spot on to your advantage for the best thankful privileged provident set disposed charmed halcyon rehearsed preferable accommodating crying out preferred recommendable usual facilitative moderate warm clement done plus predictable expected seasonal comfortable rational reasoned pleasureful pleasant flattering pleasurable tasteful decorous well disposed tailor-made in luck inspired comely adequate supportive immediate speedy logical well-chosen choice just right qualified in one's favour in one's favor on one's side smiling charitable satisfying respectable usable utilizable remunerative just what was ordered that's the ticket made to order well chosen in one's interest effectual born with a silver spoon in your mouth win-win fit to be eaten consumable comestible versatile fit for human consumption safe to eat approving common edible telling joyous well put well expressed convincing essential pivotal vital crucial sagacious compelling definitive best suited clear cheerful gladdening in one's best interests appropriate to the time of year normal for the time of year correlated admissible salient blessed with good luck born under a lucky star commendatory salubrious tolerable hygienic all right conformable commending unobjectionable protean ample paramount indispensable imperative critical enlivening inspiriting applicatory congruent timeful in good time at the right time okay merited linked relatable pertaining condign user friendly fit for purpose up to standard swell in character up to snuff cut out for righteous right up someone's street good enough in keeping with copacetic stirring full of hope arousing elating promiseful rousing sunny up-to-date up-to-the-minute consistent in demand appreciated fundamental key respected admired exigent in the nick of time pertaining to on target having direct bearing on having to do with utilisable loved esteemed worth its weight in gold central held dear estimable of the essence well judged worthful hot property scarce inadvertent unintended unanticipated unpremeditated unplanned uncertain haphazard unlooked-for unintentional unwitting random chancy incalculable variable odd contingent at the mercy of events unique superb brilliant special fine splendid tremendous excellent wonderful terrific utilitarian utopian beautiful blissful self-serving to one's own advantage in one's own interests first-class first-rate one-off functional equitable economic moneymaking employable ready paying useable capable practicable exploitable fat juicy money-spinning adapted feasible operative available going justified informative able thriving generous prepared profit-making deserving equipped powerful conforming workable accessible compatible correspondent well-paying running current sweet equal competent operable enough financially rewarding well paid expendable unused wieldy exhaustible adaptable utile open subservient in the black at hand at disposal in order healing fairy-tale harmonious conformed reconciled accommodated commercial illuminating enriching workaday good for one for-profit renumerative good for you ordinary everyday well suited matched working obligatory warranted gentle well spent utility cut out high-income right and proper bounden operational disposable functioning potent behooving beseeming associable money-making well-paid great applied ultrapractical applicative actionable contributive altruistic humanitarian kind bankable cost-effective high-paying apropos of viable optimal just the thing big-hearted booming flourishing fatness in running order up and running at your disposal operating ready for use available for use fit for use in working order just what the doctor ordered the very thing just what one needs just the job active efficient what the doctor ordered according to Hoyle cost effective forceful decisive determinative conclusive forcible meaningful -worthy instructive paid rich lush substantial fructuous going concern paid off very productive dominant superior commanding dominating more desirable most correct most desirable

Tính từ

(archaic) Received or experienced with gratitude
grateful welcome gratifying congenial delightful felicitous pleasing pleasurable satisfying agreeable appreciated consoling delectable enjoyable favorable fulfilling heartwarming nice pleasant blessed comforting delicious desirable encouraging favourable genial gladdening good heartening heavenly jolly luscious pleasureful propitious rewarding sweet cheering delightsome dulcet refreshing rejuvenating renewing restful restorative solacing timely acceptable blest darling dreamy pretty restoring satisfactory heaven-sent long-awaited longed-for promising palatable contenting cordial much needed desired gladly received to one's liking to one's taste wanted sought-after coveted enviable to-die-for in demand like gold dust savory savoury tasty lovely charming entertaining engaging fine great wonderful amusing enchanting fair appealing glorious beautiful splendid sublime likable attractive fun neat likeable adorable peachy captivating rapturous thrilling divine magnificent magical ravishing fabulous grand terrific fantastic magic brilliant diverting alluring super marvelous capital marvellous swell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious exquisite tasteful stunning gorgeous winning seductive hospitable drop-dead knockout soothing valuable suitable comely pulchritudinous mild comfortable fascinating amiable cheery hunky-dory exciting fab smashing brill ducky cool beaut ripping cracking corking spiffing champion dandy topping wizard bonzer beezer frabjous to your liking top-hole out of this world cheerful sapid titillating replayable snug suited welcoming relaxing mooi lekker silvery sensual fit adapted appropriate beguiling soft golden easy to take groovy extremely pleasant extremely enjoyable enticing bonny sexy inviting fine and dandy well suited sensational bodacious adorbs bootylicious babelicious constructive productive worthwhile extremely attractive beneficial substantial sustaining nourishing satiating adequate sufficient happiness-inducing spiffy peach ready pussycat to your taste hitting the spot excellent exceptional superb positive lovesome flashy affable exhilarating worthy euphoric glamorous photogenic elegant precious sound presentable sunny joyous hunky clear tempting cunning resplendent A1 rad reputable prime dollish glossy dainty cute honourable splashy snazzy eye-catching good-looking ace flamboyant sterling beauteous admirable commendable zingy fetching superior taking aesthetic delicate slick boss statuesque glamourous spanking intoxicating well-favored choice showy sightly arresting in order dishy foxy radiant prettyish showstopping relief OK unspoilt not bad glad honorable elating splendorous paradisiacal deluxe super-eminent copasetic first-rate passable shipshape first-class recreative paradisiac select gnarly ecstatic telegenic super-excellent copacetic paradisal relishable recherche stupendous paradisaical calming esthetic paradisaic ambrosial scrumptious ineffable yummy lush irie very pleasurable very attractive very agreeable greatly to one's liking very pleasant

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