Đồng nghĩa của magical

Alternative for magical

Tính từ

Relating to, using, or resembling magic
supernatural magic mystic mystical occult preternatural paranormal uncanny other-worldly sorcerous spiritualistic cabbalistic cryptic dark ghostly mythical otherworldly shamanistic spectral supernormal unearthly ensorcelled extramundane haunted miraculous necromantic numinous parapsychological secret superhuman thaumaturgic thaumaturgical transcendent transcendental witching wizardly clairvoyant demoniac diabolic eerie fairylike mysterious phenomenal runic spooky tranced voodoo weird witchlike enchanted bewitched entranced spellbound enchanting spiritual extraordinary charmed imaginary unnatural wonderful unusual spellbinding marvellous marvelous metaphysical fascinating magnetic entrancing telekinetic psychic charismatic conjuring theurgic fiendish theurgical talismanic fey transmundane strange unreal arcane abnormal possessed unaccountable shadowy under a spell ethereal fabulous divine phantom prodigious supranatural legendary fantastic bizarre inexplicable black oracular fairy-tale breathtaking captivating heavenly astonishing creepy orphic eldritch dreamlike odd unworldly mystifying ineffable freaky rum remarkable fabled make-believe hidden ghostlike sublime exceptional unknowable rare exalted visionary freakish esoteric heroic singular nonrational abstruse cabalistic mythological non-rational scary anagogic queer superior supermundane ghastly outstanding spookish eery haunting inscrutable awe-inspiring out of the ordinary lovely bewitching special powerful astrological alchemistic Druidical exquisite perfect charming mysterial quixotic telestic fairytale-like religious thrilling irresistible hermetical peculiar anomalous uncommon curious bizarro uplifting moving inspiring inspirational boundless hypernormal unbelievable signal extrasensory inspired ghoulish inexplainable unheard-of devilish supranormal far-out grotesque unprecedented supersensory telepathic awful horrific dreadful ominous fearful extraterrestrial exceeding unique aberrated extraordinaire aberrant especial freak uncustomary atypical irregular unwonted wondrous very strange unfathomable fairy impenetrable obscure invisible superordinary unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible celestial concealed unrevealed flakey uncouth flaky oddball whacko supernal supersensual unexplained supersensible supersensitive untypical deviative deviant unrepresentative phantasmal wraithlike phantasmic immaterial inner stargazing great stupendous inhuman alien out-of-body with second sight with a sixth sense immense enormous godlike out of this world mythic Herculean herculean scaring frightening spine-chilling insubstantial sinister hair-raising chilling illusory petrifying terrifying blood-curdling omnipotent formidable supreme bionic staggering fictitious folkloric corpselike eidolic wraithy apparitional holy wan pale cadaverous indistinct deathlike vampiric apocryphal hypothetical famed imagined traditional proverbial fictional beyond human symbolic allegorical parabolic famous storied fanciful storybook made up epic important impressive unexpected surprising eccentric unfamiliar unaccustomed unconventional funny unorthodox different outlandish quirky unparalleled amazing outré offbeat divergent out of the way incredible out-of-the-way erratic devious deviate aberrational wacky uncharacteristic wacko off-the-wall notable awesome noteworthy off the wall isolated novel striking inconceivable non-typical off-centre kinky idiosyncratic astounding way out infrequent deviating empyreal incorporeal conspicuous perverse perverted unimaginable incomparable unco screwy wild superphysical crazy heteroclite distorted unheard of something else out of the common stunning sensational dreamy rogue incongruous wayward tremendous twisted scarce warped whimsical astral momentous unthinkable zany nonstandard unexampled out there outre left-field distinctive fantastical eminent particular inconsistent superlative significant unpredictable spectacular digressive nonconformist immaculate goddesslike sporadic mind-boggling mind-blowing terrific new quaint transgressing angelic godly unmatched unequalled unrivalled monstrous beatific deific wandering original dubious preposterous puzzling kooky fishy deitylike sacred seraphic saintlike foreign unordinary unrivaled malformed perplexing baffling unconforming daggy cosmic blessed immortal hallowed blissful saintly cranky matchless unexcelled unequaled funky weirdo whacky kookie ambrosial deiform blest paradisaical empyrean omnipresent rapturous deistic cherubic omniscient almighty record fresh groundbreaking peerless revolutionary dilly queerish off-color off-base heavy elysian superterrestrial pioneering seldom way-out first-time in a league of its own unfleshly virtuous without equal all-powerful beyond compare out of line unphysical ground-breaking sui generis one of a kind spaced-out off-kilter newfangled exotic without parallel marked airy-fairy uneasy inimitable nonmaterialistic abstract distinct portentous eye-opening surreal bent jarring unnerving superstitious disconcerting crawly unlimited unconfined humorous arbitrary non-standard nonconforming thin on the ground occasional few and far between sick daydreaming daydreamy vagarious capricious teratoid changeable fitful unhealthy magnificent atypic memorable distinguished prominent refreshing heterodox anomalistic corrupt sicko pervy out-there questionable unnormal heteromorphic out of keeping pretend concocted labored laboured contrary ersatz outrageous made-up imitation staged macabre varying heretical off-key variant not normal suspicious droll brilliant surpassing stellar fluky seldom seen supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good chance unforeseen fortuitous unforeseeable unanticipated surprise not of this world nightmarish substantial huge bad utmost state-of-the-art out-of-this-world fab rambling straying appalling sepulchral funereal inappropriate hyperphysical too good to be true extra special defective mental psycho all-time improbable unforgettable eye-catching arresting ridiculous absurd unrealistic unlikely serious eye-popping ludicrous extravagant doubtful nonsensical implausible irrational grandiose foolish mad cockamamie amazeballs insane comical flash gnarly forby hare-brained far-fetched off beaten path never to be forgotten more than human

Tính từ

Having enchanting qualities
enchanting charming entrancing appealing attractive fascinating wonderful bewitching captivating lovely spellbinding beautiful beguiling enthralling heavenly irresistible alluring delightful glorious idyllic magnetic magnificent superb divine gorgeous intriguing sublime engaging heady hypnotic intoxicating inviting mesmeric mesmerising mesmerizing seductive bewitched charmed dreamy enchanted entranced fairylike mind-blowing charismatic conjuring dreamlike exquisite fiendish fairy-tale too good to be true glamorous fetching compelling glamourous riveting exciting luring enticing tantalizing tantalising engrossing elfin interesting dazzling gripping winning absorbing tempting hypnotizing arresting hypnotising compulsive thrilling delectable prepossessing ravishing unputdownable pleasing romantic provocative endearing pleasant winsome transfixing taking striking desirable titillating marvelous marvellous electrifying very interesting stimulating entertaining consuming diverting curious immersing amusing involving thought-provoking fortunate storybook happy traditional perfect magic sirenic disarming drawing pulling siren orphic bonny enrapturing influential rapturous Orphean pretty strong in character full of personality larger than life provoking seducing very exciting mysterious exotic fantastic colourful quixotic fantastical nostalgic chivalrous adventurous colorful impressive strange outlandish bizarro moving meaty vibrant breathtaking astonishing eventful attention-grabbing unique newsy inspiring stirring splashy relatable fabulous eye-opening amazing invigorating remarkable piquant exhilarating vivid racy out of the ordinary pleasurable rousing worthy of note spectacular fresh memorable exceptional preoccupying newsworthy portentous action-packed noteworthy envigorating trenchant galvanising topical fine showy unboring wondrous affecting emphatic galvanizing electric buzzworthy refreshing agreeable likeable likable adorable cute lovable bodacious infatuating dainty sweet beauteous comely enamoring delicate fair adorbs elegant nice graceful smashing magnetising choice babelicious magnetizing amiable on fleek eye-catching good-looking easy on the eye as nice as pie stunning sexy knockout fanciable sultry sightly tasty handsome fit good luscious hot nubile foxy spunky aesthetic pulchritudinous esthetic seemly likely bonnie lovesome goodly nice-looking come-hither sensuous arousing well-favored as pretty as a picture drop-dead gorgeous well favoured sexual lush beddable sensual bootylicious erotic sexually attractive come-to-bed out of this world drop-dead smart beckoning stylish dishy easy on the eyes well-favoured polite cultured sophisticated suave cultivated witty debonair genial civilized darling worldly personable congenial hunky civilised dear affable shapely radiant teasing scrumptious well bred specious attracting wholesome sensational becoming buxom blooming worldly-wise a ten very beautiful fine-looking well favored devastating friendly cutesy sympathetic witching beseeching inveigling couthy loveable ingratiating insinuating precious flirtatious clean-cut trim dreamboat eyeful bijou immodest suggestive shameless picture-perfect raunchy amorous coquettish slinky sexually exciting passionate sexually arousing steamy easygoing good-natured sweet-natured enjoyable relishable preferable studly tarty beaut flamboyant fashionable chic classy glitzy glam ritzy well dressed splendid trendy opulent righteous flashy prestigious nifty looking like a million persuasive drawing attention

Tính từ

Beautiful or delightful in a way that seems removed from everyday life
amazing extraordinary outstanding remarkable exceptional incredible wonderful astonishing magnificent marvellous phenomenal staggering unbelievable unique astounding inconceivable miraculous sensational unimaginable unusual unprecedented breathtaking stunning unparalleled singular superlative uncommon brilliant fabulous fantastic prodigious rare stupendous surpassing terrific thrilling tremendous awesome marvelous mind-blowing mind-boggling stellar unusually good wondrous cherished moving perfect special touching out of this world too good to be true unheard of sublime spectacular eye-popping glorious portentous eye-opening striking awe-inspiring majestic jaw-dropping impressive imposing awful providential surprising splendid stirring formidable dazzling unaccountable superhuman inexplicable humbling amazeballs grand monstrous wonderworking heavy anomalous unreal stupefying supermundane strange numinous freakish supranatural superior gee-whizz overwhelming enthralling exciting the utmost far-out resplendent divine like a dream come true empyreal blissful fantastical enchanting unheard-of bewitching captivating charming fabled beguiling splendorous sensorial far out envigorating fascinating heavenly startling mind-bending enlightening invigorating heart-stopping fairy-tale enlivening stimulating fairytale-like out of the ordinary dramatic dream-filled ethereal shocking flabbergasting dumbfounding great dumfounding confounding bizarre jolting blindsiding ridiculous bewildering jarring preposterous unthinkable weird peculiar outlandish excellent notable superb crazy uncanny unexpected super unlikely hard to swallow huge massive odd baffling curious monumental insane noteworthy mad arresting befuddling momentous intense wild absurd abnormal outrageous unsettling unnerving improbable implausible unco beyond belief immense puzzling giant conspicuous considerable unfamiliar eye-catching confusing unforgettable substantial unaccustomed incomprehensible unanticipated undreamed-of disturbing disquieting unwonted uncustomary unforeseen far-fetched queer exceeding extraordinaire especial atypical preternatural aberrated aberrant freak ludicrous mystifying extravagant theatrical bold first-class primo never to be forgotten big off-the-wall awe-striking undreamed of first-rate off the wall perplexing beautiful unreasonable silly supreme supercalifragilisticexpialidocious muddling difficult to believe supernatural something else exhilarating extra special quaint mysterious royal fab distressing better than expected mind-altering hallucinatory psychedelic hard to believe flustering freaky devastating unfathomable sick dope the what great what unannounced out of sight very good ill cool unspeakable ineffable legendary untold impossible unutterable unthought of rad beyond the realm of reason top drawer beyond one's wildest dreams out-of-this-world novel new unknown enormous vast bad daring influential impassioned profound deep like wow swell powerful hunky-dory groovy dandy inspiring delicious lavish rousing absorbing stately affecting luxurious mammoth colossal gigantic unacceptable fresh offensive extreme obscure undiscovered original some blinding heart-stirring theatric mighty unlooked-for unsung unremarked disgraceful ground-breaking unregarded unexampled inordinate gargantuan large little-known unhoped-for out of the blue little known unrenowned nameless beyond your wildest dreams never before encountered sizeable mega humongous oceanic cosmic pharaonic gigantesque planetary leviathan vasty super-duper walloping king-size titanic galactic humungous fantabulous heroic Brobdingnagian bumper supersize cosmical whopping jumbo cyclopean monster whacking heroical mountainous astronomic elephantine Himalayan supersized oversized astronomical herculean king-sized signal prominent immeasurable ginormous distinguished pre-eminent copious profuse king size towering mortal ominous gross fanciful memorable important dubious unrealistic famous serious whimsical doubtful offbeat nonsensical funny irrational grandiose out-of-the-way commanding emphatic wacky foolish cockamamie zany comical oddball weighty noticeable splashy significant arrestive showy marked off beaten path flash gnarly forby hare-brained make-believe solid flamboyant pronounced catchy preeminent smashing wicked world class zero cool salient gilt-edged

Tính từ

Indicating the presence of a divinity
numinous mystic magic occult ghostly metaphysical weird ethereal otherworldly incorporeal extramundane immaterial intangible nonmaterial divine supernal unworldly nonphysical airy asomatous devotional discarnate disembodied holy platonic pure rarefied refined sacred unfleshly unphysical supernatural preternatural transcendental paranormal mystical unearthly spiritual other-worldly transcendent uncanny miraculous superhuman mysterious psychic necromantic phenomenal supranatural unnatural secret heavenly spectral supernormal transmundane hidden unknowable eerie phantom dark arcane unusual mythical celestial abnormal thaumaturgic wizardly sorcerous superior supermundane esoteric abstruse ineffable unreal orphic unfathomable fairy impenetrable rare obscure legendary mythological invisible superordinary unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible concealed unrevealed abstract sublime unaccountable visionary exalted nonrational cabalistic witchlike anagogic thaumaturgical fairylike religious unsubstantial insubstantial bodiless spooky inscrutable non-rational black shadowy oracular mystifying bizarre awe-inspiring fabulous superphysical supersensible extrasensory inexplicable hypernormal unbelievable hermetical astrological alchemistic extraterrestrial ghostlike extraordinary psychological psychical non-material inner formless unbodied uplifting moving inspiring inspirational boundless nonmaterialistic saintly special enchanted powerful spiritualistic theoretical astral supersensory daydreaming daydreamy dreamy fantastic cabbalistic shamanistic cryptic charmed strange creepy intellectual haunted ensorcelled witching parapsychological enchanting bewitched philosophical speculative ideal clairvoyant runic demoniac voodoo tranced diabolic conceptual notional odd queer eldritch entranced spellbound far-out grotesque spookish eery freaky haunting fundamental essential deep recondite basic awful rum horrific ghastly dreadful ominous fearful ideational profound high-flown theoretic universal Druidical exquisite perfect dreamlike fairy-tale flakey uncouth flaky out of the ordinary oddball whacko oversubtle impalpable unpractical academic supramundane philosophic suprahuman hypothetical conjectural ontological jesuitic eternal difficult mysterial imaginary quixotic telestic

Tính từ

Pleasing to the mind or senses
delightful enjoyable gratifying amusing entertaining heavenly congenial thrilling satisfying diverting lovely wonderful exciting great magnificent marvelous marvellous pleasant pleasing splendid sublime divine fab fabulous fantastic glorious grand magic pleasurable super terrific agreeable beaut brill brilliant charming cool ducky engaging fascinating neat peachy smashing blessed blest bonzer capital captivating champion corking cracking darling delectable delicious delightsome dreamy dulcet enchanting felicitous fun good grateful jolly luscious nice palatable pretty ripping savory savoury spiffing sweet tasty topping welcome wizard beezer frabjous rapturous ravishing swell alluring ambrosial cheery ineffable lush refreshing scrumptious yummy very pleasant very agreeable very pleasurable top-hole out of this world supercalifragilisticexpialidocious greatly to one's liking very attractive fine tasteful cheerful replayable genial groovy likable likeable to your liking superb excellent amiable stellar superlative sterling amazing noble superior sensational goodly awesome choice rare very nice well-favored par excellence acceptable favorable favourable satisfactory exquisite appealing fair cheering exceptional hospitable soothing valuable comforting attractive mild comfortable fulfilling ace admirable appreciated suitable first-class rewarding first-rate A1 heartening pleasureful to one's liking to one's taste sapid snug suited welcoming relaxing titillating adorable mooi lekker silvery fit adapted appropriate soft golden wanted sensual easy to take well suited extremely pleasant extremely enjoyable much needed consoling heartwarming gladly received spiffy peach dandy ready pussycat constructive productive worthwhile propitious desirable opportune encouraging gladdening to your taste beneficial restful renewing restorative timely solacing rejuvenating substantial sustaining nourishing satiating adequate sufficient happiness-inducing heaven-sent restoring hitting the spot outstanding remarkable dazzling noteworthy impressive expert perfect peerless strong powerful masterly mega tip-top mighty banging top-notch crucial skilful deft adept bosting adroit clever competent of the first water skillful capable able wicked positive stunning beautiful enviable lovesome flashy affable gorgeous exhilarating worthy euphoric glamorous photogenic elegant precious sound seductive presentable sunny joyous hunky clear tempting cunning resplendent rad reputable drop-dead prime dollish glossy dainty cute honourable splashy snazzy eye-catching good-looking flamboyant beauteous commendable comely zingy fetching knockout taking aesthetic delicate slick pulchritudinous boss statuesque glamourous spanking intoxicating showy sightly arresting in order dishy foxy hunky-dory radiant prettyish showstopping relief OK unspoilt not bad glad honorable elating splendorous paradisiacal deluxe super-eminent copasetic passable shipshape recreative paradisiac select gnarly ecstatic telegenic super-excellent copacetic paradisal relishable recherche stupendous paradisaical calming esthetic paradisaic irie

Tính từ

A feeling of positivity, satisfaction, or enjoyment
happy joyful merry cheerful delighted delightful ecstatic effervescent enjoyable fantastic glad heartwarming high jubilant pleasing pleasurable welcome wonderful cheery contented elated euphoric jocund jovial joyous overjoyed vivacious amusing blissful boisterous boon buoyant carefree chuffed enraptured exhilarated exuberant festive gladsome glowing grinning grooving hilarious humorous jumping larking lively optimistic peaceful pleasant pleased radiant rapt rapturous riotous satisfied stoked thrilled upbeat uproarious winsome wrapped beaming beatific blithesome enchanted entranced frolicsome fulfilled fun hopeful lighthearted orgasmic paradisaic paradisaical paradisal paradisiac paradisiacal rejoicing rhapsodic rhapsodical rocking rollicking rosy rousing sanguine saturnalian smiley thankful triumphant untroubled well zappy zingy zippy blessed blest blithe captivated chipper chirpy comfortable content convivial entertained exultant gay gleeful gratified intoxicated jolly laughing light mirthful peppy perky playful smiling sparkling sportive sunny tickled up wild Panglossian in a good mood in good spirits cock-a-hoop in seventh heaven light-hearted on a high on top of the world at ease beside oneself with joy blissed out floating on air full of beans fun-loving in high spirits over the moon rip-roaring feel-good jumping for joy walking on air as happy as a clam flying high rose-colored starry-eyed tickled to death as happy as a sandboy like a dog with two tails tickled pink as happy as Larry as pleased as Punch on cloud nine looking good can't complain gratifying good cheering engaging satisfying grand gladdening heartening charming celebratory splendid lovely agreeable heavenly exciting bright magnificent glorious great marvellous marvelous fabulous heart-warming animated active bouncy snappy brisk kinetic high-spirited energetic vibrant frisky spirited full of life vital vigorous sprightly jaunty sparky airy springy pizazzy pizzazzy animate pert spanking jazzy racy bouncing hyper bubbly busy bustling dynamic swinging spry mettlesome bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim and vigour dashing jocular jocose buzzing scintillating stirring astir go-go enthusiastic nimble zestful breezy agile humming happening hopping alive flourishing abuzz thriving entertaining zesty abubble aboil peart keen alert eventful genial funny comical comic facetious carnival holiday unconstrained mad festal Christmassy hearty gala without a care in the world good-time back-slapping bold backslapping fiery passionate sparkly decorated feastly feastful carnivalesque wick ardent gritty as merry as a grig as lively as a grig full of energy fairylike strong mobile sporty quick valiant gingery peppery hectic avid barnstorming juiced up occupied hot sharp burning enlivened teeming swarming thronging crowded dexterous full of zip on the move dextrous eager deedful alive and kicking fresh forceful full of get-up-and-go on the go involved buzzy moving like Piccadilly Circus full of go full of commotion heaving bubbling ebullient full of pep industrious refreshing irrepressible vivid frolic lusty crank gamesome brash full of fun bright and breezy happy-go-lucky full of the joys of spring

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