Đồng nghĩa của unexampled

Alternative for unexampled

Đồng nghĩa: new,

Tính từ

Lacking prior examples
unequalled unmatched unparalleled incomparable inimitable matchless nonpareil only peerless unequaled unique unprecedented unrivaled unrivalled unsurpassable unsurpassed unheard-of out of sight supreme beyond compare without equal perfect second to none superlative consummate transcendent surpassing superior rare paramount exquisite best outstanding beyond comparison ultimate excellent top greatest exceptional unexcelled towering singular preeminent highest unbeatable super pre-eminent par excellence in a class of its own faultless extraordinary without parallel ideal utmost alone unparagoned champion tops leading foremost exemplary premier first-class most unmatchable model maximum unchallenged record without match without peer apex sovereign prime dominant head prevailing optimal premium finest choice chief one-in-a-million one and only optimum complete principal world class amazing prominent utopian primary dominating grand select undefeated unbeaten capital main first hors concours a cut above the rest notable record-breaking first-rate first class ace industry leading prize-winning number 1 topflight best possible primo top of the line top of the range top-tier top-of-the-range phenomenal terrific top drawer top-drawer top-notch number-one number one sans pareil top-class aces all-time solid-gold gilt-edge unapproached best ever elite in a class of one's own of the highest quality crack out-of-sight star big-time noted high-class crown blue-ribbon vintage choicest boss estimable superfine A-1 illustrious distinguished Grade A absolute culminating final without an equal all-time best stand alone exclusive classic novel essential prototypical special typical quintessential one-off standout irreplaceable topmost max uttermost unequalable extraordinaire signal sui generis one of a kind extreme significant maxi far-out unimaginable archetypal in a class by itself the most something else separate without precedent remarkable unordinary incredible fresh unconventional unrepeatable noteworthy purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime newfangled new one-of-a-kind unrepeated sensational splendid beautiful blissful wonderful too good to be true splendorous paradisiacal heavenly awesome marvelous fabulous superb gorgeous sublime brilliant paradisiac stellar out-of-this-world A-OK fab divine magnificent to die for glorious marvellous fantabulous fine idyllic dreamy fantastic out of this world lead reigning peak biggest predominant authoritative ascendant regnant key predominate ruling major core unassailable commanding central big controlling prevalent presiding supereminent overriding domineering governing arch cardinal primal master overbearing furthermost sovran largest overmastering numero uno great tip-top sterling lovely cool neat swell cracking groovy smashing hot admirable peachy crackerjack dandy dynamite flawless supernal keen radical topping immense mean corking bully dope slick prizewinning wizard phat noble bonny gilt-edged nifty quality jim-dandy banner gangbusters gangbuster frontline famous boffo prize good top-shelf supercalifragilisticexpialidocious tremendous bang-up bumper righteous delightful top-of-the-line hype wicked bonnie brag down peachy keen five-star blue-chip first-string brave four-star gone accomplished bosting brill worthy very good world-class impressive high-quality beaut mega stunning on fleek high-grade mind-blowing ripping eminent rad bodacious pleasing applaudable of the first water dazzling of high quality of the highest standard stupendous impeccable magic commendable immaculate spectacular enjoyable spiffing bonzer valuable crucial high paradisal top-hole topnotch spanking class sound deluxe of the first order lofty unblemished striking rapturous amazeballs schmick goodly sik pure belting pearler chillin' exo barrie Elysian awe-inspiring skilful skillful invaluable Arcadian expert competent fancy gratifying nice prodigious elegant laudable meritorious praiseworthy awesomesauce marvy alluring def fabby beezer lank kif bosker breathtaking untouchable pleasant delectable A1 far out skilled transcendental proficient polished splendiferous moving inspiring too much precious tiptop unmarred unspoilt enviable desirable top-level satisfying outrageous paradisaical paradisical agreeable up to snuff pleasurable top-quality supernatural ravishing entrancing advanced crowning fantastical attractive priceless irreproachable acceptable congenial favorable entire welcome whole intact elevated imposing formidable adept really good enchanting effusive winning excessive charming masterly exalted ambrosial superhuman yummy lush adorable paradisaic scrumptious inflated exaggerated worthiest able happy spiritual majestic astonishing staggering holy favourable uppermost blessed comfortable banging august darling delicious proud resplendent uplifting inspirational abstract of the highest order of highest order thrilling wondrous above and beyond unlimited unconfined fascinating showy reliable better than expected certified radiant dexterous mint legit unreal unimpeachable paragon fly hunky-dory upmarket exacting blameless sup rior paradisic saintly all very well well and good good quality high-caliber a cut above dextrous well-executed non-materialistic progressive non-material socialist reforming unworldly immaterial refined better improved enhanced ka pai thoroughbred inspired good-quality high-calibre solid definitive bad honourable super-eminent shipshape unbroken super-excellent positive unimpaired undamaged honorable reputable uninjured satisfactory gnarly recherche unharmed unhurt lordly decisive the very best state-of-the-art the best a standout better than usual of the best quality better than average prior total directing of a high standard unbelievable Erewhonian Edenic highest ranking mother of all unconditional inconceivable astounding unusual miraculous sacred stately cream celestial golden strong powerful mighty renowned flagship deft adroit exceeding capable pretty clever angelic sweet beatific immortal luscious seraphic godlike empyrean extraterrestrial cherubic practised practiced versed top-grade uncommon award-winning profound highest quality very best otherworldly gifted virtuoso talented experienced masterful veteran excelling mind-boggling unusually good in a class all by itself sumptuous extravagant unmitigated eye-catching startling monumental arrestive lavish dramatic magnific electrifying confounding sightly arresting luxurious trained compleat virtuosic professed educated delicate infinite intellectual beyond grasp intuitive primordial obscure hypothetical transcending boundless innate eternal theoretical finished original cherished unheard of touching magical metaphysical paranormal preternatural unearthly aesthetic decorative very nice untainted stainless spotless indefectible prized glossy dainty flamboyant tasteful splashy lovesome flashy zingy stylish esthetic irie amusing delightsome exhilarating fetching lekker couthy dulcet captivating blest fun jolly felicitous entertaining joyous heartwarming comforting cheery cheerful mooi recreative euphoric rewarding intoxicating relishable fine and dandy engaging refreshing indispensable inestimable respected profitable treasured valued halcyon idealized well trained well versed peaceful pastoral rustic picturesque hot property rural arcadian Utopian unspoiled bucolic up to par up to standard up to scratch sylvan scenic restful relaxing calm serene idealised tranquil most excellent most important most influential most outstanding most prominent most valuable most precious

Tính từ

Never done or known before
unprecedented unparalleled exceptional extraordinary new novel abnormal remarkable singular uncommon unequalled unmatched unrivalled unusual original outstanding unheard-of anomalous freakish incomparable prodigious unique unknown unrivaled matchless rare striking unequaled unexcelled amazing atypical fantastic freak fresh groundbreaking peerless record revolutionary strange unaccustomed unfamiliar untypical marvelous marvellous momentous outré phenomenal pioneering aberrant bizarre eccentric exotic idiosyncratic miraculous newfangled odd outlandish outre preternatural signal ground-breaking without equal without parallel beyond compare out of the ordinary unheard of first-time all-time one of a kind out-of-the-way sui generis in a league of its own unthinkable unimaginable way out single only alone peculiar inconceivable inconsistent irregular deviant offensive extreme obscure shocking outrageous undiscovered unbelievable unacceptable queer surprising unexpected special weird infrequent especial unremarked disgraceful unsung unregarded preposterous exceeding divergent aberrated notable freaky seldom noteworthy scarce unwonted distinct uncustomary wonderful extraordinaire unordinary little-known nameless unlikely undreamed of undreamed-of unrenowned out of the way something else out of the common little known never before encountered creative innovative innovational trailblazing experimental trendy clever neat in unconventional inspired fashionable groovy unexplored happening hot visionary innovatory with-it far out cool artistic modish avant-garde new-fashioned imaginative modernist out-of-the-box hip different inventive contemporary pathbreaking nontraditional ingenious futuristic unhackneyed ultra-modern stylish curious unaccountable off the wall inexplicable puzzling baffling mysterious mystifying perplexing uncanny unorthodox erratic inscrutable fluky off-centre quaint quirky offbeat spooky rum nonstandard oddball wacky way-out without precedent exclusive unexplainable incomprehensible unfathomable inimitable impenetrable insoluble unsolvable whimsical bewildering arcane off-key untried nonconformist left-field alternative astonishing nonconforming individual abstruse beyond comprehension inexplainable beyond understanding enigmatic one and only isolated wildering diagnostic classic discriminating identifying symptomatic diagnostical unrepresentative mystic unknowable unintelligible unpredictable rogue chance unforeseen fortuitous surprise unforeseeable unanticipated funny surreal uncharacteristic suspicious dubious questionable unnatural anomalistic ridiculous eerie ludicrous far-out incongruous kooky out of line fishy creepy off-base wild off-color funky zany screwy wacko bizarro kinky spaced-out queerish crazy off-the-wall off-kilter weirdo whacky kookie like nothing on earth unco

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