Đồng nghĩa của arcane

Tính từ

Mysterious, or understood only by a few
mysterious cryptic inscrutable obscure enigmatic ambiguous impenetrable incomprehensible recondite abstruse unfathomable deep elliptical equivocal mystic secret dark Delphic elliptic murky nebulous opaque unaccountable uncanny esoteric fuliginous cabalistic cabbalistic clandestine concealed covert enigmatical hermetic hermetical hidden occult profound recherché unknowable double-edged little known puzzling perplexing inexplicable unclear mystical mystifying confusing baffling vague unintelligible oracular difficult veiled complex secretive complicated abstract uncertain indefinite bewildering indistinct magical shadowy oblique sibylline involved doubtful hard dubious hazy strange unexplainable sphinxlike clear as mud inexplicit indeterminate supernatural insoluble intricate unexplained coded debatable orphic indecipherable unknown paranormal spiritual black heavy magic transcendental weird wildering imprecise inexact paradoxical preternatural beyond comprehension unnatural rarefied questionable clouded as clear as mud involuted subtle numinous peculiar odd fathomless clear as dishwater bizarre psychic necromantic evasive unearthly unsettled unrevealed arguable riddling misleading impossible to understand cloaked supranatural inconclusive tenebrous hard to understand incognizable undetermined confused open to debate open to argument open to question acroamatic curious ill-defined involute unsolved queer transcendent metaphysical stealthy unsolvable beyond understanding ungraspable apocryphal Delphian otherworldly ineffable foggy inconceivable ambivalent obfuscated surreptitious dense shrouded non-rational indiscernible indistinguishable unusual undefined gnomic unresolved vacillating extraordinary transmundane indecisive incalculable undecided amphibological equivocating elusive anagogic cloak-and-dagger Greek to me two-edged over one's head sphinx-like above your head uncomprehensible eerie up in the air private little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way indirect inner insolvable undiscoverable ulterior enciphered classified encoded polysemous polysemic polysemantic hypermetric mysterial multivocal confounding subliminal reticent discreet funny tough intense unconfirmed furtive blurred teasing stickling stumping secreted cryptical screened unestablished unascertained cagey subjective too deep nubilous purblind imperceptive shrouded in mystery astrological alchemistic yet to be decided cerebral intellectual non-committal gray grey borderline miraculous astonishing unparalleled freakish freak knotty unsure periphrastic prevaricating circumlocutory suspicious circuitous inexplainable freaky fluky contradictory duplicitous blurry muddled roundabout unimaginable rum spooky superhuman unheard-of unwonted uncommon inaccessible challenging shifty unexplicit open muzzy fuzzy disreputable supernormal Greek beyond one blank speculative unpredictable unforeseeable ghostly beyond one's grasp off the wall unreadable difficult to understand iffy hesitant muffled beats me all Greek to someone too hard to understand double Dutch too difficult to understand abnormal phantom phenomenal hypernormal unbelievable extramundane dicey intangible dodgy irresolute wavering weak religious other-worldly all Greek to you spectral hard to follow impassive deadpan unemotional emotionless expressionless inexpressive poker-faced unexpressive nonrational in doubt in the balance fairy mythical rare legendary superior mythological invisible superordinary ghostlike supermundane celestial dispassionate vacant uninterpretable convoluted illegible technical incredible illogical impossible to interpret far-out not easily understood irregular anomalous atypical out of the ordinary unexpected unfamiliar quaint different unique aberrant deviant creepy oddball eccentric quirky singular outlandish offbeat incongruous remarkable fishy unorthodox untypical unconventional kooky kookie unreal uncustomary bizarro unaccustomed way-out erratic suspect whacky crazy queerish exceptional wild outré shady off-kilter labyrinthine wacky unco fantastic screwy funky weirdo foreign kinky eldritch scary spaced-out off-the-wall indescribable surprising spookish haunting out of the way off-centre zany cranky wacko frightening eery spine-chilling chilling hair-raising aberrated idiosyncratic novel uncharacteristic unexplored problematical dishonest exotic grotesque corrupt disconcerting Byzantine fraudulent undisclosed sinister befuddling blood-curdling ghastly scaring terrifying extrasensory petrifying ludicrous ridiculous dubitable disputable prodigious doubtable disparate original shaky insubstantial unrepresentative problematic shonky telepathic exceeding especial extraordinaire unworldly unthinkable alien droll clairvoyant daggy not quite right unheard of indefinable underhand unscrupulous left-field out there phantasmal phantasmic fanciful bent criminal haunted dishonorable bemusing undefinable macabre stupefying intriguing dishonourable distinct unplumbed thorny disorienting devious deceitful irrational surreal ethereal illusory ominous mind-bending astounding ghoulish devilish bamboozling monstrous unlike contrary jarring divergent newsworthy isolated flakey flaky out of place fearful unsounded unrecognized psychical outre unnerving out of line under suspicion supersensory undecipherable not kosher dilly unapprehended weird and wonderful unperceived unrecognised unordinary immaterial tricky with a sixth sense imponderable new tenuous amazing weighty serious taxing stunning eye-popping staggering rummy offhand out of the common wraithlike out-there unresolvable unanswerable Daedalian Gordian ticklish worrying inconsistent off-key signal whimsical unsavoury outstanding unprecedented spiny muddling beyond you distinctive comical dissimilar marvellous wonderful wondrous unfathomed dim inexpressible nameless disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent irresolvable inextricable unconcluded distinguished avant-garde loner cool disquieting eidolic apparitional holy divine cadaverous deathlike corpselike wraithy wan pale vampiric full of surprises characteristic custom customized specialized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing individual particular seedy awesome uneasy awful horrific dreadful nefarious crafty unprincipled awkward blurring unsettling potentially illegal potentially dishonest unsavory unhinged touched demented mad unbalanced superstitious crawly deviative marvelous uncouth whacko supernal without a solution unable to be solved absurd fantastical foolish cockamamie nonsensical insane slang preposterous breaking new ground remote uninvestigated alternative crooked blear unidentified muddlesome mistakable interesting untried newfangled random slippery scandalous sly sketchy sneaky unethical inglorious untrustworthy unanalysable fugitive unlawful illegal extraterrestrial undiscovered off unreliable phony awe-inspiring farfetched way out off-beat off the rails bugged out guileful untold phoney limited improbable unlikely implausible far-fetched undivulged of doubtful honesty rings untrue won't wash too much open to doubt unanalyzable mind-boggling hard to solve byzantine vexing rambling elaborate advanced hard to explain fiddly troublesome full of twists and turns sophisticated detailed fancy gnarly entangled tangled thought-provoking spiritualistic telekinetic spine-tingling unspecified unfixed not of this world nightmarish really hard very hard special personalised specialised customised pending deceptive supersensual with second sight supersensitive stargazing out-of-body supersensible disturbing demoniac appalling fiendish heavenly sublime sepulchral funereal inappropriate hyperphysical unnoted noteless double-dealing elusory unbeknownst unnamed anonymous inspired supranormal in limbo unspecific fallacious very strange barbarous barbaric fugacious transient shy fleeting greasy transitory stonewalling volatile evanescent incorporeal undescribable discarnate unbodied gothic psychal imperceptible to the touch airy impalpable unable to be touched hard to describe fine hard to define unobservable unsubstantial thin unperceivable delicate disembodied unapparent mental anomalistic scarce nonstandard off-base off-color like nothing on earth

Tính từ

Intended for, or likely to be understood by, only a small number of people
profound wise deep insightful learned thoughtful intellectual penetrating sage discerning intelligent knowledgeable perceptive sagacious scholarly clever erudite percipient philosophical abstruse enlightened informed recondite sapient serious subtle astute esoteric perspicacious skilled weighty hermetic hermetical reflective shrewd acroamatic knowing occult orphic secret full of insight with great knowledge showing great knowledge sharp smart acute keen canny quick sharp-witted rational prudent quick-witted savvy judicious sensible discriminating incisive brainy brilliant piercing bright intuitive argute sensitive alert genius ingenious observant logical clear whip-smart nimble politic good gifted fast supersmart ready sound cerebral ultrasmart exceptional precocious educated razor-sharp accurate hyperintelligent farsighted trenchant understanding fine heads-up critical gnostic contemplative foresighted responsive penetrative rapier-like talented careful streetwise able creative skilful inventive calculating skillful pawky aware well-advised clear-sighted sober on the ball long-headed studious exquisite razor-edged knife-like pithy cogitative delicate whiz foxy accomplished cunning strategic sharpened cagey experienced apt sophisticated desirable solid reasonable tactical heady expert smooth crack elite masterly adept well-informed cute analytical precise discreet astucious excellent virtuoso witty well judged well advised sophic superior well thought out well-founded cool suss commonsensical imaginative eggheaded choice whip advisable awake conscious responsible together quick on the uptake Einstein all there whiz kid first-rate first-class just tuned in ear to the ground knows what's what very intelligent meaty concise insighted agile quick off the mark powerful wise to crisp succinct punchy strong deliberated considered thinking enquiring questioning inquiring resourceful visionary steely appreciative prescient diplomatic cautious tactful to the point expedient heightened instructed capable alive highbrow comprehending original circumspect know how many beans make five having a good head on one's shoulders having no flies on very smart reasoned finely tuned finely honed justified judgmatic sane practical judgmatical crafty einstein wily efficacious artful sly well-reasoned well reasoned thorough seemly considerate wary well-judged judicial common-sense worldly-wise seasonable well-developed well-honed devious scheming guileful tricky razor-like slick designing razor sharp slippery sharp as a tack beguiling underhand hardheaded dodgy cagy fly disingenuous hip probing inside shark calculated clear-eyed meditative hard-boiled wised up on top of in the know up on valid media-savvy on the inside far-seeing ruminative pensive convincing ruminant deliberative coherent consequent analytic authoritative cogent reliable credible telling plausible satisfactory satisfying deliberate broody recognized flawless levelheaded impeccable holding water watertight right-thinking correct holding up recognised standing up holding up in wash got it together faultless well-grounded exact well grounded established orthodox accepted true unassailable right-minded speculative musing pondering reasoning cogitating quiet wistful Machiavellian sneaky deceitful shifty conniving dishonest unscrupulous pragmatic duplicitous treacherous insidious shady deceptive realistic double-dealing slim adroit down-to-earth crooked dexterous intriguing dextrous manipulative commonsense underhanded matter-of-fact Janus-faced unprincipled businesslike street smart level-headed nimble-witted carny deft dishonourable street-smart dishonorable vulpine fraudulent untrustworthy cheating hard provident unsentimental worldly vigilant shonky mature plotting immoral two-faced seasoned unethical cultivated hardened unidealistic mean no-nonsense cultured objective sneaking pragmatical snide grounded hard-headed furtive contriving bent tough dirty searching quick-thinking dubious earthy utilitarian commonsensible evasive unromantic unfantastic real hard-nosed sharp-sighted frugal roguish corrupt downy refined proficient stealthy balanced having been around fiendish arch with both feet on the ground unfair safe disreputable urbane heedful firm leery well-thought-out traitorous active unprovincial delusive as sharp as a tack snidey opportunistic not born yesterday quick on the trigger quick on the draw selective thrifty economical open-eyed tough-minded intent genuine tasteful handy keen-witted deceiving misleading insincere lying chary guarded illegal hard-bitten sentient rogue dependable gingerly enterprising serpentine cosmopolitan ratiocinative truthful secretive parsimonious neat watchful greasy unsporting forethoughtful illicit artistic captious bluffing dissembling elusive illusory surreptitious unwasteful lucid covert clear-thinking conspiratorial conversant unsportsmanlike competent joined-up penny-pinching philosophic deductive low-down nifty iffy clandestine knavish proven cheap polite prompt polished prosaic wide awake attentive crazy like a fox below the belt suspicious not missing a trick nobody's fool cluey gracious courteous thinking twice playing safe knowing how many beans make five with all one's wits about one hedging your bets with one's feet on the ground conspiring self-aware premeditating real-life factual healthy mischievous impish inquisitive appropriate controlling malicious dinkum advantageous recommended beneficial profitable sussed adult exacting detailed complex decent estimable cynical receptive lively hep gainful worthwhile lifelike naturalistic natural amoral perfidious opportunist acuminous unreliable witted wry delusory cutthroat unconscionable no fool with it fitting stinky innovative robust unemotional exploitative swindling hoodwinking defrauding rascally irresponsible dicey unfaithful resolute intractable qualified swift PDQ brisk having fancy footwork slimy effective effectual well balanced tricksy mean-spirited having smarts deviant dangerous undependable vigorous mercurial curt wired straight cognizant well a good idea mendacious collusive false unhonest true-life crazy like fox treating with kid gloves conciliatory grown-up bland suave genial well-read well read well educated inspired smart as a tack fly-by-night forearmed smart as a whip gentle cool-headed sparing innovational trailblazing fertile originative Promethean elaborate innovatory equipped sly like a fox respectful sympathetic clued-up tuned-in pioneering miserly economic not to be trusted well informed particular well-prepared hostile salty ornery snaky hang tough stand pat locked in tough nut deviceful with-it abstemious scrimping economizing serious-minded forehanded softly-softly kid-glove practised fastidious nasty fair stingy full of common sense masterful nimble-fingered two-timing saving prepared tight thinking outside the box despicable discriminative efficient base trustworthy au courant selfish materialistic grasping blasé economising cloak-and-dagger hidden veiled hole-and-corner back-alley hugger-mugger shrouded indirect professional impressive low contemptible discriminatory discriminational differential in one's right mind worldly-minded avaricious greedy covetous vile fishy murky backstairs ace nippy wizard practiced wicked workmanlike bravura sordid having all one's marbles callous self-centered self-centred disenchanted uptown power-loving mondain justifiable veridical collected unquestionable certain veracious synthetic infallible trustable penny-wise steady-going finely judged habile ignominious aesthetic nice errant obliquitous erring gimmicky oblique cowardly rotten ungentlemanly beggarly shameful squalid rigorous substantiated secure confirmed errorless sure corroborated colorable meticulous sincere inerrant validated verified fleet well versed in the ways of the world worldly wise been around nefarious under the table choosy picky individualising opinionated individualizing choicy esthetic finical select eclectic persnickety fussy finicky scurvy shabby detestable paltry foul unpleasant worthless certified defensible maintainable definite defendable calculable explicit supportable tenable sustainable empirical cognitive open stringent empiric faking one out playing politics put on not straightforward playing games execrable illegitimate abject inequitable ignoble unlawful wretched sleazy grubby unsportsmanly having know-how reserved measured reticent apprehensive with good taste faithful kosher sanctioned significant legit canonical reputable sorry lame lousy deplorable scummy currish scungy having good hands mindful tentative conservative hesitant scabby ratty suspecting scrupulous restrained precautious low-minded keeping a weather eye on all ears walking on egg shells keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves on the lookout belt-and-braces with reservations watching one's step watching out walking on eggs legal tried-and-true on your toes with eyes peeled taking it slow on the qui vive on guard on the watch not cricket off-color ill-gotten out of order against the rules on-target letter-perfect clear-cut dead-on spot-on

Tính từ

Not for publication
off the record confidential secret classified private privy inside hushed unofficial backdoor sensitive hush-hush under wraps not for publication not for circulation not to be disclosed not to be made public on the QT in confidence in strict confidence eyes-only not for public consumption not public not to be mentioned not to be quoted to be kept under wraps within these four walls intimate personal restricted non-public quiet privileged nonpublic secretive mum mom censored dern protected low close soft behind-the-scenes top secret esoteric unrevealed closet undisclosed unpublished sub rosa closed hidden clandestine covert concealed top-secret shrouded veiled unknown untold strictly confidential surreptitious furtive undercover inner discreet sneaking sneaky incognito backstairs underground exclusive sneak cloak-and-dagger reserved innermost deepest inward inmost dissembled disguised stealthy buried obscured stealth underhand underhanded masked deep hole-and-corner hugger-mugger unspoken darkest unvoiced unseen internal undeclared guarded under one's hat uncommunicated deep-seated dissimulated sly hidden away unexpressed with a lid on sub-rosa backstair individual behind the scenes back-alley buttoned up bottled up tight-lipped restricted access ulterior in ambush camouflaged cryptic strict tight unacknowledged need to know bosom kept concealed kept secret under-the-table home carefully guarded closely guarded huggermugger intelligence shifty conspiratorial unbowed spy in private black on the sly creep underneath unidentified sealed nameless unannounced unnamed anonymous non-shareable regulated underlying special unapparent between ourselves between you and me allowed granted controlled exceptional limited honest real true clouded covered between you and me and the gatepost between you and me and the doorpost between you and me and the wall between you and me and the bedpost backstage off limits out of bounds closed off offstage inconspicuous interior dark single-serving single-serve undistributable in camera for eyes only close to one's chest not in the public domain not open behind someone's back tête-à-tête one-on-one unshareable restrained psychological religious within intellectual inner-directed spiritual withheld held back

Tính từ

Not happening or encountered often
uncommon rare unusual odd strange curious peculiar queer singular uncustomary unfamiliar bizarre extraordinary novel abnormal offbeat unconventional weird atypical irregular unexpected deviant freakish outlandish alien funny oddball out-of-the-way quirky scarce unaccustomed unique freaky infrequent outré eccentric egregious exotic extreme fantastic few nondescript original out of the way outre startling surprising unorthodox wonderful something else way out off the wall unheard of few and far between out of the ordinary thin on the ground anomalous aberrant exceptional remarkable different freak unwonted quaint phenomenal idiosyncratic untypical special unnatural preternatural way-out erratic off-centre off-the-wall wacky noteworthy kinky far-out kooky aberrated especial outstanding uncanny rum unprecedented crazy distinctive mysterious bizarro screwy kookie extraordinaire wild amazing exceeding notable incredible funky striking uncharacteristic cranky wacko conspicuous whacky weirdo queerish new off-kilter divergent left-field puzzling inconceivable zany mystifying astonishing isolated fresh individual unaccountable nonconformist perplexing spaced-out impressive unordinary avant-garde unheard-of incongruous unrepresentative particular prodigious baffling distinct out there unparalleled alternative unknown characteristic noticeable foreign astounding out of the common unthinkable signal inexplicable memorable whimsical prominent significant unco sporadic marked revolutionary far out devious deviate aberrational dubious stunning flakey eerie flaky staggering sensational pronounced pioneering spooky limited droll suspicious untried awesome unimaginable newfangled scant occasional radical unlikely heteroclite out in left field awe-inspiring momentous scattered groundbreaking obvious distinguished nonstandard incomprehensible daggy deficient sparse perverse questionable miraculous scanty non-typical spectacular wondrous breathtaking perverted seldom seen arresting innovative unreal ground-breaking off-center advanced eye-catching eminent brilliant distinguishing jarring creative absurd supernatural individualistic preposterous exclusive quizzical seldom Bohemian deviating fishy heterodox unconforming in short supply unbelievable marvellous one and only creepy inventive dramatic anomalistic incomparable surreal at a premium innovatory innovational marvelous ingenious modern specific nonconforming unfrequent imaginative unforgettable salient nutty ridiculous typical experimental capricious thin fantastical important amazeballs manifest obscure insufficient observable serious bent seldom found fanciful kenspeckle emphatic maverick interesting neoteric heavy contemporary state-of-the-art new-fashioned meagre bohemian superior ultra-modern signature stupendous monstrous rogue atypic refreshing twisted fabulous warped unpredictable implausible meager contrary ludicrous unexampled madcap doubtful mad skimpy newsworthy discriminating progressive off the beaten track diagnostic classic symptomatic identifying diagnostical improbable paltry exiguous showy evident unforeseen unanticipated eye-popping dazzling imposing trailblazing futuristic off-base stingy wanting flamboyant noisy splashy bold bodacious grabby commanding catchy off-color dilly jaw-dropping insane one-off hard to find cockeyed short originative one of a kind mind-blowing outrageous gee-whizz modernistic out of line appreciable disruptive eye-opening glaring attractive unexplored overwhelming beat portentous confounding cutting-edge off-key lacking leading-edge cutting edge out-of-the-box just out sui generis beyond belief hard to come by breaking new ground inconsistent paranormal wayward negligible non-standard specialized informal rarefied differentiating semioccasional tremendous sole fluky unceremonious marginal solitary personal single proper hippy unmatched unequalled unrivalled distorted esoteric digressive inconsiderable disparate unlike lone grotesque disquieting irrational intriguing transgressing surprise comical mind-boggling bewildering out-there only suspect boho engaging make-believe unrivaled impossible wandering inscrutable preeminent matchless unexcelled unequaled visible nonsensical variant citable slender middling out of this world heretical terrific foolish cockamamie record peerless considerable specialised untested mentionable namable nameable perceptible latest inimitable recent substantial dotty rummy imperceptible minute inconsequential straggling piddling trifling lean electrifying one avant garde unconvincing incredulous unconceivable uncompelling remote recondite uninvestigated untraditional consequential strong far-fetched headline jolting dumfounding light arrestive without equal without parallel fundamental attention-grabbing unpredicted little known cool first-time incogitable unknowable eventful forceful meaningful red-letter beyond compare in left field in a league of its own low in numbers glorious from left field out of character unannounced standout worthy of attention running low superlative custom customized personalized unearthly alternate skittish dissimilar intermittent eccentrical excentrical batty straying rambling sick malformed unhealthy discrete diacritic transcendental transcendent magical other aperiodic shady defective altered imported ready corrupt chance unrecognized episodic casual discontinuous episodical disputable shaky equivocal dodgy dubitable debatable doubtable fortuitous unforeseeable minimal minimum metaphysical mystical otherworldly superhuman supernormal unworldly other-worldly unnormal heteromorphic pervy sicko slang loner problematical problematic pretend imitation concocted labored laboured ersatz made-up staged pointed small nominal discordant varying unhinged demented unbalanced touched unrecognised periodical periodic psycho mental exciting not prepared insignificant clever kookish customised personalised spasmodic off the air unexplainable up to date brand new inappreciable artful ghostly occult deviative supermundane off-beat off the rails bugged out gorgeous captivating beautiful seldom met with determining not typical sublime anarchistic out of the box out of place weird and wonderful awkward beyond your ken errant unharmonious measly nugatory token shocking stupefying drastic unhackneyed transformational up-to-date this season's new-fangled dissident heretic dissenting nonorthodox iconoclastic dissentient illustrious unfathomable like nothing on earth Promethean deviceful variational improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal illogical representative not normal alone basal can't miss it insoluble impenetrable unsolvable beatnik sectarian schismatic anarchic awful up-and-coming forward-looking game-changing world-shattering famous essential prestigious private unrealistic definite separate precise unreasonable renowned unnerving disturbing unsettling extravagant grandiose random tidy sizeable reasonable fair noble all your own nonplussing shattering confusing flustering muddling disconcerting discomfiting befuddling nonplusing dismaying upsetting highly unlikely not on out of the question insupportable beyond the bounds of possibility beyond possibility dumbfounding flabbergasting blindsiding subtile flimsy subtle magnificent towering tenuous attenuate attenuated recherche inexplainable enigmatic abstruse beyond comprehension beyond understanding flash gnarly forby hare-brained star ineffable measurable detectable next to none next to no off the beaten path wildering distingué bright freethinking poor slim spare skimp sparing hand-to-mouth unspeakable unimagined untold unutterable notorious never to be forgotten of particular interest worthy of note unintelligible mystic off beaten path redoubtable liberated untrammelled unconstrained unfettered luminous thinly distributed dispersed scrubby inadequate bare slight scrimpy indescribable worthy of mention murder splash super major-league boss hot utmost underlined stand-out patent high-profile independent goodly ideal unrelated stray unmistakable untrammeled astral hard to swallow inapprehensible unthought of undreamed-of the end worth mentioning worth taking a look at of note buzzworthy delightful golden grand majestic fine admirable all-time clear-cut visionary unrepeated of consequence of importance out of keeping free-spirited drop-dead clear undreamed of inspired inspiring abrupt not in the cards without warning sudden out of the blue without notice forcible artistic seminal telling charming powerful jazzy lofty dynamite compelling cogent fascinating not understandable beyond one's wildest dreams full of it beyond the realm of reason far cry major big critical sizable funny peculiar much preponderant severe cardinal impactful high-priority decisive mighty pivotal capital intense keynote generous burning milestone conclusive fateful high-level pressing great crucial principal earthshaking weighty heavy-duty earnest earth-shattering landmark resonant large-scale deep historic material large urgent all-important carrying a lot of weight quantum front-page extensive monumental hefty vital ponderable potent climacteric grave far-reaching funny strange less in the minority widely spaced laughable romantic daft silly farcical devilish secret incoherent risible nuts glamorous dreamlike demoniac demonic non-mortal animal subhuman non-human derisory crackpot glamourous ornate inhuman illusory chimerical baroque loony goofy fancy cuckoo cracked dippy balmy dark inane idiotic cock-eyed gonzo misleading hidden exaggerated elaborate quixotic old-fashioned concealed barmy humorous arbitrary potty eldritch comic amusing pathetic derisive cockamamy eery spookish haunting whacko imaginary magic farfetched derisible chimeric flighty forced numinous cock-and-bull mythical very unique very unusual oddish gothic Gothic offhand vagarious changeable teratoid fitful mischievous playful intricate wigged out schizoid schizo romanesque waggish disconsonant irrelevant inapropos incongruent Kafkaesque rococo deformed superb divine splendid not tightly wrapped barbarous misshapen ugly stupid very different rad hippie ultramodern groovy mod psychic hideous unsightly colourful very unconventional asinine indecipherable undefinable insolvable overblown burlesque misproportioned crotchety impracticable mercurial senseless bonkers untruthful untrue embellished fabricated dishonest false gelastic devastating mangled mutilated gnarled infantile imbecilic crazy-ass pointless wackadoodle wackadoo loopy clownish contrived uncertain dicey chancy witty expressive supranormal scary ghoulish foreign-looking harebrained imprudent fatuous foolhardy unworkable puerile hyperbolic ambitious artificial unbelieveable strained unapt unhandsome unbeautiful homely unpretty unappealing unattractive unlovely unpleasing vile ill-favored uncomely crackers maniacal scatty crackbrained fruity haywire gaga meshuga brainsick screwball looney deranged crazed lunatic loco maniac wud unsound bedlam meshugge bughouse psychotic bats moonstruck daffy certifiable suppositious hallucinatory illusive overdone hokey extramundane phantom non-rational hypernormal embroidered undependable untrustworthy iffy histrionic arguable unreliable irresponsible scarcely credible difficult to believe hard to take external outside enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine very strange fugly huckery loony tunes looney tunes dreamy supranatural spectral cock and bull tall blown up non compos mentis bird-brained half-baked out of all reason short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason poetic out of sight acting crazy grody surrealistic gross antic ill-favoured from abroad fairy invisible celestial unrevealed mythological legendary superordinary ghostlike uncomprehensible fertile genius keen complicated unhuman head in the clouds out of touch with reality vivid phantasmal blue-sky phantasmic astute ghastly horrific dreadful ominous fearful cryptic uncouth supernal enigmatical unexplained ambiguous murky unsolved veiled sibylline stealthy elliptical subjective cagey difficult elliptic double-edged

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