Đồng nghĩa của risible

Alternative for risible

Đồng nghĩa: amusing, comic, comical, funny, laughable, mirthful,

Tính từ

Provoking laughter through being ludicrous
comical laughable ridiculous absurd comic droll farcical funny humorous ludicrous chucklesome hilarious amusing hysterical riotous uproarious diverting entertaining killing silly slapstick antic cockamamie cockamamy comedic derisive derisory facetious grotesque humoristic hysteric pathetic preposterous rib-tickling screaming sidesplitting side-splitting zany crazy derisible ludicrous. laughable priceless cheerful cheery foolish good-humored good-humoured happy hearty stupid witty jocular jocose mirthful wacky outrageous gelastic light-hearted hysterically funny a scream jolly joshing camp waggish killingly funny a hoot merry campy rich jokey odd goofy riot inadequate a laugh nonsensical screamingly funny pitiful daft too funny for words whimsical asinine rollicking gay eccentric bizarre jovial gleeful joking very funny sportive slaphappy tongue-in-cheek inane negligible nominal insufficient minimal trifling tiny scream insulting paltry contemptible measly miserable miserly token senseless small idiotic clownish piddling strange stingy lousy hare-brained queer sparkling mingy poxy nickel-and-dime ironic wry piffling blithesome jocund embarrassing nutty for grins off the wall frivolous extremely amusing light playful Mickey Mouse har-har unusual mocking fantastic frolicsome a barrel of laughs tongue in cheek sunny festive blithe madcap irrational outrageously funny daffy fatuous childish custard-pie comedical insane scatterbrained cock-eyed for the birds weird convulsive rip-roaring knee-slapper very amusing freakish peculiar freaky curious raucous unsatisfactory unimpressive scintillating clever smart rum wacko worthy of scorn niggling piddly trivial slight footling picayune pimping insignificant no-account inconsequential inconsiderable petty chicken peanut minute ribald unreasonable quirky quaint pointless futile pleasant joyful noisy joyous laughing a laugh a minute highly amusing off-the-wall oddball engaging unlikely incongruous irritating useless vain imbecilic ineffectual convivial exhilarating unimportant minor barmy gut-busting exhilarated crack-up quizzical laffer annoying laugh-a-minute quick-witted in vain incompetent de minimis a joke a bit much gagged up flakey loony jerky fool dippy fool-headed flaky batty gump dizzy screwy goofus boffo lighthearted for a laugh beguiling glib in jest flippant high-spirited fun unserious stimulating fun-loving to no avail a card a caution a bit thick over the top fool around crazy shtick OTT mean lively enjoyable bright delightful pleasing ludic genial vivacious pleasurable festal fun-filled original ingenious piquant epigrammatic jesting brilliant lightweight teasing fanciful roguish sharp-witted sharp quick penetrating keen piercing intelligent recreative flip mischievous joculous carefree glad recreational animated dry upbeat conversible companionable clubby sociable cordial friendly hospitable welcoming social interesting chipper flighty chirpy happy-go-lucky untroubled ebullient effervescent perky novel cheering gratifying charming gladdening celebratory jaunty bouncy buoyant bubbly breezy agreeable enchanting optimistic easy-going insouciant positive kooky mad unconventional good cut up off-centre avant-garde crackpot outlandish spectacular showy cuckoo nuts cracked in good spirits free and easy inept cranky kinky dotty screwball looney featherheaded brainless weak-minded witless cockeyed harebrained simpleminded half-witted lunatic half-baked unwise tomfool lunkheaded whacky kookie bubbleheaded sappy balmy colourful colorful gala dilly dumb way out out there off the air in left field

Tính từ

Significant in the degree of absurdity
stupid inane absurd ludicrous ridiculous laughable fatuous asinine mad insane lunatic bizarre crazy outrageous illogical baffling bewildering demented deranged extraordinary farcical mystifying preposterous puzzling senseless strange unhinged featherheaded harebrained implausible maniacal nonsensical peculiar shocking unbelievable unthinkable unusual weird foolish silly idiotic daft witless pointless brainless hare-brained unreasonable unwise half-baked mindless imbecilic wacky half-witted nutty foolhardy cuckoo dumb loony dotty dippy unintelligent crackpot whacky zany imprudent looney kooky kookie cockeyed dopey daffy moronic sappy balmy simpleminded thoughtless barmy derisible cockamamie puerile derisory irrational gormless cockamamy fantastic screwball lunkheaded bubbleheaded weak-minded comical injudicious ill-considered derisive dim-witted pathetic irresponsible vacuous grotesque impolitic dim infantile inept jerky fool tomfool damfool glaikit thickheaded goofy incongruous ill-advised screwy batty incredible rash reckless monstrous pea-brained astonishing fantastical fanciful wooden-headed meaningless dotish chowderheaded crackbrained imbecile odd outlandish wild unreal incautious indiscreet childish empty-headed dense cretinous obtuse ignorant dull vapid loopy impractical insipid inappropriate unworkable impracticable eccentric potty doltish thick queer funny ill-conceived cock-eyed birdbrained surreal off your head off the wall inadvisable insensate complacent unaware misguided flighty naive hilarious idiotical improvident halfwitted extreme impossible comic excessive extravagant squirrelly idiotish scatterbrained contemptible exorbitant freaky inconsistent smoothbrained foolheaded slow burlesque droll far-out very stupid lamebrain lamebrained knuckleheaded unsmart gelastic too much unreasoning unthinking dorky dopy taking the cake thick-witted feather-brained dull-witted simple-minded purposeless smooth-brained out of the question brain-dead empty frivolous whimsical mercurial wackadoodle abnormal unique freakish nonconformist wackadoo phenomenal crazy-ass trifling futile worthless offbeat rum inconceivable remarkable outré funky quixotic quirky weirdo dreamlike divvy spaced-out off-the-wall off-kilter crass wishy-washy immature vain vacant dof weak flat innocuous beyond all reason short-sighted bird-brained out of all reason devoid of intelligence unrealistic simple giddy scatty gonzo doolally wacko out to lunch off your trolley off the air up the pole dizzy featherbrained ditzy ditsy superficial frothy yeasty lightheaded light-headed unsound shallow light-minded flippant rattlebrained dunderheaded fallacious unsubstantial groundless fickle false flimsy glib slow-witted flip facetious full of holes incomprehensible ill-judged non-serious unconvincing poor braindead erroneous untenable feeble slang tenuous juvenile trivial careless chuckleheaded pinheaded muttonheaded skittish heedless boneheaded blockheaded controvertible petty dappy undesirable unfortunate baseless risky hollow ungrounded wishful dead from the neck up off beam way out paltry unpersuasive assailable weakly unstable changeable fat-headed dipsy airheaded airbrained incoherent unintelligible inadequate childlike madcap unsatisfactory unmeaning capricious donkeyish obstinate unconsidered ill-thought-out softheaded feebleminded harum-scarum transparent insufficient bad dimwitted forgetful inconstant nonserious hasty idle unsteady aberrant undiplomatic brash indelicate graceless tactless wrong-headed extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible heady jokey joking waggish light-hearted Boeotian overhasty lame lacking seriousness pie-faced simplistic invalid frolicsome jocose sportive schematic lightweight insubstantial unsupported incorrect faulty facile cursory surface sketchy oversimplified uncritical specious unscientific spurious unjustifiable unjustified wrong skin-deep piddling unscholarly one-dimensional unbacked flawed inconclusive sophistical casuistic illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential nonrational unfounded unreasoned unproved sophistic contradictory perverse irrelevant unconnected irreconcilable self-contradictory beyond belief ill-founded lacking substance flakey flaky not following without foundation without basis not making sense beyond the bounds of possibility

Tính từ

Expressing or characterized by derision
derisive jeering mocking ridiculing contemptuous jibing scoffing scornful taunting denigratory derisory detracting dismissive disparaging pillorying slighting snide teasing absurd caustic cockamamie cockamamy comical disdainful farcical insulting lampooning laughable ludicrous pathetic preposterous ridiculous sarcastic satirical scathing silly sneering cheeky cocky contumelious crusty cynical flip fresh gally irreverent nervy out-of-line rude sardonic sarky sassy smart smart-alecky snidey for the birds foolish crazy stupid asinine nonsensical outrageous daft senseless idiotic zany inane bizarre hare-brained fatuous insane wacky irrational droll funny pointless unreasonable derisible imbecilic grotesque witless mad brainless fantastic comic hurtful spiteful hilarious unwise incredible illogical outlandish unbelievable shocking diverting unthinkable nutty monstrous crackpot cuckoo harebrained whacky astonishing loony looney featherheaded kooky kookie gelastic half-witted half-baked off the wall derogatory deprecatory mean unkind foolhardy humorous contemptible odd mindless amusing strange incongruous scatterbrained moronic freaky entertaining simpleminded fantastical facetious fanciful barmy cockeyed lunatic daffy sappy dotty screwball dippy lunkheaded bubbleheaded balmy weak-minded joshing camp campy unusual yelling raucous disrespectful provocative provoking ironical ironic quizzical vacuous puerile burlesque demeaning belittling degrading derogative decrying pejorative depreciative uncomplimentary depreciatory detractive denigrative weird satiric surreal nasty freakish peculiar queer curious foolheaded uncivil extreme impossible rum wacko excessive extravagant deprecating inept jerky fool exorbitant tomfool feather-brained gay blithesome jocund merry mirthful sunny jolly jocular jocose gleeful jovial festive blithe futile thoughtless irresponsible rash imprudent inappropriate reckless unintelligent shrewish vituperative malicious disapproving far-out thick useless vain ineffectual ignorant inadvisable biting insinuating too much out of the question taking the cake injudicious misguided dumb snarky ill-natured mordacious embarrassing in vain incompetent obtuse to no avail naive dopey doltish unpleasant cutting hateful for grins idiotical improvident dim-witted ill-considered chucklesome inadequate scream har-har riot laughing eccentric rich jokey witty riotous uproarious hysterical insufficient minimal pitiful trifling tiny small cock-eyed killing slapstick negligible miserable nominal miserly token paltry comedic humoristic sidesplitting screaming antic side-splitting rib-tickling hysteric stingy lousy measly priceless ludicrous. laughable piddling mingy piffling poxy nickel-and-dime worthy of scorn cheery cheerful happy good-humoured good-humored hearty implausible meaningless goofy unreal wild screwy inconsistent batty

Tính từ

Not able to occur or to be achieved
impossible unachievable implausible unattainable unfeasible unobtainable unreasonable unworkable hopeless inconceivable preposterous unviable far-fetched forlorn illogical impracticable impractical incredible insurmountable outlandish undoable unimaginable unthinkable vain insolvable insuperable irresoluble outrageous unrealizable unsolvable crazy farcical irrational irresolvable paradoxical wild absurd futile impassable impervious inaccessible inexecutable infeasible insoluble irrealizable laughable ludicrous ridiculous unbelievable useless hardly possible no-go non-viable no-way too much beyond one hare-brained not possible way out beyond you hundred-to-one not worth considering out of the question beyond the bounds of possibility contrary to reason not a prayer not on like herding cats not to be thought of no-win unrealistic invincible unconquerable unpractical overwhelming pointless indomitable impregnable bulletproof unstoppable unbeatable invulnerable unsuitable unassailable unreachable challenging undefeatable bootless unwinnable inconvenient beyond hope not having a prayer with no chance of success beyond not feasible uncorrectable visionary irreparable unrecoverable cureless improbable incomprehensible highly unlikely unacceptable unfathomable impenetrable inscrutable inextricable difficult inexplicable unknowable unexcogitable uncompleteable unaccomplishable unmanageable unexecuteable unfulfillable beyond the realm of reason inoperable unserviceable not doable awkward unusable nonpractical inapplicable desperate despairing despondent purposeless not remotely possible imprudent unwise nugatory unsuccessful failed unavailing ungettable impossible to carry out unavailable unapproachable inapproachable untouchable elusive parlous bad threatening unpromising sinister menacing beyond reach not at hand unmasterable ineluctable forget it no way

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