Đồng nghĩa của side splitting

Tính từ

Causing much merriment, making one laugh a lot, very funny
hilarious uproarious absurd comic comical rib-tickling ridiculous riotous extremely amusing farcical hysterical killing priceless rollicking very funny very humorous hysterically funny screamingly funny a hoot a scream killingly funny too funny for words funny humorous droll amusing laughable chucklesome sidesplitting entertaining risible ludicrous comedic humoristic hysteric diverting screaming antic witty facetious jocular mirthful wacky zany slapstick light-hearted jocose waggish silly merry jolly joshing camp good-humored gelastic good-humoured preposterous whimsical jokey scream riot campy rich a laugh goofy engaging pleasant cheerful odd foolish slaphappy enjoyable delightful interesting clownish pleasing pleasurable charming eccentric outrageous happy joking cheering stupid sparkling fun light sportive gut-busting gay beguiling boffo ironic derisory agreeable enchanting derisible crazy lively nutty inane tongue-in-cheek wry clever a barrel of laughs for grins madcap outrageously funny scintillating custard-pie very amusing daffy childish frivolous daft too much playful ribald smart tongue in cheek laugh-a-minute off the wall quick-witted quirky quaint a laugh a minute highly amusing off-the-wall oddball joyful noisy joyous convivial exhilarating jovial har-har unsatisfactory inadequate unusual embarrassing pitiful mocking bizarre unimpressive fantastic crack-up quizzical laffer grotesque pathetic cockamamy derisive cockamamie exhilarated frolicsome gleeful gagged up ludicrous. laughable novel gratifying gladdening convulsive rip-roaring cheery hearty raucous strange unreasonable cut up unlikely a joke a bit much incongruous OTT a bit thick irritating annoying queer over the top captivating congenial compelling recreative absorbing appealing fascinating nice intriguing riveting flakey loony jerky fool dippy fool-headed flaky batty gump dizzy screwy goofus a card a caution moving inspiring stirring enthralling provocative exciting be a ball engrossing fun-filled piquant enticing gas restorative rousing poignant striking entrancing relaxing stimulating thrilling affecting impressive fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse lighthearted mischievous blithe jocund flippant jesting teasing roguish high-spirited flip blithesome impish festive sunny puckish ludic prankish wisecracking bubbly laughing glib spirited in jest snappy fun-loving arch bantering tricksy rascally devilish elvish kittenish gamesome satirical bright jaunty in fun unserious sharp-witted vivacious sprightly sharp quick perky zippy not serious putting one on pulling one's leg comedical nonserious knee-slapper irreverent pixieish scampish pixy pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked original dry escapist fantasy distracting ingenious for a laugh clowning epigrammatic nonsensical asinine brilliant fanciful joculous carefree penetrating keen piercing intelligent capering glad chirpy highbrowed snazzy tactful smart-aleck profound racy nimble-witted smart-alecky cutting quick on the draw quick on the uptake upbeat genial buoyant rejoicing in good spirits frisky coltish saturnalian unconstrained winsome zingy boon boisterous content zappy ecstatic mad pleased larking jumping rocking grooving exultant wild without a care in the world exuberant skittish peppy frolicky elfish fay sportful zestful larky airy larkish naughty bouncy animated energetic sparky zesty full of fun full of life excitable full of pep pizazzy jazzy feeling one's oats full of get-up-and-go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed espiègle full of beans in high spirits full of joie de vivre pizzazzy full of vim and vigour

Tính từ

Characterized by wild and uncontrolled behaviour
riotous boisterous loud noisy unrestrained orgiastic rollicking uproarious lively rip-roaring roisterous wild abandoned debauched depraved rambunctious uninhibited unruly robustious rumbustious saturnalian rowdy knockabout rough raucous bacchanalian hell-raising Dionysian Bacchic uncontrolled disorderly bacchic roistering spirited tumultuous exuberant frisky high-spirited romping energetic dissipated intemperate dissolute wanton carousing boozy revelling frenetic unbridled dionysian bibulous sottish crapulous active animated wassailing bouncy overexcited Dionysiac Saturnalian ebullient vibrant excited reveling drunken clamorous wayward undisciplined impetuous wilful in high spirits clangorous obstreperous effervescent brawling vociferous strident vociferant over-the-top turbulent termagant playful carefree merry frolicsome hearty joyous jaunty rude swashbuckling sprightly jovial cavorting sportive devil-may-care slapstick wild and woolly farcical lighthearted happy thumping ripping joyful cheerful fun-loving rollicksome glad casual crass raw crude coarse nasty mean full of beans rough-and-tumble harum-scarum vivacious buoyant bubbly zestful chirpy gay peppy full of life irrepressible vigorous upbeat sparky sparkling gregarious peart enthusiastic dynamic sunny frolic breezy gamesome crank cheery chipper gladsome zingy blithesome blithe of good cheer as merry as a grig light-hearted frivolous outgoing extrovert fun flamboyant festive willful rhapsodical bubbling raunchy earthy exciting invigorating bubbling over buzzing zesty unsubtle indecorous envigorating party passionate exhilarated robust ardent eager euphoric jubilant zippy elated brash exultant turnt zappy smiley vital feeling one's oats daring dashing bold full of fun spunky mettlesome gallant jolly pert bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bright and breezy alive and kicking full of vim and vigour

Trái nghĩa của side splitting

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