Đồng nghĩa của raunchy

Alternative for raunchy

  • tính từ
    • (thông tục) dâm dục

Tính từ

Vulgar or indecent in nature or quality
bawdy coarse crude ribald smutty vulgar juicy provocative sexy spicy blue dirty earthy erotic filthy foul gross gutter impure indecent lascivious lewd locker-room nasty naughty obscene pornographic porny profane racy rude stag steamy suggestive trashy uninhibited unprintable unrestrained wanton X-rated adult foul-mouthed fruity gamy improper lecherous lustful off-color risqué saucy taboo wicked sexually explicit in bad taste salacious offensive indelicate licentious prurient sensual off colour raw titillating indecorous immodest libidinous carnal unchaste near the knuckle rough hot scatological scatologic randy Rabelaisian vile concupiscent lubricious low explicit immoral scurrilous porno unseemly horny tasteless uncouth crass arousing broad dissolute loose depraved debauched porn shameless libertine nudge-nudge sordid voluptuous degenerate sexual cheap near the bone disgusting goatish inappropriate unwholesome salty hard-core impolite abusive unrefined fleshly shocking unclean amorous base passionate lickerish fast dissipated aphrodisiac aphrodisiacal scandalous colourful mature corrupt satyric lubricous hypersexual off itchy scabrous gamey colorful amatory roughneck tacky promiscuous lowbrow lowbred off-colored inelegant rank profligate bad-mannered rakish sinful lusty uncivil boorish seductive close to the bone common blasphemous ill-bred uncultured unpolished raffish sensuous off-colour debased purple sultry intemperate stimulating foxy exciting uncultivated erotogenic desirous loutish sleazy incontinent soft-core discourteous churlish skin uncivilized incult outrageous low-down atrocious animal rugged hideous bodily tantalizing graphic full-frontal ravishing bootylicious uncivilised abandoned erogenous mean distasteful disrespectful beddable pervy orgiastic alluring erotical perverted corporeal ardent reprobate sick tantalising unvirtuous barbaric unmannerly repugnant barnyard low-down-and-dirty Fescennine Cyprian unprincipled sickening insensible illiberal horrible loud tactless physical rough-hewn ill-mannered robust extravagant vulgarian lively ruttish hankering decadent lush heavy itching uncensored gruesome mucky barbarian venereal lowdown and dirty repulsive hedonistic malicious hot-blooded odious romantic dishonourable questionable aroused unsavory wrongful vituperative voluptuary unbecoming stimulated brutish loathsome evil noisome impertinent loving insulting oafish impassioned amoral come-hither dishonorable malodorous unblushing savage unsophisticated unconventional unsavoury ithyphallic ignorant venereous shady wild hot and heavy bad outlandish tawdry garish awkward uncalled-for ungracious loud-mouthed graceless lurid barbarous in poor taste sexually arousing page-three sex-hungry desirable sooty evil-minded exuberant satirical fleshy obnoxious exploitative corrupting risque gruff boisterous libellous libelous rousing entertaining profanatory embarrassing provoking kissable cuddly rogue devilish material somatic corporal shameful illicit vigorous parodic irreverent vicious sly rascally profaned desecrated scurvy whorish XXX undecorous ridiculous foulmouthed untoward uncontrollable excessive not pure impious disreputable perverse warped degraded rakehell demoralized jackleg rakehelly unsubtle rollicking roisterous Philistine fervid kinky barro uncontrolled striptease go-go grody blunt slippery villainous sneaking contemptible unworthy fractious grown up warm wistful turned-on scorching unrighteous unequitable reprehensible unrightful ungodly unjust wayward unscrupulous genital dirty-minded untactful callow anacreontic uncurbed in the gutter low-minded private low-down and dirty out of line beyond the pale ignoble epicurean of easy virtue sexually stimulating degrading unsettling affronting vilifying brash colloquial derisive unutterable demoralised freethinking tender coital unconstrained unruly lax swinging unmoral relaxed disorderly grubby grimy sexually exciting craving fornicatory intimate hircine gaudy rustic sex grownup sybaritic luscious luxurious flashy of the flesh exotic vitriolic in the fast lane fast and loose plebeian insolent adults-only philistine hooligan provincial ostentatious flash showy appetitive Dionysiac unspiritual disparaging contumelious denigratory invective derogatory pejorative deprecatory opprobrious ill-behaved bearish primitive meretricious naff indiscreet tatty ungenteel ungallant clownish clumsy ungentlemanly ungainly disgracious mannerless kitsch venomous farmyard voyeuristic classless gawky hick yobbish hillbilly backwoods unladylike cloddish animalistic moving stirring tactile hedonic sensory delightful physically gratifying sharpened pleasing unhealthy longing stupid ornate useless cheap and nasty pretentious foolish unsightly unclassy trivial artificial unlovely makeshift excited clodhopping slobbish badly behaved impudent audacious cheeky disagreeable titillated frisky vituperatory scurrile infamous scurril groundless truculent Neanderthal heavy-handed sensational toey inflamed unhandsome unmannered presumptuous thoughtless inconsiderate exaggerated desiring squirrelly vituperous offending melodramatic grisly macabre turned on ghastly startling sexually aroused in heat hard up hot to trot hot and bothered sexed up on fire toey as a Roman sandal revolting gory sensationalist overdramatized horrifying rubbishy appalling kitschy pulp violent grim monstrous awful grotesque shock-horror grewsome horrific terrible frightful horrendous unearthly vivid dreadful horrid terrific nightmarish nightmare morbid yellow fiery deep bloody terrifying striking sinister extreme sanguine distinct self-indulgent louche fast-living defiled vitiated iniquitous nefarious unethical rotten dishonest indulgent easy crooked pleasure-seeking immoderate unconscionable miscreant wrong fallen gone bad corrupted criminal unbridled devious unlawful riotous uncleanly bent dark bacchanalian gone to the dogs saturnalian bestial light deceitful incorrigible unfair despicable high living morally wrong wolfish out of control roundheeled unrestricted reckless lotus-eating underhand sizzling slack pleasure-loving flagitious roguish unholy venal heinous cutthroat Machiavellian flirtatious careless violated deteriorated vice-ridden drunken open brutal imprudent felonious irresponsible conscienceless two-faced dastardly delinquent lawless objectionable scoundrelly dodgy lacking restraint not cricket night owl harsh sullied revealing tainted hardened daring dubious prodigal contaminated heedless illegal Dionysian irreligious unprofessional overindulgent inconstant sensualist unregenerate degenerated frenetic abased decaying moribund lost declining tarty slaggy knavish unchecked rampant runaway gluttonous gourmandizing untrustworthy deviant blameworthy lawbreaking indictable dishonoured riggish Bacchic tricky retrogressive demeaned retrograde sinking flatitious failing sexually suggestive unhampered impulsive impetuous unhindered unbounded baneful deleterious dishonored red-blooded torrid warm-blooded philandering no better than one should be culpable under-the-table condemnable flagitous twisted dirty-dealing double-dealing mercentary praetorian cheating stop-at-nothing double-crossing two-timing bacchic uproarious Saturnalian binge-eating greedy red-hot sicko unnatural against the law ignominious treacherous fraudulent blamable sacrilegious censurable abhorrent undesirable discreditable gourmand connoisseur foodie enticing hedonist appealing attractive wretched deplorable abominable detestable black hellbent carefree avid obsessive enthusiastic perfidious disgraceful mercenary faithless fast-paced gone to seed bribable self-gratifying temerarious devil-may-care daredevil gadabout frivolous foolhardy beyond contempt cruel ruthless merciless pitiless unfeeling rancorous unkind inhumane callous forbidding errant hard-hearted mean-spirited bloodthirsty heartless wrathful malevolent demonic crafty scrofulous unpleasant black-hearted self-seeking vengeful contemptuous pernicious hateful cold-blooded tyrannical squalid underhanded scornful shifty maleficent despiteful unconscientious sadistic inhuman scheming virulent inexorable vindictive disdainful spiteful

Tính từ

Very attractive or tempting
seductive alluring bewitching captivating tempting sexy fascinating ravishing attractive provocative come-hither flirtatious enticing erotic immodest inviting irresistible sensuous shameless siren suggestive tantalising tantalizing amorous appealing beguiling charismatic charming come-to-bed coquettish elfin enchanting engaging entrancing fetching glamorous glamourous hot luring magnetic passionate sexually arousing sexually exciting slinky steamy sultry tarty attracting desirable drawing specious titillating arousing stimulating racy exciting indelicate indecent sexual pornographic piquant juicy kinky sensual encouraging intriguing cheeky intoxicating interesting heady enthralling compelling provoking salacious risqué charged riveting stirring gripping edgy beddable foxy luscious lush nubile sexually attractive fanciable cute fit spunky bootylicious gorgeous shapely handsome beautiful pretty voluptuous good-looking lovesome lovely striking bodacious stunning drop-dead arresting prepossessing knockout winning beauteous fair dishy taking sightly smashing bonny delightful comely tasty aesthetic esthetic likely bonnie pulchritudinous seemly drop-dead gorgeous good goodly nice-looking easy on the eye kissable as pretty as a picture well-favored elegant adorable dreamy exquisite fine pleasing out of this world bedroom easy on the eyes feline well-favoured toothsome well favoured curvaceous busty yummy dashing delectable radiant delicious divine adorbs scrumptious sweet fabulous babelicious dazzling wholesome sensational nice becoming graceful winsome buxom blooming heavenly stylish fine-looking eye-catching very beautiful on fleek a ten well favored naughty hunky studly beaut flamboyant sublime clean-cut peng

Tính từ

Utterly odious or wicked
heinous abhorrent odious shocking awful contemptible despicable detestable hideous outrageous reprehensible unspeakable abominable atrocious disgraceful monstrous evil execrable grave horrendous horrible horrifying loathsome nefarious revolting vicious dreadful gross horrific inexcusable infamous scandalous shameful egregious flagitious ghastly godawful iniquitous terrible unforgivable unpardonable bad beastly flagrant frightful hateful offensive villainous wicked accursed crying cursed stinking beneath contempt beyond the pale distasteful disgusting yucky lousy repulsive nauseating repugnant sickening unpalatable brackish unappetizing nasty horrid unpleasant foul icky unsavory vile grotty obnoxious repellent grody yucko objectionable vulgar rancid unsavoury sleazy yukky rotten crummy displeasing uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unpleasing harsh dirty disagreeable sour bitter rank shifty grubby tart sharp acid seedy rough shady sad bland cruddy gruesome messy mucky skanky scuzzy yecchy funky creepy appalling nauseous tremendous poor hellacious rubbish dire diabolical noisome deplorable obscene distressing repellant fulsome alarming serious noxious harrowing loathly abysmal ugly disgustful festy gnarly God-awful unsightly from hell godforsaken depressing very unpleasant sick-making grungy base immoral dishonourable sinful dishonorable fiendish mean depraved ignoble degenerate sordid dark wretched corrupt low-down low grisly ignominious cruel criminal unprincipled scurvy dastardly black disreputable intolerable ungodly inhuman wrong devilish infernal barbarous reprobate discreditable unrighteous unlawful shabby damnable diabolic insufferable fearful unethical hellish macabre unworthy unscrupulous crooked grim abject savage nightmarish frightening unholy miserable perverted dishonest putrid dissolute malevolent murderous black-hearted opprobrious paltry lurid sorry off-putting terrific snide currish notorious demonic malicious lamentable barbaric bogging low-minded calamitous shameless bent grewsome nightmare glaring brutish terrifying grievous satanic bestial malfeasant warped undesirable confounded impure worthless ruthless impious vomitous sinister underhand rebarbative beyond contempt amoral perverse unutterable indescribable scoundrelly debased wanton wrongful sick vomit-inducing morally wrong irreligious uninviting profane stomach-turning pathetic sacrilegious blasphemous maleficent cringe-making stomach-churning godless brutal forbidding merciless gut-churning treacherous facinorous cacodemonic roguish knavish exceptionable rascally unfair degrading blameworthy unfortunate lawless underhanded unbearable heartless pitiable desperate pitiful woeful debauched cussed degraded dislikeable blatant filthy insupportable peccable very bad disturbing upsetting extreme pernicious not cricket formidable indecent hair-raising tragic obvious demoniac illicit illegal arrant conspicuous Mephistophelian illegitimate patent shy unrespectable louche shoddy malignant hated inglorious sadistic indefensible preposterous felonious blasted miscreant disastrous dismal dangerous striking pronounced inhumane uncharitable unacceptable cheap improper unconscionable harmful callous caitiff tainted culpable excessive capital lame abandoned adverse spine-chilling intimidating lewd profligate unnerving direful violent demoniacal barefaced irreverent detested despisable disdainable butcherly brute truculent brazen indictable execrated enormous loathed undisguised outright utter despised erring fallen humiliating pestilential abominated audacious naked evident manifest unconcealed complete scurrilous annoying exasperating regrettable transparent palpable immodest overt demonical demonian Luciferian fell sullied deceitful flaming punk unbecoming heartbreaking irritating curst freaking darned cotton-picking danged doggoned durn durned dang doggone goddamned darn deuced exorbitant unhallowed shadowy pesky morbid immoderate cowardly overwhelming disquieting chronic injurious dreaded hairy dismaying vitiated invidious scummy sneaking ratty scabby petty cold-blooded guilty inexpressible bloodthirsty perturbing questionable ornery measly coarse unkind petrifying servile menial plain bloodcurdling spiteful hateable fearsome bad-hearted eerie licentious rancorous wrathful scary redoubtable incorrigible out-and-out brass-necked out and out revulsive unjust untrustworthy sneaky transgressing stark ruffianly blackguardly embarrassing dissipated aberrant ominous thievish blithering dislikable gut-wrenching naughty emetic peccant senseless good-for-nothing catty ferocious dread venal ridiculous foolish poisonous ill-famed diseased terribly bad perfidious mercenary faithless crazed frenetic mad maniacal possessed accurst terrorizing scaring trying bothersome vexatious undignified ribald intemperate unclean drunken carnal heathen pagan non-theistic atheistic untold unhealthy ill-reputed craven implacable daunting unjustifiable severe discouraging useless footling undescribable inequitable animal beast bribable terrorising lou reviled astounding abhorred disconcerting repelling mournful anathematized unchivalrous catastrophic very disgusting uncool pestiferous shuddersome resentful cataclysmic inelegant stupid ruinous inconvenient sheer fierce remorseless devastating stupefying disheartening hateworthy downright inordinate absolute unqualified maggot bloody pants sucky pits tenth-rate inconceivable unbelievable serpentine slimy scungy grotesque heavy beggarly swinish outcast crass inferior apparent unmitigated significant major blamed blessed dratted under a curse stunning astonishing bewildering unsettling startling amazing agitating staggering unlikable tasteless galling peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple contradictory inconsistent hostile opposed incompatible unimaginable surprising unseemly homicidal squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball inimical averse antipathetic antagonistic ineffable unreasonable defective sanguinary tragical unlucky distressful heartrending off-color unfriendly extrinsic counter against extraneous unconformable different opposite unfitted alien foreign blameful irreverential secular unblessed unsanctified unconsecrated steep red hot backbiting highly improper maligning vilifying traducing detractive untrue gossiping detracting below contempt contaminated faulty demoralised untamed insubordinate demoralized libidinous wild infuriating unendurable low-life no-good dirty rotten preternatural undefinable beyond words unwarranted extravagant maddening impossible OTT a load of pants in opposition indescribably bad beyond description indescribably wicked indescribably evil blimming O.T.T. extortionate devious deleterious damaging weighty troublesome heart-rending taxing baneful hurtful prejudicial nocuous mischievous baleful uncivilised depraving debasing contumelious too great shaming disgracing uncivilized debauching detrimental wayward ill unfeeling delinquent slippery sly tyrannical two-faced defiled unconscientious scheming inexorable sorrowful inauspicious too horrible for words pitiless self-indulgent disparaging errant exploitative hard-hearted libertine mean-spirited crafty scrofulous evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous conscienceless squalid scornful dodgy decadent despiteful virulent vindictive corrupted disdainful over the top unhappy desolate doleful cataclysmal unpropitious forlorn destructive blue bad news open bold flaunting ostentatious flagitous unashamed noticeable deliberate bare-faced bald-faced stick out like sore thumb hanging out no good

Tính từ

Having fallen into a state of disrepair or deterioration, especially through neglect
dilapidated derelict decrepit deteriorated deteriorating battered damaged decayed decaying dingy dumpy ramshackle ruined rumpty rundown run down shabby slummy tattered uncared unmaintained wrecked bedraggled crumbling crumbly crummy destroyed impaired injured mangy marred mean old rickety seedy shambly tatterdemalion tatty tumbledown unkempt unsound grungy miserable neglected ratty scruffy shacky shaky tacky timeworn untended beat faded scrubby sleazy threadbare unimproved broken-down beat-up run-down worn-out badly maintained beaten up tumble-down uncared for uncared-for worn out beat up dog-eared fallen in falling apart falling to pieces in disrepair in ruins poorly maintained worse for wear down-at-the-heels gone to rack and ruin in a bad way on its last legs the worse for wear weather-beaten bombed-out fallen-in ill-maintained moth-eaten down-at-heel gone to seed rinky-dink seen better days used-up worn squalid ragged shoddy grotty down at heel raggedy ruinous scuzzy disintegrating frayed sorry insalubrious wretched poor disheveled dishevelled sordid untidy grubby broken in tatters tottering well worn torn tired fragile in rags holey falling apart at the seams filthy skanky depressed rough yucky ragtag scraggy dismal slovenly seamy having seen better days precarious rotten scungy sloppy messy disreputable worn to shreds raggedy-ass warby antiquated ripped in a state of disrepair unpleasant creaky creaking frazzled shaggy flimsy in bad condition collapsing in shreds patched poorly made badly dressed badly worn full of holes decomposing superannuated rotting rent in holes broken down on your last legs pitiful desolate cheap frowzy slipshod spoiled abandoned degenerated base paltry clapped out used crude unsafe insecure unsteady dodgy down-at-the-heel low poverty-stricken rugged overgrown breaking up caving in falling in unstable frail wobbly weak torn to pieces bad tawdry infirm rocky spoilt in ribbons faulty defective second-rate unhealthy withering nasty haggard disordered time-worn wild dirty in poor condition disfigured bare meager meagre breaking eroding busted slumlike trashy subsiding moldering putrefying peeling unprepossessing mouldering used up all the worse for wear low-class falling down dowdy slimy skeezy limp slum-like shredded under par below par coming apart at the seams out at elbows down and dirty forgotten unattended unloved historic overcrowded godforsaken underprivileged deprived beaten-up done clapped-out dateless hazardous perilous dangerous treacherous unweeded uncultivated wonky outworn teetery uncouth unkept worm-eaten ancient old-fashioned useless unusable weedgrown manky peaked shattered droopy wilted sickly wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging contaminated infected septic unwholesome blighted quavering shaking effete anile crippled insubstantial imperfect jerry-built feeble scroungy woebegone knocked around mediocre coming undone overused overworked unsavoury unsavory scabby dishonest crooked smirched substandard ordinary lousy well-read well-thumbed about to collapse about to break middling low-grade menial two-bit sad lined dinged totaled wizened rachitic wavering tottery unbalanced rattletrap geriatric cure pot low-rent rank mucky indigent sick impoverished sticky gunky gungy condemned fordone undone irreparable undid shot irremediable split decrepit. in ruins in bad repair out of condition unoccupiable unlivable tasteless gaudy vulgar blasted munted worn-down wrung out pegged out well-worn desultory unpressed unfinished contemptible kitsch showy garish hurt robbed plundered pillaged defaced botched mutilated uninhabited harried harmed flash Brummagem common loud about to fall apart down at the heel uninhabitable corroded naff flashy disintegrated crumbled outmoded ostentatious out-of-date stodgy frumpy unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky gaunt drained unwell cheap and nasty pinched exhausted fatigued drawn in bad taste coarsened debauched raddled hollow-eyed malfunctioning inoperative washed out on one's last legs with sunken cheeks kaput down bust not working non-functioning dud not functioning finished duff knackered disorganized disorderly playing up gone haywire acting up gone phut done for conked out conked-out out of order jumbled disarrayed cluttered out of commission on the blink chaotic muddled on the fritz not in working order mussed tumbled rumpled mussy tousled confused disarranged messed littered in a state pell-mell disorganised messed up upside-down unruly topsy-turvy hugger-mugger in a mess higgledy-piggledy

Tính từ

Dirty or unhygienic
uncleanly dirty filthy smudged unhygienic begrimed soiled cruddy draggled foul greasy grimy slimy smutty sullied unclean befouled bemired besmirched defiled dreggy dusty grubby grungy mucky scummy sooty stained bedraggled black blackened contaminated dingy dungy fouled grotty muddy murky polluted scuzzy sordid spattered squalid icky nasty pigpen sloppy spotted undusted unlaundered unsanitary unswept unwashed yucky festy skanky messy manky gungy smeared bogging scungy unkempt insanitary crummy gross feculent tarnished sleazy muddied disheveled dishevelled shabby mud-caked slovenly dirt-encrusted putrid smelly fetid rotten besmeared foetid unpleasant smeary grimed tainted loathsome disgusting repulsive revolting grody yukky ruined uncleaned miry not clean distasteful horrible disagreeable sickening untidy offensive odious repellent nauseating vile repugnant blemished discolored marked obnoxious awful objectionable abominable dreadful unappetizing nauseous impure horrendous unpalatable hideous noxious appalling terrible horrid malodorous noisome frightful rancid stinking unsavoury atrocious lousy uninviting rank acrid ghastly beastly gruesome mephitic diabolical ugly pongy stinky whiffy bad niffy unsportsmanlike repellant fulsome wretched sneaking shocking despicable bitter contemptible sorry unfair pitiful funky scandalous deplorable displeasing obscene miasmal ratty loathly uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unpleasing unsavory harsh abhorrent scabby cheap scurvy illegal evil sour wicked paltry mean lame discoloured pitiable disgustful yucko olid hellish poison bum ungodly unholy on the nose sick-making off-putting God-awful sludgy putrefied decaying sticky seedy bespattered rundown slatternly foul-smelling evil-smelling insalubrious slummy slushy dowdy cloudy scruffy dust-filled spotty dust-covered oozy frowzy miserable gloopy tatty grim caked sloughy flea-bitten arenaceous arenose dust-ridden straggly disarrayed unsightly mucous muculent clammy viscous glutinous dishabille mung mud-spattered smoky faecal fecal horry yecchy verminous slipshod soily mud-encrusted

Tính từ

Having an untidy or unkempt appearance
slovenly disheveled unkempt dishevelled frumpy scruffy untidy daggy dowdy frowzy messy slobbish sloppy bedraggled blowsy dirty frowsy grubby grungy raggedy seedy sleazy slobby sloven tacky blowzy dingy grody pigpen schlumpy slatternly down at heel ill-groomed down-at-the-heel draggle-tailed mussy ruffled ragged shabby ungroomed tousled straggly mussed snarled tumbled rumpled ratty windblown unneat uncombed tangled wild matted mussed up messed up badly dressed shaggy worse for wear draggletailed dilapidated threadbare tatty poorly dressed inappropriately dressed tatterdemalion tattered ill-clad scraggly moth-eaten frayed badly groomed faded frazzled scrubby run-down neglected disordered decrepit tangly disarrayed mean down-at-heel beat-up worn mangy miserable poor old tumbledown worn-out dog-eared down-at-the-heels dumpy bombed-out timeworn shoddy stodgy disarranged wrinkled grotty torn knotty scraggy broken-down ragtag rundown battered in rags frumpish worn out disorganized baggy disorganised ill-dressed windswept squalid slipshod vulgar slummy sad insalubrious tawdry crummy knotted crude decaying ramshackle ripped run down second-rate ruinous in tatters well worn in a mess rickety falling to pieces poorly made the worse for wear gone to seed worn to shreds having seen better days hanging loose tired badly worn full of holes unclean drab slapdash unwashed unfashionable unbrushed raddled dishabille unpolished rent coarse coarse-looking messed patched holey split straggling spreading in holes desultory unpressed contemptible unfinished down at the heel shredded disreputable loose random rambling drifting straying messed-up tasteless gaudy raggedy-ass warby kitsch cheap showy nasty garish homely plain spread out aimless sprawling irregular higgledy-piggledy disfigured decayed out at elbows deteriorated ruined bare deteriorating pitiful degenerated meager falling apart at the seams desolate poorly maintained poverty-stricken meagre derelict mumsy dreary trashy flash Brummagem common loud disintegrating uncared-for unmaintained crumbling shambly depressed unseemly flashy naff manky scungy shacky rumpty in ruins not smart gone to rack and ruin dodgy droopy in a bad way overgrown used up wilted beat up drooping sickly wilting ailing sagging flagging outmoded ostentatious cheap and nasty out-of-date unbecoming low in bad taste waxy unsuitable poky sordid sorry wretched dismal broken rugged scuzzy in shreds torn to pieces bad mediocre substandard base lousy ordinary paltry middling low-grade menial two-bit low-rent

Tính từ

Engaging in childish misbehavior

Tính từ

Of poor quality or a low standard
bad terrible awful dreadful lousy poor atrocious cheap crummy abysmal horrible rough abominable appalling deplorable diabolical disastrous horrendous horrid lame mediocre sad substandard unacceptable wretched below par blah cheesy cruddy dire garbage grim gross junky poor quality unsatisfactory beastly bummer diddly dissatisfactory downer erroneous grody grotty icky inferior less-than-stellar not good pathetic poor-quality second-rate sub-par the pits third-rate bad news fallacious godawful grungy not the best trashy under par useless worthless disgraceful egregious execrable frightful lamentable laughable pitiful rubbish bum bush-league chronic detestable duff low-grade low-quality low-rent not up to par not up to scratch not up to snuff pants poxy reprehensible ropy second-class stinking wack crumby cut-rate damnable meagre meager odious paltry rubbishy scurrilous stinky sucky tinhorn two-bit unspeakable valueless bargain-basement el cheapo indefensible irremediable schlocky rotten shoddy miserable deficient inadequate common subpar schlock wanting coarse suboptimal cheapjack gimcrack trumpery sleazy punk dismal imperfect shabby sorry wrong off bush tawdry ill sour a load of pants hopeless defective faulty base below standard crude junk middling tatty direful average disagreeable ordinary disappointing lemon woeful below average pitiable tacky contemptible nasty weak insufficient dime-a-dozen unsound incompetent indifferent hack poorer tinny subnormal mean abject déclassé inept good-for-nothing flawed not up to much leaving much to be desired dodgy jerry-built lacking low bodger God-awful amateurish very bad unexceptional pedestrian pits not much cop no good feeble from hunger downmarket tenth-rate low-end ineffectual unpleasant ratty offensive distressing ineffective inexpert no great shakes worse shocking grubby repulsive cheapo naff unsuitable displeasing careless hideous twopenny-halfpenny cheap and nasty run-down half-pie meretricious incapable unskilful dilapidated impotent shameful piss-poor regrettable trifling piddling unworthy seedy gaudy calamitous unimpressive cheapie Brummagem unproficient brummagem not up to standard insufferable tattered damaged second rate negligent insignificant ghastly cheap-jack of a sort a dime a dozen not good enough revolting repellent objectionable insubstantial inefficient sordid slipshod distasteful catastrophic unfortunate commonplace flimsy fair tasteless vulgar inapt dud despicable scummy scurvy dirty scabby repellant obnoxious foul rickety powerless repugnant ramshackle rancid amiss vile derisory impaired undistinguished uninspired loathsome makeshift kitsch scroungy inproficient undesirable impermissible intolerable inadmissible inappropriate dingy reject negligible pinchbeck brassy yucky weak sauce strictly for the birds unsatisfying broken-down run down trivial minimal scruffy hellacious hateful for the birds hellish down at heel entry-level a dead loss noisome rinky-dink dime-store bottom-rung god-awful obscene minor-league two a penny minor league small potatoes not satisfying bungling garbagy showy slovenly not so good corny cheeseball grievous garish end-of-the-pier sneaking reduced limited tinpot desperate throwaway puny uncomfortable ropey little twopenny kitschy badly built poopy second-best unfit sparing restricted inappreciable inconsiderable low quality stupid unwelcome harmful outrageous well below par thrown together poorly second class broken dissatisfying unequal cataclysmic tough depressing unqualified rebarbative disgustful loathly disgusting so-so not cutting it unseemly plastic pretentious inglorious low-down shlocky unsightly godforsaken shlock gruesome sickening off-form under-strength off-color nauseating ridiculous absurd ludicrous rueful tragic affecting insupportable exceptionable improper unfitted disturbing disconcerting disquieting thin unable to do something to save one's life unable to do something for toffee very poor run-of-the-mine passable medium run-of-the-mill run-of-mine dubious unreasonable questionable condemnable out not much chop nauseous outclassed bog-standard uninspiring foolish-looking silly craptacular not oneself inacceptable unappealing uninviting noxious squalid not on not cricket of poor quality beyond the pale won't do over the fence not quite the done thing half-baked of low quality out of order under the weather fair to middling slummy leaving a lot to be desired insalubrious scandalous abhorrent evil fulsome unskillful unskilled accursed villainous hairy cursed revulsive brutal heinous horrifying inefficacious mangy scuzzy scrubby bedraggled decrepit untidy threadbare worn-out unkempt lacking ability menial neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown rundown moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel timeworn measly unimportant ignoble petty inconsequential lesser pointless futile low cost meaningless unavailing unproductive nugatory unusable inutile bogus nothing sterile waste counterproductive unprofitable abandoned profitless barren unessential minor small nominal no-account less than ideal scant sparse empty no-good drossy second best ne'er-do-well bad quality jerrybuilt not ideal less than satisfactory less than optimal unideal niggling picayune chicken minute piddly slight footling pimping piffling peanut underwhelming uncultured low-class unfashionable lowbrow unsophisticated tricky slender excruciating anticlimactic unfulfilling depleted scarce bathetic uninteresting failing de minimis Mickey Mouse disreputable found wanting not acceptable bereft not okay too little disillusioning scanty diminished not all it's cracked up to be falling short skimpy shy short few dwindling cut dumbed down in short supply at a low level fruitless no use lowly senseless hollow vain null banal wanky chaffy nickel-and-dime humble unpretentious secondary subordinate unfructuous to no avail of no benefit bootless not worth a hill of beans subsidiary second-string junior subservient unassuming low-ranking demeaning degrading ancillary second-fiddle smaller bottom slighter lower ignominious servile lower-ranking plebeian humdrum small-fry small-time lower in status dinky third-string undersized low-born subjacent lower in rank back seat less important second-banana beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important lower-class not so important

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