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Alternative for blithering

blithering /'bliðəriɳ/ (blithesome) /'blaiðsəm/
  • tính từ
    • (thông tục) ba hoa, nói huyên thiên; hay nói bậy bạ
    • hết sức, thậm chí
      • a blithering idiot: anh chàng chí ngu
    • đang khinh, hèn hạ, ti tiện

Tính từ

Talking incoherently

Tính từ

Contemptible (used as a term of abuse or for emphasis)
miserable contemptible despicable vile wretched abject cursed execrable flaming sordid abominable accursed confounded deplorable detestable disgraceful disgusting heinous infernal loathsome lousy nasty odious pathetic reprehensible revolting cruddy degenerate dirty footling lame measly shabby useless worthless abhorrent stupid villainous low-down misbegotten base low mean ignominious sorry ignoble shameful hateful offensive paltry distasteful scurvy currish dishonorable snide dishonourable low-minded depraved debased bad corrupt repulsive appalling repugnant shocking horrid wicked repellent degraded horrible dreadful pitiful abandoned nauseating obnoxious pitiable unsavoury cheap unworthy discreditable disreputable awful no-good ratty grubby scabby scummy sneaking sad rotten degrading beastly unsavory filthy beyond the pale beyond contempt good-for-nothing shiftless feckless no-account incompetent unspeakable disdainable despisable cowardly petty hateworthy poor crass swinish outcast beggarly inferior unprincipled unscrupulous slimy scungy infamous caitiff horrifying dirty rotten low-life below contempt beneath contempt foul ugly evil unpleasant vicious vulgar sickening perverted disagreeable sinful atrocious off-putting iniquitous monstrous dark dissolute humiliating reprobate diabolic yucky diabolical debauched obscene gut-churning hellish God-awful icky damnable coarse gross devilish nefarious sick-making fiendish sick immoral black wrong vomitous unethical noxious bogging unlawful noisome unrighteous loathly impure flagitious egregious yucko disgustful stinking terrible sleazy vomit-inducing

Động từ

Present participle for to speak rapidly and unintelligibly, typically through fear or shock
gibbering babbling chattering prattling jabbering gabbling prating chatting nattering driveling drivelling blathering gabbing jawing gassing waffling twittering blabbing pattering blethering yakking rambling cackling wittering yattering yapping blabbering twaddling burbling clacking maundering rabbitting rabbiting yabbering chuntering twattling bumbling drooling sputtering yammering slabbering mumbling ranting muttering earbashing bleating flanneling flannelling blubbering raving murmuring blurting running on going on yackety-yakking rattling on rabbiting on talking incoherently running off at the mouth talking foolishly talking gibberish spilling the beans rattling gossipping gossiping rattling away talking chit-chatting rapping schmoozing tattling conversing palavering chaffering chinning shmoozing kibitzing kibbitzing visiting tittle-tattling clavering spouting talking nineteen to the dozen talking incessantly talking a lot slabbering on talking at length wittering on talking the hind legs off a donkey wandering gushing babbling on chinwagging going on and on shooting one's mouth off blathering on rambling on shooting the breeze harping on chewing the fat gaggling spluttering paltering confabulating drifting straying talking nonsensically talking trivially meandering digressing talking idly expatiating talking randomly amplifying droning on talking aimlessly talking nonsense ranting and raving boiling confusing going on about talking the hind leg off a donkey shooting the bull having a chat chewing the rag spieling holding forth yakety-yakking laboring the point keeping on overstressing dwelling on banging on chitchatting communicating speaking having a conversation powwowing engaging in conversation having a chinwag having a confab discoursing conferring discussing communing dialoging footling parleying dishing rumouring rumoring having a talk talking a blue streak conversating orating buzzing uttering wagging talking rapidly talking unintelligibly clattering having a discussion snitching exchanging views spreading rumours circulating rumours spreading gossip spreading stories noising telling tales blowing smoke telling on socializing socialising bantering blahing barking spitting twiddling carrying on talking listing informing piffling talking a mile a minute verbalizing talking rubbish talking on and on yacking tonguing talking ten to the dozen using exchanging boasting bragging running off at mouth swapping gossip verbalising consulting with each other reeling off running through making small talk humming and hawing squealing peaching mouthing chatting idly speaking to each other discussing things talking someone's ear off articulating spreading rumors spilling grassing leaking sneaking talking through one's hat talking out of turn having a tete-a-tete telling tale ratting on blowing the whistle dishing the dirt giving the show away having a big mouth giving away spreading rumor interacting putting heads together sharing ideas liaising brainstorming making conversation racking brains discussing matters having a word rhapsodizing breaking chanting notifying divulging broaching droning describing soliloquizing intoning rhapsodising drawling expressing oneself giving voice ventriloquizing turning over commenting on giving voice to flapping one's tongue talking one's leg off whispering spreading implying repeating schmoosing suggesting bad-mouthing intimating reporting hinting insinuating wiggle-waggling cutting to pieces telling tales out of school bending one's ear bruiting about telling secrets cutting up

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