Đồng nghĩa của low life


An untrustworthy, despicable, or disreputable person
scumbag creep jerk cretin dirtbag lowlife scoundrel dog sleazebag degenerate reprobate slime slimeball stinkard swine criminal dastard rat snake varmint buzzard lout rogue sleaze tyrant worm evildoer miscreant monster psychopath scum stinker vermin baddie baddy knave meanie meany rascal scuzzball sleazeball sociopath good-for-nothing despicable person evil-doer no-good bad guy mischief-maker evil person bad character nasty person bad egg unprincipled person louse beast rotter heel bounder cad blighter skunk brute wretch devil scrote toerag pig low life riff-raff refuse rabble garbage trash toad crud cur dirt undesirable trog despicable people rats pill so-and-so bleeder churl crumb schmuck hound reptile chuff clown slob boor fink joker lowest of the low pond scum dirty dog rat fink dregs of society son of a gun weasel blackguard villain varlet snake in the grass vagabond spalpeen sleeveen dingo nasty piece of work cheat bad lot swindler rapscallion skank fraudster trickster stinkpot wastrel scalawag oaf vulgarian wrong 'un charlatan ruffian savage mofo mother barbarian philistine SOB bumpkin rube ratfink crook rake fiend butthole bum caitiff scapegrace heavy scamp liar nazi scallywag idiot jackass weirdo peasant dork thug yahoo maggot buffoon goon scuzzbag slimebag slimebucket hooligan clodhopper hick incorrigible prick pervert dirtball lummox boob backstabber wrongdoer bear hayseed shyster dip deviant profligate rounder troublemaker delinquent scally kuri sneak bully rowdy misfeasor malfeasant unpleasant person outcast reprehensible person black sheep sly person dastardly person ne'er-do-well cootie dolt hind twit dipstick traitor serpent betrayer turncoat numskull Judas quisling double-dealer double-crosser swain yokel back-stabber viper informer stupid mucker rustic jake gawk bucolic two-timer rass recreant apostate malefactor sinner offender culprit turd chav clod convict lawbreaker outlaw yob roughneck clodpole hoon loudmouth yobbo brawler trespasser transgressor ape toughie Neanderthal rough lump redneck bogan lubber bosthoon bruiser gorilla cougan poltroon derelict ronion horror bezonian pariah libertine looser beggar jagoff pauper scullion cullion renegade pilgarlic ingrate imp black hat skelm primitive tough scozza oik undesirables drunkard hoodlum racketeer loafer pickpocket gaolbird bootlegger jailbird felon bully boy lager lout hard man rubbish good-for-nothings ratbag animal Z-list canaille peasants antagonist sadist demon hood shark monstrosity bogeyman in the underclass hoi polloi ragtag and bobtail enfant terrible as common as muck


Of, or belonging to, the lower social class
lowly common humble plebeian low proletarian inferior ignoble mean lowborn baseborn vulgar lumpen lowlife prole unwashed lower-class ordinary low-born base working-class obscure low-ranking peasant poor simple modest undistinguished meek unpretentious servile popular declassed plain subordinate blue-singlet low-class contemptible low-bred gentle mild submissive docile unassuming dutiful retiring reverential mundane withdrawing everyday obsequious menial prosaic commonplace blue-collar of low birth plebby cast down dishonourable dishonorable unworthy crude cloth-cap average grassroots democratic people's middling traditional unsophisticated banal conventional pedestrian déclassé second-rate bourgeois philistine second-class declassé unimportant scrubby miserable shabby insignificant uncouth meager unrefined measly severe of low rank unfit inconsequential wretched trivial puny sordid petty underprivileged rough beggarly meagre inglorious paltry unremarkable pitiful humdrum deprived subservient minor lesser low-grade junior lower lower-ranking secondary ancillary smaller abject degrading small fawning sycophantic slavish demeaning sorry groveling obeisant ignominious grovelling subsidiary reduced poorer second-string second-fiddle supporting less entry-level bottom-rung less important lower-level obedient self-abasing unresisting ingratiating craven baser unambitious buck subaltern subalternate limited mediocre unskilled diminished boring low-status marginal unaspiring unimposing unexceptional routine dull lessened little lousy bottom slighter sad vile dinky small-fry bush-league third-string undersized subjacent minor-league small-time lower in rank lower in status low-level lower-grade lower rung second-banana beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important back seat not so important associate second supplementary reserve alternative supplemental spare alternate backup substitute fallback attendant auxiliary tedious basic younger accessory extra relief sub under youngest assistant fall-back vice- sub-

Trái nghĩa của low life

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