Đồng nghĩa của low minded


Having a coarse, unrefined, vulgar demeanor
dirty vulgar coarse crude gross rude base contemptible currish despicable detestable disgusting dishonourable dishonorable execrable foul ignoble ignominious low low-down mean nasty obscene paltry snide sordid uncouth vile wretched abject base-minded common filthy grovelling groveling indecent lewd offensive smutty shameful shabby rotten wicked scurvy disgraceful reprehensible heinous loathsome odious bad hateful immoral unprincipled cheap abominable disreputable beastly lousy wrong unworthy infamous degenerate uncharitable villainous deplorable worthless abhorrent sorry corrupt vicious obnoxious degraded depraved horrible cruel distasteful scummy evil sinful unpleasant improper nefarious horrid revolting unscrupulous shocking dastardly petty discreditable servile menial cowardly grubby sleazy lame off-color ratty scabby unfair disagreeable ugly repulsive scandalous iniquitous repugnant debased treacherous underhand lamentable unsavoury repellent dishonest nauseating atrocious monstrous stinking dissolute reprobate profane impure indelicate miserable pitiful unlawful poor unsavory awful scungy sneaking beyond contempt spiteful appalling unkind malicious callous malevolent dreadful perverted illegal squalid unfriendly unethical dark crooked unrighteous diabolic diabolical naughty inconsiderate yucky fiendish ribald unseemly degrading beggarly underhanded black pitiable flagitious egregious yucko hurtful shady vindictive saucy blue spicy illegitimate hostile inequitable barbarous trashy earthy near the knuckle hard-hearted caitiff undignified ill-natured malign not cricket catty beyond the pale crass illicit pathetic no-good despiteful outrageous horrifying dirty rotten unbecoming cruddy inelegant virulent malignant sad doggish shoddy tawdry slavish humble poxy ungodly wrongful swinish hateworthy measly outcast lowly despisable unspeakable inferior plebeian disdainable slimy beneath contempt low-life below contempt irreligious sacrilegious impious unholy blasphemous meanspirited erring fallen murderous godless peccable scoundrelly sullied black-hearted tainted roguish bent warped morally wrong notorious rascally lawless malfeasant criminal craven accursed godawful abominated grody hated maggot loathed detested execrated despised hateable abhorred unchivalrous shameless narrow-minded blameworthy wounding abusive mean-spirited ill-tempered annoying ornery ruthless evil-minded surly sarcastic cantankerous ill-humoured bad-tempered poisonous venomous churlish ill-humored peasant ordinary reproachful modest simple plain insensitive fraudulent thoughtless deceitful heartless unsporting crafty unfeeling uncaring coldhearted unsympathetic double-dealing ungentlemanly inhumane cold-blooded savage brutal not nice sadistic inhuman harsh sly cunning devious wily Machiavellian sneaky cheating shifty conniving designing calculating guileful deceiving unsportsmanly shrewd unsportsmanlike deceptive unrefined below the belt knavish ill-gotten against the rules slick scheming Janus-faced out of order suggestive risqué racy bawdy boorish foulmouthed indecorous raunchy rough-hewn raw corporeal gamy adult porn roughneck lustful tasteless porny porno concupiscent lascivious voluptuous fleshly sensual fruity stag carnal rough lowbrow lowbred scatological raffish close to the bone scatologic sexual in the gutter pornographic rugged gutter wanton locker-room X-rated steamy unprintable immodest unmannerly salty near the bone broad off colour unrestrained sickening off-putting humiliating debauched gut-churning hellish icky sick-making God-awful damnable devilish vomitous sick bogging noisome noxious disgustful loathly terrible abandoned vomit-inducing


Lacking class or refinement in one's manner or behavior
vulgar ill-bred uncouth low unrefined boorish common crude gross impolite rough uncultivated uncultured unmannerly ill-mannered indecorous ordinary unseemly plebeian unsophisticated coarse crass illiberal illiterate incult insensible loutish low-born lowbred lowbrow philistine raffish rough-hewn roughneck rude rugged tasteless uneducated unpolished vernacular yobbish baseborn general ignorant native plebby uncivil oafish uncivilized churlish uncivilised discourteous brutish graceless barbaric unmannered rustic barbarian bad-mannered barbarous inelegant ungentlemanly inconsiderate indelicate primitive savage gruff ungracious clumsy unladylike Neanderthal thuggish awkward raw blunt cloddish thoughtless disrespectful wild tactless mannerless loud slobbish brusque ungallant harsh gauche impertinent bearish clodhopping provincial benighted Neandertal insensitive clownish curt offensive impudent heathen uncalled-for unchivalrous simple heathenish natural sullen insolent classless stiff ungraceful untutored swinish improper bungling unhandsome wooden uncomfortable uneasy rustical maladroit surly cruel base mean ungainly gawky unread indiscreet unsubtle brash ornery cantankerous rash unsavoury inept unlettered unenlightened blundering uninformed stilted hasty untactful foul-mouthed unsavory low-bred loud-mouthed unschooled stupid parochial dour untaught hooligan brutal lumpish insulting lewd inhuman heavy indecent ugly unpleasant untrained imprudent callous sharp abusive hick inurbane irritable audacious cheeky disgracious injudicious unpolitic misbehaved ill-humored artless unworldly shameless badly behaved ill-humoured uncoordinated lumpen undiplomatic fresh impolitic ocker lubberly nescient raunchy unlearned backward corrupt outlandish analphabetic nonliterate uninstructed dark heavy-handed socially unsure socially awkward lacking in social graces socially inept non-U unfinished basic obnoxious obtuse subhuman agrestic unfeeling bourgeois earthy troglodytic undiscriminating imperceptive stolid rough and ready ill-behaved sketchy commercial materialist untamed vicious merciless rowdy bullying doltish loudmouthed crabbed disagreeable immature dense hoonish ungentlemanlike bad-tempered ill-tempered morose careless presumptuous poor shoddy countrified unpoised anti-intellectual inartistic short tart offhand derogatory pert brassy straightforward precipitate poorly educated tacky cheap common as muck off lippy sleazy sordid ungenteel flip offish like a bull in a china shop moody contumelious underbred malapert lumbering laboured backwoods hillbilly out-of-line uncharitable unkind mean-spirited abrupt unfriendly unnatural unwieldy ponderous unco elephantine tough profane severe ribald hard bluff obscene foul snippy cross-grained polite grumpy miserly unsociable grouchy truculent ill-natured unneighborly touchy cussed crusty dirty forbidding austere fierce bawdy roughcast grim vulgarian filthy stern all thumbs steely stark intimidating louring grievous uncontrolled outrageous ungodly unholy unconscionable wicked labored uncourtly rusty flinty onerous unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive ungentle beyond the pale murderous lowering unwise inadvisable ill-educated ill-informed unthinking unperceptive unaccomplished in a state of nature inexperienced unversed unpractised unqualified ill-advised

Trái nghĩa của low minded

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