Đồng nghĩa của tacky

Alternative for tacky

tackier, tackiest

Đồng nghĩa: brassy, cheap, flash, flashy, garish, gaudy, gimcrack, loud, meretricious, tatty, tawdry, trashy,

Tính từ

Showing poor taste and quality
crude gaudy tasteless tawdry vulgar cheap garish kitsch nasty showy tatty beat-up bombed-out Brummagem common dilapidated dog-eared down-at-heel down-at-the-heels dumpy flash grungy loud mangy mean miserable moth-eaten neglected ratty run-down scrubby scruffy second-rate seedy shabby sleazy tatterdemalion threadbare timeworn trashy tumbledown flashy naff broken-down dingy faded frumpy low messy ostentatious outmoded out-of-date poky shoddy sloppy slovenly stodgy unbecoming unkempt unsuitable untidy waxy cheap and nasty in bad taste inferior poor tattered rundown bedraggled grotty crummy decrepit mediocre ragged worn wretched squalid rubbishy low-grade ramshackle gimcrack meretricious run down grubby gone to seed raggedy worn-out lousy down at heel cheapjack glaring bad scuzzy brash paltry junky cheesy worthless worse for wear execrable sorry rickety glitzy substandard chintzy low-rent battered flamboyant tinny rotten pitiful trumpery duff third-rate ropy rubbish schlocky poor-quality decaying brummagem old brassy slummy frayed terrible coarse bum insalubrious base worn out decayed tinsel el cheapo rough frowzy two-bit jerry-built pretentious dismal disheveled flimsy derelict sordid dirty ruined sad dishevelled lurid crumbling kitschy tired flaunting glittering uncared-for flaring bush-league inadequate schlock swanky dreadful filthy cut-rate bargain-basement falling to pieces dodgy deteriorated dowdy ruinous slipshod jazzy deteriorating tinselly below par yucky raffish shacky below standard low quality bodger disreputable obtrusive blatant brazen awful atrocious abysmal splashy appalling unsatisfactory unpleasant swank razzle-dazzle ornate lowbrow deficient gone to rack and ruin beat up frightful shambly pants cruddy downmarket dire twopenny-halfpenny over-bright torn useless ragtag well worn rumpty dime-a-dozen low-quality rinky-dink crass scraggy low-class in disrepair gross poor quality raunchy bright down-at-the-heel in ruins bling-bling a load of pants harsh insubstantial screaming bilious noisy weather-beaten cheapo abject cheap-jack extravagant makeshift insufficient lamentable deplorable skanky sickly valueless unacceptable scungy scroungy tinhorn diabolical unmaintained lame holey desolate subpar punk degenerated direful egregious damaged tenth-rate used unfashionable poverty-stricken frazzled in tatters in poor taste brilliant not up to much plastic uncultured badly dressed tumble-down seen better days badly maintained the worse for wear in a bad way having seen better days poorly maintained snazzy corny violent bold seamy unprepossessing nauseating distasteful unattractive average inelegant florid imperfect overdone defective pitiable ritzy unrefined faulty skeezy dud slimy catchpenny junk limp lemon cheapie colorful daggy rugged slobbish depressed pinchbeck low-down disfigured bare meager disintegrating meagre over the top ripped colourful slobby half-pie ungroomed sloven frowsy raggedy-ass warby entry-level low-end impaired injured shaggy low cost blowsy no great shakes slatternly down and dirty untended below average dime-store shaky off-color artificial wild not much cop all the worse for wear bottom-rung unsound blowzy tousled a dime a dozen not up to snuff in shreds falling apart used-up tangled contemptible schlumpy second-class poorly made out at elbows ill-maintained in rags two a penny badly worn full of holes under par draggle-tailed uncombed falling apart at the seams on its last legs thin unsophisticated cheap-looking sporty offensive down scale badly built shopworn overwrought thrown together bad quality over-elaborate trifling underprivileged deprived down-market garbagy sucky indifferent dishonest crooked smirched inglorious withering conspicuous expensive OTT ropey poxy chronic throwaway outworn slumlike twopenny fakey ancient old-fashioned rent pizazzy fancy glittery pizzazzy fancy-pants nifty ordinary distressed bombastic outrageous tottering middling menial bling elaborate scabby dumbed down of a sort well-read well-thumbed sparkling downscale peaked shattered broken split patched wrecked uncared rank mucky indigent sick impoverished sticky gunky gungy uncomfortable disagreeable common as muck slum-like in bad repair out of condition in bad condition destroyed marred crumbly hateful horrible creaky antiquated in holes wack wanting off bush sour suboptimal dissatisfactory wrong ill creaking superannuated noddy desultory unpressed unfinished down at the heel worn to shreds shredded poorly pathetic unimproved beat straggly mussy ruffled unstylish styleless ticky-tack ticky-tacky from hunger fallen-in uncared for beaten up fallen in scraggly mussed tumbled snarled torn to pieces weak sauce sub-par quavering shaking in a state of disrepair haggard effete anile crippled fragile messed up mussed up matted rumpled windblown unneat manky commonplace droopy overgrown wilted wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging end-of-the-pier bogus empty garbage no-good despicable good-for-nothing abandoned barren piss-poor grody pigpen Mickey Mouse used up second-best ill-groomed Daliesque clinquant affected twee camp mod posturing gimmicky strictly for the birds rude second class uncouth cure pot improper low in quality rough-hewn roughneck incult insensible indiscreet unpolished tactless lowbred uncultivated unseemly ill-bred illiberal indecorous indelicate graceless impolite stupid hideous foolish unsightly outlandish barbarous unclassy low-down-and-dirty trivial unlovely barbaric gay splendiferous pizzazz frou-frou chichi pzazz gussied up putting on the ritz scurvy scummy sneaking abominable laughable woeful hack not up to scratch weak poorer horrendous subnormal vile crumby stinking beastly God-awful déclassé the pits hopeless horrid repulsive flawed unexceptional pedestrian leaving much to be desired not up to par disappointing loathsome sickening repellent disastrous objectionable revolting odious grim wicked icky rancid ghastly gruesome repellant shocking scandalous displeasing unwelcome stinky loathly foul disgustful hellish distressing disgusting repugnant detestable obnoxious jerrybuilt unappetizing nauseous unpalatable noxious very bad malodorous noisome unsavoury unspeakable incompetent uninviting smelly acrid putrid fetid polluted mephitic pongy whiffy ugly smudged stained besmirched yukky befouled smutty unfair blackened miasmal sullied abhorrent evil bemired dusty unclean uncleanly niffy unsportsmanlike black fulsome draggled bitter grimy funky obscene uncongenial unpleasing unsavory muddy begrimed illegal soiled grievous less-than-stellar festy yucko olid no good foetid poison ungodly unholy slapdash slight second rate sick-making off-putting on the nose unfortunate breakable light regrettable heartbreaking knocked together frail mournful insignificant unstable tottery wobbly superficial careless feeble of little value pits disgraceful of no value calamitous evil-smelling foul-smelling unimpressive downer bummer of poor quality of low quality godawful of no financial value damnable for the birds cheeseball amateurish negligent vicious delicate unsaleable well below par merciful amiss unsubstantial desperate ill-constructed of negligible value shlocky godforsaken shlock unhappy meritless rebarbative hellacious insufferable tinpot reject piddling unworthy harmful melancholy craptacular unsatisfying negligible without value worse lacking moving compassionate afflicted stirring beggarly joyless commiserative tearful arousing suffering rueful piteous sorrowful heartrending touching comfortless affecting cheerless minimal poopy would fetch nothing not up to standard of no worth of little worth nickel-and-dime blameworthy overwhelming unbearable dishonourable intolerable dishonorable horrifying dolorous afflictive opprobrious minor-league minor league small potatoes not satisfying not good enough of little financial value theatrical specious sham ruthful blah dicty superfly diddly not good erroneous ten a penny dislikable bad news fallacious not the best scurrilous reprehensible indefensible irremediable

Tính từ

Dowdy, shabbily dressed
unfashionable unstylish tasteless cheesy trashy styleless dowdy inelegant ticky-tack ticky-tacky outmoded outdated dated antiquated archaic passé bygone unhip old-fashioned out-of-date out of style old hat drab dull moldy vintage antwacky mouldy unpolished vulgar unsophisticated obsolete out prehistoric square antediluvian defunct frumpy superseded unpopular crusty passe yesterday's out of date out of fashion behind the times old-fangled olde worlde out of the ark not fashionable old ancient antique superannuated old-time outworn obsolescent past old-world medieval quaint anachronistic mediaeval musty moth-eaten oldfangled mossy former dead demoded olden old-school fossilized rusty retro not with it extinct fossilised fusty prehistorical neolithic backward-looking retrograde old-timey creaky clunky démodé vieux jeu Stone Age primitive moribund kaputt Noachian kaput old-fogeyish traditional crusted feudal horse-and-buggy out-of-style aged rinky-dink old-hat square-toed frumpish behindhand has-been timeworn old-style not current conservative of the old school tired stale corny odd historical dinosaur historic primeval primordial worn-out immemorial horse and buggy neglected rococo disapproved past its sell-by date of yore primaeval of old not modern grown old of olden days out of it disused dusty antiquarian discarded discontinued ancestral past it nostalgic venerable folk period classical dateless early deprecated fossil retrogressive very old past your sell-by date had it done for dead and gone done to death faded overused last year's worn out back-number remote elderly evocative geriatric anachronous parachronistic as old as the hills picturesque passé primal of yesteryear out-of-fashion gone obscure no longer in use fallen into disuse backwards backward foregone atavistic of long ago earliest relic in period style old world back number gentlemanly courteous past its prime old fashioned having seen better days chivalrous ceremonious courtly gallant craft hoary time-honoured heritage hoar veteran old style long-standing cobwebby well-established age-old old as the hills old as Adam established traditionalistic orthodox prior hackneyed exhausted abandoned familial family button-down from the past buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked ultraconservative old-line unprogressive long-established standpat reactionary lineal die-hard oral brassbound unwritten paleoconservative archconservative handed-down bent unusable out of commission out of use

Tính từ

Vulgar or indecent in nature or quality
coarse vulgar indecent obscene dirty crude lewd smutty filthy bawdy ribald gross blue rude foul improper raunchy pornographic profane indelicate impure offensive nasty suggestive lascivious salacious racy wanton naughty indecorous spicy vile immodest earthy trashy risqué gutter porny unprintable sordid unseemly prurient adult stag tasteless saucy crass raw scatological inappropriate base scatologic broad debased impolite mean salty explicit lecherous lowbrow scandalous rakish colorful colourful taboo vulgarian randy mucky farmyard low X-rated off colour off-color locker-room foul-mouthed nudge-nudge bad-mannered hard-core low-down-and-dirty in bad taste lowdown and dirty boorish uncouth cheap uncivil ill-bred loutish churlish roughneck rough common uncivilized unrefined inelegant abusive uncivilised ignorant barbarian licentious scurrilous lowbred uncultured raffish uncultivated incult brutish unpolished barbaric gruff fruity blasphemous steamy sleazy tactless porno gamy porn discourteous awkward grody unsophisticated blunt unmannerly Rabelaisian Philistine insolent near the knuckle ill-behaved close to the bone impertinent disrespectful mannerless cheeky badly behaved disagreeable impudent audacious uncalled-for inconsiderate unhandsome presumptuous thoughtless oafish ungracious unmannered loud-mouthed loud ill-mannered immoral titillating distasteful shameless sexy erotic sensual unwholesome depraved disgusting near the bone carnal unchaste off-colour wicked rugged Fescennine unbecoming soft-core graceless ungentlemanly unladylike outrageous shocking rough-hewn insensible libidinous lustful stiff rustic concupiscent unclean arousing indiscreet sick Cyprian barbarous mature skin fleshly sexual obnoxious rank corrupt unacceptable untoward outlandish bearish juicy repulsive scabrous malicious odious illiberal lubricious unsavory foulmouthed voluptuous degenerate undiplomatic unceremonious debauched dissolute off unsavoury ignoble libertine loose gruesome unfitting lowering sickening ungraceful wooden uncomfortable uneasy unworthy gamey insulting orgiastic bad dishonourable uneducated unworldly ithyphallic undignified dishonorable off-colored low-minded stilted rustical page-three hot in poor taste shameful degrading socially unsure lacking in social graces socially inept socially awkward sooty exploitative corrupting fast evil-minded bodily incontinent low-down profanatory libellous libelous embarrassing unrestrained revolting goatish amoral risque rogue devilish purple barro corporeal nauseating gaudy barnyard excessive sly rascally undecorous ridiculous malodorous untactful unblushing callow fleshy shady vicious slippery villainous sneaking contemptible fractious scurvy bizarre beyond the pale illicit low-down and dirty out of line sexually explicit dirty-minded plebeian profligate brash in the gutter questionable philistine hooligan provincial full-frontal savage primitive tawdry grubby grimy ungenteel ungallant clownish clumsy ungainly disgracious unvirtuous grown up XXX classless gawky hick yobbish hillbilly backwoods cloddish brusque curt colloquial clodhopping slobbish tough Neanderthal unsettling affronting vilifying vituperative derisive unutterable dour severe hard brutal bluff forward bold forbidding fierce stern austere roughcast grim choice unbefitting unsuitable fresh brazen cruel untutored intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman harsh demeaning discreditable flinty onerous ungentle heavy artless bitter hardhanded oppressive debasing shaming ignominious belittling cheapening humiliating mortifying heavy-handed out of keeping murderous disgraceful inglorious disreputable unpleasant insensitive ill-chosen horny dissipated desirous voyeuristic hankering unhealthy longing itching

Tính từ

Excessively sentimental

Tính từ

Presented in vividly shocking or sensational terms
lurid sensational shocking exaggerated graphic explicit grisly gruesome macabre melodramatic disgusting ghastly startling revolting colourful extravagant gory hideous horrifying overdramatized rubbishy sensationalist trashy unrestrained appalling cheap kitschy prurient pulp ribald salacious tasteless dirty filthy grim repugnant savage suggestive violent atrocious awful dreadful frightful grewsome grotesque horrendous horrible horrid horrific juicy monstrous morbid nightmare nightmarish shock-horror terrible terrific unearthly vivid full-frontal yellow bloody colorful deep distinct extreme fiery garish low-down obscene off-color offensive purple racy raunchy rough salty sanguine sinister striking terrifying overripe sensationalistic dramatic whiz-bang pulpish rubbish mushy trash pulpy frightening dire unspeakable loathsome sickening harrowing abominable fearful vile distressing abhorrent alarming repulsive nauseating eerie bad scary forbidding odious beastly spine-chilling hellacious heinous scandalous unnerving upsetting fearsome repellent hair-raising direful disturbing nasty from hell dark gross formidable spooky godawful cruel daunting disagreeable sick hateful distasteful detestable grievous intimidating disquieting chilling grody unpleasant foul sombre somber gloomy grave wicked weird execrable redoubtable bleak outrageous black traumatic spookish diabolical ghostly hellish funereal morose shadowy sepulchral wretched worrying solemn dread depressing disheartening objectionable despicable ugly ghoulish deplorable severe petrifying dismal egregious nauseous lamentable noxious disgustful loathly mean sick-making abysmal disconcerting vicious intolerable displeasing evil perturbing serious unsettling unpalatable insufferable contemptible troublesome creepy miserable shameful agitating unbearable obnoxious undesirable unhealthy rotten sad lousy desperate ominous noisome very bad bloodcurdling unwelcome unfortunate troubling barbaric villainous disgraceful inhuman fiendish nefarious dismaying irksome discomforting barbarous cold sickly ruthless infamous sullen brutish sober terrorizing unsightly base merciless devilish annoying sadistic discouraging shady discomposing unacceptable foreboding humourless humorless irritating terrorising sedate unforgivable tragic dreaded glum desolate cheerless flagitious God-awful off-putting unsavory gray mournful grey hairy woeful unsavoury calamitous repellant icky difficult doleful bitter harsh yucky astounding parlous beyond the pale tremendous gut-wrenching overwhelming hostile shuddersome dangerous gut-churning taboo critical poignant bilious unwholesome insalubrious unattractive unhealthful haunting diabolic twisted perverted unthinkable unmentionable iniquitous deathly satanic bestial scaring loud great depraved demoralizing bothersome unkind callous lou terribly bad discommoding unpardonable abject immoral aberrant divulging revealing exposing spine-tingling blood-stained inconvenient disastrous punk excessive lewd wrong vexing strange sublime baleful heavy inexcusable misshapen fugly freaky misproportioned reptilian Kafkaesque frozen gnarly huckery onerous suffocating like death warmed up overpowering demoralising reprehensible nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal like the back end of a bus as ugly as sin worrisome rebarbative exceptionable agonizing stressful torturous uncanny dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike corpselike unnatural anemic weak anaemic poor crummy distressful uncomfortable mortifying stupefying heartstopping unsatisfactory stinking tormenting heartbreaking troublous unendurable fraught vexatious regrettable stunning rancid astonishing bewildering fulsome amazing staggering tragical uncool yukky grotty unhappy saddening sour pathetic unappealing awkward afflicting uninviting afflictive affecting florid tabloid surprising glaring provocative intriguing spicy fascinating excruciating hurtful galling concerning agonising anguished sorrowful heartrending painful uncongenial unlovely unpleasing kiss-and-tell exciting piquant nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking brutal straitened unpropitious dour unfriendly ill-fated hard-pressed inhospitable hard joyless hopeless tough discommodious tortured harmful perilous troubled full of hardship doubtful threatening strained exacting adverse ill-omened treacherous ill-boding injurious austere negative inauspicious oppressive pressing precarious comfortless exigent messy jeopardous unfavorable apocalyptic rocky unfavourable risqué entertaining interesting thrilling hot very interesting infernal murderous black-hearted flagrant low tantalising titillating tantalizing dreary melancholic melancholy dispirited depressive tenebrous inhumane heartless scurvy butcherly brute truculent wanton pitiless murky drab mirthless lugubrious drear dingy cacodemonic facinorous death-obsessed

Tính từ

(of paint, ink, plaster, or a similar substance) Not yet having dried or hardened

Tính từ

Of or pertaining to a minor league
smalltime unimportant inconsiderable trivial light negligible inconsequential paltry trifling lesser petty secondary casual piddling slight accessory dependent dinky inferior junior low lower minus small smaller subaltern subordinate subsidiary under younger small-time bush-league minor-league small-fry below the mark second-string two-bit insignificant fiddling incidental peripheral nugatory foolish little nickel-and-dime frivolous minute piffling footling minor Mickey Mouse minimal marginal of little account second-rate picayune lightweight ancillary penny-ante low-ranking mean of no consequence of no account obscure less important less second-class subservient slighter immaterial measly inappreciable irrelevant lower-level base meager meaningless unsubstantial reduced second-fiddle bottom nonessential purportless minuscule pointless of no great concern third-string undersized niggling subjacent meagre small-scale no-account local unknown supplemental supplementary auxiliary lower-grade little-known nether a notch under bush superficial nothing ineffectual uncelebrated unessential useless senseless infinitesimal unnecessary worthless little known inessential tangential non-essential nondescript tributary collateral subject second substract reserve scanty of minor importance not worth mentioning cheap lilliputian shoestring lowly unpretentious humble menial mediocre undistinguished unassuming lousy demeaning miserable ordinary low-grade degrading puny middling inglorious common scrubby poorer shabby plebeian ignominious servile wretched lower-ranking contemptible sorry sad ignoble pitiful humdrum second-banana not very important beneath someone lower-class bottom-rung lower in rank back seat below someone entry-level low-born lower in status under someone's heel not so important

Tính từ

Inappropriate for a given purpose, situation or occasion
unbecoming inappropriate improper unseemly inapt incorrect indecorous unsuitable untoward unbefitting ill-suited indelicate tasteless unfit unfitting unsuited unacceptable amiss graceless inapposite incongruous indecent inept infelicitous malapropos offensive perverse unapt undignified ungentlemanly unhappy unladylike unmannerly wrong discreditable awkward clumsy gauche maladroit out of keeping rough salacious uncomely undue unfair ungodly unhandsome unlovely unseasonable untimely unworthy unworthy of lacking in propriety out of place ill-timed inopportune ill-advised inexpedient incompatible unfortunate discordant shameful tactless dishonourable injudicious undesirable inapplicable irregular vulgar disreputable dishonorable misplaced unwarranted disgraceful inadvisable ill-considered indiscreet ill-judged impolite discrepant unrefined degrading immodest unprofessional irrelevant base demeaning inharmonious inconsistent uncalled-for inadmissible debasing coarse in bad taste ignoble rude ignominious out of order regrettable bad form uncouth contradictory ineligible erroneous illogical imprudent inaccurate wretched absurd odd extraneous unfavorable unfavourable in poor taste dissonant inapropos scandalous ill-fitted lowering at odds humiliating cheapening shaming belittling mortifying suggestive smutty immoral outrageous ill-chosen inconvenient inglorious crude risqué misguided malodorous low infra dig contemptible naughty false disproportionate abnormal preposterous conflicting ludicrous contrary mismatched crooked foul disconsonant irreconcilable bizarre inconsonant incoherent disparate inadequate disadvantageous unrelated shifting unpredictable distorted jumbled rambling unconnected fantastic divergent uncoordinated unbalanced lopsided unavailing uneven alien foreign unintelligible twisted fitful out-of-place out-of-season off-base out of line out of character troublesome beyond the pale out of the way uncomplimentary unceremonious inelegant unreasonable shocking shameless unethical crass cheap tawdry off-colour unwelcome obscene abject bawdy immaterial incongruent racy gross impolitic earthy beneath one's dignity incompetent filthy blue despicable vile rotten unscrupulous lewd dishonest corrupt raunchy wanton impertinent jarring clashing dirty nasty insensitive unsatisfactory erring unfitted off impure licentious ill-adapted ribald Rabelaisian detrimental mistimed lascivious saucy unhelpful untactful bad unsuitable for inappropriate to raw disagreeable X-rated fruity objectionable bothersome off colour inauspicious not cricket off-color not proper not good enough not germane not suitable unpropitious near the knuckle difficult adverse diverse different at variance varying differing unmixable out-of-the-way improprietous unconventional sorry incautious lax disappointing uncalled for poor rowdy ruffian raffish loose unvirtuous ill-bred beneath you lacking dignity unprincipled funny off-balance stupid dull slow boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous illegitimate irrelative inexpert ridiculous meaningless pointless not done negligent uncivil unmatched dissident interfering senseless unhandy jejune undexterous insipid banal inexperienced unfacile flat inadept unmeet unproficient deplorable dreadful sordid unworthy of one infra indignitatem beneath one shady dodgy forward unwholesome distasteful bold against the rules premature not pertinent ill-matched irrational wrong-headed fresh cheeky brazen unsavoury early hasty faulty defective incommodious seamy sleazy louche seedy shoddy trying testing tough disastrous challenging prohibitive broad out of its element debased depraved degenerate low-minded spicy intrusive misjudged unorthodox discommodious unprofitable discommoding awry abhorrent odious titillating pornographic mistaken confused badly timed sleazoid disgusting abominable inefficient uncool useless ineffective imperfect adrift flawed astray trashy salty porny scurrilous profane stag gutter juicy unprintable disobliging disobedient delinquent ornery unhealthy rebellious miscreant thrawn wayward aberrant uncontrollable obstructive fractious mean not designed squalid unsavory adult rogue devilish ineligible for not equal to inadequate for unfitted for not designed for ill-adapted to no good not up to scratch unequipped for unprepared for not good enough for unsuited to ill-suited to fallacious undeserving beneath reprehensible inexcusable left-field gamy sly scabrous gamey rascally unallowable foot-in-mouth way off sick unlawful haywire foul-mouthed low-down and dirty off-colored locker-room unforgivable invalid unfitting to recreant valueless nothing blamable improper to unmerited no-good good-for-nothing pitiful no-account worthless disparaging derogative depreciative contemptuous denigratory slighting detractive scornful derogatory decrying pejorative derisory depreciatory deprecatory disdainful denigrative glitched up prohibited precluded disallowed impermissible forbidden unqualified unbecoming to discrediting corrupting menial downgrading embarrassing ill-favored not acceptable unadmittable not allowable exceptionable censored unadmissible excluded barred banned unwanted bringing shame not deserving not worth out of place with out of character with not fit nudge-nudge ill-favoured barro strange off-key unblushing bad-mannered brutish callow lowbred beside the point not appropriate paradoxical ironic near the bone not in harmony in opposition incongruitous sticking out a mile standing out a mile like a fish out of water scatological scatologic lowbrow unpolished prurient sexy uncultured wicked uncultivated rough-hewn erotic common rugged roughneck steamy porno incult porn explicit loutish insensible blasphemous colourful illiberal colorful hard-core oafish abusive uncivilized close to the bone ungraceful unsophisticated lecherous undiplomatic lustful unclean unchaste provocative uncivilised gruff arousing sexual rustic libidinous barbaric stiff obnoxious loud vulgarian taboo barbarian rakish sinful skin ungracious exciting blunt rank inconsiderate soft-core blundering philistine carnal concupiscent purple uneasy dissolute uncomfortable low-down-and-dirty thoughtless ignorant cloddish stilted tempting Fescennine seductive hard stimulating exploitative repulsive brusque randy malicious profligate curt lowdown and dirty mucky foulmouthed bearish gaudy lubricious wrongful questionable lurid provincial unsubtle heavy sickening lusty ungallant debauched ungainly rustical uneducated sensual hot iniquitous evil yobbish harsh gruesome primitive outlandish wooden gawky obtuse plebeian savage undecorous lumpish barbarous disrespectful low-down loud-mouthed daring mature ruttish revolting unrestrained sizzling illicit Philistine sooty lively entertaining bashful nauseating unrighteous unequitable unrightful unjust vicious scurvy craggy grody slippery villainous sneaking corporeal voluptuous fleshly unmannered sketchy sexually suggestive brash insulting gritty fast libertine incontinent goatish amoral mannerless dirty-minded profaned desecrated parochial plebby backward immature ithyphallic Cyprian not pure hooligan in the gutter barnyard excessive troglodytic low-bred unsettling affronting vilifying colloquial vituperative derisive unutterable ungenteel clownish disgracious rough and ready unpleasant classless hick hillbilly backwoods common as muck flashy garish clodhopping slobbish grubby grimy reprobate dour severe brutal bluff Neanderthal execrable slavish humble snide infamous servile petty currish detestable paltry ostentatious flash showy forbidding fierce stern austere roughcast grim inviting meretricious naff tatty heavy-handed cruel untutored intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman tantalizing alluring kitsch loathsome lowly ugly flinty onerous ungentle artless bitter hardhanded oppressive godless ornate hideous pretentious foolish unsightly unclassy trivial artificial makeshift wild lumbering clunky gangling dense murderous cheap and nasty unskilful irreligious impious unholy witless asinine sheepish farmyard irreverent atheistic slinky passionate sensuous like a bull in a china shop with two left feet unworldly bovine doltish shy geeky come-hither piquant coquettish sexually arousing amorous sexually exciting flirtatious heathen pagan sacrilegious non-theistic socially lacking lacking in social grace embarrassed nerdy socially anxious lacking in social graces socially incompetent socially inept self-conscious ill at ease socially awkward vacuous thick mindless kinky tarty fiendish demonic pig-ignorant intriguing tantalising enticing encouraging bewitching interesting beguiling enchanting intoxicating heady infernal satanic diabolical malevolent unhallowed

Tính từ

Flimsy, or made of flimsy material
flimsy light gauzy gossamer insubstantial sheer thin filmy cobwebby delicate diaphanous gossamery fine floaty lightweight silken transparent ultra-fine chiffony feathery frothy gauzelike gossamer-like gossamer-thin sleazy translucent unsubstantial chiffon see-through translucid transpicuous cut-rate decrepit defective infirm meagre meager papery rinkydink slapdash superficial unsound house of cards airy wispy fragile ethereal silky tiffany dainty soft exquisite pellucid threadlike frail fine-spun wafer-thin lucid fine-grained clear limpid subtle slight shimmering loose porous fluffy finespun floating paperlike gauze-like refined papyraceous powdered quality powdery slender small granular impalpable pulverized dusty little minute nuanced permeable chartaceous tissuelike lacy very thin paper pulverulent pulverous pulverised paper-thin fine-drawn summery superfine cobweblike pure cobweb fibrous crystalline floatable wisplike nebulous frangible skimpy glossy iridescent crystal clear glassy intricate flyaway spongy elegant vaporous subtile deficient cardboard smooth crystal lucent liquid cottony incorporeal nice graceful weightless downy atmospheric detailed feather-like vitreous crystal-clear plain hyaline cellophane gentle recherche choice ultra-thin select rare beautiful lovely fancy luxurious opulent grand charming tasteful superior plush classy slim pretty stylish lavish cultivated tenuous sumptuous handsome artistic pleasing attractive ornate waiflike comely cultured smart polished deluxe lush elaborate sophisticated luxuriant rich discerning recherché fastidious courtly well-made high-class chic majestic urbane stately aesthetic swanky first-class precise swank posh esthetic splendiferous exotic filigree attenuated far-fetched esoteric arcane frilly open flowing meshy meticulous reedy narrow twiggy fairy aerial rarefied involved discriminating lacelike lace-like patterned netlike net net-like intangible shadowy harmonious neat exact hairsplitting methodical exclusive palatial expensive otherworldly ghostly unworldly wraithlike vapory gaseous eerie trim petite restrained splendid costly fit becoming sensitive fitting balletic lithe special magnificent luxury well-executed well-crafted dinky upmarket plushy Lucullan spiffy quiet snazzy in good taste chaste unaffected gratifying classical unobtrusive subdued uptown luxe loaded palace gorgeous Lucullian swish ritzy fancy-pants pricey Babylonian flowy palatian well appointed luscious super cute sweet bonny darling delightful fair deft tender precious feeble aesthetically pleasing fashionable extravagant classic modish dignified distinguished dashing suave noble decorous ostentatious ornamented genteel affected debonair august schmick aristocratic overdone stylized well-designed well-dressed a la mode well-bred

Trái nghĩa của tacky

tacky Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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