Đồng nghĩa của ornamented

Alternative for ornamented

ornaments, ornamented, ornamenting

Đồng nghĩa: adornment, decoration, embellishment, garnish, trimming,

Tính từ

Elaborately or highly decorated
ornate elaborate decorated fancy fussy baroque busy florid ostentatious rococo showy beautiful detailed adorned complex complicated elegant embellished extravagant gingerbread bedizened flashy flowery gingerbreaded gingerbready overdecorated over-elaborate overwrought aureate bedecked flash high-wrought overelaborate wedding-cake bright brilliant coloured colored dazzling decorative embroidered fine flaunting gaudy gilded glamorous glitzy glossy jewelled jeweled lavish luscious magnificent meretricious metaphorical opulent ornamental resplendent rich sparkling splashy sumptuous superficial tawdry variegated verbose wordy fancily decorated highly wrought overdone flamboyant highfalutin grandiloquent convoluted overripe rhetorical high-flown magniloquent bombastic oratorical purple orotund euphuistic turgid luxurious overblown fustian inflated high-sounding tumid pleonastic pretentious grandiose laboured hyperventilated Ossianic posh excessive plush sophisticated classy labored exaggerated exquisite curlicued high-class strained hifalutin magnific rhetoric intricate figurative declamatory very elaborate prolix deluxe towering extreme devilish sonorous stylish affected swish garnished refined cultivated artistic overstated beautifying snazzy fancy-pants handsome dignified swanky aristocratic grand ritzy select chic stately choice delicate superior redundant diffuse windy euphemistic swollen impressive bizarre arty garish grotesque undue overdue insane overweening stiff immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant unconscionable overextravagant steep overmuch unmerciful skillful skilful highly decorated gilt gee-whizz with all the extras with all the options with bells and whistles pompous cluttered palatial gorgeous luxury splendid glittering costly attractive graceful contrived crowded pretty tasteful lofty fashionable embellishing elitist snobby swank snotty high-hat upmarket lavishly appointed persnickety toffee-nosed snooty snobbish plushy lush potty expensive over-detailed overworked discerning polished ranting cosmetic adorning enhancing puffed involved classic modish untidy over-embellished over-ornate mixed-up messy muddled disarranged staged disorderly hyperbolic nonfunctional non-functional urbane courtly smart distinguished palatian Lucullan stuffy exalted rhapsodical overestimated spiffy quality cultured lovely dashing aesthetic charming majestic excessively ornate excessively ornamental la-di-da furbishing dressy patterned festooned garnishing accessory heightening decorating decking for show prime fanciful jazzy special nice suave noble decorous froufrou frilly fancible unusual cushy custom chichi dainty rare comely genteel debonair august schmick recherche esthetic stylized high-quality setting off a la mode well-designed well-bred well-dressed over the top OTT unreasonable outrageous disproportionate intemperate unmeasurable unwarranted preposterous a bit much too much needless enormous uncalled-for dizzying uncalled for high unrestrained heavy unnecessary superfluous sky-high extortionate fantastic monstrous punitive criminal wanton over-the-top irrational over the odds exotic imposing strange unjustified severe harsh imaginative striking eccentric colorful drastic whimsical profligate unreal lurid dear wild prohibitive unseemly colourful loud huge unfair overpriced improper rigorous unjustifiable unwarrantable strict self-indulgent egregious overabundant tough nonsensical unrestricted monumental massive gratuitous prodigal unlimited uncurbed punishing austere overboard theatrical extraordinary pricey unrelenting sharp oppressive ridiculous overindulgent great overkill unjust draconian wasteful imprudent luxuriant swingeing O.T.T. imperial arabesque untempered surplus supererogatory overornate overembellished very expensive out of all proportion hard dramatic uncontrolled blown up out of all proportion convivial merry inexcusable dissipated indulgent recrementitious stratospheric over very too supernatural extra super superabundant boundless more limitless unbounded peacockish exciting camp stringent vibrant sporty fun flaming onerous cruel grievous rough brash vivid reckless uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling unacceptable sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous uncivilized ungodly horrifying illogical unholy weird peculiar swashbuckling crippling bitter brutal hardhanded rugged grim unbridled flaring tall outlandish violent decadent unbalanced too-too dissipative riotous debauched beyond the pale murderous trying strong excruciating burdensome searing freakish quaint radical elevated soaring too many way out a lot hardheaded pitiless intractable relentless headstrong inhuman inexorable corinthian queer gigantic out of control robust intense absurd fantastical foolish odd crazy slang creative curious original surreal bizarro eye-catching colossal ruinous superb dire romantic Kafkaesque giant multistorey immense mountainous supreme sky-scraping excessively high extremely high desperate uncompromising stern unbending unsuitable inappropriate glorious Gothic gothic absonant exacting serious forceful momentous far-reaching outstanding paramount titanic mammoth Brobdingnagian vast surpassing altitudinous marvellous marvelous glamourous spectacular regal proud rigid zealous unmitigated substantial remorseless exceptional consequential unyielding non-essential unneeded fulsome splendiferous transcendent whopping hulking prodigious sublime stellar ginormous fanatical daylight robbery highway robbery costing a bomb a rip-off princely kingly too great unmerited unbecoming undeserved downright unconventional flagrant uncommon thorough absolute remarkable gross ferocious costing the earth costing an arm and a leg out of sight over one's head up to here brave royal heroic splendorous splendrous heroical epic splendacious gallant baronial airy preeminent spiring stupendous aerial unmatchable ultimate towery tremendous skyscraping fabulous utter sheer magnolious exceeding inept untimely ill-advised underhanded unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable out-and-out out of proportion solid gold magnifico Homeric not required

Động từ

Past tense for to make more beautiful or attractive by adorning or decorating
decorated adorned trimmed decked garnished bedecked embellished festooned beautified arrayed bedizened enhanced enriched graced brightened blazoned caparisoned did done draped dressed drest emblazed emblazoned embossed fancified gilded gilt accessorised accessorized decked out dressed up engarlanded furbelowed prettified dolled up did up done up elaborated embroidered fancied up gussied up painted polished pranked prankt prettied up primped prinked smartened fixed up smartened up spruced up set off tricked out furnished tarted up garlanded wreathed got up bejeweled bejewelled swathed covered hanged hung jazzed up bespangled suited bedight fit befrilled did out done out titivated set coloured improved gotten up colored hemmed edged glamorized fringed furbished crowned braided become flattered cut glamorised finished worked wrought bordered frilled looked good on shaped looked right on augmented looped threaded complemented bedighted fitted prettied beribboned illuminated gentrified brightened up varnished showed off befitted displayed knit made attractive made pretty gingered up perfected spiffed up added ornament to put make-up on put in best light browden becomed becomen became supplemented piped gone with went with chased made showed to advantage shown to advantage stitched sewed styled shope shapen fashioned done something for did something for thrid thridden clad stencilled clothed stenciled preened papered tasselled accented equipped attired rigged apparelled appareled made beautiful zhooshed packaged larded gemmed adapted tailored wallpapered renovated tooled redecorated remodeled revamped remodelled rimmed bound behoved coated accoutered burnished slicked idealised appointed idealized spruced mensed enlarged zhooshed up fudged overstated aggrandized amplified showed presented glazed matched shown off fixed fixt sugar-coated camouflaged purfled disguised befringed window-dressed added on patterned knitted cross-stitched quilted made up spangled harmonized with heightened behooved agreed with rigged out dressed out fastened catastrophized exaggerated inscribed illustrated made handsome tinselled overlayed aurified touched up glittered tinseled plated begilded whitewashed engilded overlaid added finishing touches washed added the finishing touch to went well with gone well with expanded on enhanced the appearance of gift-wrapped looked attractive on enlarged on tarted oneself up added to bounden equipt shown overdone overdid gave details given details added ornament overlay added bells and whistles wove pattern woven pattern given something a facelift gave something a facelift did oneself up done oneself up accorded with went together gone together belonged to patched up sorted out restored rehabilitated renewed overhauled refurbished corrected prepared mended provided repaired spiffed figged up dressed to kill dressed up to the nines

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