Đồng nghĩa của palatian

Tính từ

Elegant and luxurious
ritzy deluxe gorgeous luxury palatial costly glittering magnificent splendid aristocratic classy elitist expensive fancy fancy-pants glamorous glitzy grandiose high-hat lavish lavishly appointed lush luxurious opulent persnickety plush plushy posh potty rich snobbish snobby snooty snotty stylish sumptuous swank swanky swish toffee-nosed upmarket chic choice cultivated dignified elaborate elegant exquisite fine grand handsome high-class Lucullan ornamented ornate ostentatious overdone refined snazzy stately stuffy luxuriant luxe majestic extravagant luscious de luxe regal silken Babylonian Lucullian well appointed imposing impressive palace upscale princely splendiferous pretentious lux well-appointed fit for a queen fit for a king exclusive resplendent superb indulgent noble beautiful monumental pompous immoderate affluent abundant exuberant spacious spiffy embellished valuable precious comfortable classic sensuous large-scale illustrious select voluptuous comfy beyond price up-market upper-crust upper-class superior upholstered quality special in the lap of luxury loaded pricey dazzling delicate dainty recherche rare first-class super glorious proud spectacular kingly brave august epic splendorous splendrous massive imperial royal splendacious gallant heroical baronial heroic magnific magnolious splashy magnifico flamboyant baroque Homeric solid gold fashionable showy awe-inspiring smart striking flashy flash sophisticated tony arresting tasteful prodigal gaudy breathtaking brilliant towering distinguished remarkable graceful sybaritic epicurean modish stunning sensational awesome marvelous sublime commanding dramatic schmick trendy marvellous dashing exalted terrific large ample extraordinary hedonistic easy generous bountiful intemperate prosperous high-toned courtly sensual dicty divine peacocky self-indulgent artistic attractive well-off profuse chichi excellent amazing decorative swankish tawdry meretricious riotous wealthy jazzy substantial wild high heavenly great genteel pleasant lofty plentiful florid pleasurable pampered cushy powerful champagne queenly nice snappy sharp eye-catching out of this world tremendous unrestrained gratifying stirring fabulous profligate sightly wondrous bounteous well-fixed well-situated pleasure-seeking liberal discerning a la mode aesthetic gracious well-heeled profusive polished loud garish gilded high-quality cultured well-to-do intricate copious urbane decorated charming lovely suave pleasure-loving comely overwrought glaring screaming tinsel histrionic frilly elevated adorned sovereign fussy esthetic transcendent outstanding affected busy rococo ornamental swell lordly beautifying theatrical exciting deep intense profound admirable prime over-elaborate prominent bold OTT notable palatine yuppie statuesque stupendous celestial considerable inspiring prodigious unreal first-rate festooned formidable incredible absorbing ominous staggering colossal over the top formal solemn with-it agreeable par excellence overindulgent hedonic finest au courant respectable five-star aureate dear ultra coffee-table leafy bright poised appealing velvet reckless colorful arty unreasonable exaggerated excessive wasteful high-born high fashion fit for a prince colourful thriftless improvident salubrious fit for a princess rash outrageous wanton glossy well produced ceremonious effusive unstinging over-the-top openhanded haute imperious high-status detailed radiant with good taste prolific full fat heedless brash conspicuous penetrating unfathomable complex cosmic impenetrable overwhelming fustian bombastic purple vast egotistic high-falutin' high-flying roomy unstinting unsparing portly venerable swagger sprauncy plummy larney sensory splurgy vulgar plenteous garnished recherché tasteless obtrusive expansive capacious commodious sizeable dynamite smashing ambitious haughty something else fab eminent very good la-di-da top-drawer executive skilful skillful chi-chi fleshly carnal kitsch suitable sufficient cornucopian with all the extras wedding-cake with all the options with bells and whistles big extensive spacey kenspeckle bodacious noticeable noisy grabby pronounced superfly catchy marked emphatic extreme devilish tinselly bling-bling aplenty well off satisfactory adequate sensorial bacchanalian affective pleasing fanciful decorous teeming moneyed abundant in abounding in superabundant munificent froufrou fancible custom unusual highfalutin free from hardship debonair bad daring moving influential impassioned ridiculous primo momentous like wow crazy far out hunky-dory fantastic wonderful groovy dandy insane delicious rousing touching cool thrilling affecting unbelievable astonishing phenomenal fleshy sensualistic passionate physical aesthetically pleasing primrose well furnished stylized high class far-out fantastical out of sight dreamy unmitigated startling arrestive surpassing fascinating electrifying confounding perfect well-designed well-dressed well-bred pretty embellishing cosmetic adorning enhancing nonfunctional non-functional gingerbread dressy garnishing decking furbishing patterned accessory setting off heightening decorating for show

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