Đồng nghĩa của wasteful

Alternative for wasteful

Đồng nghĩa: uneconomical,

Tính từ

Inclined to waste or squander money or resources
extravagant prodigal profligate spendthrift thriftless improvident lavish squandering uneconomical unthrifty careless excessive high-rolling imprudent needless reckless ruinous cavalier destructive dissipative immoderate incontinent inefficient liberal overdone overgenerous pound-foolish profuse squandered useless wanton wild supererogative supererogatory not needed irresponsible free-spending heedless thoughtless shiftless negligent inconsiderate shortsighted intemperate rash short-sighted feckless myopic incautious throwaway impetuous hasty uneconomic self-indulgent indulgent bad with money uncontrolled dissolute dissipated overextravagant frivolous gratuitous unreserved unrestrained fickle unfettered fitful outrageous fluctuating fanciful uncalled-for unthinking ill-considered injudicious ill-advised foolhardy foolish impulsive unconsidered indiscreet unwise unwary impolitic overhasty stupid irrational hotheaded misguided ill-judged precipitate mindless unguarded headlong madcap brash silly unintelligent senseless immature impractical inadvisable temerarious imperceptive witless slapdash short-term harum-scarum premature harebrained unsound devil-may-care naive hare-brained idiotic brainless inept imbecilic blind unsagacious astigmatic moronic bold inappropriate headstrong unimaginative adventurous venturous venturesome ill-conceived inane reactive inattentive unobservant precipitant neglectful jumping to conclusions illogical unreasonable unmindful unthought-out idiotical knee-jerk dim-witted near-sighted scatterbrained crackbrained nonsensical clueless lacking foresight daring indelicate graceless tactless undiplomatic damfool fiery frenzied audacious determined furious insuppressible passionate inadvertent blithe uncaring remiss unsafe sloppy forgetful asinine unheeding unwatchful careless of regardless childish hot-headed undesirable unfortunate playing with fire lamebrained nearsighted unreasoning unreasoned simpleminded meaningless pointless futile nonrational lamebrain fruitless birdbrained half-witted spur-of-the-moment not thought through ad hoc badly thought out misjudged short-range restricted limited wrong-headed risky insensitive unsympathetic offhand uncircumspect abstracted napping unreflective oblivious uncreative ill-thought-out unadventurous narrow-minded narrow small-minded absent-minded ignorant ridiculous fatuous absurd ludicrous laughable risible farcical preposterous dumb provincial insular parochial crazy obtuse daft derisive wacky dopey derisory comical doltish off-guard indifferent unalert uncautious wary unvigilant hurried pathetic cockamamy cockamamie lax sudden disregardful irreflective caught napping asleep at the wheel fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful leading with one's chin any old way off guard asleep on the job foot-in-mouth pay no mind heedless of without regard regardless of taking no notice of paying no heed to disregardful of unconscious of inattentive to neglectful of blind to deaf to not paying attention oblivious to unheeding of giddy tearaway featherbrained flighty fast and loose asleep at the switch out to lunch feather-brained unadvisable inexpedient leaving self wide open off the deep end

Tính từ

Using or expending without restraint
free generous extravagant lavish giving liberal magnanimous munificent openhanded open-handed prodigal profligate thriftless charitable immoderate unrestrained unselfish unsparing unstinting bounteous bountiful freehanded unreasonable unstinging bighearted freehearted fulsome wild big big-hearted eager handsome hospitable willing improvident intemperate exuberant kind beneficent altruistic philanthropic ungrudging benevolent overgenerous kind-hearted open-hearted free-handed overabundant open eleemosynary casual openhearted soft-touch free-and-easy princely over the top generous to a fault sumptuous luxuriant opulent lush luxurious grand splendid gorgeous rich elaborate luxe silken palatial palace posh ornate abundant Lucullan exaggerated excessive magnificent regal deluxe plush Lucullian costly Babylonian plushy expensive luxury profuse fancy copious showy pretentious first-class swanky impressive over-the-top ritzy effusive profusive helpful humanitarian noble considerate kindly selfless humane chivalrous good self-sacrificing indulgent kindhearted compassionate public-spirited loving philanthropical decent benignant thoughtful caring gracious benign greathearted tolerant self-denying extroverted disinterested obliging great-hearted devoted denying incorruptible self-effacing self-forgetting sympathetic high-minded lofty all heart warm-hearted friendly loose do-good self-forgetful honourable affable plenteous honest honorable just neighbourly goodhearted gallant neighborly large-hearted genial cordial ready easy sociable fair amicable understanding congenial merciful amiable unstinted accommodating willingly given warm tender warmhearted moderate excellent reasonable almsgiving good-hearted ample plentiful well-disposed tenderhearted full lenient upright good-natured lordly elevated great softhearted high welcoming equitable well-meaning soft-hearted moralistic acceptable convivial gentle solicitous affectionate socially concerned pleasant worthy natural righteous virtuous courteous respectable upstanding ethical principled cheerful moral soft clement fatherly comforting maternal likable tender-hearted polite likeable motherly well meaning sweet good-humoured nice good-humored substantial unprejudiced human unkind unrelenting cruel inexorable procrustean immaculate useful beneficient valuable social-minded respected approving holy pharisaical inoffensive goody-goody spotless angelical esteemed unerring creditable welfare nonprofit donating prosocial patriotic contributing bleeding heart good scout Robin Hood amenable not-for-profit non-profit non-profit-making conscientious valiant goodish heroic unmarred pietistical chaste pristine graceful pietistic unflawed well disposed doing good works public- spirited sublime forgiving guestfriendly redeeming virginal untouched prayerful unblamable redeemable knightly wholesome angelic lovable easygoing agreeable mild soft touch cooperative benefic pitying brotherly calm tactful propitious unoffensive mellow dutiful bleeding-heart delightful attentive good-tempered regardful well intentioned fatherlike respectful sweet-tempered heart in right place feeling pleasing supportive engaging patient well-mannered deferential forbearing Santa Claus has heart in right place reputable uncorrupted cultivated redoubtable illustrious outgoing communicative outstanding brave refined courtly talkative hearty remarkable meritorious extraordinary noble-minded stand-up anti-corruption unreserved comradely enthusiastic loquacious garrulous uninhibited fond heartfelt cheery sincere earnest happy wholehearted genuine demonstrative forthcoming inviting companionable approachable chatty voluble extrovert conversational palsy matey amorous deep chummy bonhomous empathetic responsive buddy-buddy paternal palsy-walsy discursive talky effervescent unconstrained expansive gushy gregarious

Tính từ

Weak and lacking purpose
flabby feeble impotent ineffective weak boneless disorganised disorganized effete ineffectual spineless enervated nerveless wimpish wussy weakened frail delicate infirm debilitated enfeebled failing puny powerless sickly wasted faint weakly exhausted doddering ailing helpless languid etiolated unwell shaky poorly decrepit tottery incapacitated weedy tottering down-and-out wimpy soft sapped softened asthenic shilpit doddery unsubstantial low tender slight prostrated prostrate trembly trembling dopey gentle out of gas insufficient sapless pathetic strengthless fragile meagre emasculated flat meager woozy vitiated half-hearted aged lame ill unsound flimsy tired drained thin fatigued faltering spent crippled unenthusiastic limp lacklustre tenuous lackluster inadequate spindly weary wishy-washy listless irresolute unstable weakling indisposed anemic lackadaisical old anaemic vulnerable anile insecure senile small rickety poor in poor health worn out indifferent weak-kneed unhealthy uninterested apathetic passive tepid sick spiritless flagging unconvincing forceless subdued brittle faded unwilling long in the tooth elderly languorous paltry breakable dainty sensitive tame paralyzed paralysed invertebrate unsteady characterless wet mild insubstantial shrill out of shape scrawny high namby-pamby past it milk-and-water limp-wristed perfunctory sluggish high-pitched passionless lifeless unexcited lukewarm invalid cool vague wobbly slender depleted reedy defenseless minimal wavering undermined dim reluctant debile vacillating ancient senescent superficial blasé unnerved halting sensile deteriorated inert defenceless declining unable devitalized unfit diminished useless impuissant impassive light hamstrung incapable handcuffed hog-tied laid low shatterable fracturable dull disabled muted crumbly moderate inept gutless pale remote distant friable wan frangible high and dry washed-out hazy played out easily broken without energy drooping encumbered hindered hampered toothless bedridden indecisive valetudinarian crook nesh susceptible in declining health fishy shattery wispy meek unpowerful rundown yielding neutral rendered feeble senior timorous withered atrophied deteriorating wilted haggard degenerative ravaged easily damaged airy stricken dotard nominal done in rusty run-down timid desultory cursory emotionless sinking dying reduced superannuated lacking feeling dispassionate unconcerned dizzy subtle unimpressed unresponsive imperceptible token out of sorts flawed deficient diffuse Laodicean unemotional dimmed diffused gone to seed washed out out of condition on the ropes unmoved untrained mellow broken-down fine shaded burned out tinted low-key faint-hearted glimmering in second childhood in your dotage glowing in bad shape shimmering imperfect unsatisfactory substandard subject tied dependent incompetent lily-livered injured over the hill no spring chicken disenfranchised unarmed splintery smashable destroyable destructible eggshell dud unproductive infecund supine blank disfranchised chicken without power resistless wimp tinny squeaky blurred hurt bated lambent wounded not able in poor condition bland bad sore stiff bruised paper tiger with no say gloomy unlikely handicapped maimed cracked lethargic wearied worn battered deformed damaged over a barrel improbable tiny languishing pooped knackered beat game dead aweary bushed done dubious slim doubtful negligible poorly lit badly lit wiped out loggy burned-out jaded logy beaten bleary tuckered out burnt-out worn-out all in tapped out precarious physically challenged minuscule exiguous outside perilous nebulous risky suspect unreliable rocky dicey sketchy uncertain dodgy iffy wanting defeated unsuccessful unprosperous easily threatened easily destroyed far-fetched unthriving unavailing not well

Tính từ

Excessive or unduly high
exorbitant excessive extravagant immoderate inordinate unconscionable expensive extreme outrageous undue unreasonable extortionate high preposterous unwarranted prohibitive ridiculous sky-high steep stiff disproportionate huge monstrous punitive ruinous baroque criminal devilish enormous excessively high extremely high fancy inflated insane intolerable lavish OTT overdue overextravagant overmuch overweening plethoric towering unmerciful absonant dear exacting overboard overpriced pricey over the top a bit much a rip-off costing a bomb daylight robbery highway robbery over the odds costing the earth out of sight over one's head up to here costing an arm and a leg superfluous surplus unnecessary too much unrestrained intemperate needless unrestricted overabundant gratuitous unlimited wanton supererogatory dizzying uncurbed unmeasurable overindulgent uncalled for out of all proportion profuse crippling unjustifiable unwarrantable excess additional uncalled-for untempered irrational surplus to requirements de trop unbridled exaggerated boundless substantial profligate grandiose vast prodigal tremendous uncontrolled immense gross limitless improvident super dissipated imprudent infinite prodigious indulgent massive stupendous humongous astronomical monumental immeasurable astronomic redundant unbounded fantastic unhampered thumping whopping giant superabundant epic mighty mega gargantuan more silly monster extensive colossal recrementitious supernatural stratospheric overkill unchecked unfettered mammoth mountainous overgenerous gigantic extra ludicrous uninhibited super-duper O.T.T. self-indulgent too many way out costly high-priced premium high-cost high-end pricy big-ticket precious valuable priceless spendy high-ticket ultraexpensive big-budget harsh severe unfair drastic upmarket draconian swingeing highly priced improper unjust too great heavy over-the-top iniquitous cruel austere egregious oppressive too-too illogical arbitrary stringent unjustified rich scandalous unaffordable rigorous tough shocking strict punishing sharp serious wild senseless unrelenting flagrant nonsensical wicked far-out posh unrightful unlawful wrongful peremptory unmitigated out of bounds worth its weight in gold opulent imposing radical upscale uneconomical elevated hard desperate pretentious dire overinflated burdensome fulsome ostentatious beyond price forceful elaborate choice absurd extraordinary fine strong savage top magnificent over audacious impressive brutal showy rough unseemly valued atrocious unacceptable appalling momentous far-reaching reckless impossible violent stern terrible disgraceful heinous grievous bizarre ruthless relentless striking cher unyielding great pitiless inhuman unbalanced zealous villainous an arm and leg horrifying fanciful dreadful utter shameful highly-priced reprehensible uncivilised uncivilized ungodly downright absolute sheer very expensive illegitimate out-and-out in excess abounding exclusive unreasoned penal wildly excessive high-value raised unduly expensive increased boosted swanky demanding very too overblown sweeping theatrical overdone dramatic crushing exquisite deluxe effusive gushy unreserved gushing executive fancy-pants unsuitable inappropriate blown up out of all proportion tall very high large ambitious a lot farcical onerous lofty non-essential unneeded decadent dissipative riotous debauched immodest big bold fantastical implausible grossly excessive inexcusable despotic authoritarian tyrannical summary soaring bitter hardhanded rugged grim foolish incredible unmerited unbecoming undeserved invaluable crazy unreal lordly commanding murderous trying excruciating searing suppressive iron-fisted repressive heavy-handed unthinkable inconceivable sneaky conscienceless knavish barbarous unholy exceeding inept untimely ill-advised underhanded unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable out of control luxurious hardheaded intractable headstrong inexorable imperious preventing prohibiting forbidding limiting outré far-fetched multistorey supreme sky-scraping ornate not required cherished prizable inestimable splendid prized treasured irreplaceable treasurable imbalanced unprovoked robust intense at a premium glaring beyond the pale outstanding paramount titanic Brobdingnagian surpassing superior altitudinous rococo ballsy grand adventurous heroic an arm and a leg pretty penny obvious blatant very severe worth a king's ransom of inestimable worth of incalculable value of immeasurable worth of incalculable worth of immeasurable value without price of inestimable value transcendent hulking sublime stellar ginormous out of the question beyond your means uncompromising unbending elegant decorated airy imperial preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping manifest conspicuous financial means conditional rigid remorseless unusual exceptional consequential rank patent grotesque over-elaborate flamboyant curlicued convoluted flowery fussy fanatical overt barefaced complete naked evident brazen outright shameless unconcealed transparent palpable undisguised plain arrant unconventional uncommon thorough remarkable ferocious pronounced unqualified florid overelaborate overdecorated busy bedecked wedding-cake gingerbread fabulous apparent significant major capital embellished ornamental ornamented gilt decorative very elaborate brass-necked out and out out of proportion horrible infamous abominable offensive unspeakable nefarious abhorrent horrendous beastly evil odious horrid vicious hideous loathsome nauseating ghastly foul unbearable nasty vile sickening insupportable diabolical unendurable insufferable barbaric infernal fiendish maddening exasperating distressing execrable godawful hellacious depraving flagitious debasing contumelious scurrilous malevolent shaming disgracing ignoble despicable contemptible debauching corrupt notorious degenerate sinful opprobrious very bad more than can be afforded more than one can afford

Tính từ

Having a tendency to consume
consumptive devastating harmful immoderate disastrous calamitous catastrophic destructive dire cataclysmic fatal injurious cataclysmal shattering deadly crippling crushing devastative fateful annihilatory damaging murderous unfortunate pernicious damning withering noxious deleterious baleful costly baneful ruinous exhausting extravagant draining hurtful impoverishing depleting wrackful suicidal annihilative dangerous detrimental lethal adverse bad nocuous evil inimical disadvantageous poisonous maleficent prejudicial unfavourable malignant unfavorable ill mortal malefic venomous unhealthy unwholesome undesirable wicked virulent negative toxic nocent mischievous prejudicious malign corrupting cancerous savage brutal fell wounding malicious pestilent counterproductive pestilential sinister homicidal hazardous bloody killing cruel destroying subversive menacing eradicative bloodthirsty direful undermining fierce slaughterous environmentally unfriendly violent threatening ominous pestiferous sanguinary ferocious noisome death-dealing extirpative internecine grievous deathly corroding sanguineous terminal corrosive tragic incendiary awful terrible killer cutthroat bloody-minded woeful unpleasant criminal vital hostile perilous sanguine malevolent murdering untoward parlous critical painful nasty foul abusive unsafe dicey vicious unconducive distressing harrowing hellish arduous sapping strenuous grave lamentable ravaging dreadful catastrophal unlucky unfriendly antagonistic infectious insalubrious risky lethiferous wreckful unpropitious inopportune inexpedient septic offensive ruining contaminated spiteful mephitic hard insidious afflictive corruptive severe unbeneficial diseased contaminating tainting troublesome miserable appalling mortifying annihilating desolating loss-making ruthless grim precarious miasmatic miasmic nefarious life-threatening sacrificial contagious final incurable fire-and-brimstone portentous apocalyptical apocalyptic aching hurting pitiless merciless causing death disturbing harassing sinful vindictive imperilling imperiling necrotic mortuary mortiferous frightening forbidding evil-intentioned intimidating bitter hate-filled acrimonious contrary opposed hellfire infective epidemic communicable toxicant butcherous incriminating intimidatory minatory vitriolic poison catching bodeful minacious louring damnatory condemnatory plague-like disease-ridden antipathetic unnourishing counter unsympathetic innutritious insanitary derogatory implicating condemning unwelcoming ill-disposed civil exterminating family internal exterminatory junk unhealthful tainted sickly unhygienic erosive inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant vile rotten spoiled unnutritious implicatory conclusive implicative dooming strong accusatorial decimating havoc-wreaking spoilt decayed objectionable distasteful unsound disagreeable impure pathological repulsive morbid iniquitous reprobate cantankerous barbarous mutually harmful mutually destructive inhuman barbaric cut-throat

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