Đồng nghĩa của loss making

Tính từ

Failed, not successful
unsuccessful losing unfortunate unlucky ill-starred luckless unprofitable beaten defeated failed foiled frustrated unprosperous baulked balked fated hapless ill-fated ill-omened out of luck unhappy jinxed calamitous star-crossed wretched disastrous doomed miserable cursed hopeless unpropitious stricken poor untoward unfavourable unfavorable afflicted snakebitten snakebit ruinous adverse hard luck disadvantaged desperate broken forsaken destitute ruined pained shattered troubled awkward burdened in a bad way cataclysmic forlorn catastrophic dire pitiful fateful black cursed with ill-luck deplorable unbecoming inept inopportune unsuitable regrettable inappropriate infelicitous lamentable damaging desolate pathetic pitiable woeful abject worthless sad sack ill-chosen devastating tragic blighted terrible accident-prone harmful untimely baleful dreadful destructive fatal detrimental cataclysmal ravaging tough luck bad break awful shocking injurious grievous appalling down on luck behind eight ball bad annihilatory horrible dark devastative damning inauspicious abortive ill-boding sinister ominous direful menacing threatening portentous foreboding baneful unpromising ill minatory doomy evil gloomy disadvantageous apocalyptic forbidding bodeful minacious misfortunate dangerous hostile grim sinistrous lowering hard bleak ugly impending malign alarming malefic heartrending heartbreaking nasty distressing disturbing discouraging inimical tough unhealthy unwholesome frightful hurtful deleterious fearful disheartening wintry pernicious intimidating warning unpleasant comminatory frightening minatorial malignant bullying unfriendly inhospitable perilous scary intimidatory terrorizing poisonous mischievous portending near aggressive close impendent upcoming lowery loury overhanging scowling forthcoming worrying wintery doomful down on one's luck terrorising at hand condemned destroyed foredoomed bedevilled rueful piteous sorry bedeviled unadvantageous unwelcome unchancy mortal grave tragical distressful sorrowful painful cautionary admonitory ill-timed disquieting deadly catastrophal imminent unsafe looming fire-and-brimstone lethal apocalyptical disagreeable unsuited disaster-prone shattering crippling inconvenient creepy eerie premonitory too bad inapt unseasonable evil-looking spooky eldritch ghastly clumsy ill-suited hellfire clouded precursive prescient augural malificent dismal presaging suggestive haunting prophetic malevolent suggestive of evil dishonest perverse obnoxious blackhearted noxious horrendous dread spine-chilling redoubtable formidable fearsome hair-raising horrifying terrifying klutzy all thumbs two left feet bungling nocuous brooding glowering godawful horrid foul vile heavy thunderous woebegone hexed voodooed loser maleficent cancerous prejudicial wicked jonah pessimistic terrific iniquitous reprobate nocent cantankerous poor fish behind the eightball

Tính từ

Causing suffering, loss, or disadvantage
costly disastrous catastrophic damaging harmful ruinous deleterious calamitous cataclysmic crippling crushing devastating dire fatal grievous injurious lamentable lethal woeful awful direful terrible unfortunate detrimental sacrificial destructive cataclysmal fateful damning baleful baneful shattering deadly devastative annihilatory murderous pernicious withering noxious exhausting extravagant wasteful draining hurtful impoverishing depleting wrackful suicidal annihilative immoderate adverse tragic bad dreadful dangerous unfavourable disadvantageous unfavorable maleficent mortal prejudicial evil nocuous unpropitious inimical ill toxic unhealthy cancerous wounding poisonous venomous malefic hazardous wicked untoward negative catastrophal malignant undesirable unwholesome prejudicious sinister counterproductive corrupting eradicative unlucky mischievous miserable appalling black pestilential virulent perilous extirpative nocent malicious threatening parlous critical corroding environmentally unfriendly ominous inopportune ravaging subversive brutal grave violent pestiferous painful dicey savage corrosive menacing noisome malign ill-fated incendiary undermining unsafe risky inauspicious deplorable regrettable apocalyptic wretched heartbreaking earth-shattering fierce pestilent severe frightful inexpedient lethiferous internecine wreckful slaughterous ill-starred hapless malevolent death-dealing untimely precarious climactic climacteric convulsionary unadvantageous unwelcome distressing insalubrious harassing sinful tough hostile disturbing mortifying tragical unpromising heartrending distressful fire-and-brimstone portentous apocalyptical miasmatic insidious offensive miasmic nefarious spiteful annihilating desolating infelicitous hard predictive revealing oracular prophetic ruining killing destroying corruptive hellfire incriminating shocking jeopardizing horrible unsuccessful dark damnatory condemnatory abortive serious troubling thorny life-threatening unsound jeopardising jeopardous ill-boding doomed luckless blighting afflictive messy derogatory implicating condemning implicatory conclusive implicative dooming strong accusatorial erosive cutthroat consumptive fell

Trái nghĩa của loss making

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