Đồng nghĩa của ill chosen

Tính từ

Unsuitable for some particular purpose
inopportune untimely unseasonable inappropriate inconvenient unfortunate unsuitable ill-timed inauspicious mistimed unfavourable unpropitious malapropos inapt infelicitous awkward bothersome difficult disadvantageous disturbing early inexpedient precocious premature problematic troublesome badly timed contrary disruptive unfavorable improper unbecoming unfit unseemly incongruous wrong untoward discommoding adverse uncomplimentary unfitting unbefitting undue misplaced ill-fitted tactless indecorous inept inapposite amiss regrettable injudicious unapt incorrect perverse graceless unhappy ill-advised incommoding disagreeable challenging bad prohibitive tough testing disastrous trying incommodious objectionable discommodious unprofitable detrimental unhelpful tasteless unprofessional unacceptable unladylike ungentlemanly inadvisable misguided unwarranted unsuited uncalled-for incompatible inapropos inapplicable ineligible undesirable disproportionate irrelevant insensitive off inconsonant clumsy ill-suited ill-judged left-field ill-considered in poor taste foot-in-mouth in bad taste out of line lacking in propriety not proper out of place out of keeping bad form way off out of order untactful annoying irritating unmanageable vexatious aggravating vexing unwelcome tiresome unhandy unwieldy pestiferous cumbersome unsynchronized remote prejudicial embarrassing distressing worrisome disobliging unanticipated unexpected unforeseen unpredicted unusual unpredictable surprising refractory incontrollable uncontrollable willful intractable ungovernable wilful wayward froward headstrong recalcitrant unruly unlucky inimical unpliable stubborn unpleasant star-crossed unyielding misfortunate undisciplined fractious hapless luckless indocile ill-starred wild

Trái nghĩa của ill chosen

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