Đồng nghĩa của unpropitious

Alternative for unpropitious

unpropitious /'ʌnprə'piʃəs/
  • tính từ
    • không tiện lợi, không thuận lợi; bất tiện


Likely to lead to an adverse or bad outcome
inauspicious adverse ominous threatening ill contrary antagonistic unfavourable unfortunate unfavorable unlucky dire inopportune untoward calamitous untimely disadvantageous ill-fated disastrous bad infelicitous unpromising sinister direful destructive gloomy menacing fateful harmful baleful detrimental inexpedient inconvenient foreboding unhappy ruinous ill-starred damaging troublesome doomed unseasonable ill-boding unsuitable inappropriate dreadful ill-omened hapless black negative portentous catastrophic regrettable hostile minatory doomy baneful terrible forbidding devastating cataclysmic grim awkward inimical injurious wretched dangerous prejudicial apocalyptic bodeful evil tragic fatal awful woeful malapropos luckless improper difficult jinxed objectionable ill-timed dark unfriendly unseemly disturbing lamentable unfit deleterious inapt unsuited hopeless minacious ill-chosen discommodious cursed star-crossed perilous wrong cataclysmal counter poor alarming miserable deplorable bleak hurtful disagreeable mistimed inhospitable sinistrous impending discouraging grievous lowering malefic unsuccessful bothersome painful horrible dismal unwelcome disheartening worrying parlous unpleasant appalling out of luck troubled unbecoming opposed harsh disparaging inadvisable deadly ugly pernicious ill-advised crippling warning unhealthy malignant problematic ghastly unwholesome undesirable frightful shocking ill-suited very bad prophetic distressing mischievous frightening badly timed tough inconducive nasty poisonous stricken afflicted forsaken destitute unprosperous in a bad way uncomplimentary sad hazardous unadvantageous wintry premonitory early premature fearful unsympathetic malign subversive doomful precocious uncongenial lethal prejudicious toxic virulent critical damning minatorial augural suggestive haunting snakebitten hard luck snakebit scary wintery sorrowful pessimistic horrendous intimidating comminatory distressful corrosive cancerous corroding counterproductive nocuous noxious malicious bullying unkind intimidatory terrorizing corrupting hard predictive horrific near aggressive close upcoming overhanging forthcoming portending impendent lowery loury scowling dicey undermining wounding incendiary wicked maleficent annihilative venomous eradicative extirpative nocent suicidal annoying discommoding terrorising unprofitable unhelpful irritating abhorrent forlorn nightmarish abortive harrowing depressing at hand desolate doleful sombre testing morose glum undue austere bitter upsetting somber cheerless desperate inept ruined pained shattered broken burdened alien incommoding climactic climacteric disadvantaged cautionary admonitory unsatisfactory tardy late low ravaging unsafe looming imminent corruptive disquieting bringing bad luck doom and gloom annihilatory devastative trying challenging prohibitive incommodious revealing oracular creepy eerie momentous significant foreshadowing misplaced incongruous unbefitting unfitting ill-fitted brooding glowering hideous evil-looking spooky eldritch prognosticatory important crucial heavy thunderous foredoomed blighted atrocious disruptive abominable malevolent dyslogistic depreciative slighting downside derogatory detracting pejorative debit-side depreciatory gruesome bedevilled grisly suggestive of evil dishonest perverse obnoxious blackhearted spine-chilling fearsome terrifying dread redoubtable formidable hair-raising horrifying monstrous heinous exciting intriguing fated exhilarating extraordinary inspiring remarkable phenomenal destined thrilling straitened dour severe hard-pressed lurid joyless shadowy tortured full of hardship doubtful gray mournful strained exacting treacherous chilling grey oppressive pressing precarious comfortless exigent messy jeopardous solemn morbid rocky grave precursive malificent presaging clouded prescient unanticipated unexpected blue sorry bedeviled godawful horrid unforeseen unpredictable unusual surprising unpredicted on the debit side tragical heartbreaking heartrending terrific willful intractable unmanageable unruly refractory headstrong incontrollable ungovernable wilful wayward froward uncontrollable recalcitrant unchancy catastrophal disconcerting shattering vexatious dispiriting disappointing troubling displeasing dismaying misfortunate undisciplined unpliable stubborn unyielding fractious indocile wild advance too early early on anachronistic intrusive out-of-date too late soon a bit previous before time overearly too soon early bird bright and early previous oversoon mephitical hellish irritable dreary repellant melancholic repellent bewildering loathsome vexing agonizing unnerving poignant off-putting sullen galling perturbing agonising perplexing distasteful unpalatable melancholy depressive revulsive frustrating macabre daunting unamusing aggravating unpleasing irksome distressed repugnant pitiful pathetic pitiable lousy heart-rending shameful saddening rotten afflictive unacceptable piteous traumatic execrable disgraceful intolerable egregious gut-wrenching abysmal blameworthy reprehensible diabolical crushing mean crummy moving offensive affecting abject vile tear-jerking ignominious inferior plaintive too bad environmentally unfriendly unbearable sickening excruciating rueful drear anguished disconsolate funereal mortal unwanted cruel scandalous dishonourable inadequate drab dishonorable dolorous scurvy opprobrious despondent paltry contemptible outrageous uncomfortable shoddy tormenting stressful detestable chronic dejected iniquitous afflicting unspeakable discomposing depressed pestilential lugubrious costly uninviting odious pestiferous despairing shabby wrackful unpopular heart-wrenching noisome base touching undesired dirty tearful substandard unappealing unwished-for cheap despicable cruddy inexcusable lame elegiac unsettling disreputable stinking mediocre God-awful indefensible unsought ignoble downbeat risky concerning unjustifiable dejecting foul sinful unsavory murderous mortifying icky disgusting godforsaken stirring rubbish revolting discreditable gross discomforting yukky sour yucky meagre ridiculous meager exceptionable unlovely cold lachrymose god-awful nerve-racking nefarious heart-breaking defeatist lethiferous internecine wreckful slaughterous torturous serious sucky laughable derisible demoralized insufferable taxing unsavoury sepulchral fierce punk extreme worthless beastly demoralised ruining suffering destroying second-rate unenviable regretful desolating a pity squalid sordid glaring disillusioning loss-making crying pestilent indigent scungy impoverished blighting earth-shattering nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing urgent teary flagrant grieving insalubrious harassing cynical worrisome disenchanting drastic maddening sacrificial agonized flagitious deathly irretrievable humourless humorless repulsive sober agitating racked agonised feeble withering insidious miasmatic miasmic spiteful beggarly ruthful unforgivable sorrowing incriminating infuriating exasperating weighty villainous nauseating sedate hairy troublous unendurable fraught dissatisfying gloom-ridden senseless inglorious preposterous oppressing killing uncool grotty grody hellacious nauseous fatalistic unpardonable unconscionable foolish damnatory condemnatory pesky sobbing wistful nostalgic demoralizing demoralising compassionate commiserative arousing to be pitied small immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting wasteful hateful absurd ludicrous derisory cantankerous reprobate insupportable immoral anticlimactic infamous unworthy third-rate foolish-looking silly mirthless dispirited dolesome nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking dreaded dim culpable neutralising vicious criminal unforgiving regretting petrifying excessive degrading shady shy unrespectable louche notorious humiliating implicating condemning suspicious alarmist distrustful doubting unenthusiastic chilly dingy plangent pensive dreich Eeyorish saturnine elegiacal rejected remiss unprincipled grubby scummy sneaking ratty scabby implicatory strong accusatorial conclusive implicative dooming excluded uninvited useless junky rubbishy beyond contempt downhearted ill-favoured inadmissible trashy duff schlocky gimcrack unsound poxy cheesy common schlock dissatisfactory coarse trumpery woebegone helpless oppressed downer overwhelming bummer faulty sleazy pants cheapjack bum unwished for hurting upset bearish heartbroken disheartened downcast violent resigned weary brokenhearted impaired amiss defective incompetent savage brutal not wanted lamenting unmitigable in pain in despair broken-hearted up the creek long-suffering grief-stricken without hope sunk inconsolable a load of pants low-grade ill-favored nagging confronting erosive cutthroat consumptive cut-rate low-rent el cheapo bargain-basement fell death-dealing


Unfriendly and aggressive in nature
hostile antagonistic unfriendly unkind unsympathetic aggressive bellicose malevolent inhospitable militant pugnacious rancorous vicious bitter combative confrontational inimical malicious spiteful truculent unwelcoming wrathful adversarial adversary adverse alien angry belligerent disapproving uncongenial unsociable venomous virulent warlike antipathetic biting contrary intimidating jaundiced malefic maleficent malignant mean negative surly unpleasant unreceptive vitriolic argumentative catty cold dour foul hateful nasty ornery scrappy sour viperous cool unneighbourly frosty disagreeable antisocial unsocial chilly distant aloof unapproachable ungracious uncordial glacial obnoxious uncivil stand-offish discourteous rude ill-natured ill-disposed unaffable unamicable reserved uncommunicative impersonal haughty disdainful frigid indifferent unneighborly mortal stiff severe stern hard-eyed arctic cold-eyed wintery frozen gelid brittle wintry chill coldish icy clammy cold-blooded antiseptic cross uncharitable quarrelsome bad-tempered opposed conflicting opposite ill-tempered unsavoury objectionable unattractive ungenerous ungregarious unlikeable remote xenophobic offhand asocial brusque unfavorable unfavourable short unsavory opposing inconsiderate rotten cantankerous vindictive churlish dissenting malign vile wretched cruel hurtful abusive joyless oppositional wounding furious poisonous filthy resistant contentious ill-humored dissident unwilling accusatorial allergic reluctant difficult at odds oppugnant adversative oppugning evil-minded ill-humoured mean-spirited misanthropic withdrawn supercilious unforthcoming impolite menacing unmannerly Olympian starchy disaffected competitive estranged against censorious grouchy unpromising vengeful grudging acrimonious gruff not on speaking terms


Causing embarrassment or unease
embarrassing humiliating discomfiting disconcerting upsetting distressing mortifying shameful shaming awkward uncomfortable compromising flustering confusing degrading delicate demeaning sensitive tricky agitating discomposing discountenancing disturbing ignominious touchy troublesome barro blush-making cringe-making cringeworthy cringey discreditable disgraceful dishonoring dishonouring toe-curling bewildering disagreeable discommoding discommodious distracting equivocal exasperating excruciating impossible incommodious inconvenient inopportune perplexing puzzling rattling troubling trying uneasy unseemly worrisome unsettling chastening humbling bothersome alarming dismaying disquieting nerve-racking worrying distressful creepy unpleasant annoying difficult tiresome frightening off-putting discomforting awe-inspiring awesome sobering overwhelming restless tense nervous perturbing anxious crushing unnerving irksome irritating aggravating vexing provoking harassing discouraging wearisome painful burdensome startling severe ominous foreboding gloomy onerous sinister depressing laborious pessimistic hard toilsome threatening consequential intrusive impeding disruptive uncertain prophetic nagging inglorious nasty undignified troublous opprobrious debasing hairy fraught nail-biting nerve-wracking humiliatory appalling agonizing agonising disgracing deflating squashing quashing concerning baffling intimidating scary demoralizing anxious-making demoralising bringing down bringing low tormenting remote prejudicial unhandy untimely inexpedient vexatious unsuitable pestiferous disadvantageous unmanageable unseasonable detrimental cumbersome unwieldy sorry abject disreputable dishonourable notorious unrespectable infamous louche dishonorable shady shy despicable shoddy ignoble scandalous miserable indecorous wretched pitiful offensive reprehensible harrowing stressful displeasing grim galling frustrating horrible dreadful awful terrible horrendous horrific horrifying ghastly traumatic frightful horrid maddening atrocious gruesome harsh monstrous grisly macabre nightmarish shocking tedious wearing grievous cruel gut-wrenching daunting hideous bad revolting bitter loathsome abominable forbidding foul distasteful vile pesky taxing pestilent hurtful antagonizing antagonising unwelcome lurid plaguy peeving chafing rebarbative rankling nettlesome infuriating riling pestilential brutal hellacious carking nettling abrasive pesty plaguey grating niggling unpleasing uncongenial confronting objectionable woeful rotten unpalatable torturous affecting boring poor execrable dismal doleful lousy sad tough demanding exhausting pathetic teasing grave disgusting repulsive odious arduous exacting challenging rough sickening nauseating repellent repugnant bedevilling heartbreaking tragical mean grewsome nightmare saddening draining abhorrent sorrowful grueling enervating testing gruelling oppressive pressured rugged infernal cussed unamusing confounded hostile dire obnoxious gross detestable deplorable abysmal fearful heart-rending tragic repellant ugly nauseous terrifying godawful hellish hectic strenuous tiring punishing sapping enraging jarring punchable harrying heartrending terrific weighty back-breaking enough to try the patience of a saint heavy rigorous enough to drive you up the wall anxiety-ridden bedeviling sticky disappointing terrorizing pitiless vicious ruthless savage oppressed impoverished stark merciless bleak devastating terrorising poverty-stricken panicky menacing outrageous moving touching unspeakable obscene stupefying fearsome heartstopping stunning rancid astonishing evil noisome fulsome amazing direful formidable noxious staggering redoubtable surprising spine-chilling from hell wicked glaring hair-raising heinous piteous pitiable stirring emotional impactful intense tearful impressive mournful plaintive tear-jerking sentimental poignant tender passionate expressive nostalgic humourless crummy sombre humorless unbearable sober unsavory solemn somber unsatisfactory icky stinking unacceptable sedate undesirable diabolical unfortunate unendurable regrettable uncool yukky grotty lamentable unhappy grody sour unappealing yucky afflicting uninviting afflictive unsavoury anguished beastly unlovely heart-breaking extremely bad

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