Đồng nghĩa của rueful

Alternative for rueful

Đồng nghĩa: contrite, remorseful, ruthful,

Tính từ

Expressing sorrow or regret, especially in a wry or humorous way
regretful sorry remorseful contrite repentant sad apologetic penitent sorrowful melancholy mournful woeful dismal compunctious conscience-stricken grievous lugubrious pitiful plaintive self-reproachful shamefaced sheepish woebegone doleful hangdog pitiable ashamed deplorable guilt-ridden guilty chastened attritional penitential full of regret in sackcloth and ashes red-faced abashed shamed atoning abject propitiatory distressed mortified embarrassed discomfited afraid uncomfortable humble deprecatory humiliated disappointed supplicating self-incriminating chagrined on one's knees humbled awkward self-condemnatory penitentiary disturbed troubled appeasing unhappy bad awful self-accusing disgraced repenting repining conciliatory explanatory self-effacing diffident expiatory with one's tail between one's legs upset shy flustered self-conscious blushing bashful prudish crestfallen discountenanced debased meek deterred stuttering disconcerted distraught submissive reserved restrained muddled stammering demeaned blush to think of degraded dishonored dishonoured discredited flushed shown up cheap in disgrace hot and bothered sweating abased cheapened terrible rotten stigmatized modest timid coy stigmatised reddening flushing put to shame made to eat humble pie put down unsettled thrown uneasy turning red blushful discomposed nervous put out of countenance shown-up ill at ease insignificant diminished caught with egg on your face not know where to put yourself stupid tarred and feathered foolish whipped chastised disdained derided low deflated condemned belittled small disparaged shunned crushed reviled scorned mocked inferior fallen castigated with egg on one's face wishing the earth would swallow one up

Tính từ

Suggestive of sorrow, distress or regret
sorrowful woeful mournful doleful sorry anguished heartbroken dolorous grieving agonised agonized lamentable wailing dolesome plangent funeral bewailing bemoaning weeping bitter deploring lugubrious plaintive aching regretful sad miserable disconsolate wretched unhappy grief-stricken desolate distressed melancholy forlorn woebegone dejected depressed tearful despondent despairing down broken-hearted brokenhearted heartsick downcast downhearted upset inconsolable crestfallen blue gloomy down in the mouth down in the dumps saddened tormented heartsore melancholic grievous afflicted heavy-hearted glum sorrowing weepy cheerless heavyhearted troubled joyless low-spirited tortured teary dismal in pain suffering painful morose low cast down distraught lachrymose disheartened devastated wistful wounded pensive piteous discouraged in tears disappointed pitiful sombre demoralized lamenting sullen bereaved heavy sobbing crying droopy hangdog dispirited somber elegiac aggrieved emotional angst-ridden hurt dolent demoralised bad cut up bawling sniveling howling heart-rending pained blubbering perturbed bothered snivelling distressing traumatized grieved blubbing nostalgic harrowing concerned harrowed anxious mourning traumatised deplorable discombobulated uptight calamitous crushed shook bugged heartrending tristful down-hearted antsy funereal ruthful hurting broken shook up out of sorts solemn all torn up in the dumps racked with pain racked with suffering in mourning in sorrow spiritless full of sorrow heavy with grief bummed out displeased racked worried pathetic disturbed burned sore contused bleeding dire regrettable afflictive dolorific in doldrums in grief grousing cranky crabby grumpy bellyaching beefing saddening cantankerous in distress whimpering bowed down troubling tear-jerking affecting in anguish dreary sick at heart singing the blues greeting down in dumps gray moody crummy destroyed cast-down down and out languorous in the pits grey triste listless elegiacal languid comfortless pessimistic sulky saturnine uneasy larmoyant shaken disconcerted vexed ruffled disquieted unnerved agitated discomposed blubbery pitiable close to tears watery wet moist on the verge of tears longing overwhelmed harassed flustered irked aflutter wrecked discountenanced plagued yearning reflective dreamy haunted spooked gutted meditative contemplative musing dreaming jumpy unglued persecuted thoughtful strung out in a tizzy overcome with sorrow in a stew daydreaming hopeless desirous wishful in a reverie tragic afflicting threnodic mirthless dirge-like bereft

Tính từ

Expressing sorrow or regret, especially in a wry or humorous way
sorry pathetic miserable piteous pitiful heartbreaking wretched pitiable poor heartrending sad woeful dismal cheerless comfortless abject mournful distressing joyless doleful sorrowful forlorn lamentable unhappy tragic bleak gloomy dreary sombre somber morose distressed drear dire afflicted depressing grim grievous harrowing deplorable drab dark melancholy solemn disheartening funereal glum moving depressive dolorous sullen affecting tearful unfortunate desolate heart-rending disconsolate depressed melancholic saddening hopeless touching poignant gut-wrenching uncomfortable lugubrious black lonesome elegiacal worthless dejected distressful dispiriting woebegone low uninviting spiritless cold crestfallen oppressive despondent dingy godforsaken dejecting terrible morbid blue lonely mourning sepulchral saturnine tenebrific plutonian tenebrous dreich sunless elegiac plaintive Cimmerian cast down down-and-out dull upsetting base stirring suffering vile scurvy discouraging drearisome contemptible shabby dreadful austere unwelcoming unpleasant dour gray dim bare inhospitable stark lousy to be pitied chill murky bland grey darkening clinical bad draggy mopey impersonal cloudy disgraceful wintery institutional teary wintry jarring in the dumps paltry mean beggarly hapless despicable arousing compassionate commiserative traumatic disturbing inadequate disquieting agonizing painful regrettable ruthful dispirited mirthless mortifying disappointing commiserable agonising tear-jerking horrific derisible foul meager meagre awful appalling frightful horrible horrendous shoddy calamitous shameful execrable rotten inferior derisory merciful insignificant cheap sober melting tender disconcerting unnerving discomforting useless puny petty beseeching ruined supplicating imploring entreating horrid unlucky humourless humorless small luckless squalid sordid unpromising heart-breaking trashy disagreeable filthy indigent scungy impoverished destitute displeasing detestable misfortunate ill-fated lame ill-starred poverty-stricken mediocre bitter demoralising demoralizing difficult excruciating shocking troublesome crushing dolesome inept crummy godawful diabolical unsatisfactory rubbish foolish-looking disastrous catastrophic abominable silly ridiculous god-awful odious direful absurd egregious hideous ghastly atrocious ludicrous beastly abysmal laughable second-rate cataclysmic third-rate sucky vexatious discomposing plangent lachrymose horrifying pensive heart-wrenching downcast heartbroken down downhearted inconsolable sorrowing anguished grieving devastated despairing saddened brokenhearted heavyhearted droopy heartsick hangdog heartsore choked gutted powerless helpless bummed hurting downtrodden sour broken-hearted grief-stricken low-spirited cut up in the pits down in the mouth long-faced down in the dumps chap-fallen substandard low-grade unacceptable rubbishy grotty two-bit imperfect deficient second-class duff ropy below par low-rent common below standard tawdry low-quality pants junky middling nasty subpar ordinary average junk offensive lemon poxy insufficient dissatisfactory crude under par suboptimal cruddy poorer a load of pants tatty bargain-basement wanting schlocky sub-par indifferent distasteful below average bush-league dime-a-dozen intolerable undesirable reprehensible hack déclassé coarse objectionable bum loathsome revolting poor-quality good-for-nothing not up to much not up to snuff repugnant faulty ignominious afflictive schlock punk unwelcome tinny tacky abhorrent grubby ratty tragical cheapjack dodgy unfavourable gruesome unfavorable defective unsound el cheapo unpalatable dishonorable low-end the pits grave dishonourable measly sickening sleazy downmarket repulsive galling stinking disgusting flawed pedestrian subnormal unexceptional trumpery repellent gimcrack tenth-rate dirty cut-rate tinhorn not up to scratch harsh leaving much to be desired severe cruel wrong heinous monstrous jerry-built ignoble God-awful inauspicious cheesy insufferable nightmarish crumby wack worrying unsavory obnoxious blameworthy gross unsavoury less-than-stellar feeble cheap and nasty no great shakes not up to par scabby scummy sneaking unbearable dismaying hard chronic yucky yukky very bad grisly troubling discreditable disreputable unworthy tough hateful negligible wicked unspeakable indefensible lurid frightening irksome torturous bodger off worse bush cheapo tormenting adverse rough afflicting macabre garbage hurtful annoying naff repellant icky chilling half-pie nauseating damnable unpleasing uncongenial impressive cheapie unpropitious tattered beyond the pale not much cop run-down emotive entry-level bottom-rung a dime a dozen twopenny-halfpenny beyond contempt emotional ill-advised heart-warming inexcusable scandalous ruinous impactful devastating opprobrious inglorious too bad dissatisfying downer bummer fair weak insupportable seedy undistinguished heavy tortured commonplace menial unsuitable lacking trifling ill dinky degrading impermissible inappropriate inadmissible stressful meretricious snide currish daunting perturbing trying unkind mingy piddling destructive scrubby valueless forbidding villainous dud insubstantial reject piss-poor unlovely frustrating irritating vexing hostile parlous exacting shadowy unappealing not up to standard grungy grody hellacious shady from hunger weak sauce kitsch scroungy off-putting troubled foreboding scurrilous stinky irremediable poor quality low-down pinchbeck Brummagem brassy rancid not good enough sinister low-minded raunchy hellish two a penny of a sort rinky-dink dime-store ominous unpopular undesired wet bungling untoward regretful inopportune brackish unappetizing disillusioning fatal wanky warming worrisome degenerate deadly powerful ropey despisable disdainable tinpot disenchanting unsettling end-of-the-pier cowardly evocative a pity agitating telling soul-stirring uplifting so-so piffling poorly hateworthy hairy fraught sedate troublous unendurable unsought unwanted testing alarming sentimental cataclysmal blah overwhelming poopy unforgivable disgustful rebarbative loathly swinish outcast crass amiss thin damaged uncool awkward ugly nauseous unseemly second-best cheap-jack outrageous preposterous senseless not good erroneous not the best diddly bad news fallacious lethal mortal irritable bewildering wistful stunning mind-blowing sympathetic responsive unearthly run-of-the-mine passable medium run-of-the-mill run-of-mine concerning strictly for the birds improper exceptionable unpardonable unconscionable sinful foolish deathly fateful off-color amateurish unimpressive heartwarming affective haunting no good second class nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking unprincipled outclassed uninspiring bog-standard uninspired mephitical perplexing aggravating revulsive unamusing eerie anticlimactic dubious unreasonable questionable immoral iniquitous unscrupulous for the birds leaving a lot to be desired condemnable out ghostly terrifying gory grotesque inacceptable unjustifiable emotionally moving dilapidated fearsome not cricket won't do half-baked of low quality out of order not on second rate of poor quality over the fence not quite the done thing agonized criminal fair to middling terrific pitiless grewsome nightmare slummy racked agonised slimy infamous caitiff insalubrious unfriendly hard-pressed harmful doubtful treacherous injurious negative pressing precarious exigent jeopardous apocalyptic rocky straitened discommodious perilous dangerous full of hardship threatening strained ill-omened ill-boding messy weird spooky spookish scary arousing affect acid sharp rank tart shifty fierce ruthless savage unhealthy sick unrelenting burdensome searing murderous onerous relentless stiff brutal hardhanded merciless inhuman rugged ferocious beneath contempt low-life below contempt no-good dirty rotten death-obsessed great sore remorseless mangy intemperate intense rigorous inclement provoking broken-down desperate run down taxing down at heel hard-hearted scruffy unforgiving scuzzy lesser scanty stingy ungenerous insipid not enough miserly tiny shoestring fractional unconsiderable nominal trivial exiguous inconsiderable limited ramshackle minor lowly bedraggled worn-out unkempt decrepit untidy threadbare rickety neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel rundown timeworn humble unpretentious secondary subordinate unimportant junior subservient unassuming low-ranking subsidiary second-string ancillary second-fiddle smaller demeaning little reduced bottom slighter servile plebeian lower lower-ranking humdrum craptacular minor-league lower in status undersized lower in rank small-fry small-time third-string low-born subjacent second-banana beneath someone under someone's heel not very important back seat less important below someone lower-class not so important

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