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Tính từ

Distressing to the mind or senses
bad disconcerting disheartening disappointing discouraging dispiriting unpleasant depressing difficult dismaying displeasing distressing disturbing grim horrific troubling unfortunate alarming austere awful dismal dreadful ghastly melancholic parlous regrettable sad shocking testing unfavorable unfavourable unhappy unlucky unnerving unwelcome upsetting worrying bewildering bitter bleak cheerless daunting depressive dire distressful foreboding frustrating glum hopeless horrible irksome irritable macabre off-putting perturbing poignant somber sombre troubled appalling disagreeable distasteful dreary gloomy inauspicious melancholy morose ominous painful sinister unpropitious woeful distressed frightening perplexing sullen tragic troublesome agonising agonizing unkind abhorrent aggravating galling unamusing uncongenial unpalatable unpleasing vexing annoying hellish irritating loathsome repellant repellent repugnant revulsive terrible harsh nasty severe frightful horrendous grievous horrid rotten objectionable harrowing wretched forbidding offensive vile grave abominable horrifying yucky foul icky hard hideous atrocious unlovely sour wicked revolting gruesome excruciating repulsive monstrous serious unsavory sickening lamentable yukky grisly nightmarish hellacious tough disgusting inhospitable lurid hostile lousy obnoxious nauseating comfortless unsavoury disquieting rough godawful miserable cruel oppressive uncomfortable trying solemn odious deplorable terrifying traumatic critical poor intimidating abysmal discomforting formidable ugly brutal rugged heartrending heavy detestable unspeakable fearsome calamitous torturous beastly terrific tormenting direful hurtful stressful injurious undesirable dangerous hair-raising sober gross burdensome uninviting dark doleful harmful nauseous inhuman unattractive searing heartbreaking hateful mean tremendous stark grewsome fearful scary grody black redoubtable vexatious hairy unsettling damaging spine-chilling intense afflicting execrable agitating onerous from hell adverse tragical unacceptable stinking humourless humorless desolate diabolical unendurable grotty joyless unpromising demanding overwhelming afflictive noisome very bad dread unfriendly exacting unrelenting disastrous hardhanded heinous threatening heart-rending worrisome nightmare rigorous gut-wrenching dislikable tortuous jarring sorry troublous fraught saddening acute strong grinding intolerable desperate concerning unappetizing unappealing disadvantageous glaring unbearable sedate unwelcoming untoward spartan stringent insufferable ruthless savage pathetic merciless fierce funereal vicious dour mortifying outrageous crushing scandalous ferocious unpopular unsatisfactory negative rubbish vulgar forlorn menacing uncool obscene extreme intemperate inclement murderous stiff yucko grotesque abject rancid evil fulsome noxious unsightly godforsaken shameful egregious chilling biting petrifying astounding God-awful gnarly heart-breaking straitened ill-fated shuddersome creepy morbid taxing unsympathetic untempting discordant wounding pitiless oppressed impoverished drab poverty-stricken nagging brackish grating drear unenticing glary rueful scaring dicey pitiful drag bothersome pain sharp peracute wild blinding dazzling weak flat disgraceful dreaded unpardonable unforgivable relentless significant mortal unstable chronic dodgy sore remorseless great scabrous stern inexorable untimely cataclysmic terribly bad like death warmed up spooky frozen inexcusable inconvenient punk excessive provoking unaesthetic challenging inopportune stupefying coarse bloodcurdling strange eerie unearthly ghoulish sublime baleful heartstopping hard-hearted catastrophic unadvantageous ruinous stunning astonishing startling amazing staggering undesired perilous arduous strenuous toilsome surprising downbeat pessimistic Spartan bare-bones barren rejected unwanted cataclysmal fatal detrimental exigent grueling gruelling blameworthy reprehensible excluded uninvited festy disgustful loathly inimical devastating damning destructive hard-pressed shadowy discommodious tortured full of hardship doubtful gray mournful strained ill-omened treacherous ill-boding grey pressing precarious messy jeopardous apocalyptic rocky inadequate not okay unsuitable uphill backbreaking raunchy grungy wearing murky disagreeing unsought ill-favoured exceptionable inadmissible deadly infelicitous catastrophal moiling sweaty laborious herculean chill plutonian Cimmerian sepulchral very unpleasant unwished for unwished-for sick-making killer drastic effortful crippling fateful shattering acheronian acherontic not wanted ill-advised too bad ill-favored unjust looking on the black side impossible useless futile crummy discomposing vain pointless impracticable awkward affecting unworkable anguished sorrowful bootless no-win not having a prayer beyond hope with no chance of success nerve-racking nail-biting nerve-wracking extremely bad

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