Đồng nghĩa của pestilential

Alternative for pestilential

pestilential /,pesti'lenʃəl/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) bệnh dịch; nguy hại như bệnh dịch
    • (nghĩa bóng) độc hại

Tính từ

Relating to or tending to cause infectious diseases
contagious pestilent pestiferous venomous virulent deadly infectious poisonous toxic dangerous deleterious harmful hazardous injurious noxious pernicious septic communicable contaminated destructive epidemic fatal infective malignant mephitic toxicant unhealthy unwholesome catching detrimental foul poison ruinous baneful evil malign plague-like disease-ridden lethal mortal baleful nocuous hurtful noisome terminal murderous deathly death-dealing bad fell incurable transmittable mortiferous disastrous calamitous environmentally unfriendly transmissible spreading devastating damaging killer miasmatic killing vital toxiferous life-threatening contaminating peccant maleficent transferable malefic cancerous adverse pandemic epizootic malicious internecine prejudicial viperous corrupt ill corrupting morbid disadvantageous miasmic unfortunate wicked mortuary mischievous vicious taking suicidal polluting envenomed uncontrollable inimical poisoned prejudicious counterproductive insalubrious unfavourable nocent catastrophic unsafe unfavorable cataclysmic negative spreadable final wounding mephitical corruptive undesirable crippling catchable conveyable dire dead homicidal destroying vitiating malevolent causing death untreatable lethiferous annihilative eradicative extirpative wreckful wrackful slaughterous violent catchy critical endemic diseased germ-laden communicative invasive necrotic metastatic irremediable easily spread grave cataclysmal insidious offensive nefarious spiteful annihilatory fateful ravaging devastative brutal fierce savage damning tragic ill-fated death dealing ill-starred cruel slaying bloody bloodthirsty ruthless cannibalistic carcinogenic risky ruining erosive cutthroat consumptive inoculable transmissive impartible dicey threatening parlous precarious perilous painful subversive sinister incendiary undermining corrosive menacing harassing sinful corroding defiling poisoning putrid spoiled unhealthful miasmal sickly highly contagious olid contaminative highly infectious highly infective rapidly spreading spoilt scathel unsanitary insanitary insalutary unhygienic serious grievous grim monstrous terrible dreadful awful hostile nasty unpropitious woeful distressing bitter direful lamentable miserable appalling untoward unlucky rancorous mean catty evil-intentioned catastrophal shattering vitriolic vindictive unkind hateful crushing wretched ominous severe black deplorable inopportune antagonistic acid costly abusive vengeful inauspicious unconducive horrible despiteful caustic regrettable shocking unpleasant heartbreaking frightful afflictive hard hapless acute rotten ill-natured sad annihilating harrowing desolate withering forlorn stinging unfriendly cutting antipathetic inexpedient barbed vile apocalyptic disturbing repugnant unwelcome harsh ill-disposed resentful defamatory sharp acerbic earth-shattering acrimonious troublesome dark repulsive disagreeable distressful heartrending abhorrent horrendous gross abominable bothersome agonizing vituperative vexatious gruesome sorrowful objectionable distasteful unnutritious galling unhappy doleful cussed ornery agonising aggressive reckless treacherous madcap depressed mortifying untimely desolating contrary opposed convulsionary aching hurting unadvantageous iniquitous cantankerous reprobate tough artful portentous fire-and-brimstone apocalyptical climactic climacteric ghastly splenetic rapacious tragical unpromising immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting wasteful horrific counter unsympathetic infelicitous hideous full of hate imperilling imperiling atrocious capital unsalutary unwelcoming bad-natured hellfire of evil intent grudging hate-filled shrewish grisly blighting messy not conducive oppugnant inimicable inimic disaffected at odds scathing slighting aspersive nightmarish tart waspish beastly low predictive prophetic revealing oracular incriminating heinous biting razor-edged astringent uncool envious petty insulting unnourishing alkaline mordant damnatory condemnatory very dangerous blue sorry innutritious evil-minded dripping venom full of spleen dirty full of gall accidentally on purpose viperish pathetic touch and go junk tainted abject anguished mournful unsuccessful acrid burning moving dismal abortive trenchant mordacious pointed civil family exterminatory exterminating internal implicating derogatory condemning pitiable stirring dejected melancholy piteous despondent pitiful ill-boding doomed luckless unsound decayed impure pathological gloomy decimating havoc-wreaking heart-rending implicatory strong accusatorial conclusive implicative dooming ill-intentioned mutually harmful mutually destructive abrasive keen disheartening discouraging weighty sombre earnest forbidding sobering sedate urgent worrying strenuous sober unamusing ugly solemn somber depressing far-reaching disgusting revolting intense displeasing horrid repellent mighty irksome trying icky unsavoury yukky nauseating annoying difficult unappealing unpalatable uncomfortable yucky lousy uncongenial unlovely detestable irritating unpleasing unsavory execrable crashing invidious obnoxious grody odious sickening fearful rancid pesky sour off-putting gut-wrenching

Tính từ

Causing annoyance or irritation
annoying irritating bothersome aggravating exasperating maddening vexatious galling irksome disturbing troublesome peeving pesky pestiferous pestilent plaguy tiresome vexing abrasive carking chafing frustrating infernal infuriating nettlesome nettling pesty plaguey rankling rebarbative riling provoking trying displeasing upsetting wearisome difficult confounded cussed inconvenient harassing grating troubling disagreeable nagging awkward distressing tedious niggling burdensome perturbing worrisome unpleasant antagonizing unsettling antagonising unwelcome enraging wearing agitating worrying disconcerting enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall taxing irking thorny tricky discomposing discomforting demanding teasing painful jarring harrying mean ugly wicked boring objectionable wretched repugnant discommoding bedevilling problematic disquieting troublous concerning discouraging challenging forbidding puzzling knotty unpleasing agonizing unnerving unamusing incommodious disappointing punchable agonising uncongenial festering antipathetic bedeviling unsatisfying unattractive impossible traumatic deplorable lamentable tormenting afflicting accursed humiliating nauseating distasteful unpalatable plaguing acid afflictive oppressive arduous laborious nasty hard importunate tough heavy intractable repressive ungovernable uphill alarming rowdy undisciplined murder messy infestive rough dangerous damaging disorderly onerous severe sticky exacting hairy toilsome perplexing harsh harrowing stressful delicate grievous punishing strenuous exhausting weighty ticklish gruelling problematical grueling exigent crushing rigorous prickly formidable sensitive excruciating tiring grim brutal complicated back-breaking testing dodgy intricate nerve-racking fatiguing cumbersome stiff complex daunting backbreaking distressful baffling dismaying involved rugged touchy wearying grave embarrassing ominous Herculean hellish effortful disruptive serious convoluted controversial ponderous sinister bitter murderous tense draining herculean sapping uncomfortable gloomy depressing tortuous torturous threatening critical inopportune killing unsuitable fraught unmanageable cruel untimely unsparing grinding foreboding unwieldy killer dire sweaty stringent moiling catchy unhandy discommodious persnickety tricksy spiny operose inexpedient bruising startling frightening imperious pressing creepy unseasonable inappropriate vexed intimidating hellacious intolerable tall perilous unfavorable unfavourable hostile discomfiting dicey ambitious bleak confronting dark nerve-wracking merciless mystifying fierce unremitting precarious intrusive consequential impeding elaborate awful debilitating toilful uncertain incommoding compromising pessimistic vigorous unbearable laboured labored hefty unyielding bewildering knackering tight energy-consuming anxious unreasonable scary anxious-making unfortunate inhuman enervating cringeworthy mighty uneasy flustering hazardous obstinate cringey painstaking intense ill-timed searing hardhanded tangled chancy stubborn questionable iffy colossal extreme clunky cringe-making problem pressured demeaning labyrinthine unforgiving superincumbent dictatorial involute unfriendly obdurate sophisticated confusing unfathomable obscure byzantine titanic impenetrable tyrannical overbearing unpropitious involuted prophetic upstream fractious Augean gargantuan depleting shattering fiddly aggressive pick-and-shovel solemn disadvantageous excessive charged persistent detrimental sour immoderate embittering clamorous troubled unfair gnawing quarrelsome shameful treacherous disobliging steep direful insistent dubious spartan suspect degrading uncompromising clumsy baroque daedal labyrinthian nail-biting dreadful Byzantine cumbrous crippling shocking risky bulky fussy austere intransigent unrelenting discountenancing perfectionist time-consuming headache ungainly prohibitive hectic unamenable unaccommodating strict paradoxical pertinacious inflexible cranky bunglesome Gordian terrible querulous unbending hardheaded relentless toe-curling inauspicious high-pressure hypercritical immense unflinching staggering gigantic slavish detailed really hard very hard backbreaker gnarly temperamental rocky hard to please cryptic abstruse fancy pitiless inexorable incomprehensible confounding tough going inscrutable undecipherable enigmatic entangled recondite hard-line sombre difficult to understand full of twists and turns no picnic negative anxiety-ridden over-particular somber disheartening dismal difficile hard to satisfy restless nervous hurtful exorbitant remote prejudicial emotive responsible apprehensive provocative embarrassed echinated stimulating briery pointed thoroughgoing tender overtaxing overpowering plodding major infelicitous devastating a stinker of a like herding cats tickly kittle bumpy dolorous insufferable nice devilish mistimed itchy scratchy distressed high-impact drudgy vicious worksome uphill battle hard-won marathon like getting blood out of a stone almighty easier said than done torturesome savage scabrous unendurable not easy ferocious discordant gut-wrenching off-putting unsteady unstable causing discomfort ill-fitting unmanoeuvrable changeable volatile capricious mercurial inconstant fickle variable unaesthetic grotesque inharmonious offensive ill-chosen devil of a very devil of a badly timed domineering autocratic no piece of cake despotic unjust undemocratic draconian shaming mortifying stridulous ill suited stridulent dry insensitive harsh-sounding tyrannous overwhelming violent authoritarian iron-fisted confused dirty anti-democratic punitive ruthless coercive out of place serpentine impractical filthy lumbering difficult to handle disputed menacing knotted jumbled mixed interlaced dense high-handed peremptory overweening adverse lumbersome Daedalian hi-tech Daedalean a nuisance dispiriting ironhanded depressive heavy-handed confining rough going graceless unclear unintelligible abstract minacious insoluble complicate unanswerable ignominious clamant urgent pugnacious debated contentious contested heavy-footed slow slow-moving an imposition mind-boggling hard to solve hard to explain mind-bending hazy above one's head beyond comprehension esoteric mystical thought-provoking ambiguous inexplicable profound deep rambling advanced enigmatical over one's head beyond one's grasp unsolvable mysterious opaque fathomless woeful ill-fated hard-pressed inhospitable joyless hopeless shadowy tortured harmful doubtful gray mournful black injurious chilling grey jeopardous morbid apocalyptic sad very bad cheerless bad straitened dour lurid morose undesirable full of hardship glum miserable strained ill-omened ill-boding doleful parlous nightmarish comfortless desolate clodhopping huge blundering uncoordinated massive maladroit bellicose moot debatable disgraceful discreditable barro dishonouring blush-making a devil tenacious indefatigable tireless unco lubberly elephantine ramified reticular mazy undetermined undecided unresolved unsettled unconcluded hard to use like a bull in a china shop substantial dishonoring equivocal unseemly distracting rattling dogged instant imperative burning crying emergent acute compelling persevering entreating necessitous in contention ongoing at issue in dispute afflicted open to question open to debate hot-button trouble avid solicitous pushy earnest forceful suppliant overeager recalcitrant open to doubt up in the air yet to be decided much debated hard-nosed pigheaded picky fastidious boorish rigid argumentative finicky full of problems strong-minded irritable bloody-minded testy perverse bull-headed steadfast choosy refractory captious snappy cantankerous uptight chippy headstrong resolute immovable disputative oafish bearish thrawn huffy stroppy froward opinionated dogmatic indomitable overcritical wrong-headed irascible obstructive particular bolshie ungracious grumbly single-minded set in one's ways finical unpredictable hard to handle invidious contrary fiendish ill-natured crotchety ornery uppity feisty discontented dissatisfied rude crabby stiff-necked contrarious impolite opinionative disputatious balky obstreperous beset by problems overly solicitous judgmental disapproving overexacting cavilling quibbling disparaging possessive sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling firm censuring cavillous cynical carping censorious high-maintenance over-rigorous fault-finding over-strict over-exacting over-censorious

Tính từ

(of a smell or sight) Extremely unpleasant, offensive or repugnant
evil unpleasant disagreeable nasty horrible foul filthy vile inclement abhorrent abominable appalling awful disgusting distasteful dreadful fulsome gross hideous horrendous horrid loathsome nauseating nauseous noisome obnoxious obscene offensive rancid repellant repellent repugnant repulsive revolting scandalous sickening ugly mephitic putrid noxious malodorous odious displeasing off-putting fetid objectionable uninviting rank execrable hateful detestable unpalatable unsavoury bad harmful smelly yucky stinking poisonous ghastly reeking unhealthy beastly hurtful pernicious God-awful bogging shocking injurious deleterious mischievous sick-making skanky olid niffy pestiferous loathly yucko disgustful festy baneful unwholesome foetid deadly insalutary immoral unsavory dangerous on the nose terrible frightful atrocious despicable deplorable gruesome contemptible rotten lousy heinous icky reprehensible grotty stomach-turning diabolical stomach-churning monstrous unspeakable grisly vomitous scurvy wicked horrifying outrageous intolerable abysmal vomit-inducing wretched unpleasing rebarbative hellish gut-churning insufferable unappetizing dire hellacious unwelcome grody mean dirty poor horrific unacceptable distressing pitiful creepy disgraceful grubby macabre upsetting godawful invidious sleazy bitter stinky beyond the pale uncongenial lamentable crummy pathetic undesirable woeful unsatisfactory dislikeable base squalid sorry evil-smelling foul-smelling grim lame sordid harsh pongy whiffy grimy funky annoying cheap paltry cruddy grungy yukky sour miasmal scummy scabby unlovely galling shameful inferior hopeless very bad chronic egregious dismal disturbing rubbish forbidding sick acrid polluted unbearable perturbing unnerving grievous alarming depressing frightening cringe-making irritating smudged bedraggled stained mucky besmirched befouled smutty unfair blackened sullied bemired dusty unclean uncleanly unsportsmanlike black dingy draggled sneaking ratty muddy begrimed illegal soiled pitiable sad damnable painful from hell poison bum ungodly unholy revulsive inadequate hated substandard useless duff poxy pits laughable terrifying disconcerting fearful pants disquieting troubling opposite exceptionable insupportable emetic inexcusable vulgar unsettling unsightly unpardonable difficult troublesome third-rate gut-wrenching dislikable agitating unforgivable unfortunate irksome hateable opprobrious biting embarrassing cutting unlikable tasteless dismaying miserable harrowing lurid nightmarish afflictive agonizing daunting hostile worrying regrettable ornery sombre distressful somber pesky hairy bewildering unhappy uncool gloomy off-color tragic excruciating very unpleasant agonising yecchy loathed detested abominated execrated despised sickly catty chunderous reviled indescribable terribly bad tainted diseased scabrous offending abusive impertinent insolent discourteous animal beast bestial morbid censurable woozy brackish rocky tremendous flavourless flavorless insipid yicky savorless flat very disgusting accursed villainous cursed brutal slimy pill heel serious mediocre ropy raunchy godforsaken gnarly criminal sinful contradictory inconsistent opposed incompatible adverse disastrous iniquitous infamous unseemly inimical averse antipathetic antagonistic disreputable unfriendly extrinsic counter against extraneous unconformable different unfitted alien foreign deficient desperate backbiting ignominious maligning indecent vilifying traducing detractive untrue gossiping crying detracting disheartening worrisome discomforting highly improper trashy garbage wanting low-grade rubbishy worthless in opposition severe traumatic stressful torturous discouraging dispiriting disappointing red hot a load of pants not up to snuff humourless humorless discomposing sober uncomfortable doleful mortifying solemn reeky cut-rate under par low-quality less-than-stellar punk poor-quality second-class below par sub-par second-rate two-bit strong high musty stenchy fusty sedate tormenting heartbreaking troublous unendurable fraught vexatious grave frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty tragical cruel saddening unappealing awkward afflicting affecting pigpen ripe melancholic unlucky testing austere parlous unfavorable unfavourable stupefying scary fearsome heartstopping nerve-racking nail-biting concerning heart-rending heart-breaking anguished sorrowful heartrending extremely bad nerve-wracking stunning astonishing grewsome overwhelming intimidating startling amazing direful formidable terrific staggering nightmare mephitical irritable unpropitious unkind dreary vexing poignant sullen morose troubled glum perplexing melancholy sinister depressive frustrating unamusing inauspicious foreboding aggravating ominous distressed bleak cheerless redoubtable surprising glaring repelling opposing spine-chilling hair-raising oppositional shameless squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball scuzzy

Tính từ

Used to express anger, annoyance, or shock, or simply for emphasis
bloody flaming bleeding confounded rotten blasted blinking blooming precious ruddy wretched blessed blimming chuffing deuced effing flipping bally freaking plurry accursed cursed damnable infernal full execrable hateful detestable cussed annoying irritating horrible doggoned cotton-picking curst durn durned goddamned danged darn dang darned doggone odious loathsome abominable infuriating exasperating accurst foul awful terrible offensive blamed dreadful horrid vile ghastly obnoxious pesky disgusting beastly heinous scurvy unpleasant objectionable disagreeable nasty maddening despicable infamous vexatious devilish pernicious trying perturbing bothersome fell fiendish atrocious aggravating pestiferous dratted obscene repellent revolting repulsive hellish repugnant dashed loathly abhorrent appalling evil wicked monstrous diabolical villainous nefarious vicious unspeakable shocking demonic demoniac Mephistophelian contemptible iniquitous reprehensible satanic sinful horrifying cacodemonic base egregious cruel hideous diabolic demoniacal ungodly barbarous inhuman flagitious outrageous depraved immoral savage lousy black dark scandalous barbaric brutish black-hearted bad shameful facinorous miserable Hadean disgraceful distasteful malicious perverted God-awful blithering gross godawful amoral bestial footling perverse undesirable malevolent malignant demonical demonian Luciferian deplorable sickening sordid unhallowed nightmarish horrendous brutal Stygian nauseating dirty nauseous frightful reprobate dastardly horrific abysmal intolerable stinking chronic yucky grody low-down fricking uncooperative stubborn obstinate crazed frenetic mad maniacal possessed anathematized insufferable criminal grave noxious noisome inexcusable culpable under a curse rancid forbidding unjust unpardonable unforgivable improper raunchy flagrant disgustful repellant fulsome unrighteous revulsive sleazy hairy grim afflicted unholy unsanctified blankety-blank foredoomed snakebit bedevilled voodooed blighted banned bedeviled heartless beneath contempt crying beyond the pale uncool invidious bitter shuddersome resentful ornery unbearable unlawful unfair unsavory wrong unethical cloven-footed ghoulish hellborn serpentine satanical lamentable malfeasant ignominious pitiless murderous bloodthirsty merciless ruthless ferocious unfeeling inhumane implacable brute truculent sadistic wanton butcherly naughty unsavoury very bad misbegotten pits tenth-rate woeful dismal punk dire pants sucky low paltry mean hell fire cast out abject cringe-making defective pathetic sorry detested execrated a load of pants currish dishonorable snide despised ignoble shabby useless cruddy measly degenerate worthless lame loathed abominated hated abhorred stupid dishonourable hateable yucko low-minded maggot

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