Đồng nghĩa của horrifying

Alternative for horrifying

horrifies, horrified, horrifying

Đồng nghĩa: alarm, appal, appall, dismay,

Tính từ

Extremely horrifying or disturbing in nature
appalling awful dreadful ghastly gruesome horrendous horrible horrific shocking terrible atrocious frightful grewsome grisly hideous horrid lurid macabre monstrous nightmare nightmarish terrific sickening terrifying grim frightening dire unspeakable distressing revolting fearful abominable disgusting loathsome alarming harrowing vile scary abhorrent spine-chilling repulsive disturbing forbidding repugnant hair-raising fearsome odious repellent offensive bad upsetting unnerving eerie hellacious grievous heinous nasty direful unpleasant chilling detestable intimidating nauseating foul execrable gross beastly disquieting grotesque deplorable formidable daunting hateful from hell traumatic wretched redoubtable godawful disagreeable distasteful morbid petrifying ugly lousy egregious spooky rotten obscene unsettling outrageous objectionable unearthly dismal insufferable tragic miserable bleak lamentable bloodcurdling obnoxious nauseous mean abysmal dread sick despicable calamitous contemptible grody severe grave creepy weird unpalatable startling ghostly gloomy evil unfortunate painful sad depressing God-awful poor disconcerting scandalous woeful heartbreaking disgustful loathly intolerable dark wicked perturbing disheartening troublesome unbearable sick-making ominous sinister agitating unforgivable gory displeasing unpardonable terrorizing shameful distressful cruel sombre somber agonizing uncomfortable ghoulish regrettable unacceptable repellant off-putting undesirable troubling noxious funereal excruciating spookish pathetic irksome discomforting gut-churning very bad agonising menacing dismaying worrying serious savage terrorising threatening harsh mournful bloody unsightly solemn inexcusable difficult bitter haunting extreme doleful hairy discomposing pitiable unwelcome disastrous reprehensible noisome sepulchral overwhelming gut-wrenching hurtful rancid fulsome cold melancholy diabolical hostile heart-rending unpleasing icky sorry unsavory unsavoury yucky unhappy galling crummy pitiful stinking violent brutal worrisome eery discouraging foreboding disgraceful dreaded scaring stressful torturous demoralizing sober affecting rough unnatural vicious indescribable fierce tormenting troublous fraught cheap annoying hellish tasteless dangerous hard humourless humorless misshapen dirty sedate depressive filthy unappealing tragical stark demoralising saddening shadowy unlovely melancholic glum desolate cheerless irritating pitiless poignant sanguine freaky unsatisfactory dreary morose dispirited uncanny exceptionable shady drab grotty insupportable mirthless sorrowful heartrending uninviting vexatious drear mortifying shuddersome rebarbative cruddy lugubrious dingy scurvy afflictive beyond the pale dishonourable dishonorable dolorous opprobrious spine-tingling nerve-racking nefarious bloodthirsty critical bone-chilling Kafkaesque thrilling unkind callous lou great nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal much-feared taboo ruthless oppressed impoverished merciless blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder bothersome desperate parlous terribly bad discommoding murderous poverty-stricken tough unfavorable unfavourable animal beast bestial lewd wrong vexing strange eldritch inhospitable adverse disadvantageous austere frozen gnarly inconceivable unbelievable fugly misproportioned reptilian inconvenient punk excessive dispiriting shameless onerous unimaginable dour rugged blood-stained devastating injurious damaging scarring vulgar huckery ineffable unutterable like death warmed up senseless inglorious preposterous disconsolate joyless hopeless rueful comfortless disappointing sordid abnormal inexpressible unwelcoming jarring negative ferocious deeply distressing ridiculous unconscionable foolish indefensible sinful unthinkable unmentionable blood-curdling substandard grubby scummy lame inadequate sneaking inferior ratty scabby paltry preternatural undefinable inhuman beyond words dejecting oppressive crushing dolesome unlikable vomitous sleazy putrid iniquitous ignominious ignoble immoral discreditable disreputable untoward dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike corpselike anemic weak anaemic wounding harmful squicky festy cloying surfeiting bogging sleazeball unappetizing yucko skanky scuzzy indescribably bad beyond description indescribably wicked indescribably evil like the back end of a bus as ugly as sin malformed freakish chronic moving depressed unjustifiable base yecchy astounding stomach-churning cringe-making stomach-turning vomit-inducing mind-blowing abject tremendous criminal unhandsome unbeautiful distorted ill-favored homely teratoid unpretty mutant miscreated unattractive shapeless deformed uncomely stupefying too horrible for words blameworthy downer bummer faulty lachrymose derisible piteous plangent pensive heart-wrenching tear-jerking much-dreaded heartstopping sensational stunning astonishing bewildering amazing staggering unendurable heavy fiendish surprising graphic exaggerated beyond contempt uncool yukky sour awkward afflicting glaring melodramatic explicit concerning anguished uncongenial ill-favoured sullen tenebrous murky gray grey trashy sensationalist extravagant overdramatized colourful rubbishy unrestrained black nail-biting heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking ribald kitschy salacious pulp prurient unhealthy suggestive shock-horror tacky vivid juicy yellow full-frontal death-obsessed fiery raunchy salty deep striking colorful off-color purple racy distinct garish low-down

Tính từ

Causing horror
alarming dire direful dread dreadful fearful fearsome forbidding formidable frightening frightful ghastly hair-raising horrendous horrible intimidating redoubtable scary shocking spine-chilling terrible terrifying depressing dismaying disturbing perplexing perturbing upsetting chilling appalling daunting petrifying awful creepy bloodcurdling menacing sinister spooky scaring startling distressing baleful unnerving eerie grim monstrous spine-tingling harrowing threatening worrying disquieting awesome horrid blood-curdling dangerous hairy awe-inspiring gruesome tremendous hideous eldritch imposing macabre ominous thrilling mean-looking breathtaking gloomy hair-curling suspenseful horrific bodeful exciting unspeakable atrocious grievous impressive unearthly nightmarish powerful disconcerting shuddersome overwhelming lamentable calamitous foreboding abysmal brooding nerve-racking godawful causing fear dismal terrific ugly rip-roaring exhilarating rousing electrifying exhilarant feared dreaded solemn stirring stimulating hellacious afraid striking massive ghostly weird abominable overpowering cliff-hanging extraordinary traumatic terribly bad very bad strong mighty unapproachable aggressive browbeating terrorizing pressuring terrorising bullying causing excitement heart-pounding bad strange ghoulish sublime lurid grisly morbid astounding hostile commanding doughty invincible indomitable resolute fateful unpropitious baneful unlucky apocalyptic all-powerful valiant unfriendly severe unwelcoming uninviting imminent courageous brave unpromising inauspicious evil-looking disastrous pulse-pounding offensive odious inhospitable life-threatening unpleasant bleak dark perilous glowering repulsive ferocious desperate catastrophic ruinous shivery shuddery suggestive of evil woeful crying pressing cataclysmic critical crucial extreme cruel urgent serious outrageous drastic grave miserable wretched crippling hopeless irretrievable devastating lousy parlous portentous chronic exigent oppressing deplorable fierce scowling heartbreaking regrettable afflictive unfortunate

Tính từ

Suggestively offensive or ill-natured
ugly despicable horrible reprehensible nasty offensive foul vile abhorrent atrocious dreadful horrendous loathsome obscene repulsive scandalous rotten sickening evil wicked malevolent spiteful vicious odious noisome gross fulsome distasteful abominable dishonorable dishonourable obnoxious objectionable appalling horrid disagreeable unpleasant terrible slimy wretched shocking heinous awful monstrous hideous outrageous contemptible villainous revolting unspeakable execrable nauseating nefarious egregious repugnant disgraceful disgusting repellent hateful iniquitous ghastly shameful infamous barbarous flagitious cruel detestable savage barbaric diabolical base accursed ungodly intolerable beastly frightful godawful fiendish sinful inhuman brutish devilish hellish horrific immoral beyond the pale black dark ignominious infernal low nauseous ruthless noxious black-hearted depraved rancid damnable bestial unreasonable repellant inexcusable flagrant unforgivable cacodemonic lousy low-down facinorous criminal ignoble wanton bad desperate uncivilised uncivilized grody hated brutal detested excessive perverted execrated loathed despised sordid paltry mean immoderate merciless abominated extreme nightmarish grisly gruesome deplorable amoral unfair extravagant preposterous insupportable exorbitant dirty sorry scurvy unpardonable disreputable steep unwarranted grewsome lurid macabre terrific nightmare currish snide stinking satanic opprobrious OTT miserable crying beneath contempt unholy hairy cursed over the top low-minded demonic grave unearthly demoniac Mephistophelian demoniacal abhorred yucky yucko maggot hateable revulsive sleazy abysmal God-awful grim chronic raunchy diabolic unseemly aberrant ominous morbid malignant untrue gossiping backbiting detracting maligning indecent vilifying traducing detractive demonical demonian Luciferian highly improper red hot crazed frenetic mad maniacal possessed unhallowed violent shabby pitiful abject worthless unbearable inordinate pitiable unendurable insufferable cheap unprincipled unworthy exasperating impossible distressing maddening discreditable unscrupulous hellacious O.T.T. extortionate undue pathetic sneaking ratty cruddy grubby scabby scummy sad lame depraving debasing debauching corrupt contumelious notorious scurrilous too great degenerate shaming disgracing very bad filthy no-good degrading unsavoury below contempt scungy caitiff dirty rotten unsavory low-life beyond contempt overdue insane overweening stiff plethoric towering needless baroque lavish fancy overextravagant overmuch unmerciful unnecessary disproportionate uncalled for unthinkable too much ridiculous inconceivable unjust unacceptable over-the-top illogical unconscionable irrational sneaky conscienceless knavish murderous harrowing inhumane disgustful brute sick-making truculent sadistic sick heartless loathly butcherly grievous fearful

Động từ

Present participle for fill with horror
frightening terrifying alarming scaring terrorising terrorizing petrifying affrighting panicking spooking alaruming frighting intimidating scarifying shocking startling scaring stiff scaring to death appalling confounding consternating daunting depressing disturbing filling with fear frightening to death perplexing perturbing shaking upsetting chilling off scaring the pants off throwing into a panic throwing into a blue funk frightening the living daylights out of scaring someone out of their wits scaring the living daylights out of making your hair stand on end putting the wind up scaring the bejesus out of dismaying unnerving disgusting disconcerting repelling sickening agitating offending rattling nauseating flustering fazing distressing revolting outraging awing aweing striking terror into annoying bothering chillin chilling repulsing stunning disquieting worrying scandalizing discomfiting putting off disheartening astounding embarrassing vexing throwing mortifying displeasing affronting turning off abashing putting the fear of God into scandalising discountenancing getting to cowing nonplussing confusing amazing discouraging scaring witless putting the wind up someone dumbfounding surprising discomforting deterring angering giving someone a turn grossing out giving someone the heebie-jeebies making shudder paralysing discomposing unsettling troubling chagrining stupefying paralyzing disgruntling demoralizing unhinging irritating browbeating astonishing making someone's hair stand on end humiliating demoralising puzzling frightening the life out of ruffling shaking up irking bulldozing taking aback bugging paining giving someone goose pimples freaking out relucting jarring making one's flesh creep giving one the creeps scaring away curdling the blood making someone jump out of their skin making jump throwing into a tizzy giving someone the creeps making someone feel sick making your blood run cold making someone want to throw up turning your stomach saddening unmanning shaming ailing disappointing wounding insulting galling distracting crushing riling exasperating mystifying miffing stiffing aggrieving needling piquing bewildering stinging scaring the life out of scaring the hell out of frightening someone out of their wits slighting peeving discombobulating plaguing letting down nettling throwing off balance sending into a cold sweat hurting demeaning scaring off scaring silly making someone shake in their shoes flabbergasting enthralling giving someone a fright fretting making teeth chatter disobliging chilling to the bone making blood run cold making one's blood run cold filling with terror ticking off causing offense dissatisfying dissing freezing your blood hurting someone's feelings giving offence to getting the wind up making your flesh creep giving you the creeps making sick frightening out of your wits cutting to the quick giving a turn scaring the pants off of putting down throwing into a fright flooring jolting freezing working up freaking paralysing with fear transfixing throwing into panic moving muddling stampeding filling with loathing striking fear into immobilizing making one's teeth chatter making someone jump out of his skin scaring the living daylights out of someone traumatizing chilling someone to the marrow scaring someone half to death knocking for a loop numbing benumbing dazing immobilising haunting throwing into a tizz traumatising unstringing impressing crawling staggering springing harrowing provoking making flesh crawl turning stomach causing offence to throwing into disarray knocking props out throwing a curve making waves filling with panic taking someone aback giving someone a jolt giving a shock springing something on aggravating distressing greatly putting chill on making afraid making nervous making fearful threatening menacing bullying narking oppressing disrespecting antagonizing spiting overwhelming striking overawing showboating grandstanding hotdogging dazzling deflating humbling snubbing injuring hurting somebody's feelings slurring turning one off putting out getting someone's goat putting someone's back up rubbing up the wrong way rankling with zinging giving offence putting someone's nose out of joint treading on someone's toes hacking off antagonising tyrannizing tormenting victimizing persecuting abasing coercing strong-arming mau-mauing blowing away knocking socks off bludgeoning hectoring striking terror in victimising tyrannising dragooning degrading disgracing ridiculing belittling harassing putting someone to shame taking the wind out making someone eat humble pie getting one's comeuppance taking down a peg putting to shame taking down dispiriting concerning discrediting dishonouring making it hot for someone putting the frighteners on making things hot for someone inspiring panic in making awkward making uneasy making ashamed making self-conscious making uncomfortable owning showing up dashing teasing dishonoring flurrying distempering hagriding exercising frustrating undoing frazzling derailing disillusioning fussing hanging up grossing you out making you sick putting you off disenchanting pothering making a monkey of giving a bad time catching one short putting on the spot putting in a spot putting in a hole putting out of countenance giving a hard time agonizing turning one's stomach giving a pain in neck making you feel sick turning you off making you shudder weirding out flummoxing snafuing grieving devastating knocking sideways screwing up lousing up filling with consternation knocking for six messing up fouling up mucking up chafing dogging excruciating discommoding pestering afflicting mourning burning up causing suffering causing anguish bleeding agonising causing sorrow eating at lambasting nagging at scaring the daylights out of making one's hair stand on end pushing the buttons of making unhappy thumbing nose at buffaloing subduing badgering harrying psyching out pressurizing picking on leaning on blackjacking bullyragging bogarting blustering pressurising pushing around pressuring forcing domineering compelling hounding railroading enforcing making anxious warning off chasing off driving away frightening away inhibiting hassling goading overbearing walking heavy using strong-arm tactics on warning dejecting riding cautioning obliging constraining putting someone off their stroke besetting subjugating nagging abusing pushing mistreating bedevilling bedeviling stirring up issuing threats to pushing about torturing despotizing intruding trying riding roughshod over putting heat on turning on the heat staring down putting off balance outstaring outfacing standing up to chilling to the marrow frightening off incommoding exciting destabilizing unbalancing baffling unquieting dissuading making restless making fretful destabilising blinding deranging addling interfering tiring complicating arousing rousing blinding someone with something castigating stressing rattling one's cage putting someone off their stride taking someone's breath away pulling the rug from under pulling the rug out from under taxing straining hindering getting in the way rousting despairing burdening beleaguering besieging pressing casting down brainwashing prodding hustling lording it over twisting somebody's arm putting through the wringer putting the chill on bossing about bossing around maltreating steamrollering influencing persuading making downhearted making despondent obtruding encroaching accosting baiting heckling breaking in pursuing interrupting molesting weighing down testing importuning dominating manhandling tearing tantalising tantalizing dunning prostrating repressing disparaging beating down weighing dampening putting a damper on deprecating drooping breaking one's heart causing to lose heart disarming press-ganging putting pressure on putting the squeeze on putting under an obligation using pressure on fast-talking bringing pressure to bear on prevailing on acting on putting the screws on working on riding roughshod misusing overpowering making worried causing anxiety to flushing lying heavy on gnawing at sweating out brutalising mishandling brutalizing talking out of playing the heavy with messing over kicking around ill-using ill-treating treating harshly walking all over twisting someone's arm undermining enervating weakening enfeebling uncalming sapping inconveniencing fulminating admonishing blackmailing growling snarling forewarning scowling comminating jeoparding imperilling endangering periling adventuring jeopardizing venturing risking compromising imperiling hazarding bowling over putting into a flap throwing off setting back indisposing turning incapacitating crazing flipping cramping debilitating flipping out winding up getting at firing up egging on gambling with looming impending portending lowering jeopardising causing someone to lose their composure flexing muscles making threats to threatening to harm making threats against threatening to kill shaking fist at looking daggers making threat keying up laying up bumming out getting across turning on getting someone rocking the boat giving someone grief making a scene getting on someone's wick uttering threats to whipping around scaring hell out of

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