Đồng nghĩa của fazing

Alternative for fazing

faze /feiz/ (feaze) /fi:z/ (feeze) /fi:z/
  • ngoại động từ
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) làm phiền; làm bối rối, làm lúng túng


Present participle for to frighten or cause hesitation
flustering disconcerting discomfiting confusing abashing embarrassing rattling nonplussing discountenancing confounding mortifying disturbing upsetting perplexing throwing dismaying bothering annoying horrifying puzzling vexing dumbfounding muddling appalling daunting deterring discouraging intimidating irritating mystifying putting off perturbing unnerving agitating worrying discomposing unsettling distressing disquieting ruffling discombobulating alarming troubling shaking throwing off balance distracting bewildering flurrying unhinging demoralizing getting to bugging discomforting frightening ailing disheartening demoralising shocking scaring shaking up irking taking aback alaruming chagrining saddening putting someone off their stroke needling depressing cowing undoing harassing frustrating panicking hassling displeasing flummoxing fretting afflicting concerning spooking chillin chilling frazzling derailing fussing dispiriting distempering hagriding plaguing psyching out startling pestering terrifying baffling weirding out freaking out offending terrorizing angering awing aweing grieving humiliating shaming aggrieving miffing browbeating making uneasy peeving exercising outraging tormenting exasperating terrorising dejecting putting into a flap throwing into a tizz disgusting unmanning affrighting petrifying surprising wounding nettling hurting bullying sickening flooring making nervous putting out of countenance repelling pothering stirring up ticking off picking on setting someone back on their heels causing someone to lose their composure giving a hard time riling paining galling jolting affronting agonizing disgruntling making uncomfortable crushing putting out addling oppressing disappointing bulldozing desolating astounding rattling one's cage putting someone off their stride agonising trying abasing burning up making unhappy eating at making waves knocking sideways knocking for six disorienting overwhelming stinging overawing aggravating unbalancing discommoding catching off balance consternating subduing graveling gravelling provoking scandalizing exciting disrupting disarranging demeaning stunning sapping frighting affecting making self-conscious nauseating badgering teasing working up making anxious fuddling chafing piquing throwing off riding dashing narking buffaloing fouling up blustering letting down crazing flipping scandalising hounding ridiculing putting down making someone scratch their head harrying dogging throwing into tizzy enervating scarifying stiffing dampening harrowing winding up getting across hacking off indisposing hurting someone's feelings throwing into a tizzy causing to be at a stand debilitating pouring cold water on throwing cold water on putting the wind up scaring to death curdling the blood chilling to the bone making teeth chatter causing suffering to bumming out grossing out scaring off casting down striking terror into scaring away cutting to the quick getting at making blood run cold making a scene revolting heating hurrying thwarting bustling amazing insulting disordering destabilizing making fretful bamboozling befuddling putting on edge gnawing at destabilising blinding disorientating inconveniencing astonishing dizzying devastating worsting pulling the rug from under pulling the rug out from under mixing up catching somebody unawares catching somebody off balance turning incapacitating cramping disobliging repulsing excruciating jarring slighting sending into a spin keying up hurting somebody's feelings flipping out rocking the boat laying up giving someone grief turning on firing up getting on someone's wick egging on getting someone racking torturing stressing knocking for a loop deflating humbling mourning causing suffering causing anguish bleeding causing sorrow causing offense turning off lambasting nagging at anguishing cursing throwing into panic paralysing disillusioning straining injuring nagging scaring witless scaring stiff pushing the buttons of thumbing nose at giving offence to pushing strapping tantalising martyring pricking breaking tantalizing nit-picking disenchanting filling with fear freezing your blood scaring the bejesus out of discrediting dishonouring putting off his or her stride taking the wind out of someone's sails making miserable doing a number on weighing on arousing anxiety in pushing buttons causing anguish to making wretched making it tough for cutting up bringing down paralyzing snafuing making one's flesh creep scaring someone out of their wits getting the wind up putting the fear of God into making someone jump out of their skin making your hair stand on end throwing into a panic making your blood run cold giving one the creeps chilling someone to the marrow scaring the living daylights out of giving someone the heebie-jeebies scaring the pants off throwing into a blue funk giving someone goose pimples throwing into a fright scaring someone half to death making awkward making ashamed owning showing up taunting knocking the wind out of harshing one's mellow degrading disgracing belittling bludgeoning bullyragging tyrannizing blackjacking hectoring bogarting dragooning strong-arming mau-mauing dishonoring baiting jeering interrupting cutting hindering balking screwing up lousing up filling with consternation messing up mucking up disarming enforcing showboating railroading barracking booing putting someone to shame taking the wind out making someone eat humble pie getting one's comeuppance taking down a peg putting to shame taking down putting the wind up someone giving someone a turn hanging up stupefying putting someone off baulking taking by surprise making one's hair stand on end scaring the daylights out of making one's blood run cold catching one short shouting down stirring tyrannising wearying burdening draining haunting making a monkey of giving a bad time putting on the spot putting in a spot putting in a hole undermining weakening enfeebling uncalming stopping someone in their tracks upsetting apple cart hissing hazing eating grating niggling frosting getting rasping itching spiting griping persecuting turning on the heat pushing around walking heavy leaning on making someone fed up casting a gloom upon weighing heavily on dragging damping weighing down beating down harshing someone's mellow running down getting down making gloomy darkening giving someone the blues hanging over making sad turning one off reducing to tears making desolate making despondent beating bringing tears to your eyes making your heart bleed knocking the stuffing out of bearing down breaking someone's heart dulling keeping under gibing chivying dissing bowling over setting back furbelowing wearing frilling stumping abrading giving a turn jibing at shouting at heckling shouting catcalls at butting in making game of


Present participle for to bother or cause distress in (someone)
flurrying disturbing upsetting worrying perturbing bothering unsettling agitating discomposing distressing disquieting alarming concerning dismaying discomforting distracting disconcerting flustering fussing unnerving rattling unhinging distempering ailing frazzling ruffling alaruming undoing exercising hagriding confusing derailing perplexing discombobulating bewildering hassling provoking frustrating exciting hurrying bustling fluttering hustling quickening freaking out weirding out troubling making anxious vexing tormenting plaguing getting to fretting harassing irking oppressing burdening afflicting bugging straining weighing down gnawing at annoying torturing stressing agonizing harrying beleaguering besetting trying spooking causing anxiety to lying heavy on stirring up making uneasy burning up agonising throwing aggrieving working up bedeviling bedevilling irritating needling discomfiting pestering tearing giving someone grief niggling causing discomfort to causing concern to driving up the wall making uncomfortable giving a hard time galling racking anguishing wringing causing anxiety inflaming inciting harrowing grieving haunting stimulating rousing paining arousing fermenting saddening stewing fearing nagging hurting sweating examining moving ventilating crazing puzzling hacking you off making waves interrupting giving a bad time flipping out grinding pushing buttons egging on making flip working someone up turning on bugging up aggravating weighing heavily on niggling at weighing on possessing nagging at unbalancing nonplussing confounding daunting destabilizing shaking disordering jolting discommoding disorganizing dementing downing jumbling disarranging turning rummaging fuddling disarraying sickening deranging displacing disrupting psyching out taking aback shaking up throwing off balance destabilising putting off throwing into confusion throwing off pulling the rug from under pulling the rug out from under throwing into disorder throwing into uproar putting someone off their stroke taxing scaring despairing besieging frightening teasing badgering testing persecuting chafing depressing importuning tantalizing hectoring goading tantalising dunning sweating out


Present participle for to confuse or confound with something surprising or shocking
flooring stunning astonishing dumbfounding amazing bewildering confounding astounding stupefying nonplussing flabbergasting surprising confusing startling staggering disconcerting perplexing shocking throwing puzzling baffling bemusing mystifying flummoxing discombobulating stumping rocking foxing dumfounding thunderstriking wildering surprizing buffaloing fogging gravelling graveling mazing posing obfuscating discomfiting conquering bowling over bringing up short making someone scratch their head causing to be at a stand beating befuddling bamboozling vexing fuddling addling befogging getting muddling disorienting muddying dazing distracting setting someone thinking taking aback rattling mixing up shaking throwing off blowing one's mind overwhelming going to one's head blowing away knocking sideways leaving open-mouthed knocking for six striking dumb flustering catching off balance stymieing throwing off balance frustrating shaking up discomposing eluding leaving aghast taking by surprise disorientating setting thinking complicating snowing stumbling bothering intoxicating disturbing inebriating making punchy messing with one's head getting to balling up boggling the mind of impressing overawing delighting unnerving bedeviling bedevilling dismaying sticking embarrassing confusticating sticking it to knocking out defeating confuscating setting one thinking throwing for loop getting at stopping someone in their tracks boggling the mind upsetting screwing up ruffling knocking the stuffing out of someone psyching out obscuring stirring mulling wondering profundicating foiling putting off awing aweing dazzling numbing besotting knocking senseless hitting like a ton of bricks worrying exercising tangling involving besetting thickening jumbling encumbering entangling thwarting ravelling mucking baulking raveling perturbing balking mixing you up snarling up muddying the waters clouding blurring beclouding overcoming boggling knocking the stuffing out of overpowering making unclear rendering speechless distorting benumbing convoluting shattering paralysing paralyzing devastating knocking for a loop taking someone's breath away jolting petrifying setting hurdles defying garbling moving affecting embroiling striking touching alarming making difficulties electrifying deranging prostrating unsettling consternating twisting making difficult oppressing whelming overmastering swamping knocking over making complex making more difficult crushing putting one away miring disordering taking your breath away throwing a curve knocking over with feather distracting from snowing under dulling escaping snookering mooning daydreaming outwitting dizzying stopping gathering wool dislocating springing on hitting gobsmacking filling with wonder filling with amazement jarring abashing throwing into a tizzy putting at a loss bringing around bedazzling causing wonder boggling someone's mind traumatizing distressing causing to lose your bearings bringing someone up short taking one's breath away taking the wind out of your sails springing something on striking with awe putting away making speechless putting out of action taking someone aback knocking one's socks off blowing one away throwing for a loop greatly upsetting grinding down traumatising giving a shock taking breath away challenging surpassing misinforming misleading making a mess of obnubilating rendering uncertain exceeding repelling withstanding repressing spellbinding leading astray darkening muddying up misrepresenting concealing making emotional complexing sophisticating complexifying hiding beggaring killing running circles around sweeping someone off their feet leaving speechless destroying demoralising steamrollering doing in hitting for six subordinating downgrading demoralizing grinding wrecking colouring tainting coloring equivocating tarnishing fuzzing falsifying disarranging handicapping opening can of worms combining impeding interrelating multiplying interweaving interfusing messing up folding snagging rendering unintelligible snafuing infolding elaborating making waves making complicated making intricate fouling up clogging adding fuel to fire mucking up fuzzing up throwing up smoke screen clouding the issue throwing a veil over muddying the waters of


Present participle for to affect or influence, especially emotionally
stirring affecting influencing impacting swaying touching impressing moving reaching striking biasing biassing hitting inspiring overwhelming overcoming impacting on impressing on hitting hard making an impression on striking at exerting influence on having an effect on having an impact on prevailing over shaking up emotionally moving altering transforming changing modifying conditioning upsetting manipulating throwing distorting prejudicing twisting warping angling slanting garbling tainting stretching doctoring skewing exerting an influence on coloring bending colouring steering troubling perturbing disturbing devastating infecting involving acting on damaging hurting grieving agitating distressing saddening attacking shaping concerning paining forming controlling shaking governing determining guiding deciding working on prevailing bowling over inducing impinging telling on relating regarding taking hold of interesting marking knocking back getting to knocking for six impinging upon bearing upon tugging at your heartstrings constraining dictating molding moulding interacting with forecasting injuring corrupting vitiating destroying afflicting crippling ruining spoiling marring contaminating impairing demolishing annihilating ravaging compromising harming breaking sabotaging polluting defiling occurring poisoning crushing weakening blighting debasing wearing away spreading to striking down playing havoc with wreaking havoc on doing damage to regulating ruling meddling intruding trespassing prying obtruding encroaching interrupting imposing containing checking restraining taming curbing inhibiting directing bridling mastering having a bearing on subduing disciplining keeping measuring holding underlying inclining pulling in predisposing shepherding reining in disposing making inroads leaving a mark on getting the better of being a factor in making an impact on keeping a tight rein on holding in check


Present participle for to hamper or get in the way of
impeding hindering hampering obstructing blocking braking checking delaying curbing restraining stopping thwarting barring disrupting encumbering inhibiting retarding cumbering slowing stymieing trammelling trammeling cramping crippling deterring fettering hamstringing handicapping scuppering shackling baulking clogging derailing foiling frustrating hobbling manacling borking damming discomfiting freezing handcuffing interfering interfering with opposing rattling stonewalling baffling balking binding chaining disconcerting embarrassing entangling holding back holding up fouling up hog-tying screwing up slowing down tying up cutting off putting a brake on short-circuiting closing off hanging up standing in the way of getting in the way shutting down shutting off getting in the way of saddling with throwing a monkey wrench in the works of throwing a spanner in the works of giving a hard time cramping one's style preventing halting nipping in the bud discouraging arresting constraining suppressing repressing restricting bridling stifling quashing smothering dissuading prohibiting debarring forbidding reining in outlawing tabooing interdicting stalling sandbagging bitting withholding enjoining averting warding reducing keeping in putting an end to holding in holding down putting on brakes putting an stop to stemming the flow of countering disappointing defeating dashing scotching checkmating smashing snookering outwitting nobbling beating eluding circumventing queering nullifying rooting traversing promoting shaking crimping buffaloing bilking doing for skipping crabbing bollixing ducking messing up ditching dodging juking putting paid to shuffling off shaking off giving the slip giving the run-around running circles around running rings around putting the mockers on upsetting the apple cart halting in its tracks putting a spoke in someone's wheel throwing a monkey wrench in the works throwing a spanner in the works throwing monkey wrench in limiting interrupting confining forestalling staying tying setting back curtailing choking detaining holding keeping back catching straitening counteracting slowing up bogging down stemming shutting out choking off stilling decelerating squelching controlling gagging sabotaging pausing moderating regulating drawing up shelving postponing pulling up spoiling weighing down fetching up retardating holding off putting off taking down subduing squashing swallowing muffling garrotting constricting choking back quelching discontinuing suspending staunching killing containing inconveniencing neutralizing strangling bottlenecking disadvantaging obscuring neutralising stamping out stunting overturning stumping slackening deferring burdening bringing up leashing tying down intermitting bringing to a standstill warding off contravening ruining intercepting upsetting muzzling decreasing miring lessening staving off loitering heading off putting back putting the kibosh on dragging one's feet backing off bringing to screeching halt delimiting circumscribing throttling screening complicating straitjacketing precluding standing fencing overloading setting limits on imposing limits on ending reining monkeying with dissuading from incommoding resisting cutting short terminating oppressing bothering discommoding charging fighting back governing entrammelling entrammeling bottling up repulsing rebuffing taming coming to a standstill petering out not moving standing off protracting impairing keeping in check picking off making difficult preventing from making progress remitting proroguing lousing up boxing in pulling in slackening pace keeping under control keeping a lid on biting back taking out of play putting the brakes on prolonging putting a crimp in throwing a spoke in the wheel of holding over holding off on making late holding captive clipping someone's wings dragging feet sidelining debilitating playing for time putting straitjacket on enmeshing ensnaring capturing netting putting at a disadvantage scrubbing bracing dropping sidetracking fixing tempering snagging placing at a disadvantage putting out of commission giving disadvantage taking out entrapping tiing one's hands knocking off crushing hemming in tethering diminishing lagging abating getting out of sinking extinguishing silencing submerging deadening destroying pocketing embogging quieting reefing qualifying procrastinating escaping bypassing evading bringing to an end circumnavigating muting quelling overpowering quenching pouring cold water on putting a damper on throwing cold water on putting the damper on puzzling plugging cutting down cutting back keeping waiting letting down flaps winding down losing steam anchoring it losing speed putting the brakes on hitting the brakes defending against deflecting steering clear of skirting sidestepping hesitating dawdling bogging loafing downing faltering poking flagging mystifying confounding damping down shushing barricading sealing caulking nonplussing crashing unsettling putting the stopper on wrecking keeping lid on taking wind out of avoiding filling up jamming blockading clogging up closing up filling closing out blocking out flummoxing letting up packing jamming up stuffing stanching closing blocking up stopping up choking up bunging up cornering pigeonholing dead-ending blocking off bunging occluding hanging fire stoppering congesting bottling plugging up putting on hold putting on back burner giving the run around throwing a monkey wrench into

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