Đồng nghĩa của fazed

Alternative for fazed

faze /feiz/ (feaze) /fi:z/ (feeze) /fi:z/
  • ngoại động từ
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) làm phiền; làm bối rối, làm lúng túng

Động từ

To have thrown into a state of distress marked by confusion
confused flustered perturbed disconcerted dismayed distressed disturbed agitated bothered confounded discomfited disquieted frustrated rattled discommoded discomposed discountenanced exasperated upset afflicted aggravated chagrined demoralized discomforted nonplussed perplexed psyched troubled unhinged unnerved unsettled abashed demoralised flurried mortified put off put out stirred up threw off balance worked up worried embarrassed beat bewildered discombobulated puzzled baffled flummoxed vexed vext mystified addled muddled distracted dumbfounded bamboozled bemused befuddled gravelled graveled fuddled stumped disoriented foxed floored befogged made someone scratch their head buffaloed mazed posed wildered ruffled got stupefied put someone off their stroke threw thrown flabbergasted fogged muddied caused to be at a stand stunned dazed obfuscated put out of countenance put someone off their stride amazed astonished surprised astounded staggered beaten setted someone thinking mixed up caught off balance gotten gat appalled thrown off balance got to put down psyched out put into a flap shaken shook startled taken aback took aback humiliated shamed annoyed made nervous disorientated setted someone back on their heels stymied threw off thrown off shocked overwhelmed eluded horrified harassed left aghast left open-mouthed bowled over knocked sideways snowed blew one's mind setted thinking put someone to shame made punchy brought up short inebriated put to shame stopped someone in their tracks rattled one's cage blown one's mind boggled the mind of gone to one's head balled up gotten to put on edge put someone off went to one's head messed with one's head knocked for six upset apple cart put off his or her stride intoxicated shaken up shook up struck dumb stricken dumb taken by surprise took by surprise hassled crushed disappointed bedevilled bedeviled unbalanced excited hurried het alarmed heated rocked humbled deflated impressed dumfounded panicked affected bustled made uncomfortable displeased abased affronted frightened scared made uneasy surprized confusticated overawed hindered bugged disarranged balked knocked out deterred intimidated daunted discouraged irritated blew away blown away delighted snew snown disgraced knocked the stuffing out of someone degraded dizzied profundicated ridiculed got at stirred demeaned complicated sticked belittled made waves thrown into a tizz worsted screwed up boggled the mind caused someone to lose their composure crazed made someone eat humble pie stumbled threw into a tizz spooked setted one thinking foiled stuck baulked mulled obscured irked wondered flipped defeated caught somebody off balance made self-conscious fouled up caught somebody unawares sent into a spin confuscated undone undid thunderstruck thunderstricken took the wind out of someone's sails taken the wind out of someone's sails thrown for loop gotten at threw for loop took the wind out taken down got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance taken the wind out taken down a peg took down took down a peg thrown into tizzy threw into tizzy

Động từ

Past tense for to bother or cause distress in (someone)
flurried disturbed upset worried perturbed bothered unsettled agitated discomposed distressed disquieted alarmed concerned dismayed discomforted distracted disconcerted flustered fussed unnerved rattled unhinged distempered ailed frazzled ruffled alarumed undid undone exercised hagrode hagrid hagridden confused derailed perplexed discombobulated bewildered hassled provoked frustrated excited hurried bustled fluttered hustled quickened freaked out weirded out troubled vexed vext discomfited appalled got to daunted bugged annoyed irked fretted irritated hurt harassed plagued tormented frightened put off disheartened needled put someone off their stroke afflicted scared discouraged saddened depressed confounded pestered made anxious spooked shocked intimidated oppressed aggrieved demoralized cowed grieved agonized demoralised beset horrified tried gotten to made uneasy chilled dispirited shaken shook put into a flap embarrassed displeased terrified agonised harried terrorized discountenanced angered offended nonplussed abashed panicked thrown threw miffed awed browbeat burdened peeved sickened strained psyched weighed down gnawed at nettled stirred up terrorised startled tortured outraged dejected galled stressed pained affrighted thrown off balance threw off balance unmanned bullied petrified disgusted jolted wound wounded deterred floored pothered shook up shaken up repelled psyched out put the wind up ticked off hurt someone's feelings cast down picked on cut to the quick riled exasperated disrupted beleaguered chafed desolated disgruntled badgered mortified niggled bulldozed flummoxed harrowed took aback taken aback caused anxiety to made uncomfortable lied heavy on astounded burned up burnt up caused someone to lose their composure knocked sideways made unhappy made waves knocked for six browbeaten given a hard time gave a hard time overawed worked up put out racked persecuted overwhelmed subdued anguished unbalanced bedevilled bedeviled aggravated disordered haunted chagrined fuddled narked piqued frighted affronted teased scandalized destabilized disarranged interrupted dashed consternated disappointed blustered hectored surprised nauseated discommoded crazed tantalised tantalized hounded nagged let down hacked off wound up got across turned sweat teared baffled dogged mystified puzzled pushed buttons egged on turned on destabilised indisposed sapped dampened scarified stiffed buffaloed caused suffering to abased scared off caused discomfort to weighed heavily on hurt somebody's feelings flipped out set back weighed on poured cold water on bummed out scared to death made a scene put the fear of God into made teeth chatter enervated caused concern to cut got at grossed out pulled the rug out from under chilled to the bone cut up nagged at put the wind up someone scared away debilitated scandalised beat cast a gloom upon made blood run cold pulled the rug from under thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz given someone grief gave someone grief eaten at ate at incited inflamed stimulated roused stirred taunted taxed affected wrung baited jeered spited got grated griped made nervous rasped itched frosted fermented aroused despaired besieged booed barracked moved ventilated examined frilled furbelowed stumped abraded stung caused anxiety importuned tested shouted down disillusioned paralysed revolted downed deranged displaced demented jumbled disorganized rummaged disarrayed amazed insulted curst cursed goaded dunned devastated bludgeoned bullyragged dragooned bogarted strong-armed blackjacked tyrannized mau-maued disenchanted made fretful muddled inconvenienced made flip bugged up worked someone up disarmed hissed hazed injured crushed thwarted rattled one's cage paralyzed dumbfounded gotten across stupefied stunned stewed feared sweated strapped pushed torn tore martyred pricked slighted showboated repulsed drained wearied excruciated railroaded disobliged jarred enforced ridiculed rid chivied gibed dissed rode ridden scared stiff scared witless caused anguish to threw off thrown off sweated out made one's flesh creep made wretched made sad run down bowled over leaned on loused up tyrannised dragged harshed one's mellow jibed at gotten at keyed up messed up driven up the wall darkened turned one off screwed up threw cold water on kept under blinded undermined got down lambasted layed up knocked for a loop scared the pants off made desolate made gloomy made someone jump out of their skin knocked the stuffing out of shouted catcalls at drove up the wall pushed the buttons of made one's blood run cold fired up rocked the boat made one's hair stand on end filled with fear possessed reduced to tears fouled up enfeebled harshed someone's mellow made miserable made game of caused sorrow curdled the blood butted in made your blood run cold curdles the blood aroused anxiety in heckled caused offense bled shouted at got the wind up thrown cold water on made your heart bleed turned off incapacitated scared someone out of their wits scared the bejesus out of weakened made your hair stand on end knocked the wind out of caused anguish struck terror into walked heavy brought down stricken terror into made despondent hacked you off turned on the heat made it tough for filled with consternation setted someone back on their heels thumbed nose at brought tears to your eyes pushed around cramped damped chilled someone to the marrow hung over made someone fed up dulled mourned caused suffering flipped scared someone half to death drug grinded scared the daylights out of ground scared the living daylights out of mucked up niggled at beat down laid up wringed wrang grope gripen gotten ate gat eaten worn wore snafued nit-picked broke broken brake threw into tizzy thrown into tizzy given offence to gave offence to gave a bad time given a bad time gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick got someone gotten someone gave someone a turn threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy given someone a turn done a number on did a number on threw into panic thrown into panic uncalmed gave a turn given a turn bore down broke someone's heart borne down gave someone the blues beaten down beaten given someone the blues broken someone's heart ran down threw into confusion thrown into confusion thrown into a fright threw into a panic gave one the creeps given someone goose pimples thrown into a panic threw into a blue funk given someone the heebie-jeebies threw into a fright given one the creeps gave someone goose pimples gave someone the heebie-jeebies frozen your blood thrown into a blue funk froze your blood threw into disorder threw into uproar thrown into disorder thrown into uproar

Động từ

Past tense for to affect or influence, especially emotionally
stirred affected influenced impacted swayed touched impressed moved reached struck stricken biased biassed hit hat hitten inspired overwhelmed overcame overcome impacted on impressed on hit hard made an impression on struck at exerted influence on had an effect on had an impact on prevailed over shook up shaken up emotionally moved upset altered hurt transformed changed modified conditioned manipulated disturbed perturbed troubled distressed pained devastated infected damaged concerned involved shaped grieved agitated saddened attacked determined formed controlled governed distorted decided guided worked on prejudiced twisted warped knocked back told on bowled over prevailed regarded marked impinged related induced interested angled slanted tainted garbled knocked for six impinged upon got to threw thrown stretched doctored straught skewed tugged at your heartstrings steered bended bent exerted an influence on colored coloured acted on shope shapen shaken shook took hold of taken hold of bore upon born upon borne upon gotten to spread to injured vitiated corrupted afflicted crippled destroyed spoilt contaminated spoiled ruined marred impaired ravaged annihilated demolished compromised harmed sabotaged constrained occurred polluted defiled poisoned crushed debased weakened blighted struck down played havoc with wreaked havoc on obtruded imposed encroached interrupted trespassed pried meddled intruded interacted with had a bearing on made inroads made an impact on left a mark on broke broken brake wore away worn away stricken down done damage to wrought havoc wrought havoc on did damage to

Động từ

Past tense for to hamper or get in the way of
impeded hindered hampered obstructed blocked braked brake checked delayed curbed restrained stopped thwarted barred disrupted encumbered inhibited retarded cumbered slowed stymied trammelled trammeled cramped crippled deterred fettered hamstrung hamstringed handicapped scuppered shackled baulked clogged derailed foiled frustrated hobbled manacled borked dammed discomfited froze frozen handcuffed interfered interfered with opposed rattled stonewalled baffled balked bound bounden chained disconcerted embarrassed entangled held back held up fouled up hog-tied screwed up slowed down tied up cut off put a brake on short-circuited closed off hung up stood in the way of got in the way gotten in the way shut down shut off got in the way of gotten in the way of saddled with threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a spanner in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of gave a hard time given a hard time cramped one's style put an end to put on brakes put an stop to prevented arrested discouraged constrained repressed suppressed bridled restricted halted quashed dissuaded smothered stifled reined in prohibited forbid debarred warded bit withheld sandbagged reduced enjoined stalled outlawed bitted tabooed interdicted averted kept in held in held down stemmed the flow of nipped in the bud forbade forbidden withholden upset put paid to put the kibosh on put on hold put on back burner interrupted snookered discontinued defeated puzzled suspended spoilt stumped confounded spoiled mystified nonplussed scotched flummoxed cornered crabbed pigeonholed crimped dead-ended shelved held off hung fire choked off gave the run around given the run around threw a spanner in the works thrown a spanner in the works thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into

Tính từ

Showing or expressing confusion or bewilderment
blank baffled bewildered nonplussed mystified confused puzzled stumped bemused flummoxed dumbfounded uncomprehending perplexed stuck clueless muddled befuddled confounded beaten lost bamboozled disconcerted discombobulated addled fuddled doubtful awestruck dazed stupefied wonderstruck at sea all at sea mixed up at a loss at sixes and sevens bushed distracted stunned disoriented thrown floored mazed wildered dizzy disorientated dopey taken aback thrown off balance muzzy foggy discomposed foxed shaken troubled fuzzy fogged befogged bedeviled flustered bedevilled groggy uncertain discomfited astounded unnerved astonished woozy silly mixed-up addle addlepated dopy muddleheaded raddled slaphappy zonked spaced-out punch-drunk spaced spacy spacey shell-shocked zonked-out shaken up rattled not with it benumbed hard-pressed flabbergasted surprised pixillated pixilated punchy vague beat woolly gravelled unglued spaced out shook up hard put shook wooly vexed graveled at a complete loss without ideas defeated dismayed embarrassed woolly-minded preoccupied engrossed discountenanced misty shadowy blurred absent-minded stymied frustrated foolish unhinged deranged unbalanced demented out of it slap-happy gone balled up fouled up addlebrained at one's wits' end up against a brick wall without an answer adhered bollixed worried in a fog mind-blown without a clue nonplused dumbstruck staggered speechless startled bowled over amazed in a dither overwhelmed blown away shocked made to scratch their head confusticated got buffaloed thrown off had their heads messed with besotted caused to be at a stand upset disorganized numbed not knowing if you are coming or going disorganised woolly-headed numb dazzled overcome light-headed lightheaded wobbly giddy staggering unsteady disturbed gaga hazy aghast faint shaky breathless reeling weak-kneed tipsy gobsmacked dumb weak in the knees off balance drugged vertiginous senile swimming blind blinded light agog agape off-balance awed thunderstruck out to lunch out of control eccentric sailing adrift inattentive trippy dreamy whirling swimmy aswoon unfocused ill-defined maladjusted distraught drowsy daft puckish touched impish prankish capricious whimsical pixyish undone bleary half-asleep frozen intoxicated come apart awe-struck tottering weak delirious blurry unclear in a state of confusion in a muddle teetering asea irrational unsound psychotic unstable crazy unsettled out-of-joint with rubbery legs with legs like jelly weak at the knees confusional turbid whacko incredulous with Alzheimer's disease glassy-eyed shot to pieces screwy unscrewed awestricken addle-brained muddle-headed not knowing if one is coming or going dumfounded frightened alarmed jolted open-mouthed filled with wonder caught on the hop goggle-eyed in amazement taken by surprise at a loss for words wide-eyed filled with astonishment knocked for six filled with amazement openmouthed lost for words unable to believe your eyes filled with awe caught on the wrong foot unable to believe one's ears

Tính từ

Feeling or appearing troubled or nervous
agitated upset troubled disturbed anxious distressed flustered nervous unsettled worried alarmed disconcerted perturbed ruffled disquieted unnerved excited rattled bothered concerned overwrought shaken tense worked up distracted frantic harassed jittery jumpy uneasy discombobulated edgy inflamed on edge antsy feverish frenzied heated hectic hyperactive overactive angsty discomposed flapping keyed up stirred up stressy aroused beside oneself having kittens in a dither in a panic moved restless stressed twitchy unquiet ill at ease in a lather in a state in a tizz in a tizzy all of a dither hot and bothered in a flap in a spin all of a flutter in a flat spin hot under the collar uncomfortable apprehensive confused insecure thrown discomfited restive fretful fidgety dismayed shook up discountenanced nonplussed shaky wired nervy bewildered flurried atwitter hinky queasy uptight queazy goosey aflutter dithery awkward embarrassed hung up het up self-conscious strained out of place at sea flummoxed fuddled annoyed abashed taken aback floored fearful unsteady turbulent disorderly unrestful unpeaceful unbalanced wavering bugged put out of countenance vexed like a fish out of water angry galled chafed preoccupied abstracted absent diverted vague inattentive distrait puzzled absent-minded bemused shy distant engrossed faraway perplexed absorbed bashful hesitant faltering inhibited unnatural on tenterhooks gauche unsure uncertain retiring shrinking blushing unrelaxed absentminded pestered befuddled mystified tormented confounded hassled on pins and needles sidetracked unfocused miles away dreamy distrustful suspicious doubtful in botheration unglued unzipped thrown off balance psyched-out mixed-up caught off balance out of countenance shook-up messed-up not with it driven to distraction distraught strung out overstrung strung up frightened toey scared hysterical spooky high-strung in a stew spooked hyper like a cat on a hot tin roof excitable afraid windy skittish wrought up in a state of agitation wound up panicky in a state of nerves highly strung in a sweat in a twitter squirrelly worried sick all of a lather adrenalized neurotic like a cat on hot bricks in a twit impatient plagued irritable a bundle of nerves febrile all of a doodah unhappy in suspense timid taut beset overexcited timorous bricking oneself irked harried bundle of nerves saddened fraught touchy fluttery in a cold sweat stressed out under stress trembling shaking sensitive flighty irascible beleaguered pressured desperate cut up anguished under pressure tortured skittery shocked wrought-up afflicted emotional hurt spasmodic sad brittle terrified fractious grieved fevered quaking beside yourself hag-ridden hounded irritated fretting peevish gutted choked irresolute inconvenienced overwhelmed muddled bummed out quivering hard-pressed critical all torn up up the wall unstable intense in a tiz-woz nervous wreck waiting for the axe to fall waiting with bated breath careful trepidatious miserable under the cosh mousy irrational mortified stirred worked-up shivery wretched chagrined miffed weak wrecked disconsolate exciting provoked animated shook inconsolable exercised creepy fervid stressful under a strain crushed testy wriggly tetchy disappointed squirmy querulous manic wiggly nerve-racking nail-biting crotchety traumatized agog crabbed captious angered overanxious affected frayed short-tempered bad-tempered blue perverse ornery wreck wounded traumatised white-knuckled pained harrowed haunted ill-tempered fidgeting fitful unruly angstful solicitous riled broken up put out clutched in turmoil bustling shot to pieces put upon a wreck hurried itchy up against it worried stiff angst-ridden with one's stomach in knots with one's heart in one's mouth at the end of one's tether with butterflies in one's stomach in a fluster in a pother flushed startled indecisive tentative aquiver daunted unreluctant fussy fanciful overcharged mentally unsettled dithering vacillating hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited swithering roused horrified overemotional peeved dragged ripped zipped up hot juiced up appalled unsettling unnerving panic-struck panic-stricken histrionic jerky disturbing disquieting emotive unconsolable basket case shot down careworn frazzled charged hairy moving shot disorientated strung-up confined having cabin fever frisky graceless exasperated distressful hyperexcitable asea emotionally charged eagerly white knuckled agitating shaking in one's shoes palpitant wrung falling apart exacerbated displeased aggravated disoriented recalcitrant prickly cross complaining restlessly moving all agog avid open-mouthed hyperkinetic hot-tempered snappy temperamental chippy quick-tempered refractory anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting volatile strange lost all nerves rigid worrisome petulant worn out obstinate stubborn unyielding stir-crazy at fever pitch oversensitive moody with bated breath feeling anxious browbeaten with one's back to the wall tied up in knots butterflies in stomach biting one's nails rash distressing on the qui vive pressurized watchful hotheaded aghast dreading concerning rushed foreboding mistrustful tearing one's hair out tooshie swivel-eyed nerves on edge offended fretted nerve-wracking mousey scary fearsome diffident unconfident fainthearted champing at the bit stiff active transient tossing and turning wandering intermittent changeable inconstant footloose roving sleepless nomadic pressurised hunted freaked-out wound-up crazy high keyed-up fired-up hot-and-bothered weary strung-out worn unstrung tired spent frozen a basket case sweating bullets low grumpy ill-natured on the edge throwing a wobbly easily frightened easily agitated verklempt fiddle-footed lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies having cold feet having a funny feeling steamed up flipped out out of your mind cranky splenetic out of sorts whining crabby grumbling ratty in disorder amazed forgetful oblivious having butterflies in the stomach with one's back up against the wall at the end of one's rope hot under collar all shook up cowardly tremulous dejected despondent depressed come apart psyched out unaware wool-gathering heedless hysteric delirious at the end of your tether snappish contrary caviling faultfinding carping huffy mean devastated morose heavyhearted broken melancholy sorrowful doleful bitter heartbroken dolorous desolate cheerless at sixes and sevens ditzy unmindful scatterbrained woolgathering at wit's end grieving despairing weeping down bereaved mournful heartsick rueful hurting cavilling mourning woeful agonized dolesome sorrowing bewailing persecuted bemoaning wailing agonised suffering aching lost in thought in a brown study a million miles away broken-hearted grief-stricken brokenhearted woebegone in pain possessed all wound up heavy with grief racked with suffering overcome with sorrow racked with pain gripped frenetic consumed chaotic wild controlled dominated mad cursed overcome seized flurrying furious dogged bedevilled overpowered surrounded bedeviled flustering boisterous tumultuous riotous insane held devoured paranoid bewitched violent fiendish obsessed lively rumbustious buzzing brisk in the grip of taken over under a spell rip-roaring nutsy madhouse burning vibrant wooly disordered zoolike jungle hassle crowded very busy woolly very active fast and furious like Piccadilly Circus hell broke loose

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