Đồng nghĩa của sweated

Alternative for sweated

sweats, sweated, sweating

Đồng nghĩa: effort, elbow grease, exertion, fret, lather, perspiration, perspire, stew, sudate, sudor, swither, travail,

Động từ

To have made an inquiry
asked enquired queried questioned quizzed grilled interrogated interviewed probed examined inquired investigated pressed prest scrutinized canvassed catechized checked cross-examined inquisitioned pumped cross-questioned enquired of felt out found out hit hit up made inquiries needled put a question to requested information requested information of roasted scrutinised sought an answer sought information sought information of sounded out sweat wanted to know went over buzzed inquired of picked one's brains put out feelers tested tested the waters popped the question pried into put the screws to put through the wringer worked over gave the third degree put the screws on put questions to put through the third degree put someone through the wringer put through the mangle debriefed given the third degree wormed something out of someone put the pressure on put somebody through the mill gone over browbeat prested drilled questioned intensely wormed out of tried wormed something out of tried out gave the third degree to sweated out given the third degree to asked questions of questioned closely hitten questioned persistently browbeaten drew out drawn out gave the third given the third gave somebody the third degree given somebody the third degree explored studied analyzed sifted searched analysed put out a feeler researched sounded looked into dissected requested knocked prospected inspected pried sought verified hat enquired into delved into dug into plumbed talked consulted conversed held inquiry held a meeting with searched into checked over carried out an inquest into inquired into taught had a dialogue with conducted an investigation into had a discussion with conducted an enquiry into pierced talked to trained delved checked up checked out conversed with penetrated conferred with educated dug gone into went into dolven dalf got for the record gotten for the record given oral examination gave oral examination

Động từ

Past tense for to ooze or secrete a substance
oozed exuded seeped percolated bled wept weeped strained dripped transuded secreted ejected spouted leaked discharged leached trickled filtered issued escaped dribbled drained welled flowed excreted extravasated emitted filtrated exudated perspired spurted permeated emanated released dropped shed gushed emptied overflowed expelled run evacuated passed produced gave off given off sent out flowed out soaked leeched suppurated festered hemorrhaged haemorrhaged voided emerged transpired poured given out gave out ran poured forth overflowed with emitted liquid ejaculated rushed streamed exhaled come out of penetrated eliminated sent forth conveyed projected rolled surged cascaded flooded effused swept exuded pus removed pervaded extruded filtered through welled forth osmosed bubbled impregnated charged infected transfused saturated threw off thrown off welled out run off got into filtered off passed through left dry tapered off seeped into squirted came out of dumped ran off gotten into sweat spread spilt spilled distilled poured out drizzled spewed jetted trilled splashed glided glid spread through infiltrated suffused imbued welled up entered infused diffused oozed out seeped out gushed out drained away rippled swelled seeped through deluged gurgled spewn teemed sputtered sluiced brimmed slid inundated regurgitated sprung disembogued burst filled tumbled coursed outflowed discharged pus plopped spread throughout steeped lost informed drenched diffused through gone went spread out seeped away flowed away flowed rapidly percolated through lixiviated extracted swoll swollen separated fallen in drops fell in drops purled moved babbled abounded slidden sprinkled pullulated sprang maturated gathered crawled creeped crept resulted come out followed leaked out spilled out felled brimmed over risen rose rotted drooled washed away birthed vented appeared stemmed originated spurted out precipitated snowed decayed putrefied mattered slooshed rained derived from hailed come forth riddled interpenetrated perfused soaked into run out formed pus swelled up ingrained stabbed upsprung worked into diffused throughout eventuated flowed forth filtered in stalked flowed into extended throughout come to a head gushed forth interfused oozed forth run through come soaked through seeped forth seeped in pierced invaded percolated into flowed through extraught bursten brast came out fell fallen arose arisen sprung up sprang up snew snown ran out got in gotten in swollen up came forth ran through gone through went through been through came to a head comen came upsprang

Động từ

Past tense for to apply great and continuous effort
toiled struggled strove strived striven slaved drudged worked wrought slogged labored moiled endeavoured endeavored strained travailed hustled laboured plodded ploughed plowed ground grinded grubbed plugged tugged humped grafted pegged away beavered away plugged away banged away dug away worked hard worked like a Trojan exerted oneself slogged away sweated blood worked like a dog killed oneself pushed kept at it knocked oneself out slaved away made every effort tried hard ground away knuckled down made an effort plodded away fought exerted yourself persevered put one's back into something put oneself out trudged bullocked worked day and night busted a gut pulled out all the stops poured it on hammered away driven drove grubbed away applied oneself buckled down pushed oneself knocked yourself out made an all-out effort ruptured yourself bore down borne down worked your fingers to the bone kept your nose to the grindstone kept your head down leaned over backwards leant over backwards spared no effort tried bent over backwards went for broke gone for broke gone for it went for it gone all out went all out persisted pushed yourself scrambled applied made a great effort dragged yourself worked oneself to the bone worked one's fingers to the bone attempted sought aspired skivvied aimed hammered mucked lumbered staggered overworked overwrought assayed grappled essayed schlepped soldiered on ventured battled dug left no stone unturned carried on broken your back broke your back gave it your all given it your all gave it your best shot given it your best shot ploughed through did all one can done all one can had a crack at pegged along burned the candle at both ends worked like a slave put up a fight against plugged along put one's back in it put one's shoulder to the wheel done your best did your best put one's back into it hit the ball burnt the candle at both ends sweated away worked one's butt off kept one's nose to the grindstone suffered done your damnedest did your damnedest broke your neck broken your neck fallen over backwards fell over backwards banged on done one's best did one's best trekked footslogged traipsed tramped exerted devoted groveled grovelled tolled undertaken undertook yomped trogged committed grafted away dedicated pegged endured cultivated moved with difficulty tended dragged oneself purposed worked your guts out pounded performed concentrated addressed campaigned withstood worked fingers to bone puttered competed contended hiked dragged trailed trampled directed bended bent stood up to jockeyed headed-down made a supreme effort tried very hard kept going pressed on overworked oneself had a go at made a run at ground out broken one's neck gave it one's all given it one's all pulled out all stops taken on had a shot at offered tried one's hardest studied hard plodded along worked very hard tried for applied yourself to had a swing at did your utmost worked one's socks off strained every nerve dug in committed oneself made effort done one's utmost fought your way devoted oneself took on used some elbow grease pushed oneself to the limit kept nose to grindstone tackled shot for worked one's guts out done your utmost kept one's head down pitched in stuck with it pegged away at did one's utmost had a stab at had a crack buckled to worked hard to studied jumped through hoops broke one's neck had one's nose to grindstone given gave acquited yourself gone to war went to war drove oneself to the limit driven oneself to the limit gave it one's best shot given it one's best shot went for the jugular done all you can gave it a whirl did all you can given it a whirl went the limit gone the limit gone for the jugular went for the doctor gone for the doctor taken pains took pains broke one's back broken one's back got stuck in shown dedication shown commitment gave all one's got given all one's got showed dedication given old college try gotten stuck in gave one's all given best shot showed commitment gave old college try given one's all gave best shot sweat moved heaven and earth set out tried as hard as one can bid put yourself out went hard had a stab had a go put in effort gone hard made an attempt went ham put effort gone ham had a shot put effort into something put in work pursued taxed experimented attacked oppressed overtaxed punished overexerted solicited given your all shot the works vied for tried out made a pass at gave your all taken it on oneself moved mountains made a special effort emptied the tank tried your best worked away stuck at had a whack flogged gone hammer and tongs took it on oneself given it a burl embarked on busted one's chops gave it a fly had a bash given it a fly went hammer and tongs plowed away lifted a finger tried your hand at fronted up chipped away at gave it a burl tried one's hand at made a bid applied yourself gotten down to it got down to it took a crack at taken a crack at gone for went for drove for went after driven for gone after got your head down gotten your head down went out of the way taken special pains took special pains gone out of the way bade went all-out broke sweat broken sweat driven oneself gone all-out for went the whole nine yards gone the whole nine yards gone all-out drove oneself went all-out for done your best to given it a try did level best gave it a go taken best shot given a whirl taken the bit between your teeth gave it a try took a run at gave a fling took best shot given a fling did your best to took the bit between your teeth taken a stab at taken a run at took a stab at gave a whirl given it a go done level best

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