Đồng nghĩa của discomforted

Alternative for discomforted

discomforts, discomforted, discomforting

Đồng nghĩa: bother, distress, disturb, perturb, trouble, upset,

Trái nghĩa: comfort,

Động từ

To have thrown into a state of distress marked by confusion
confused flustered perturbed disconcerted dismayed distressed disturbed agitated bothered confounded discomfited disquieted fazed frustrated rattled discommoded discomposed discountenanced exasperated upset afflicted aggravated chagrined demoralized nonplussed perplexed psyched troubled unhinged unnerved unsettled abashed demoralised flurried mortified put off put out stirred up threw off balance worked up worried embarrassed distracted alarmed distempered concerned frazzled fussed ailed exercised hagrid derailed alarumed weirded out freaked out ruffled hagridden hagrode undone undid put someone off their stroke discombobulated vexed vext irked provoked bewildered deranged made uneasy hassled annoyed made uncomfortable disrupted nettled harassed setted someone back on their heels put to trouble put in a spot put off his or her stride put to some trouble put on the spot took aback taken aback irritated fretted inconvenienced disobliged unbalanced piqued galled displeased daunted shaken shook tried interfered meddled destabilized made anxious jolted disordered excited disorientated tormented hurried fuddled downed rummaged turned disarrayed displaced demented needled jumbled disarranged disorganized sickened spooked bustled fluttered hustled addled quickened pestered hung up psyched out detached sent over the edge thrown off balance unfastened unhitched tangled pulled the rug out from under destabilised disconnected disengaged got to made self-conscious harried worsted incommoded uncoupled frenzied made it tough separated pulled the rug from under plagued threw thrown taken the wind out of someone's sails took the wind out of someone's sails driven insane drove insane gave a hard time given a hard time gave trouble given trouble threw off thrown into confusion threw into confusion shaken up thrown into disorder shook up thrown into uproar threw into disorder threw into uproar thrown off gotten to beat puzzled baffled flummoxed muddled mystified befuddled bamboozled disoriented gravelled graveled bemused foxed befogged appalled put out of countenance mixed up put someone off their stride stupefied dumbfounded buffaloed posed got mazed muddied put down put into a flap made someone scratch their head humiliated shamed intimidated frightened stumped scared beaten dazed horrified surprised made nervous caused to be at a stand gotten shocked deterred discouraged dizzied fouled up flabbergasted wildered caught off balance stunned floored fogged astonished staggered put someone to shame made punchy hit a sour note inebriated setted someone thinking put to shame rattled one's cage made waves put somebody off his or her stride balled up put on edge put someone off upset apple cart intoxicated blew one's mind muddled up blown one's mind gone to one's head went to one's head cornered overwhelmed cowed awed overawed crushed disappointed messed up subdued heated humbled moved deflated eluded browbeat bullied terrorized terrified startled panicked affected abased affronted diverted jarred consternated traumatized astounded hindered bugged balked obfuscated snowed disgraced discorded setted thinking brought up short degraded straitened ridiculed got at stopped someone in their tracks demeaned belittled boggled the mind of thrown into a tizz caused someone to lose their composure blinded crazed made someone eat humble pie threw into a tizz disaccorded messed with one's head baulked stymied unstrung disharmonized traumatised flipped defeated caught somebody off balance terrorised knocked props out jangled caught somebody unawares sent into a spin browbeaten snafued mistaken mistook snew snown thrown a curve threw a curve taken by surprise took by surprise thrown for loop struck dumb gotten at stricken dumb threw for loop thrown into tizzy took the wind out taken down got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance threw into tizzy taken the wind out taken down a peg took down took down a peg

Động từ

Past tense for to show, feel, or cause to feel, concern or worry
fussed worried disturbed upset bothered distressed perturbed unsettled agitated discomposed alarmed disquieted concerned dismayed troubled flurried ailed distracted distempered frazzled unhinged alarumed exercised hagrode hagrid hagridden undid undone derailed fretted stressed carped cavilled caviled niggled feared chafed stewed sweated sweat quibbled nitpicked bustled flapped fidgeted fidgetted freaked out weirded out took pains taken pains laboured over got in a stew got worked up gotten worked up made a big thing of made a big thing out of made a meal of made a mountain out of a molehill made a thing of vexed vext unnerved rattled disconcerted hurt flustered annoyed ruffled afflicted fazed bugged irritated irked perplexed made anxious frightened got to harassed depressed discombobulated confounded pestered pained beset discomfited plagued saddened tried appalled discountenanced hassled provoked gnawed at pothered made uneasy bewildered stirred up hurt somebody's feelings startled scared sickened burdened offended grieved galled tormented oppressed confused displeased needled weighed down psyched spooked puzzled lied heavy on gotten to excited bedevilled bedeviled dispirited discouraged shaken shook racked harried curst cursed panicked strained disheartened worked up tortured shocked chagrined preoccupied aggrieved roused disappointed threw thrown badgered wound wounded angered peeved aroused dashed tantalized tantalised miffed made fretful let down caused anxiety to indisposed affected crazed injured abashed put off turned on got at made waves cut up put the wind up someone pushed buttons bummed out made a scene picked on ticked off egged on shaken up shook up thrown off balance threw off balance burnt up gave a hard time given someone grief gave someone grief burned up given a hard time horrified daunted incited inflamed dejected taxed surprised unmanned nauseated besieged despaired beleaguered haunted stimulated occupied teased incommoded importuned tested persecuted chilled disordered frustrated disillusioned terrified demoralized paralysed caused anxiety insulted inconvenienced anguished agonized hounded fermented goaded hectored teared dunned suffered disenchanted disgruntled deranged dazed muddled disarranged affrighted unquieted nagged examined moved ventilated piqued outraged paralyzed complicated mystified nonplussed flummoxed interfered astounded intruded affronted dumbfounded embarrassed terrorized tired amazed terrorised demoralised martyred strapped dogged harrowed pushed pricked desolated agonised made ill narked made restless knocked sideways caused anguish to caused suffering to incapacitated debilitated turned cramped flipped floored sweated out caused problems caused illness to made unwell made wretched aroused anxiety in caused offense loused up caused discomfort to gotten at keyed up messed up screwed up flipped out got down felt pain layed up had an adverse effect on felt unwell bugged up rubbed the wrong way made it tough for filled with consternation made flip knocked for six hacked off weighed on fired up worked someone up rocked the boat struck down got across wound up disagreed made someone scratch their head fouled up mucked up made miserable laid up taken aback took aback been was were torn tore snafued broke broken brake nit-picked eaten away at ate away at gave someone a turn threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy given someone a turn eaten at ate at done a number on did a number on gotten in the way got in the way gotten across gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick got someone gotten someone gone against the grain went against the grain stricken down

Động từ

Past tense for to frighten or cause fear in
scarified scared frightened terrified alarmed startled panicked shocked terrorised terrorized horrified spooked affrighted petrified frighted alarumed intimidated unnerved daunted agitated dismayed appalled awed disconcerted perturbed chilled cowed browbeat browbeaten disquieted deterred bulldozed astounded demoralised demoralized discouraged disheartened fazed repelled stiffed unhinged worried scared to death struck terror into stricken terror into scared away curdles the blood curdled the blood scared off made teeth chatter chilled to the bone made blood run cold made one's blood run cold scared the daylights out of made one's hair stand on end disturbed upset scared stiff scared the bejesus out of got the wind up made your blood run cold put the wind up put the fear of God into made your hair stand on end put the wind up someone unmanned ruffled flustered rattled scared witless surprised filled with fear frozen your blood froze your blood threw into a panic thrown into a panic scared the pants off made one's flesh creep made someone jump out of his skin made someone jump out of their skin made one's teeth chatter thrown into a fright chilled someone to the marrow threw into a fright scared someone half to death scared someone out of their wits scared the living daylights out of someone scared the living daylights out of scared the pants off of shaken shook threw into panic thrown into panic given someone goose pimples gave someone goose pimples gave someone the heebie-jeebies gave one the creeps given one the creeps thrown into a blue funk threw into a blue funk given someone the heebie-jeebies frightened to death filled with terror consternated frightened the living daylights out of put the frighteners on frightened out of your wits bullied threatened menaced paralyzed stunned stupefied oppressed paralysed paralysed with fear freaked persecuted tormented victimized tyrannized unsettled scared the hell out of frightened the life out of scared the life out of frightened someone out of their wits coerced strong-armed mau-maued flabbergasted stampeded sent into a cold sweat hectored victimised tyrannised bludgeoned dragooned sprung staggered depressed confounded perplexed made your flesh creep made someone shake in their shoes made it hot for someone filled with panic sprung something on made things hot for someone freaked out inspired panic in made jump chilled off frozen froze stricken terror in struck terror in stricken fear into struck fear into threw into a tizzy thrown into disarray threw into disarray thrown into a tizzy thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz sprang gave someone a turn took aback gave someone a jolt taken someone aback given someone a fright gave a turn shaken up took someone aback given a shock gave a shock shook up given someone a turn gave someone a fright given someone a jolt taken aback sprang something on given a turn

Tính từ

Lacking social skills, or uncomfortable with social interaction
awkward embarrassed anxious apprehensive nervous self-conscious troubled discomposed edgy introverted reserved restless retiring tense unsettled uptight antsy bashful bothered jittery nervy perturbed shy strained timid unrelaxed withdrawn discomfited disquieted fearful uncomfortable unconfident uneasy unquiet on edge ill at ease lacking social skills tongue-tied insecure blushing out of place unsure disturbed worried shamefaced sheepish constrained fraught like a fish out of water hesitant unnatural stiff inhibited gauche on tenterhooks fidgety ashamed uncertain shrinking stilted abashed jumpy discombobulated fazed upset twitchy vexed distressed difficult precarious forced unstable shaky disorientated diffident rattled stressy bewildered fretful disoriented tormented agitated angry annoyed galled chafed modest timorous shaken lost perplexed strange high-strung in turmoil ill-at-ease mannered affected artificial aw-shucks out of countenance faltering unsure of yourself restive on pins and needles hung up distrustful atwitter hinky queasy het up queazy goosey keyed up aflutter dithery suspicious doubtful humiliated shamed humbled flustered disconcerted demeaned thrown discountenanced dishonoured discredited chastened dishonored red-faced put out of countenance shown-up caught with egg on your face not know where to put yourself with egg on one's face wishing the earth would swallow one up concerned overwrought alarmed wired stressed dismayed ruffled flurried afraid charged hairy unnerved taut shook up nail-biting angsty frightened spooked overstrung scared toey unglued spooky exciting unsettling unnerving disturbing disquieting stressful creepy nerve-racking worrisome distressful agitating concerning distressing nerve-wracking confused careful volatile fretting unrestful shivery white-knuckle watchful anguished worried sick worked up under stress strung out angstful solicitous bugged squirrelly windy strung up in a tizzy in a flap a bundle of nerves in a twitter in a tizz in a stew in a sweat a wreck in a state of agitation hot and bothered in a state having kittens all of a lather all of a dither in a twit with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth worrying excitable trepidatious skittish neurotic flighty unsteady dodgy skittery knife-edge brittle spasmodic turbulent cliffhanging dramatic disorderly fluttery mousy hysterical distraught distracted unpeaceful unbalanced wavering explosive anxious-making impatient trembling quaking easily frightened easily agitated highly strung hassled riled beset irked irritable palpitant wrung harassed peevish irascible tortured plagued muddled clutched bricking oneself in a dither shaking in one's shoes beside oneself worried stiff in a cold sweat all nerves incongruous on the qui vive subdued repressed reticent out of one's element frustrated guarded reluctant wary coy undemonstrative restrained unassertive passionless cold unresponsive shaking sleepless hyper aghast dreading in suspense insomniac wakeful in a spin in a state of nerves sweating bullets a basket case in a flat spin shot to pieces bottled up having butterflies in the stomach like a cat on hot bricks broken fitful panicky rigid unsleeping insomnolent excited tossing and turning

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