Đồng nghĩa của knife edge

Alternative for knife edge

Knife edge
  • (Econ) Điểm tựa mỏng manh.
      + Trong THUYẾT TĂNG TRƯỞNG, một vật cản đối với tăng trưởng ổn định khi Tốc độ tăng trưởng đảm bảo là không ổn định, ngoài vấn đề nữa là liệu tốc độ đảm bảo có ngang bằng Tốc độ tăng trưởng tự nhiên hay không.


Crucial moment
critical point crux decisive point knife-edge turning point watershed climacteric climax crisis critical juncture critical mass critical stage crucial point crunch defining moment moment of truth nexus pivot pivotal point point of no return crossroads exigency head juncture culmination turn of the tide zero hour pivotal moment extremity high noon watershed moment breaking point conjuncture critical moment clutch do or die time boiling point critical period crunch time hour of decision flash point crisis point tipping point decisive moment Dunkirk crucial period impasse height crossing sink or swim time deadlock stalemate corner landmark Rubicon crucial moment confrontation crossroad coming to a head hot spot cusp change standstill emergency acme tinderbox conclusion end predicament difficulty pinch fix quandary pickle dilemma strait plight pass hardship urgency contingency scrape jam distress trouble disaster stage circumstance necessity calamity catastrophe mess threshold exigence hole pressure tension spot dire straits vicissitude critical situation panic stations hot water connection combination concurrence rubicon flashpoint peak test problem terminus demand need setback adversity time misfortune moment point deadline vital moment countdown appointed hour target D-day appointed time A-day H-hour stress constraint requirement indigence cataclysm reverse reversal destitution when it came to it when push comes to shove match point trying time danger level high point want demandingness acuteness bind stew hard times needfulness requisite essential wont criticalness pressingness imperativeness hell target day jumping-off point the time start time moment of decision sticky situation duress occasion brink overextension breakpoint edge limit overstrain deep water extreme suffering phase period spot of bother hell on earth point of decision state posture interval status instant choice point in time condition position extreme tension snapping point verge of collapse spreading too thin moment in time danger accident tight corner tight spot urgent situation trauma tragedy misadventure squeeze compulsion desperate straits push meltdown unforeseen circumstances depression


Having or producing a sudden sense of thrilling excitement
electric charged exciting stimulating thrilling electrifying stirring dynamic rousing tense exhilarating galvanising galvanizing intoxicating dramatic envigorating invigorating animating breathtaking energising energizing exhilarative galvanic hair-raising heady heart-stopping inspiring jolting kicky knife-edge mind-bending mind-blowing mind-boggling moving rip-roaring shocking startling adrenalized buzzy cliffhanging explosive volatile absorbing AC captivating DC electrical electronic emotional energetic juiced magnetic motor-driven plug-in power-driven rechargeable battery operated gripping enthralling riveting compelling sensational intense suspenseful powerful arousing stem-winding adrenaline-charged spine-tingling edge-of-the-seat nerve-racking wild fascinating interesting provocative impressive intriguing amazing astonishing provoking striking arresting lively awesome overwhelming remarkable inspirational spectacular stunning wonderful staggering refreshing affecting engaging engrossing astounding awe-inspiring stimulative enlivening spirited encouraging enchanting influential incredible touching inspiriting uplifting compulsive entrancing emotive challenging action-packed eye-popping spellbinding entertaining thought-provoking appealing brilliant unputdownable impassioned motivating eye-opening soul-stirring extraordinary wondrous bewitching stupendous marvelous marvellous persuasive involving mesmerizing meaningful dazzling mesmerising poignant magnificent animated inciting affective important motivational significant immersing consuming momentous amusing hypnotic miraculous piquant imposing fabulous anthemic unbelievable mesmeric jaw-dropping passionate impelling glorious instigative vigorous noteworthy outstanding sparkling preoccupying bracing vitalizing out of this world irresistible memorable buzzworthy impactful enticing fantastic triggering tonic prodigious vivid effective great exhilarant witty sexy grand inflammatory emotion-charged charming instigating beguiling notable difficult vibrant heartbreaking restorative transfixing historic enthusiastic awakening piquing surprising exceptional mind-altering inviting delightful monopolizing attention-grabbing clever diverting heart-rending heart-warming consequential vital tear-jerking alluring seductive superb excellent adrenalizing monopolising newsworthy forcible splendid fantastical fast-moving formidable pleasing gee-whizz tremendous emphatic majestic portentous massive vivifying exalting first-class first-rate out of the ordinary revitalizing hearty cheering addictive shock-horror controversial exhilaratory scintillating complex complicated baffling confusing puzzling brisk agitational heartrending sentimental phenomenal strong enjoyable quickening conspicuous signal heartening revitalising haunting contentious stupefying inconceivable readable racy fab hallucinatory riotous theatrical commanding sublime eye-catching psychedelic special distinguished fresh bold pleasant profound fine cool pleasurable amazeballs stately royal topical telling awe-striking heart-stirring very interesting sensorial super material relevant expressive devastating monumental divine unique magical eventful suggestive towering resplendent theatric eloquent far out trenchant relaxing satisfying empyreal influencing prompting galvanical shareable viral fashionable trendy potent heart-pumping elating hallucinogenic edgy gladdening Hitchcockian ensational beautiful elevating giddy animative seducing better than expected rejuvenating boisterous rollicking ripping uproarious sensitive laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated curious very exciting exalté hectic titillating obsessing all-consuming controlling bright terrifying roller-coaster frightening salty spicy colourful totally absorbing superior fast-paced reviving adrenaline-fueled delicate juicy tender ebullient giving one food for thought charismatic hypnotizing tantalising hypnotising attractive blinding breathless sententious funny insane touchy healthful cordial fortifying salubrious rejuvenative rallying blissful splendorous heavenly effervescent coruscating vivacious meaty worthy of note unboring newsy splashy relatable prepossessing tantalizing showy colorful upsetting crazy unreal up-tempo health-giving high strengthening healthy hyper esthetic highly impressive problematic awkward hot-button far-out like a dream come true unimaginable unheard-of fabled ethereal enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled glittering bad daring ridiculous deep primo like wow swell hunky-dory groovy dandy delicious lavish terrific luxurious humorous scandalous horrifying some aesthetic agreeable fun distracting congenial recreative droll nice glinting glimmering smart sprightly heartwarming affectional shaking trembling good accomplished hilarious chucklesome graphic climactic enormous shivering quaking vibrating shuddering skilled skilful consummate skillful admirable masterly comical high-octane essential serious paramount urgent front-page critical crucial far-reaching white-knuckle august easy worth reading well-written easy to read worthwhile well written ingenious gratifying rewarding smooth frantic blood-tingling exquisite large mad swinging boss huge harrowing tragic scream riot be a ball cheerful fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless crack ace world-class expert stellar lurid appalling sensationalistic revealing bodacious sudden noisy studied renewing reinvigorating saccharine lachrymose sugary cloying syrupy pathetic mawkish over-sentimental unforgettable breath-taking profuse shattering immense cracking crash-hot nifty sensationalist screaming gee-whiz catchpenny soppy mushy cornball weepy gooey schmaltzy cutesy drippy sappy zero cool overcoming inordinate sweeping vast paralyzing astronomic very large crushing humongous paralysing dignified incendiary of note of substance wizard mean hokey inflaming yellow melodramatic indelible celebrated seditious roborant lovey-dovey famous catchy imperial portly heroic staid noble regal heroical magnific epic lofty grandiose gallant proud baronial solemn Homeric fiery crackerjack insurgent rabble-rousing anarchic noticeable extravagant tabloid sultry vulgar coloured pointed prominent rough pungent excessive livid coarse marked X-rated salient colored three-hanky cherished lasting demagogic illustrious rebellious fomenting agitating revolutionary something to write home about mega one for the book pretentious overblown big something else ominous distinctive unfading timeless hate-mongering intemperate rabid mutinous efficient well-done perpetual everlasting immortal renowned undying notorious eternal treasured capable convincing imperishable enduring not to be forgotten superlative never to be forgotten observable supreme seditionary incitive like a red rag to a bull able coherent cogent standout rememberable surpassing remembered plausible on the ball weighty aggressive rational logical vehement lucid punchy reasoned pertinent mighty histrionical sufficient well-founded articulate definitive well reasoned high-powered credible hard-hitting puissant reasonable authoritative unanswerable successful direct sound graceful acute performant clear powerhouse stamped on your memory fixed in the mind red-letter


Quick or likely to change consistently
fluid changeable fluctuating unstable volatile mercurial mobile shifting unsettled unsteady inconstant flexible mutable protean adjustable capricious changeful ever-shifting fickle flickery floating inconsistent indefinite skittish temperamental turbulent uncertain unpredictable variable adaptable explosive kaleidoscopic knife-edge likely to change subject to change erratic irregular wavering changing varying unreliable vacillating ever-changing undependable labile flighty whimsical impulsive blowing hot and cold uneven quicksilver wayward up and down fitful fluctuant movable flakey flaky up in the air chameleonic excitable up-and-down chameleon-like moody moving bipolar irrepressible yo-yo unfixed giddy active elastic vagarious oscillating full of ups and downs irresolute random dynamic versatile swaying spasmodic variational unequal iffy waffling peaky everchanging alterable impermanent freakish arbitrary scattershot desultory shifty haphazard roving wandering rambling dubious not fixed varied faithless evolving always changing tempestuous progressive inexact chancy adaptive jerky multiform stayless polymorphous many-sided unsteadfast quirky free flickering intermittent eccentric ever-moving ungovernable faddish wild unequable patchy not constant irrational slippery chance ephemeral transitory meandering directionless alternating untrustworthy crotchety dicey undirected incalculable nomadic deviating frivolous contradictory ambiguous unsound suspect weaving doubtful nonuniform sporadic in a state of change momentary fleeting transient not settled flowing fluky episodic altering paradoxical unmethodical discontinuous developing growing episodical incompatible conflicting contrary self-contradictory short-lived incongruous irreconcilable discordant incoherent discrepant warring dissonant incongruent lubricious illogical at odds out of step in conflict at variance vicissitudinous transitional transformable restless variant agitated irresponsible reversible vagrant revocable indecisive commutative hit-or-miss aimless indiscriminate casual unsystematic offhand scattered helter-skelter discretionary unreasonable disconnected subjective stray optional personal occasional unfocused fanciful chaotic approximate injudicious superficial unaccountable supercilious unscientific heedless wanton unthinking orderless blind lost reckless careless without purpose unjustifiable unsupported unjustified uninformed groundless unreasoned untrue disreputable unexpected purposeless choppy aperiodic incidental spotty spastic catch-as-catch-can slapdash disorganized catchy unforeseeable unguided not conscientious disorganised thoughtless without goal without direction off and on willful judgemental continuously changing unbalanced judgmental highly strung broken baseless unwarranted unfounded disturbed constantly changing disrupted shot-in-the-dark without a goal interrupted undulating loose sketchy periodic undreamed-of surprise unanticipated on-again-off-again herky-jerky on and off fiery impassioned two-faced emotional intense passionate fortuitous coincidental accidental unknowable from left field serendipitous inadvertent ad hoc goalless pointless drifting lucky motiveless unmotivated hot-tempered unforeseen adventitious out of the blue wilful discretional driftless objectless quick-tempered spot contingent shaky infrequent designless fragmentary unpunctual unconsidered on-and-off off-and-on non-periodic

Trái nghĩa của knife edge

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