Đồng nghĩa của unpunctual

Alternative for unpunctual

Trái nghĩa: punctual,

Tính từ

Occurring at uneven or varying rates or intervals
irregular erratic inconsistent inconstant unsteady fluctuating unstable variable volatile sporadic intermittent spasmodic capricious random changeable unsettled uneven varying fitful wavering uncertain episodic changing shifting casual unreliable discontinuous aperiodic haphazard patchy episodical nonuniform unsystematic desultory spotty unmethodical choppy disconnected spastic indiscriminate occasional jerky shaky scattershot infrequent eccentric unequal aimless catchy designless fragmentary purposeless unconsidered ever-changing hit-or-miss on-and-off up and down off-and-on non-periodic unpredictable fickle fluid mutable temperamental changeful mercurial skittish flickery vacillating undependable flighty whimsical impulsive labile protean scattered blowing hot and cold broken disorganized arbitrary wayward fluctuant chaotic flakey mobile up-and-down flaky disorganised undirected rambling kaleidoscopic movable periodic on and off moody jumbled interrupted quicksilver bipolar muddled vagarious irrepressible excitable yo-yo disjointed up in the air orderless disorderly turbulent incoherent slapdash full of ups and downs giddy active elastic confused all over the place wandering unorganized helter-skelter chameleonic unfixed irresolute waffling careless unorganised in fits and starts unthinking untrustworthy faithless entropic reckless illogical fluky slipshod alternating fractal periodical non-linear moving oscillating disordered unconnected directionless iffy unfocused chameleon-like convulsive variational stray offhand uncoordinated catch-as-catch-can on again and off again loose all over the map peaky disrupted without purpose recurrent recurring uncontrolled restless sketchy odd isolated rough incalculable untrue disreputable sloppy bitty flexible deviating floating messy alternate roving chancy flickering scrambled on-again-off-again cyclical dubious seasonal paroxysmal dynamic mixed up irrational incidental unplanned chance swaying uncontrollable abrupt off and on inchoate incohesive undisciplined impermanent twitching shifty unpremeditated heedless unguided not conscientious sudden thoughtless all over the shop blind lost without goal wanton without direction disturbed non-uniform fragmented scrappy broken up violent evolving systemless inexact tempestuous checkered chequered hit and miss indeterminate incomplete spurtive alterable shambolic lax everchanging progressive unintelligible freakish quirky piecemeal unsystematized adaptable herky-jerky frenzied promiscuous stochastic aleatory altering adaptive not constant garbled developing growing unsteadfast unequable gaping freelance outsourced outside contradictory ungovernable faddish wild slippery in disarray intervallic without a goal in bits and pieces mixed-up ill-thought-out ephemeral transitory crotchety paradoxical meandering ambiguous unsound suspect weaving doubtful incompatible contrary conflicting self-contradictory versatile part-time frivolous dicey nomadic discordant incongruous irreconcilable inelegant in a state of change vicissitudinous momentary transient fleeting discrepant uncontinuous not fixed warring lubricious dissonant incongruent accidental transitional variant irresponsible vagrant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible indecisive all over the lot short-lived at odds hit-and-miss rugged in conflict higgledy-piggledy punctuated cyclic continual at variance unconcerned spontaneous unselective willy-nilly devil-may-care unexpected fluke unconscious stop-go out of step isochronal epochal stop-and-go iterative discontinuing isochronous rhythmic checked rhythmical arrested metrical iterant serial twitchy perfunctory hit or miss cursory remiss lackadaisical any which way any old way every other here and there now and then shaking bumpy tremulous by bits and pieces slap-happy jumpy bouncy jolting trial and error juddering shuddering

Tính từ

Slow to act
dilatory slow sluggish tardy slack unhurried dallying laggard snail-like backward delaying lax lazy lingering crawling creeping dawdling dillydallying dragging idle lagging languid leisurely loitering pokey poking poky sluggardly snaillike snail-paced time-wasting tortoise-like behindhand indolent lollygagging procrastinating putting off slothful tarrying deliberate flagging late moratory neglectful negligent problem remiss slow-going slow-paced unhasty listless lackadaisical drowsy inert inactive heavy apathetic lethargic slow-moving torpid measured passive delayed sleepy plodding leaden dull behind languorous phlegmatic easy ponderous supine enervated laid-back belated stagnant overdue moderate tortoiselike postponing dreamy gradual behind schedule indifferent running late dormant behind time debilitated not on time unrushed delinquent somnolent tired latish unenergetic lifeless weary comatose fatigued draggy impassive dopey moony blah slow-footed having spring fever relaxed gentle comfortable sedate casual undemanding steady quiescent weak exhausted lacklustre slumberous lackluster snoozy spiritless neb lymphatic too late moving slowly without energy long-delayed held up hebetudinous behind target restful easy-going effortless painstaking patient stupid undeveloped dense underprivileged imbecile checked moronic arrested underdeveloped feeble-minded subnormal free slackened relaxing slow and steady on hands and knees unproductive burned out sedentary somnific spent deferred later postponed jammed put off hung up last-minute eleventh-hour long-overdue laboured stupefied leaden-footed unenthusiastic shiftless laggy flat labored imperceptible slithering shuffling quailing inching sneaking grovelling worming skulking writhing slinking wriggling squirming shambling groveling hobbling nebbish narcotic stretchy unmoving stolid wimpy sleepyhead static limp quiet depressed out of it on all fours barely moving dead yawny faineant unresponsive fainéant insensitive insensible dozy logy neurasthenic asthenic in arrears unconcerned uninterested energyless languishing otiose disinterested feeble easygoing pococurante blahs pining do-nothing motionless careless passionless half-hearted Laodicean lukewarm lacking in energy slapdash heavy-eyed half asleep cold sluggard inattentive peaceful nonchalant loafing insouciant faint sickly infirm uncaring still leisured laid back numb incurious effete bloodless sleeping stuporous down unfeeling droopy nodding unemotional slumbrous dozing drugged work-shy being lazy taking your time calm bone idle spineless yielding vigorless vigourless vegetating acquiescent submissive docile servile pliant benumbed heedless chilled soporous soporose paralyzed sodden latent paralysed unoccupied unexciting uncurious bovine abstracted unanimated hibernating offhand perfunctory seated desk desk-bound sitting yawning inconscious out sleepyheaded stiff lumpish mooney sullen off drippy aimless complacent wishy-washy bland vapid lacking energy slap-happy vegged out out cold groggy sentimental romantic laissez-faire halfhearted daydreaming dead to the world out to lunch unmoved unkind coldhearted anaesthetic anesthetic dazed emotionless knackered dopy easy going half-asleep done in hardly able to keep one's eyes open dog-tired dead beat all in ready for bed stationary cool stoical stoic spring fever uninvolved detached non-committal bored dispassionate settled deskbound undemonstrative unambitious impassible affectless cold-blooded unmotivated what the hell dispirited callous untouched could care less don't give a damn couldn't care less

Trái nghĩa của unpunctual

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