Đồng nghĩa của gradual

Alternative for gradual

Đồng nghĩa: easy, little by little, slow,

Tính từ

That cannot be observed
unobservable minute impalpable slight small indistinguishable infinitesimal tiny undetectable fine microscopic indiscernible intangible subtle insensible ephemeral inaudible insignificant inappreciable shadowy indistinct imponderable trivial inconsiderable vague evanescent inconspicuous invisible momentary unnoticeable imperceptible inconsequential nanoscopic minuscule negligible unperceivable minor unimportant trifling petty immaterial paltry barely perceptible exiguous piffling piddling faint not worth bothering about of no account not worth mentioning unapparent teeny-weeny unobtrusive obscure unclear teensy-weensy light undistinguishable imperceivable indefinite hard to make out barely visible impossible to detect nugatory little frivolous measly picayune of no consequence niggling incidental nominal Mickey Mouse irrelevant fiddling footling meagre of no importance small-fry meager worthless pimping piddly nickel-and-dime no-account lightweight insubstantial de minimis of little account foolish scanty peanut minimal meaningless casual chicken pointless nonessential inadequate insufficient derisory pitiful of little importance of little consequence pathetic mingy poxy small-bore puny secondary unsubstantial lesser inessential non-essential of no moment superficial miserable marginal mean dinky small-time ignorable silly beggarly trite token ethereal not worth speaking of base pettifogging purportless second-rate shoestring wee hidden wretched sorry scant peripheral pitiable nondescript low atomic neither here nor there elusive ungenerous mere shallow two-bit skimpy idle useless flimsy valueless cheap of minor importance minor-league of no great concern low-ranking diminutive shabby twopenny-halfpenny penny-ante ghostly slender senseless ineffectual all the same perfunctory hollow mild subsidiary symbolic undiscernible unintelligible smaller unfathomable empty neglectable everyday incomprehensible commonplace toytown lilliputian wanky of no matter beside the point skin-deep vanishing trashy set common shoddy sleazy narrow unconsequential limited bush-league smalltime nothing uncelebrated unessential unnecessary soft inarticulate extraneous scratch unconsiderable contemptible inferior subordinate lower junior inconsequent of little import hard to understand teeny illusive tenuous implied sheer attenuate inferred thin attenuated itsy-bitsy itty-bitty unconsidered runt inappropriate wimpy shrimp weensy microscopical miniature microminiature teensy eensy-weensy bitsy bitty weeny abstract extremely small titchy very small little-bitty tiddly no biggie small potatoes two bit entry level of no significance big zero airy little bitty incorporeal untouchable non-physical concealed dim bodiless disembodied aerial unembodied invisible to the naked eye obscured unseen transcendental unreal unearthly phantom wraithlike spectral supernatural unbodied spiritual unseeable shrouded unnoticed unobserved cloaked phantasmal discarnate disincarnate phantasmic clouded unexposed disguised surreptitious discreet undercover camouflaged nonexistent masked veiled secret undetected eclipsed unrevealed imperceptible to the touch uncertain abstruse rare hypothetical evasive unquantifiable indeterminate eluding evading unsure perdu covert vaporous imaginary latent unviewable screened gaseous undisclosed covered under wraps not in view not in sight not visible out of sight in the dark out of view

Tính từ

Lasting or taking a long time
slow prolonged time-consuming long-drawn-out protracted lengthy long-lasting interminable lingering progressive conservative draggy drawn-out laborious long-winded painful long extended overlong marathon sustained dragging verbose prolix spun out spun-out enduring tedious boring dragged-out wearisome lasting rambling wordy great seemingly endless delayed dragged out far long-lived long-term dilatory diffuse diffusive late overextended limitless boundless tardy unending forever and a day for ages without end timewasting inefficient onerous arduous chronophagous never-ending lengthened stretched out drawn out endless towering remote stretching high elongated tall strung out rangy distant far-off lofty elongate faraway deep longish running stretch expanded stretched lanky outstretched stringy gangling continued enlarged extensive far-reaching spread out garrulous windy discursive circumlocutory pleonastic meandering circuitous periphrastic logorrheic digressive ambagious redundant palaverous voluble loquacious repetitious tautological tortuous talkative logorrhoeic bombastic ponderous tiresome maundering wandering very long talky dull gabby turgid convoluted king-size oversized king-sized king size increased continuing expansive pompous gassy circumlocutionary flowery long-drawn sesquipedalian chatty inflated full of verbiage persistent empty vague loose boastful waffling waffly flatulent roundabout padded made longer lengthwise unfurled unrolled widened proffered conferred profuse random lavish copious exuberant durable abiding unfolded spread broad endlong long-run verbal of considerable length long-standing long-running overall linear longstanding everlasting ceaseless unceasing incessant constant longitudinal perpetual uninterrupted infinite unlimited non-stop monotonous unbroken continual immeasurable unbounded orotund unbound interminate looped eternal permanent day-and-night continuous timeless prattling blathering prating jabbering babbling gushing indirect no end to no end of on a treadmill mouthy yakking multiloquent big-mouthed multiloquous effusive gobby wittering magniloquent grandiloquent rhetorical tautologous repeating involved pretentious fustian yacking repetitive full of air having kissed the Blarney stone with the gift of the gab

Tính từ

Cautious and patient
softly-softly cautious circumspect calm careful discreet gentle guarded prudent tentative wary belt-and-braces cagey chary diplomatic judicious mindful patient restrained tactful vigilant considerate heedful politic thoughtful calculating alert attentive watchful observant discriminating discerning sagacious conservative safe gingerly delicate kid-glove wise sensible reasonable intelligent reserved strategic moderate sensitive precautious judgmatic judgmatical civil controlled noncommittal worldly-wise awake not rash having foresight on lookout temperate guileful tactical artful shrewd courteous polite sympathetic gracious perceptive wily respectful subtle astute foresighted canny scrupulous deliberate sage playing your cards close to your chest punctilious leery sharp rational farsighted sound practical savvy sober commonsensical clever provident expedient sane frugal cunning insightful thrifty skilful understanding skillful sly suspicious perspicacious level-headed hesitant realistic scheming conniving reticent logical crafty pragmatic smart acute reluctant balanced economical slippery forehanded forethoughtful dexterous sapient aware saving sparing dextrous parsimonious unwasteful well-advised well judged levelheaded knowing quick-witted on the lookout down-to-earth non-committal considered matter-of-fact forearmed advisable seemly informed well-thought-out well-reasoned adept contriving dispassionate deft suave percipient composed cool mature together no-nonsense keen stable even-tempered common-sense foxy slick penetrating adroit just pawky sharp-witted penny-pinching well advised collected argute tight mean quick profound treating with kid gloves well thought out grounded clear-sighted apprehensive brainy smooth steady fastidious full of common sense with reservations stingy miserly heads-up measured long-headed with eyes peeled all there walking on eggs thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves on the qui vive watching one's step on guard watching out joined-up healthy Machiavellian designing manipulative devious cordial decorous polished precautionary secretive deceitful duplicitous urbane poised skilled mannerly kind timid evasive elusive tight-lipped disingenuous unscrupulous complicitous craft squeamish dainty wide-awake in one's best interests wide awake on the alert doubting premeditating slim solicitous equivocal vague unrevealing obliging complicit unselfish responsive overcautious overcareful accommodating hardheaded suss hard-boiled whip-smart clear-eyed sussed heady cooperative piercing intuitive penetrative uneasy suspecting on the ball street-smart as sharp as a tack able having fancy footwork with it street smart ingenious nimble-witted hep streetwise fine ready clear mild equipped keeping a weather eye on on your toes all ears walking on egg shells hedging your bets taking it slow playing safe on the watch loath sceptical dubious shy doubtful distrustful mistrustful deep forbearing complaisant well-prepared gnostic averse knows what's what conscious insighted knowledgeable afraid tuned in nervous ear to the ground incisive wise to sophic disinclined dependable like a sport iffy far-seeing businesslike self-possessed unflappable benign sober-minded sobersided inhibited constrained skeptical particular confident serene unworried relaxed prepared equable unmoved imperturbable cool-headed unruffled unemotional reliable hard-headed at ease unperturbed well balanced deliberative coolheaded abstemious regulated unexcessive medium even unimpassioned constant curbed warm modest comfortable muted checked unextreme responsible conciliatory arch intriguing capable bland opportunistic scrimping good valid well-founded solid analytic analytical reasoned hard coherent firm consequent justified commonsense well-grounded serious-minded commonsensible cool, calm and collected spartan abstinent austere well-informed monastic monkish self-denying puritanical ascetic nunlike non-indulgent self-disciplined conversant mingy ungenerous cheap close-fisted cheese-paring economizing grasping tight-fisted au courant enlightened having all one's marbles steady-going in one's right mind meagre penny-wise cheeseparing preserving meticulous tightwad meager economising conserving desirable efficacious seasonable accurate sophisticated thorough judicial well-judged

Tính từ

Moving, acting, or taking place without haste or urgency
unhurried slow unhasty unrushed crawling creeping dallying dawdling dilatory dillydallying dragging laggard lagging languid sluggish snaillike tardy lingering loitering painstaking patient pokey poking poky slow and steady snail-like snail-paced slow-going slow-moving slow-paced ponderous slothful leaden phlegmatic plodding measured listless lethargic torpid delaying lackadaisical sleepy stagnant leisurely drowsy procrastinating dreamy indolent slack moderate idle postponing easy passive heavy tortoiselike supine deliberate apathetic inactive inert slow-footed lazy relaxed languorous laid-back steady sedate comfortable gentle undemanding restful casual dull indifferent easy-going comatose dopey lax spiritless enervated limp relaxing languishing impassive uninterested late weary unenthusiastic blah unconcerned energyless flagging snoozy nebbish blahs pining moony sleepyhead lymphatic leisured effortless sluggardly tortoise-like delayed lollygagging behindhand laboured remiss weak tired labored faint sickly infirm wimpy feeble somnolent stupid free moving slowly easygoing calm nonchalant chilled still even regular unexciting backward time-wasting unpunctual laborious lumbering cumbersome putting off tarrying slackened moratory problem neglectful negligent undeveloped dense underprivileged imbecile checked moronic behind arrested underdeveloped feeble-minded subnormal on hands and knees recreational shiftless motionless lifeless numb unenergetic fatigued quiescent fainéant benumbed narcotic amusing frivolous entertaining slithering shuffling quailing inching sneaking grovelling worming skulking writhing slinking wriggling squirming shambling groveling hobbling leaden-footed otiose pococurante Laodicean stuporous paralyzed hebetudinous slumberous static faineant sodden latent paralysed dormant laggy droopy lacking in energy laid back imperceptible non-job related non-work related fun on all fours barely moving

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