Đồng nghĩa của consequent

Alternative for consequent

Trái nghĩa: inconsequent,

Tính từ

Based on, or displaying, common sense, logic, or rationality
rational reasonable logical sound analytical coherent valid analytic good sensible well-founded well-grounded commonsensical solid justifiable cogent plausible reasoned clear lucid sober consistent convincing telling legitimate levelheaded just intelligent relevant judicious wise firm discerning holding water prudent credible justified informed commonsense compelling hard commonsensible discriminating congruent legit perceptive perspicuous germane pertinent kosher well-organized well-advised well grounded systematic practical realistic orderly defensible organized methodical weighty authoritative reliable supportable proven responsible thoughtful balanced substantiated pragmatic sane grounded precise accurate true down-to-earth well reasoned astute together understandable exact intellectual organised well organized matter-of-fact cool well-reasoned well founded all there extensional juridicious necessary deducible subtle obvious inferential fair holding together corroborated supported ratiocinative substantial powerful warranted strong sustainable right believable bona fide viable factual maintainable probable persuasive acceptable defendable deductive irrefutable confirmed arguable effective workable objective reasoning conclusive determinative cerebral thinking rigorous forceful vindicable efficacious stable uncorrupted attested tested potent trustworthy regulated insightful able to hold water clear-headed well thought out well advised ordered thorough hard-headed mathematical straight-thinking scientific based on hard data rock-solid based on hard facts articulate comprehensible intelligible satisfactory satisfying recognized flawless impeccable advisable watertight correct profound recognised faultless established orthodox accepted unassailable meaningful joined-up right-thinking right-minded identified holding up standing up holding up in wash got it together shrewd level-headed sagacious far-sighted circumspect discreet no-nonsense sage canny serious-minded sharp mature clever well-informed well-thought-out full of common sense attentive knowing conversant steady-going au courant having all one's marbles in right mind businesslike enlightened smart perspicacious politic unsentimental sapient unidealistic feasible learned percipient pragmatical knowledgeable earthy common-sense hardheaded expedient clear-sighted composed moderate practicable collected steady dependable hard-boiled unemotional utilitarian savvy unromantic possible well balanced doable reflective educated careful calm scholarly erudite keen considered even-tempered accomplishable controlled functional usable with both feet on the ground acute useful clearheaded clear-eyed self-possessed achievable calculating prosaic unfantastic real dispassionate serene hard-nosed imperturbable equable plain well judged realizable poised temperate strategic within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility suitable cool-headed contemplative intuitive deep tactical sedate philosophical useable applicable alert serious likely serviceable considerate penetrating realisable attainable aware normal cool, calm and collected efficient straightforward unworried unflappable tenable bright relaxed provident confident worldly-wise unmoved brilliant well-adjusted unruffled healthy well-balanced sharp-witted tough-minded cautious unimpassioned with great knowledge diplomatic heady appropriate experienced quick-witted at ease within reason desirable foresighted judgmatical judgmatic natural cagey apt mundane conceivable farsighted cognitive vigilant advised determined reserved conservative working secure actionable truthful full of insight cultured well-argued clearly stated unperturbed unfazed applicative showing great knowledge coolheaded genius smooth unbothered unflustered straight unagitated calculable precocious gifted possessed well adjusted laid-back tactful utile genuine compos mentis resolute decent measured brainy thought-out of sound mind self-controlled fitting able to think clearly argute cogitative with one's feet on the ground wary fit deliberate foxy astucious dull flat well-judged deadpan dry sophisticated philosophic deliberative constructive unexcessive unextreme literal lifeless unvarnished unembellished unimaginative sober-minded meticulous tough robust thought through certain modest hard-bitten restrained uncreative unadorned imaginable cultivated sure empirical plainspoken operative calmed pedestrian emotionless humdrum within reach undisturbed safe stolid academic empiric assured untroubled open real-world unembroidered undistorted phlegmatic unaffected faithful peaceful recollected limpid equal unshaken placid level witty staid tranquil understanding clear-cut easy cold well informed applied handy bookish in one's right mind self-composed self-assured mentally sound ultrapractical fast exceptional able to reason clearly right in the head supersmart well-read with both one's feet on the ground hyperintelligent in your right mind in possession of all your faculties ultrasmart decisive graceful earnest real-life self-aware sentient proportional well-proportioned symmetrical uncompromising adult vigorous prudential dinkum proper mentally stable cognizant harmonious cluey lifelike naturalistic operational estimable clear-thinking manageable operable mild gnostic hip streetwise sophic cunning calculated common-sensical deliberated true-life plain-spoken leery refined polished grown-up worldly well whole sensical lettered earth-bound hardboiled common introspective benign sobersided aforethought contemplated studied well considered in one's best interests settled apparent guarded of use worthwhile unconfused weighed investigated premeditated examined thinking twice playing safe ruminative pensive pawky skilful well-expressed well-presented performable computed prepense studious hedging one's bets earthly potential well-structured well presented well expressed seasonable skillful judicial seemly ruminating deliberating competent genial mentally healthy in good mental health egghead accessible utilizable utilisable reachable obtainable equitable veridical unquestionable veracious synthetic infallible trustable sanctioned significant fly canonical reputable simple medium even warm comfortable checked constant curbed muted sound of mind chary got head together schooled literate procurable acquirable hang tough stand pat intractable locked in tough nut inductive practiced meditative errorless colorable sincere inerrant validated verified with all one's marbles in possession of one's faculties unexcitable unswerving within possibility thinkable chilled unpretentious close-lipped well chosen thought-through thought-about securable having all marbles have one's feet on the ground syllogistic within the realm of possibility assertive equanimous nonchalant repressed nonplussed quieted disimpassioned easygoing soothed suppressed legal tried-and-true utilized used exercised supposable impartial tutored widely read well read well educated well-taught certified definite explicit stringent close-mouthed gettable meditating unprejudiced quick heads-up long-headed not turn a hair as cool as a cucumber at peace cool as cucumber have one's act together sure of oneself keeping your cool keeping a stiff upper lip keeping one's shirt on adapted correlated related experiential methodic admissible making sense unbiased standing to reason unassuming softly-softly kid-glove delicate self-confident under the sun having both feet on the ground ideal perfect structured practised utilised evenhanded fair-minded gingerly watchful awake civil observant heedful noncommittal precautious creditable folksy self-restrained open to reason get-at-able systematized coordinated workaday non-theoretical brought to bear hands-on enforced comprehendible apprehensible cogitable presumable conjecturable based on good sense abstemious inventive able ingenious resourceful on lookout having foresight not rash bearable tolerable inconsiderable talented ordinary everyday disciplined regular letter-perfect spot-on whip-smart on-target dead-on down to earth rustic informal like a clam highbrow comprehending creative nimble original whiz instructed imaginative having a good head on one's shoulders capable alive know how many beans make five having no flies on very smart quick on the uptake ready utility non-excessive within limits within due limits systematised expected predictable stoic naked cold-blooded impassive impersonal apathetic prosy predicted forecast anticipated inevitable well ordered well regulated well run foreseeable unsurprising well thought-out straightened out likeliest helpful convenient to be expected only to be expected what one would expect par for the course on the cards not unexpected user friendly user-friendly nuts and bolts step-by-step both feet on the ground most likely

Tính từ

Naturally accompanying or associated
concomitant accompanying attendant associated collateral connected related accessory concurrent attending coexistent coexisting coincident coincidental complementary linked resultant associative auxiliary resulting adjoining adjuvant affiliated agreeing ancillary belonging coefficient coetaneous coeval concordant conjoined contemporaneous contemporary contributing coordinate corollary coterminous fellow incident incidental isochronal isochronous joint parallel satellite simultaneous synchronal synchronous synergetic synergistic associated with conjoined with coupled with in tempo in time synchronic coextensive secondary subsidiary subordinate contingent coinciding consequential indirect interconnected corresponding interrelated supplementary following subsequent correlated additional dependent extra allied derivative derived coupled added supporting contributory ensuing at the same time supplemental successive sequential proximate synchronized analogous correspondent mutual concurring appurtenant subservient synchronised due to in sync side by side at the same time as joined combined cotemporal helping assisting adscititious concerted adminicular similar associate supervenient attached kindred alike of the day of the time sub roundabout add-on appended with second-hand real-time instantaneous immediate adjunctive cognate comparative affinitive relative non-primary secondhand unintended in synch tributary identical in step in phase dead heat happening at the same time with the beat accidental affiliate done at the same time eventual borrowed derivational derivate developed vicarious understandable consistent intelligent inferable flow-on trickle-down relational intertwined pertinent interdependent relevant enmeshed interwoven reciprocal germane knit together tied up in touch with recent new present newfangled current latest mod ultramodern modern up-to-date red-hot up-to-the-minute modernistic now topical present-day space-age state-of-the-art voguish new-fashioned extant existent leading-edge up to date up to the minute new age in fashion in vogue ongoing instant today happening with it hot designer au courant a la mode conterminous contempo fashionable up abreast trendsetting modish newest existing just out trendy hot off press cool live latter-day same time supermodern of the same age prevailing actual living in the news cutting-edge alive burning latter de nos jours in in style present-time twenty-first-century common knowledge in the mainstream on front burner all the rage stylish chic smart nowadays at this moment for the time being started just now even now prompt in duration going on being in process under consideration begun commenced already ad hoc fresh advanced progressive forward-looking flash swinging hip snazzy cutting edge natty leading edge nifty go-ahead avant-garde high-tech kicking kicky tony fly hi-tech spiffy modern-day brand-new sassy modernised modernized stylin' leading newly discovered popular novel ground-breaking updated faddish groundbreaking plugged-in innovative innovatory nouvelle pioneering recently developed in-thing neoteric never-before-seen

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