Đồng nghĩa của nimble

Alternative for nimble

nimbler, nimblest

Đồng nghĩa: active, agile, fast, light, quick, speedy, swift,

Tính từ

Quick and light in movement or action
agile light-footed lithe spry active light lively sprightly deft graceful lissom acrobatic dextrous dexterous nimble-footed quick adroit fleet-footed lightsome nippy quick-moving supple featly feline flexible gracile light-foot limber lissome lithesome proficient skilful twinkle-toed zippy fleet adept brisk handy prompt skillful swift vigilant wide-awake rapid snappy fast speedy hasty spirited energetic breakneck lightning skilled expeditious blistering vivacious able animated springy vigorous expert express nifty alacritous rattling rapid-fire willowy hurried spanking ready whirlwind neat flying practised efficient galloping fast-moving frisky practiced accelerated sharp meteoric masterly vital perky artful high-speed jaunty immediate expeditive gay peppy capable precise sparky animate airy bouncing mettlesome kinetic pizazzy jazzy racy pizzazzy breathless dizzy hot splitting nimble-fingered pert pliant polished pliable slick elegant mercurial accomplished crack delicate alert fit full of beans instant wizard loose-limbed smooth smart loose-jointed bouncy effortless winged full of life masterful virtuoso full of vim and vigour clever ace bravura sportive chipper talented workmanlike frolicsome apt zappy fast-track peart effective instantaneous dashing crackerjack cracking headlong accurate supersonic bustling flowing bright-eyed and bushy-tailed mean playful wicked elastic sparkly bendy experienced sudden wick habile rathe timely ingenious tasty full of energy finely judged bright vibrant punctual zingy swinging abrupt summary whistle-stop hyper precipitate rushed volant harefooted up-tempo unhesitating as lively as a grig speeding alive and kicking velocious hypersonic as merry as a grig turbo fleet of foot in nothing flat on the double facile PDQ flat-out athletic canny dynamic professional impressive direct gifted diligent astute cunning competent bubbly good buoyant slinky genius zestful mobile loose responsive jumping screaming speedball on-the-spot blithe on the go high-spirited go-go full of pep industrious dainty overnight early quickie precipitous without delay short-lived ultrarapid ultrafast double time confident moving hurtling urgent plastic sylphlike crisp straight decisive exact tripping daring versed proper swift-footed dapper painstaking sleek sinuous resourceful sly sensual slight furious strict categorical pro sure-footed fast-paced willing scintillating fairylike breezy keen grooving practical barreling light of foot shrewd having the know-how cheerful effectual clean inch-perfect outgoing sparkling fast-tracked bendable malleable ultrasonic quick-fire cute fleeting crafty chirpy light on your feet effervescent quickened upbeat exuberant merry light on one's feet quick as a wink youthful skittish zesty rocking having know-how blithesome like greased lightning clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically easy having good hands happy jocund stirring spright clear-headed quick-thinking easy-moving fluid natural fun fluent in good condition pronto short peremptory double-quick unexpected barrelling fun-loving functional prevenient twinkle toes shaking a leg like mad very fast like crazy anticipatory healthy fine gracious artistic balletic quick on the draw quick on the trigger operating functioning operational serviceable operative occupational working split-second utile practicable alive well-oiled utilitarian tantivy going master compleat whiz peerless busy demon strong sporty hot tamale occupied enlivened eventful eager deedful fresh forceful on the move full of zip full of get-up-and-go

Tính từ

Having or showing a reasonable or high level of intellect
alert quick quick-witted bright sharp ready smart alive brainy brilliant clever intelligent keen lively nimble-witted quick-thinking sharp-witted astute discerning observant penetrating perceptive perspicacious shrewd able active exceptional fast gifted hyperintelligent supersmart ultrasmart wide awake brisk genius PDQ prompt swift whip-smart on the ball quick off the mark quick on the uptake acute ingenious canny wise knowing savvy erudite rational agile profound piercing incisive knowledgeable intellectual rapier-like witty apt scholarly cerebral adept sapient percipient fine discriminating insightful intuitive argute subtle sagacious critical sage whiz talented highbrow sharp as a tack skilful skillful creative inventive precocious judicious all there prudent enlightened sensitive penetrative sharpened finely honed pawky accomplished razor-sharp heads-up adroit cute long-headed resourceful expert crack learned elite masterly excellent virtuoso educated capable quick on the trigger superior quick on the draw Einstein whiz kid first-rate eggheaded first-class choice whip very intelligent superintelligent gnostic exquisite good einstein sophisticated razor-like razor sharp spirited mentally keen sprightly cultured studious bookish academic bluestocking keen-witted receptive with it searching probing swotty hardheaded clear-sighted clear-eyed acuminous heady bright-eyed and bushy-tailed delicate deft hard-boiled accurate exact foxy competent dexterous effectual slick effective sharp-sighted well read not missing a trick thinking curt dextrous vigorous wired mercurial having smarts nobody's fool logical well-informed not born yesterday smart as a whip smart as a tack knowing how many beans make five book smart understanding know how many beans make five instructed imaginative having a good head on one's shoulders having no flies on deep responsible calculating very smart sensible together comprehending original with all one's wits about one streetwise suss pointed flippant cheeky facetious mischievous sarcastic sassy smooth insolent saucy highbrowed flip humorous smart-aleck bold tongue-in-cheek fresh smart-alecky whimsical droll brazen cool jocular jesting bantering smarty-pants nifty thoughtful skilled experienced cultivated aware cunning well-read lettered informed proficient well informed well educated literary crafty philosophical artful polished analytical widely read versed qualified cagey civilized awake refined literate wily well-educated responsive civilised donnish careful open-eyed consummate attentive reflective recondite clear watchful schooled serious conscious sentient trenchant masterful tasty practised scholastic far-sighted practiced vigilant eager master ace trained politic tasteful acquainted intellective handy pedantic clerkly urbane esoteric sly great conversant extraordinary amenable docile egghead tentie tenty razor-edged knife-like with great knowledge cognizant stellar worldly-wise crackerjack artistic well versed hot wide-awake scientific au courant elegant au fait Argus-eyed hotshot far-seeing in the know contemplative on guard top-notch downy on the lookout on one's toes philosophic pithy astucious weighty earnest intellectualistic intellectualist intriguing familiar ratiocinative self-aware insighted innovative solemn grave studied geeky teachable powerful nerdish blue nerdy circumspect apperceptive animate sophic sussed questioning media-savvy abstruse veteran worldly efficient fastidious heedful hip discreet wary illuminated well-grounded mindful up-to-date showing great knowledge fitted tutored phenomenal genial endowed stylish finished well-bred well-versed clued-up apprehensive mature prepared remarkable full of insight wizard intellectually aware clued up well-taught professional good hands on your toes all ears on the job class act heads up on the qui vive top-drawer shining at farsighted foresighted meaty selective trainable concise cluey precise simple enquiring inquiring crisp succinct punchy obscure cagy beady hawklike neat cogitative introspective musing deliberate considered museful ruminative meditative reflecting pondering measured pensive quick to learn switched-on star longhair complex analytic exacting detailed impractical pedagogical ivory-towerish into distinguished cautious up abreast fly minute no dummy inspired enterprising to the point labored formal wise up sensatory discriminative sublime unprovincial seasoned tuned in wise to superlative superb supreme innovational elaborate trailblazing innovatory fertile originative Promethean with your wits about you on top of on the stick clued-in vital long-haired knows what's what laboured world-class complete workmanlike bravura compleat professed appropriate pioneering specialist sensorial sensory taught coached provocative gripping stimulating thought-provoking deep-thinking class at home ear to the ground particular arcane deviceful nurtured outstanding slippery frugal hep absorbed engrossed fit facile magnificent formed developed corrected initiated shaped enriched hermetic hermetical sensuous having been around with-it tuned-in wicked sharp-eyed in the loop acroamatic occult orphic secret highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified out of this world cut out for having a knack for extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained big league street-smart street smart genteel impressive dynamic ultraefficient cosmopolitan as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork advanced thinking outside the box dynamite eagle-eyed sensile suitable solid posted polymath professorial grounded well-rounded omniscient sound pansophic feasible keen-eyed suave well versed hawk-eyed concentrating forward debonair riveting heavy captivating interesting heavyweight absorbing classical fascinating suited equal adequate killer useable serviceable working realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable regardful focused beady-eyed svelte easy effortless equipped couth artistically aware genned up chic jet-set classy citified blasé strong worthy liberal tolerant high-class savant blue-stocking distingue traveled appreciative polite chivalrous arty mannerly gallant esthetic courteous practical reliable mondaine surveying deducing correct considering intentive interested advertent discovering detecting contemplating focussed observative with eyes like a hawk top-shelf have the goods top-hole ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age aesthetic travelled worldly wise been around world-weary highly endowed with good taste wakeful live living feeling up to it up to snuff know the ropes up to speed know one's onions know backwards and forwards psychologic reactive witting ware jazzed sentimental emotional perceiving breathing sensate flesh-and-blood observing seeing recognizing noticing psyched up on tiptoe on the alert switched on fast on the draw recognising able to recognize in the right mind capable of feeling sensitive to in on

Tính từ

(of a person) Possessing strength and athleticism
powerful athletic fit muscular tough healthy ripped burly muscly physical sporty vigorous buff Herculean manly shredded active agile beefy brawny energetic hunky husky jacked lithe lusty robust stark strapping strong sturdy thewy well built masculine manful well-built able-bodied built full-bodied sinewy stalwart well-developed hardy hearty thickset powerfully built broad-shouldered trim aerobicized herculean fighting fit two-fisted hale and hearty in good shape in good trim mesomorphic in trim well-proportioned in tip-top condition bursting with health in good health in fine fettle in rude health as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea as strong as a horse as strong as a lion as strong as an ox rugged stout hale sound mighty hefty firm well hulking solid fit as a fiddle forceful well-conditioned fine supple lean substantial flourishing big whole muscle-bound in good condition staunch well muscled right as rain lively bulky in the pink potent in shape virile iron thriving powerhouse gymnastic acrobatic wholesome vital solidly built bouncing meaty chiseled toned full of life durable well knit chiselled stocky fresh wiry chunky blooming dynamic hard beefcake muscled able bruising hulky heavy pumped up well-knit peppy physically fit secure forcible spunky flush capable well-made gingery chipper in good kilter red-blooded in top form tenacious stable heavy-duty alive and kicking cut sporting devoid of fat young healthful sturdily built fleshy health-conscious A1 portly gorillalike hunk rude roaring rough formidable influential important tiger musclebound ropy stringy swole as strong as a ox great significant well made overpowering flexible outdoorsy outdoor redoubtable abled restored safe and sound normal rosy-cheeked unimpaired sports-loving cast-iron hardened toughened hard-bitten inured OK slim obdurate full-blooded heavyweight enduring fixed steady reinforced unyielding hard-wearing thick enthusiastic stiff stouthearted decisive strong-arm strenuous puissant bushy-tailed in good physical condition the picture of health bright-eyed up to snuff fit as a flea in good physical shape all right hard as nails in fine feather well-founded strongly made invincible indomitable toned up built to last big and strong strong-featured sound in body and limb good at sports as right as rain spirited animated sparkling high-spirited vivacious sprightly effervescent zippy jaunty perky spry playful strong as an ox vibrant strong as an lion buoyant indefatigable strong as an horse intense zestful tireless go-getting bouncy upbeat spanking feisty wick persuasive take-over dashing enterprising steamroller snappy exuberant efficient take-charge brisk hard-driving driving effective raring to go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim full of beans ball of fire full of energy

Tính từ

(of a man) Neat and trim in dress and appearance
dapper smart natty spruce neat trim nice trig dainty sharp stylish well-groomed besuited crisp snappy well turned out chic dashing debonair elegant fly nifty sassy snazzy spiffy tidy bandbox brisk chichi classy clean doggy jaunty kicky modish nobby posh prim rakish ritzy showy smartly dressed snug spiff sporty spry swagger swank swanky swell well dressed well-dressed well groomed neat and tidy turned out well turned-out dressed to kill dressed to nines as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox fashionable trendy hip schmick cool dressy voguish swish with it in vogue slick on fleek tony groomed a la mode in attractive happening sophisticated now kicking gay well-presented polished supercool exclusive sleek orderly contemporary shipshape uncluttered suave kempt modern tidied antiseptic smug well-turned-out upscale fresh ultra-modern jazzy fashionably dressed au courant picked up raffish designer clean-cut presentable new tasteful confident urbane methodical flashy fastidious well-tailored groovy up to date mod up to the minute soigné in fashion beautiful uptown perky spirited genteel trendsetting up-to-the-minute breezy current lively daring latest flattering high-fashion understated smooth gallant all the rage in style saucy animated energetic charming pert fancy devil-may-care sprightly immaculate flamboyant systematic peppy pizazzy pizzazzy funky casual organized buoyant vivacious dap glamorous flash up-to-date ostentatious fine stunning organised well organized spick-and-span in good shape in good order bang up to date apple-pie order neat as a pin spick and span high-class dressed to the teeth impeccable sexy efficient prevailing hot popular faddy newest usual favored youthful party young styleworthy smartest newfangled finest formal Sunday nicest in-thing stylin' meticulous lovely well-pressed excellent distinctive first-class businesslike gorgeous spiffed-up dolled up swinging as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox splashy clever becoming spivvy dandy spiffing ingenious crucial bling dressed up to the nines bright loud colorful with style fancy-pants favoured good colourful in good taste pretentious big steezy modernistic zippy animate active airy frisky bouncing mettlesome vital racy springy spanking kinetic sparky spruced up well-turned out compact culty straight tidily dressed dressed to the nines faddish with-it du jour symmetrical well-ordered in order of smart appearance à la mode in the mainstream shipshape and Bristol fashion well looked-after well maintained in apple-pie order as neat as a new pin to rights well kept refined courteous latest thing last word cultured fit to be seen well put together civil self-possessed gracious self-assured chivalrous gentlemanly courtly dignified bold well mannered dazzling well bred svelte adventurous exuberant gentle affable well-bred mannerly cultivated cheerful happy nonchalant detached pleasant venturesome swashbuckling dynamic romantic plucky adventuresome audacious enterprising hardy venturous free-swinging intrepid nerved nervy emboldened gutsy spotless regular finical correct proper exact finicky taut fearless alert rousing striking keen well-kept in thing all the go red-hot well-liked popularized a go-go popularised de rigueur customary graceful vogue favorite favourite crowd-pleasing hep turned-on handsome def avant-garde prevalent plush le dernier cri pop large state-of-the-art massive cosmopolitan high-toned grand new-fashioned downtown sumptuous exquisite ornate leading edge expensive dress progressive upmarket sought-after advanced elaborate appealing in favour luxurious artistic gnarly recent in demand pretty restrained well-designed opulent cutting edge innovative delicate discerning ultramodern comely in favor novel majestic brand-new neoteric space-age present-day new age stately aesthetic plugged-in knowledgeable cute down classic knowing esthetic well-heeled undercool wicked handy well-made fashion-conscious couturial last-word impressive on trend soigne the new streamlined deluxe swishy comfortable offbeat swaggy desired flippant celebrated cutting-edge shiny exciting aerodynamic flowing big thing legendary liked well-known wanted preferred desirable timely fetching craze fad chi-chi bang up-to-date simple well-off enhancing dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look widespread commercially successful successful class agreeable in with it forward-looking dressed up looking sharp distinguished foxy inviting alluring awake perceptive familiar observant alive conscious savvy versed informed apprehensive aware on the cutting edge in the latest style in high feather select noble decorous choice switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to well-chosen leading-edge rare ornamented affected go-ahead high-tech overdone august superior recherche aristocratic stylized hi-tech modern-day in the know decent hospitable modernized modernised leading newly discovered contemporaneous latter-day groundbreaking innovatory pioneering recently developed never-before-seen ground-breaking updated nouvelle worldly worldly-wise suitable adorable good-looking welcoming enlightened experienced civilized jet-set intelligent citified blasé erudite mondaine civilised mature worldly wise been around media-savvy world-weary discriminating harmonious pleasing fit sensitive fitting quiet rich unobtrusive splendiferous pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical precise subdued aesthetically pleasing

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