Đồng nghĩa của well developed


Possessing strength and athleticism
finely honed muscular powerful strapping strong toned well-built athletic brawny muscly sturdy ripped burly vigorous husky beefy tough sinewy shredded Herculean manly buff robust stalwart lusty hunky thewy well built jacked able-bodied rugged muscle-bound broad-shouldered stout mesomorphic well muscled thickset well-knit powerfully built herculean muscled hefty tiger bruising wiry ropy mighty swole hulky stringy well knit pumped up musclebound powerhouse fit healthy sporty physical nimble active agile stark energetic lithe masculine manful full-bodied built hardy solid hulking hearty stocky hale virile sound firm hale and hearty substantial big red-blooded potent bulky in good shape in good health in fine fettle male well forceful fighting fit solidly built macho staunch meaty in good trim heavy mannish trim as strong as an ox fit as a fiddle manlike chunky well-conditioned in good condition in tip-top condition hard vital hunk beefcake as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea butch bold brave all-male sturdily built iron gallant in trim courageous whole bursting with health lean stout-hearted man-size man-sized swashbuckling in rude health fine right as rain two-fisted aerobicized well made lively flourishing fresh in shape bullish durable valiant daring fearless wholesome chiseled able heroic physically fit valorous he-man chivalrous chiselled capable as strong as a horse intrepid lionhearted in the pink tenacious resolute nuggety cobby generative pyknic blooming jock stud squabby thick thriving spunky peppy dynamic flush secure bouncing strenuous heavily built gingery full of life big and strong well-made cast-iron hardened toughened hard-bitten inured as strong as a lion stable heavy-duty in top form enduring cut devoid of fat handsome fearsome ferocious buffed out buffed young fleshy portly gorillalike healthful broad gigantic girthy A1 plucky formidable buxom fertile studly fecund laddish bursting with good health adventurous dauntless tall hulk ox ample great pursy abdominous vibrant reproductive procreative driving sexually potent doughty mettlesome Ramboesque determined gutsy rude lion-hearted colt audacious jockstrap stately confident self-reliant noble dignified undaunted overpowering abled bullnecked ballsy roaring rough redoubtable well set-up influential slim important well-proportioned toned up as right as rain significant forcible strong-featured supple unflagging acclimatised resistant acclimatized resilient indefatigable seasoned alive and kicking as strong as a ox dumpy enthusiastic stiff stouthearted decisive strong-arm heavyset stubby hard-wearing squat full-blooded heavyweight obdurate stumpy built to last strongly made invincible indomitable fixed steady reinforced unyielding puissant squatty sound in body and limb hard as nails in fine feather well-founded stodgy unfeminine outdoorsy outdoor restored safe and sound normal chipper rosy-cheeked unimpaired OK Amazonian unladylike sports-loving ape adult stallion honourable boyish hairy caveman honorable bull-necked bushy-tailed in good physical condition the picture of health bright-eyed up to snuff in good kilter fit as a flea in good physical shape all right big-boned good at sports chauvinist aggressively masculine viragoish viraginous tomboyish mannified masc unwomanly hoydenish all man

Trái nghĩa của well developed

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