Đồng nghĩa của fully developed


Fully developed
full-blown full-scale total complete advanced full developed entire full-blooded whole full-sized thorough fully fledged fully formed fully grown comprehensive perfect exhaustive unabridged undivided unbroken maximal uncut intact overall grand undiminished absolute integral unimpaired unblemished faultless conclusive outright unqualified broad uncondensed compleat extensive unreduced thoroughgoing utter all-out unabbreviated gross wide-ranging full-length plenary full-fledged sound seamless finished replete ample bulletproof impeccable sweeping airtight lock stock and barrel unshortened all integrated whole enchilada whole nine yards whole-hog whole-length the works full-dress full-out hook line and sinker full-on far-reaching unambiguous resounding emphatic overwhelming categorical pure all-in-one continuous one-piece in one piece unified out-and-out downright veritable unmitigated systematic clean completed detailed consummate unexpurgated untouched maximum inclusive unflawed unmarred undamaged uninterrupted aggregate unmarked all-inclusive unedited solid uncensored combined unscathed unharmed composite unspoilt unspoiled inviolate clear imperforate organic virgin unhurt undefiled unsullied scatheless pristine choate unrevised standard-length undocked unitary long uneaten bright consolidated final livelong round categoric plain sheer unstained overarching unpolluted indivisible stainless undisturbed sacred unprofaned flawless uninjured unviolated all-encompassing long-range long-term unadulterated uncontaminated together unmutilated unsevered added before tax before deductions indiscrete accumulated whole shebang in sum whole schmear whole ball of wax all in one piece collected collective corporate mixed cumulative assembled piled heaped summative amassed

Trái nghĩa của fully developed

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