Đồng nghĩa của elder

Alternative for elder


Đồng nghĩa: older, senior,

Trái nghĩa: junior, younger,

older, elder, oldest, eldest, olds

Đồng nghĩa: abandoned, aged, ancient, antique, elderly, former, mature, obsolete, outworn, stale,

Trái nghĩa: new, young,

Tính từ

Noteworthy historically, or among one's peers
major greatest best finest main top chief eminent leading premier prime principal central distinguished dominant illustrious key notable preeminent pre-eminent prominent supreme ultimate capital consummate foremost grand paramount predominant star superior apex cardinal exemplary head outstanding premium primary super uppermost ace better biggest crack first-class first-rate industry leading matchless number-one peerless select stellar superlative unequalled unequaled unparalleled unprecedented unrivalled unrivaled unsurpassed world class bigger greater higher larger lead senior a cut above the rest best possible high-class incomparable inimitable second to none top-class top drawer top-drawer topflight top-notch top-tier arch- highest great master first overriding arch sovereign big primal overmastering overbearing sovran number one numero uno essential ruling important vital crucial prior high fundamental commanding controlling topmost supereminent basic prevailing core pivotal presiding focal utmost maximum prevalent critical famous preponderant excellent salient exceptional uttermost maximal extreme transcendent enormous champion renowned indispensable intrinsic ascendant high-grade most elemental rudimentary underlying greatest possible significant staple elite surpassing regnant dominating celebrated governing necessary predominate of greatest importance influential popular towering full utter nth overruling peak max optimal upmarket authoritative largest greatest amount of top of the line top of the range must-have extraordinary elementary high-ranking integral material keynote noteworthy fine complete root big-time top-priority exclusive fabulous choice elevated exalted momentous classy extravagant upscale quality deluxe fab precious radical absolute directing reigning of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost dear magnificent costly marvellous pricey cracking frontline sterling superb priceless valuable luxurious expensive ranking headmost lofty unsurpassable sensational spendy fantabulous selected ultraexpensive marvelous pricy slick supernal major league weighty effective potent well-known blue-chip high-end out-of-sight big-ticket highest quality top-quality four-star five-star high-quality top-end high-ticket decisive defining unmatched standard alpha guiding accomplished expert finished over above marquee original characteristic inherent simple powerful operative strategic quintessential special constitutional general final compelling determining strongest serious basal constitutive particular chad last outside axial intervening superseding of greatest significance especial widespread crowning telling consequential severe intense acute unmatchable majority vulgar received current overall common public in demand urgent No. 1 richest noted second-to-none top-level top-rank front record ascendent predominating initial unassailable optimum perfect inaugural A-number-1 A-1 omnipotent official mighty imperious supervisory all-powerful holding the reins overpowering efficacious almighty arbitrary of the first rank rife rampant unexcelled utopian domineering unexampled total primo heavy hotshot hotdog heavyweight of note unbeatable nonpareil undefeated unbeaten tremendous unreserved unqualified furthermost heavy stuff hot stuff executive boss thorough unconditional whole sheer deadly indescribable raging mortal tops at the cutting edge at the leading edge noble august dignified without equal unlimited undiminished honoured esteemed respectable venerable patrician refined aristocratic top-of-the-range par excellence beyond compare record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 sans pareil very great revered regal respected high-up world-class the most mother of all to the fore genteel upper-level top-ranking high-level posh all-out highborn large highbred gentle huge honored grave wellborn in charge higher-ranking of higher rank upper first-string higher-level highest-ranking superordinate loftier highly regarded oustanding blue-blooded upper-class widely praised well born well thought of upper-crust of distinction silk-stocking high-born exorbitant splendid high-priced exquisite terrific topnotch extortionate tip-top overpriced fantastic good blue-ribbon awesome high-cost wonderful admirable incredible excessive immoderate sublime top-of-the-line prizewinning fancy brilliant lavish invaluable steep amazing phenomenal gilt-edged remarkable hot spectacular gilt-edge very good topping banner stiff prize mean big-budget neat swell smashing cool dandy groovy tiptop bang-up crackerjack meritorious divine rare immense beautiful striking over the odds nifty estimable classic peachy impressive wicked heavenly lovely corking brave of the first water bully highly priced jim-dandy top-shelf brag desirable of the highest quality of high quality rich worthy attractive luxury glorious dynamite worth its weight in gold commendable bumper keen applaudable inflated top-hole vintage beyond price of the highest standard out of this world A-OK outrageous of the first order phat dope inordinate on fleek gangbusters wizard hype gangbuster laudable praiseworthy flawless down bonnie boffo bonny bodacious gone prodigious stunning ripping choicest mega bosting prized irreplaceable inestimable ideal peachy keen valued A1 unreasonable dazzling of a high standard certified of incalculable value of incalculable worth worth a king's ransom brill supercalifragilisticexpialidocious nice stupendous enviable opulent class elegant distinctive unreal advanced sky-high faultless pretentious treasured righteous cherished daylight robbery really good prizable treasurable schmick without price cher delightful of inestimable worth of immeasurable value of inestimable value of immeasurable worth unaffordable beaut spiffing magic beezer prohibitive extremely good highly-priced at a premium an arm and leg unusually good extraordinaire state-of-the-art costing the earth costing an arm and a leg too much classical superfine in a league of their own one in a million costing a bomb reliable inspired tough world impeccable top-flight the best skilful skillful piked mint fantastical legit irreproachable unimpeachable blameless tophole sweet good quality high-caliber a cut above swanky overextravagant good-quality high-calibre incalculable proper zero cool rockin crown Grade A five star breathtaking out-of-bounds collectible shipshape banging high-test top quality grade A high quality highest-quality top grade improved enhanced one-in-a-million better than usual of the best quality better than average eximious chur of the highest type the dog's bollocks best-quality exciting congenial above average pleasant slap-up enjoyable thrilling diverting not bad uneconomical highway robbery criminal over the top unduly expensive up to par up to standard up to snuff cordon bleu up to scratch out of sight OTT very expensive pretty penny an arm and a leg recherché precieux recherche worth one's weight in gold worth eyeteeth standout rad spanking dreamy sound gorgeous cream unique amazeballs marvy formidable untouchable def belting fabby bonzer sik effusive goodly pearler singular winning awesomesauce barrie chillin' lank exo exaggerated kif worthiest bosker flagship top-grade far out award-winning mind-blowing very best of the highest order of highest order in a class all by itself too good to be true above and beyond most important most prominent most influential most extreme most illustrious most significant most skilled most obvious most noticeable most powerful most excellent most outstanding most expensive

Danh từ

A person possessing a highly developed intellect
sage philosopher guru savant authority expert mahatma scholar Nestor pundit Solomon thinker Solon wise man wise man/woman maharishi master mentor pandit teacher wise woman learned man learned woman tohunga adviser guide intellect intellectual man of letters solon statesman woman of letters guiding light learned person man of learning old soul wise old man brain academic egghead mastermind genius brainiac bookworm bluestocking boffin wizard mind highbrow whiz wise person brainbox religious teacher rocket scientist spiritual leader spiritual guide polymath Einstein swami wiz bookish person theorist bookman whizz intellectualist prodigy geek theoretician nerd counselor longhair academician doctor walking encyclopedia spiritual advisor mystic bright spark double-dome clever clogs sophist counsellor professor rabbi specialist maestro brains know-it-all maven fundi intelligentsia pointy-head Brahmin don prophet evangelist learner yogi talent pedant logician clever person literato metaphysician dialectician metaphysicist philosophizer theorizer epistemologist ideologist illuminato chronicler storyteller hypothesizer speculator dreamer cerebrum psyche head acca buff truth-seeker philosophy critic augur researcher litterateur tool disciple illuminati scientist gnome grind lawmaker consultant doyen casuist student theoriser seeker after truth lawgiver wonk person of letters legislator sophos auger cereb commentator cognoscenti analyst deep thinker self-appointed expert loremaster learned one member of a think tank member of a policy unit one of the cognoscenti bookwoman bibliophile erudite person man or woman of letters man or woman of learning elder statesman braintruster leader acharya tutor Maharishi intelligent person avant-garde rav rebbe Roshi roshi gifted child master-hand spiritual teacher high priest virtuoso adept hotshot artist whiz kid alpha geek ace star crackerjack proficient crackajack mavin meister hand cognoscente connoisseur fiend shark dab sharp pro marvel professional dab hand doubledome swot ninja statto trainspotter anorak past master planner wiseguy telencephalon overthinker spod Poindexter wunderkind demon propeller head brilliant person whizz-kid idiot savant mental giant something to write home about something else old hand whizz kid hot shot something to shout about up-and-comer lecturer fellow pupil instructor trainer scholastic educator pedagogue schoolman pedagog wonder college lecturer gifted person encephalon cerebellum grey matter medulla oblongata gray matter cerebral matter upper storey upper story harns

Danh từ

A woman present at the christening of a baby who promises to help raise the child in a Christian manner

Danh từ


Danh từ

Elder, Sambucus nigra

Danh từ

Man who is minister in roman or orthodox catholic church
priest cleric ecclesiastic minister clergyman churchman divine dominie father padre pastor clergywoman reverend churchwoman clergyperson clerical clerk curate deacon kirkman parson preacher vicar celebrant friar josser lama man of God monk pontiff presbyter rector father confessor holy man man of the cloth minister of religion chief priest high priest Holy Joe sky pilot woman of God woman of the cloth theologian church officer theologist philosopher scholar holy woman member of the clergy chaplain bishop evangelist rabbi archbishop cardinal prelate missionary abbot shepherd pulpiteer clergy confessor imam sermonizer deaconess monsignor dean predicant primate God-botherer Bible-basher assistant curate prior metropolitan apostle proselytizer suffragan abbé curé cassock pulpitarian abbey blackcoat ecclesiast turn-around collar diocesan revivalist crusader televangelist proselytiser lay preacher church official caretaker incumbent school chaplain army chaplain prison chaplain ordained minister assistant archdeacon lecturer beneficiary clergyman/woman sacred holy venerable hierarch abbess air force chaplain dignitary proctor principal headmaster vicegerent bible thumper the rev harp polisher devil dodger sky scout parish priest member of clergy patriarch archpriest woman of god man of god exarch coadjutor evangelical gospeller moralizer homilist evangelizer pulpiter preach provost abba hot gospeller preacher man converter spreader of the faith promoter champion propagandist campaigner missioner proponent herald messenger advocate activist teacher churchperson spiritual judge person of God person of the cloth holy father spiritual director spiritual father

Danh từ

Public official

Trái nghĩa của elder

elder Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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