Đồng nghĩa của big name


Somebody famous
authority expert kingpin leader luminary big star captain of industry celebrity headliner heavyweight idol leading light megastar mogul nabob notable panjandrum person to be reckoned with somebody famous star superstar top dog topliner top name very important person well-known person VIP icon celeb dignitary personage personality big shot bigwig somebody name notability figure public figure big cheese household name big gun worthy standout lion light biggie ikon big noise cause celebre nob kahuna notoriety famous name big wheel celebutante heavy grandee important person macher big kahuna high muckamuck hero big fish high muckety-muck someone famous person V.I.P. great legend pillar of society master heavy hitter hotshot face top brass giant honcho prodigy major leaguer magnate person of note person of influence top cat character eminence guru official supremo fat cat bigshot phenomenon wonder big chief top banana big enchilada big hitter genius guiding light lady muck lord muck head honcho big deal king marvel key player pooh-bah ace doyen person doyenne sage whiz wizard Mr Big ideal sensation Lord Muck Lady Muck inspiration kingfish nawab big sun nibs tycoon wheel bigfoot draw lead high-up juggernaut starlet important personage face idol high-muckety-muck muckety-muck favorite poo-bah man big leaguer muck-a-muck favourite high-muck-a-muck big boy big-timer heroine rockstar individual presence muckymuck pillar of the community well-known face colossus titan big Daddy god spectacle pillar of the church eminent person distinguished person pillar of the state sphere force hotdog executive power chief big-time operator dignity achiever fundi choice spirit shining light master spirit one in a million mastermind wunderkind talent rarity belter blockbuster box office success crackajack coup jewel dandy best-seller jim-dandy box-office hit crackerjack masterpiece wow success prizewinner treasure knockout success story market leader sell-out natural best seller tour de force box-office success master stroke gem smash big hit hit pip fairy tale smash hit crowd-puller fame megahit bestseller immortal mahatma cynosure big stuff the cheese crème de la crème belle mistress epitome goddess pin-up darling prima donna model princess queen diva queen bee leading lady movie star actor leading man main attraction film star leading role leading actor female lead male lead principal costar pundit virtuoso pro elite specialist hot shot maestro scholar savant champion maven old pro top hand connoisseur big wig fave paragon pet winner exemplar blue-eyed boy fair-haired girl blue-eyed girl fair-haired boy perfect example shining example joss big bug Big Daddy Big Chief brass hat muckamuck major player influential person cause célèbre Olympian triumph boss vip baller muckety muck powerful person powerful batter grand poobah great gun person in charge heavy-hitter high man on the totem pole big cat big man on campus preference speed minion ideal woman talk beloved popular figure rainmaker great man spoilt child sweetheart toast delight apple of your eye heart-throb role model woman of the hour heart throb ideal man focus of attention apple of someone's eye golden girl golden boy


Fame or recognition


A person who has the support of his peers to lead or direct
leader chief head principal boss commander captain figurehead controller superior kingpin headman chairman chairwoman chairperson chair convener moderator director MD manager superintendent supervisor overseer administrator employer master mistress foreman president premier governor ruler monarch king queen sovereign emperor tsar prince princess lord elder patriarch guru mentor authority skipper gaffer baas chieftain conductor counselor counsellor ringleader sherang torchbearer helmsman jefe taskmaster sachem padrone big cheese big gun big hitter big noise big shot bigwig boss man guv'nor honcho lord and master managing director Mister Big mover and shaker number one numero uno top dog executive head honcho exec officer President big wheel chancellor CEO proprietor official senior chief executive owner tycoon prime minister archon head person administrant higher-up mandarin head of government head of state forewoman foreperson dean provost spokesperson fat cat overlord head man person in charge industrialist key player organizer commander in chief entrepreneur mogul suzerain baron organiser magnate speaker grandee big kahuna nabob presider straw boss prolocutor skip high muckamuck functionary presiding officer minister commanding officer helmer dominator commissioner comptroller guide big person instigator stirrer liege general chief executive officer brass inciter prime candidate agitator commandant manageress warden top banana leader of the pack magistrate czar bureaucrat kahuna agent monitor gang leader representative taskperson inspector VIP mastermind better C in C wheel liege lord co heavyweight dignitary doyen businessperson important person high-up big white chief front office top brass office bearer field marshal generalissimo chief of staff line manager seigneur potentate brains marshal patron prepositus rector producer supremo spokesman notable lion Napoleon prex prexy nestor plutocrat pilot captain of industry MC prez introducer head woman capitalist taskmistress linchpin team leader PM higher up top guiding light vice chancellor person upstairs member of the board mayor office-holder appointee heavy hitter chief officer Mr Big super chief of state elder statesman officeholder office-bearer leading light shop steward public servant lead-off person apparatchik head of department chief minister first minister slave driver master of ceremonies zookeeper father of the chapel main contender civil servant tribal chief expert maestro jailer keeper troublemaker bossman political boss favorite coach orchestrator headliner ariki strongman player dictator spearhead prime mover judge custodian consul admin ambassador gaoler headmaster pedagog trainer matriarch pedagogue doyenne coryphée headmistress toastmaster top cat executive officer top person robber baron POTUS top woman top man helm headship overling management corporation establishment slavedriver outfit juice person reins handler senior manager senior administrator suit senior official superior commander flag-bearer flag carrier Big Chief Big Daddy jack-in-office curator sitter examiner U.S. President director general meal ticket presbyter father male head macher Capt. head teacher steward chargehand incumbent panjandrum top drawer secretary treasurer viceroy hierarchy big Chief big Daddy P.M. workers big cheese favourite cacique frontrunner CFO royalty four-striper operator cap ganger induna grieve maistry seneschal proconsul guv bailiff intendant regulator senior figure big enchilada old man senior member leading figure pusher ramrod overman first mate first lieutenant driver's seat gubernatorial leader winner champion standard-bearer hero noble superstar symposiarch pilot in command shogun captain general financier magnifico ace faculty head pannikin boss Big Brother pit boss spokeswoman prelate aristocrat doge dewan CO V.I.P. nob bashaw merchant prince aristo top executive personage department head legislator professor lead tack ecclesiastic C.O. don kingfish merchant peer name figure office holder committee member organization administrator board member instructorship tutor professorate throne tutorship fellowship grand vizier college head head of faculty university official commander-in-chief head of the government head of cabinet First Lord of the Treasury high priest high priestess point person mistress of ceremonies C.-in-C. mother of the chapel position of control


Being well known
famous celebrity lauded notable noted prominent recognized elevated esteemed exalted famed feted heavyweight legendary lionised lionized noteworthy preeminent recognisable recognised recognizable reputable star superstar top VIP acclaimed conspicuous reputed high profile well-known big-shot big-time highly regarded big-league high-flying top-ranking well known in the limelight major-league much-publicized famous name celebrated renowned distinguished illustrious eminent big-name notorious important great visible prestigious respected outstanding pre-eminent leading influential popular foremost honoured venerable honored infamous august signal glorious of note of repute of high standing revered significant noble name memorable much publicized dominant chief major powerful superior storied remarkable big applauded high-profile world-class high-powered major league well thought of talked about grand high-ranking admired predominant redoubtable luminous bright peerless redoubted widely known of distinction vaunted acknowledged estimable fabled main paramount considerable highly rated public laureate much touted astral immortal large well received widely-known exceptional celebrious established imposing brilliant far-famed having made a name for oneself high-level puissant heavy-duty well-thought-of on the map supreme heavy mighty up there celeb big league big-gun high venerated capital principal lofty respectable widely knowbn valued high-up of mark underlined leonine lionlike page-oner in spotlight in limelight worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out well-regarded substantial scandalous splashy monster praised extolled proverbial weighty senior sovereign vital hot-dog historic winning seminal trendsetting dominating governing regnant big-wheel of consequence with a bad reputation ill-famed of ill repute with a bad name strong potent number one numero uno familiar everyday common known in the public eye singular especial nonpareil special talked of striking unforgettable aristocratic marked arresting shining salient extraordinary impressive honourable sublime heroic honorable splendid excellent consequential magnificent prized majestic iconic premier stately resplendent authoritative dignified marvelous much vaunted highly esteemed highly thought of monumental marvellous worthy triumphant beautiful gorgeous superb proud dazzling effulgent radiant prime gratifying time-honored pivotal distinctive trusted formidable towering resonant remembered momentous epic regal reliable royal magnific primary material eventful key central decent good serious integral commanding prevailing arch essential professional historical alpha all-important well-connected highest of importance of influence incomparable top-drawer highly praised much-admired fine wonderful splendrous heavenly pleasurable delightful enjoyable bigger than life mythical awesome splendorous rightly prized appreciated beloved enduring perennial evergreen abiding traditional timeless classic time-honoured ageless accomplished high-status commended hailed cheered prizewinning top-level head controlling top-notch indelible vivid catchy haunting eloquent first-class rich oratorical upper cogent four-star successful phenomenal deciding upper-class eye-catching energetic dynamic instrumental competent efficient something else commemorated reverenced hallowed larger than life pronounced magnanimous noticeable arrestive worshipped paragon genius not to be forgotten never to be forgotten out of this world superlative triumphal idealistic learned fearless effectual tenacious cardinal fundamental focal sacred reverend sage prodigious overbearing unparalleled gifted matchless high-minded prior primal unexcelled unequaled unequalled first rate arch- first of the first rank unsurpassed greatest red-letter exemplary wise core epoch-making valorous sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical admirable worshipful worshiped grave legitimate trustworthy creditable upright headline earth-shattering landmark groundbreaking imperial divine heroical massive grandiose gallant baronial Homeric principled much meaningful tectonic ground-breaking earthshaking of great consequence far-reaching splendiferous honest virtuous irreproachable conscientious well respected dependable anti-corruption earth-shaking faithful favored just straightforward constant legit truthful sincere righteous fair high-principled sound copper-bottomed of good repute adored favoured with a good reputation above board tried and trusted of significance of good report in high favor salt of the earth of good standing

Trái nghĩa của big name

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