Đồng nghĩa của distinguished

Alternative for distinguished

Đồng nghĩa: celebrated, famous, great, important, noted, outstanding, popular, well-known,

distinguishes, distinguished, distinguishing

Đồng nghĩa: define, detect, dignify, honor, see,

Tính từ

Very successful, authoritative, and commanding great respect
eminent esteemed celebrated illustrious prominent acclaimed notable noted renowned famed famous great honoured prestigious respected elevated important outstanding preeminent brilliant exceptional foremost influential legendary luminous marked noble noteworthy reputable signal venerable august bright conspicuous glorious honored memorable peerless redoubtable significant singular star superior astral especial extraordinary remarkable shining special striking unforgettable aristocratic arresting name nonpareil salient well known well-known highly regarded big-time major league talked of big name pre-eminent leading exalted grand notorious revered recognized admired imposing impressive lionized well thought of top recognised magnificent major dominant lionised powerful of repute of high standing estimable chief majestic supreme of note splendid excellent dignified respectable lofty big-name stately superb proud high-ranking monumental popular lauded marvelous highly rated reputed marvellous principal visible commanding heroic high-level acknowledged consequential honourable paramount major-league distinctive immortal big-league sublime honorable considerable predominant high-profile high-powered resplendent incomparable fine vaunted valued premier main well-regarded big wonderful matchless seminal regal momentous unequalled unsurpassed senior well received top-notch venerated much touted historic top-drawer gorgeous prime extolled unrivalled established unequaled high super prodigious surpassing mighty finest awesome imperial grandiose puissant massive storied royal towering of distinction pivotal heroical spectacular unrivaled catchy magnific beautiful eye-catching primary superlative dazzling authoritative top-ranking VIP applauded awe-inspiring feted infamous first-class much-publicized much publicized high profile noticeable consummate greatest high-up praised admirable central key big league inimitable much vaunted pronounced rare epic highly esteemed superstar baronial triumphant iconic worthy rich highly thought of amazing splendiferous Homeric redoubted gratifying essential phenomenal world-class prized arrestive princely fabled good unparalleled head capital eventful trusted stellar best big-shot formidable never to be forgotten well-thought-of first in the limelight indelible number one highest gallant lordly haunting in the public eye particular astonishing transcendent lasting opulent celebrious elegant incredible sumptuous top-tier celeb enduring top-level select topmost stupendous integral unprecedented effulgent radiant dramatic material strong palatial arch- weighty far-famed time-honored public kingly splashy meaningful heavy remembered tremendous exemplary first-rate stunning of consequence serious potent heavy-duty resonant showy not to be forgotten widely known world class terrific far-reaching wondrous heavenly pleasurable out of this world talked about of mark out of the ordinary obvious glamorous exquisite supereminent vivid divine cardinal uncommon laureate monster familiar unusual fundamental core posh glittering star-studded statuesque super-duper lead cherished upper big-gun reliable splendorous professional unreal choice unexampled lavish four-star upper-class ritzy astounding appreciated large sensational treasured luxurious decent staggering fantastic colossal mind-blowing vital arch emphatic premium high-flying queenly rememberable historical apex bold of good standing observable sovereign flamboyant uplifting prevailing dynamite crack ace industry leading number-one utopian up there much-admired alpha all-important heavyweight well respected primo well-connected skookum red-letter something else a cut above the rest topflight best possible high-class second to none top drawer top-class fixed in the mind splendrous delightful enjoyable of influence cogent of good repute on the map highly praised with a good reputation dominating having made a name for oneself unexcelled big time courtly costly critical crucial celebrity rightly prized front-page persistent decorated accomplished recognizable beloved widely-known prizewinning numero uno high-status commended hailed cheered all-star requisite intrinsic controlling ranking proverbial ostentatious imperious reverenced hallowed landmark fateful instrumental known recognisable eloquent oratorical successful deciding competent efficient flaunted common presiding ruling high-grade fit for a king glitzy glaring indispensable necessary needed dynamic everyday preponderant substantial magisterial widely knowbn peculiar ultimate unique intellectual magnanimous worshipped meritorious stirring portly solemn breathtaking deluxe groundbreaking fulfilling touted energetic extra special triumphal idealistic learned earnest high-priority tall in the saddle uppermost extravagant celestial fabulous fearless effectual tenacious paraded of importance tinselled sacred reverend sage big-wheel self-important pompous overblown immodest exaggerated highest-ranking excessive worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out something mondo fab fat doozie dainty extreme delicate underlined better biggest satisfying epochal heart-warming rewarding pleasing leonine lionlike page-oner valuable invaluable overbearing gifted high-minded prior primal first rate of the first rank regnant hot-dog ominous sightly wise magnolious high-born splendacious promoted overhyped advertised publicized hyped in spotlight in limelight tinsel focal larger higher greater bigger elder trendsetting winning governing swanky palatine cheering unmatched sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped grave publicised boasted about bragged about made much of shown off solid gold evident distinct priceless precious manifest marquee recherche refreshing to the max exulted in crowed about prated about unmistakable legitimate trustworthy creditable upright very fine mind-boggling miraculous valorous clear-cut principled of the highest quality optimal out-of-sight unsurpassable one-in-a-million top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range crown vintage champion without equal complete par excellence tops A-1 unbeatable Grade A beyond compare optimum record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 undefeated blue-ribbon choicest boss unbeaten perfect superfine sans pareil adored kenspeckle bodacious noisy grabby drop-dead surprising clear unbelievable honest virtuous irreproachable conscientious dependable anti-corruption eye-popping perceptible jaw-dropping gee-whizz appreciable forcible made a display of classic telling compelling forceful charming startling jazzy fascinating electrifying confounding bizarre faithful favored just straightforward constant legit truthful sincere righteous fair high-principled sound copper-bottomed of great consequence enormous uncanny favoured above board tried and trusted solid smashing wicked amazeballs of good report in high favor salt of the earth large-scale ambitious unco unfading timeless monstrous oceanic giant cosmic pharaonic gigantesque mega planetary leviathan vasty walloping king-size titanic galactic humungous mammoth Brobdingnagian bumper supersize cosmical epoch-making whopping jumbo cyclopean vast whacking huge immense mountainous astronomic elephantine Himalayan supersized gargantuan oversized humongous astronomical herculean king-sized gigantic perpetual everlasting undying eternal imperishable enthralling exciting thrilling gilt-edged abiding permanent zero cool standout overwhelming king size mortal stamped on your memory most important most excellent

Tính từ

Having, or showing, a composed, dignified or serious manner
dignified imposing stately august impressive regal staid courtly magnificent majestic proper grand portly royal distingué solemn proud noble gallant imperial splendid lofty glorious great monumental formal grandiose heroic epic massive magnific heroical Homeric venerable baronial exalted honourable honorable kingly respectable superb lordly awe-inspiring resplendent decorous respected ceremonious starchy upright gracious striking sumptuous princely palatial eminent elevated conventional aristocratic important highbrow composed highfalutin' couth refined decent magisterial awesome portentous pompous self-respecting high-minded fine sublime spectacular opulent sovereign splendiferous stunning towering mind-blowing traditional stuffy stiff ceremonial official reverential momentous principled mannerly reserved breathtaking sedate deluxe luxurious lavish classy magnanimous fancy showy ample ritzy splendacious magnolious posh fit for a prince imperious serious maestoso fit for a queen fit for a princess sombre somber grave nifty superior resounding sonorous statuesque marvellous Olympian virtuous great-hearted well-bred queenly eloquent high-flown fit for a king arresting well mannered well-mannered fab cool marvelous smashing moral beneficent cultivated valiant staggering eye-catching dramatic just so commanding powerful formidable remarkable effective forcible independent scrupulous worthy self-sufficient big moving ominous mega stirring exciting pretentious overblown overwhelming out of this world something to write home about one for the book something else high-ranking excellent honoured hallowed esteemed celebrated acclaimed renowned prestigious illustrious highly regarded of repute of distinction well thought of of high standing honored brilliant

Tính từ

Distinguished by a unique attribute
special unique distinct distinctive different characteristic custom customised customized distinguishing exclusive individual novel original particular personalised personalized signature specialised specialized peculiar rare uncommon unusual aberrant abnormal anomalous atypical bizarre contrary curious deviant disparate divergent eccentric exotic foreign freak freakish funny incomprehensible inconceivable incongruous irregular isolated jarring kookie kooky monstrous mysterious newsworthy odd oddball off the wall outlandish preternatural quaint queer quirky strange supernatural unaccustomed uncanny uncharacteristic uncustomary unfamiliar unlike unnatural unorthodox unreal unrepresentative unthinkable untypical unwonted way-out weird limited out of the ordinary out-of-the-way singular separate especial specific respective single discrete extraordinary exceptional idiosyncratic independent personal express private remarkable phenomenal sole noteworthy solitary select particularized outstanding amazing lone unconventional eminent astonishing unparalleled awesome significant prodigious memorable prominent refreshing particularised far-out awe-inspiring only unitary unexpected individualistic individualized surprising patented subjective unprecedented own extraordinaire conspicuous individualised atypic incredible unordinary something else definite precise privy distinguishable idiomatic notable claimed categorical proper marked striking superior standalone signal mind-boggling mind-blowing identifiable innate essential representative inherent intrinsic identifying resident endemic emblematic one pure very own exceeding unheard-of aberrated infrequent unmixed left alone one and only only one undivided simple one-off unshared one only unalloyed by itself unblended uncompounded separated singled-out seldom seen out of the way autonomous selfstanding diacritic offbeat freaky erratic fantastic scarce off-the-wall unheard of wacky outré sporadic unimaginable out of the common unaccountable alien seldom wacko puzzling mystifying occasional wonderful astounding unlikely aberrational devious deviate baffling wild perplexing screwy off-centre rum kinky way out impressive miraculous sparse scattered sensational new inexplicable deviating scanty wondrous tremendous non-typical stupendous semioccasional out of this world untried unco weirdo whacky bizarro zany heteroclite crazy queerish funky whimsical spooky distorted few and far between left-field out there off-kilter intermittent scant inconsistent marvellous spasmodic superlative stunning unbelievable rogue spectacular fabulous fluky unknown rarefied terrific fanciful dubious incomparable warped twisted perverted magnificent unforeseen unanticipated unfrequent nonstandard obscure preposterous marvelous eerie few cranky daggy far-fetched dilly unexplored off-color off-base thin on the ground out of line spaced-out exciting aperiodic episodic casual episodical discontinuous inimitable periodical periodic off the beaten track one of a kind unearthly nonconforming unconforming unexampled wandering altered imported variant ready digressive rambling nonconformist straying out of keeping defective transgressing paranormal fresh alternative not prepared weird and wonderful out of place interesting awkward newfangled transcendental transcendent magical out-there questionable flakey mental flaky psycho staggering unexplainable otherworldly superhuman metaphysical supernormal unworldly other-worldly mystical suspicious fishy creepy droll unpredictable breathtaking remote uninvestigated recondite chance fortuitous unforeseeable surprise brilliant surpassing stellar unfathomable supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good ghostly deviative supermundane occult beyond your ken little known wayward impenetrable insoluble unsolvable inscrutable substantial huge great bewildering arcane perverse malformed unhealthy too good to be true extra special heterodox anomalistic corrupt subtile flimsy subtle preeminent standout towering tenuous thin attenuate short light attenuated deficient recherche inexplainable enigmatic abstruse beyond comprehension beyond understanding unnormal heteromorphic flustering muddling disconcerting overwhelming unannounced portentous discomfiting nonplussing jolting shattering dumfounding befuddling nonplusing confusing dismaying upsetting confounding wildering not normal mystic unknowable unintelligible momentous improbable unforgettable eye-catching arresting ridiculous absurd unrealistic serious eye-popping ludicrous fantastical extravagant doubtful nonsensical implausible irrational grandiose foolish mad cockamamie amazeballs insane comical heavy flash gnarly forby hare-brained make-believe never to be forgotten off beaten path fitful meager sometime stray meagre like gold dust as scarce as hens' teeth once in a blue moon

Tính từ

Upstanding, especially law-abiding
solid upstanding honorable honourable respectable noble respected venerable esteemed fair good decent dutiful glorious lawful virtuous civilised civilized reputable duteous peaceful trusty upright honest notable proper orderly principled great just moral worthy eminent ethical reliable trustworthy peaceable prestigious respectful righteous high-minded high-principled law-abiding morally correct right-minded stand-up well behaved admirable praiseworthy illustrious celebrated acclaimed renowned noted innocent creditable honored scrupulous pure right moralistic blameless incorruptible chaste straight true immaculate nice honoured sterling all right wholesome clean-cut lily-white uncorrupted angelic alright unmarred inoffensive highly regarded goody-goody precious self-righteous incorrupt unerring dapper unobjectionable irreproachable conscionable exemplary seemly sinless truthful meritorious faultless chivalrous laudable conscientious saintly aboveboard guiltless holy pious spiritual gallant magnanimous decorous clean-living salt of the earth noble-minded commendable square true-blue courteous kosher squeaky-clean obedient compliant disciplined tractable equitable anti-corruption straightforward charitable peacekeeping complying correct strict responsible biddable submissive amenable conformable docile manageable deferential God-fearing above board punctilious devoted philanthropical reverent devout impartial matchless philanthropic faithful godlike deserving peerless dignified rectitudinous professional lofty saintlike godly untainted squeaky clean favoring unimpeachable balanced elevated right-thinking sound unbribable pure as the driven snow whiter than white incorrupted clean well-behaved estimable cultivated inculpable irreprehensible sanctimonious saving favouring religious dinkum prim proud sportsmanly lenient sportsmanlike

Tính từ

Exceptionally good
schmick capital excellent fine good great outstanding prime brilliant champion choice cool noted select cracking crucial fantastic mean superb exceptional first-class magnificent marvelous marvellous sterling superior very good worthy dope mega notable sovereign splendid terrific topping admirable exemplary exquisite first-rate wicked world-class brill def estimable meritorious pre-eminent superlative top-notch A1 bodacious boffo jim-dandy tiptop chillin' exo phat rad sik barrie beaut belting pearler the dog's bollocks wonderful stellar sensational impressive awesome fabulous supreme grand super peerless fab smashing tremendous eminent premium accomplished ace tip-top extraordinary glorious neat amazing phenomenal unsurpassed incredible sublime matchless illustrious out of this world top spectacular quality special swell rare famous incomparable attractive striking unparalleled boss blue-ribbon keen high-grade high-quality exclusive skilful remarkable desirable invaluable transcendent skillful crackerjack wizard priceless high perfect commendable noble topnotch laudable preeminent deluxe unrivaled A-1 par excellence unrivalled high-class of high quality of the first water celebrated masterly valuable formidable divine slick peachy banner lofty brag beautiful five-star enviable prize stunning choicest finest praiseworthy vintage heavenly immense magic fancy lovely supernal groovy elegant bosting hot ripping applaudable dandy dominant prizewinning bully topflight first primo elite ideal dazzling number one gilt-edged of the highest quality top-shelf out-of-sight of the highest standard bonzer supercalifragilisticexpialidocious on fleek out of sight top-hole of the first order virtuoso certified consummate crack upmarket premier renowned venerable fantabulous nifty radical classic unreal dynamite masterful unequalled corking distinctive prodigious stupendous frontline gangbusters hype bumper gangbuster advanced crowning best down bonny brave bonnie principal first-string gone blue-chip four-star gilt-edge peachy keen bang-up numero uno spiffing really good top-of-the-line amazeballs chief greatest A-OK unequaled second to none piked inspired expert righteous able adept competent refined bad glittering too much top-drawer top-class especial unexcelled proper quintessential banging tophole unsurpassable first class better than usual enhanced of the best quality better improved better than average breathtaking worthwhile top-quality head honourable meritable splendiferous dream honorable extraordinaire extremely good eximious in a league of their own one in a million unusually good solid respectable deserving creditable practised practiced compleat versed professed hotshot skilled demon proficient complete veteran experienced master educated copacetic unique singular cat's pajamas best ever super-duper ka pai worthy of admiration of the highest order worthy of commendation zero cool hunky dory prize-winning world class top drawer tip top leading star flawless thoroughbred top of the line top of the range upscale reliable posh swanky swank classy swish ritzy important well-known prominent top-level mint outrageous class fantastical legit standout chic fashionable snobby glamorous upper-class eventful top-of-the-range predominant far-out A-number-1 mostest out-of-this-world hundred-proof tops delightful faultless sound mind-blowing enjoyable impeccable unblemished grade A noteworthy unmarred gorgeous winning highest way-out top-tier undamaged unimpaired immaculate nice spanking pleasing adroit awesomesauce dreamy model bosker optimum pleasant fly optimal too good to be true pristine intact unbroken whole spotless unspoilt pure precious unmatched deft stainless irreproachable indefectible up to snuff peak beezer hunky-dory top-grade highest quality as good as new very best far out top quality beyond compare award-winning entrancing reputable enchanting radiant memorable gratifying delectable agreeable satisfying dexterous satisfactory sharp shipshape pleasurable tasty congenial entire gnarly thrilling scrumptious surpassing clever plush handy untainted absolute marvy foremost unbeatable dextrous without blemish dainty cream mighty uppermost fabby goodly untouchable lead seamless capable flagship lank kif effusive extreme excessive unsullied exalted inflated exaggerated worthiest up to par solid gold up to standard in a class all by itself without equal top-flight the best unspoiled not too shabby above and beyond high quality as sound as a bell up to scratch of highest order classical first-line of a high standard superfine majestic bewitching captivating charming unforgettable arresting unimpeachable staggering quick astonishing coruscating imposing blameless blissful luxury pick fat agile smart rewarding colossal luxurious idyllic rapturous ravishing alluring foxy juicy rocking delicate sophisticated sunny key polished something else like wow cat's meow really nice high-test top-end elevated august splendorous selected the very best state-of-the-art a standout proud bestselling cordon bleu five star of the highest type highest-quality top grade best-quality moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable grade-A eclectic A-list exciting above average slap-up diverting not bad well-designed natty convenient apt ingenious stylish spruce unorthodox deep with it pretty cool wild strong powerful astounding virtuous baller crash hot nang No. 1 wondrous pretty defectless hand-picked elect mind-boggling awe-inspiring awing gifted talented ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal lush adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly untarnished squeaky clean spick-and-span finished artful super-eminent acceptable favorable super-excellent positive welcome uninjured recherche unharmed unhurt favored 10 popular preferred preferential culminating prized primary deadly savvy habile whiz a dab hand at nimble-fingered on the ball very able sharp as a tack there on the beam up to speed no slouch know stuff no dummy smooth clean handpicked plum favorite favoured 24-karat favourite uncommon cherry-picked carefully chosen unusual indispensable inestimable respected profitable treasured valued hot property favourable honest up to the mark reputed suitable palmary nasty decent believeable organic well-thought-of batting a thousand salt of the earth unmarked picture-book correct picture-perfect letter-perfect error-free accurate unerring copybook without fault just so paragon sup rior all very well well and good most excellent most valuable most precious

Tính từ

Graceful and stylish in appearance or manner
elegant refined graceful stylish beautiful cultivated sophisticated tasteful artistic fashionable discerning fine polished handsome luxurious classic dignified exquisite modish opulent sumptuous courtly delicate smart urbane esthetic aesthetic charming classy cultured dashing grand lovely majestic plush chic choice decorous nice noble select stately suave affected comely dainty debonair fancy genteel ornamented ornate ostentatious rare swanky aristocratic august high-class overdone recherche schmick stylized superior well-designed well-dressed a la mode well-bred civilized civilised civil polite gracious courteous well-mannered discriminating sensitive mannerly fastidious sublime developed proper respectful respectable gallant seemly becoming gentle chivalrous formal attractive poised appealing with good taste gentlemanly precise impeccable couth well-behaved befitting accurate advanced evolved improved pinpoint airy spot-on close forward mathematical high accomplished late rigorous higher ladylike progressive correct de rigueur punctilious well bred spiffy restrained well mannered high-brow snazzy ritzy high-minded posh experienced discriminative particular critical intelligent pretty smooth subtle affable trim pleasing decent thin ethereal tactful harmonious light gossamer obliging precious svelte educated sharp diaphanous cool cute fragile prim diplomatic enlightened lavish well-made pleasant simple flowing ceremonious understated pure in good taste decorative flattering neat snobbish self-possessed ornamental gorgeous elaborate modest cosmopolitan worldly moving expressive nuanced worldly-wise balanced flashy creative highbred sheer chaste intricate soft well-born lofty imaginative fit fitting classical bonny fair fetching recherché gossamery insubstantial gauzy snappy enhancing aesthetically pleasing royal conventional frail lacy media-savvy transparent ceremonial knowledgeable discreet filmy erudite good-looking on fleek good tolerant well behaved comfortable haughty uncluttered handy clever ingenious streamlined well-off proud divine striking womanly privileged aloof honourable honorable aerodynamic quality flash expensive adulatory complimentary high-bred imposing preux studied finished perfected deluxe zooty exotic presentable politic cavalier showy lush sleek symmetrical agreeable humane good mannered arcane far-fetched esoteric luxuriant extravagant balletic lithe high fashion austere plain confident self-assured appropriate suitable glib slick emotional distingué sedate dapper spruce genial cordial kind well-proportioned Augustan first-class pompous pretentious confined la-di-da intolerant patronizing patronising artificial hollow prudish snooty priggish straitlaced prissy condescending stuffy stylistic stunning knockout taking goodly likely bonnie drop-dead lovesome beauteous ravishing sightly filigree considerate deferential thoughtful fly swish staid demure flowy complaisant well-chosen trig well groomed well dressed musical pictorial ideal rhythmical stimulating dramatic picturesque reserved beautifying metropolitan bland frilly open tenuous casual nonchalant detached buoyant well-groomed well turned out cheerful jaunty happy sprightly slight petite well spoken soft-spoken well brought up well-spoken elevated figurative symbolic flowery comme il faut right meet conforming moral seasonable au fait done sartorial slim scholarly intellectual jet-set citified blasé meshy fairy fluffy aerial rarefied highbrow dinky mondaine knowing mature intangible impalpable shadowy world-weary well-favored quiet rich unobtrusive splendiferous uptown swank unaffected gratifying subdued well-informed worldly wise been around perceptive profound deep poetic insightful lacelike net lace-like patterned netlike net-like otherworldly ghostly waiflike vaporous wraithlike eerie unworldly vapory gaseous elite upper-class sweet darling deft tender delightful feeble well-read artistically aware learned understanding liberal up-to-date lettered savant blue-stocking intellectually aware able distingue well-educated traveled appreciative arty well informed well read versed well educated literary informed literate well born highborn upmarket upper-crust titled high-born wellborn travelled full of feeling detailed au courant wispy upper crust Brahmin ennobled blue-blooded aristocratical top-drawer great flimsy papery chiffony floaty silky feathery gentlemanlike blue silk-stocking queenly regal lordly exalted silver-spoon princely patrician knightly kingly translucent gauzelike threadlike shimmering born with a silver spoon in one's mouth fine-grained fine-spun wafer-thin see-through

Động từ

To have discovered something either by chance or intention
found discovered encountered located identified noticed detected recognized pinpointed spotted uncovered unearthed descried exposed met observed perceived sighted struck bumped chanced collared corralled discerned espied happened rummaged lit on stumbled on turned up arrived at brought to light bumped into came across came upon came up with caught sight of chanced on chanced upon dredged up dug out dug up fell in with ferreted out found out happened on happened upon hit on hit upon hunted out laid fingers on lit upon made out nosed out pitched upon put one's finger on ran across ran down ran into rooted out routed out scared up searched out smelt out smoked out sniffed out stumbled upon tracked down tripped on hunted down lucked into pinned down recognised seen learnt learned determined ascertained saw realized revealed disclosed gained obtained attained acquired achieved worked out gotten come to know came to know got caught on to twigged rumbled heard caught fathomed out figured out gotten on to debunked realised glimpsed run down explored elicited conceived sensed scouted up tumbled to got on to wised up to sussed out doped out hunted up had an aha moment thought of looked up got wind of got wind of the fact picked up on gotten wind of got wise to the fact gotten wise to got wise to founden fand come across gat extricated disinterred removed uprooted extracted deracinated excavated pulled wrested run into pried run across come upon laid bare met with pulled up read grubbed up weeded out pulled out run to earth exhumed sought eradicated prized yanked wrung corkscrewed traced come up with brought to the surface grubbed out run to ground dug got at dragged up stumbled across brought up extraught raked up verified followed deduced established trailed tracked unmasked fixed fixt grasped pursued settled confirmed scented out pluckt plucked reapt reaped chased found by chance met up with met by chance hunted mined made certain of unburied savvied cognized weeded weed sussed put your finger on tripped over made certain cottoned on to latched on to unlocked extirpated tumbled upon stumbled onto rooted tore out ripped out took out retrieved picked up followed the scent of prized out brought out fished out taken out rooted up ripped up wrenched out plucked out torn out pulled out by the roots ran to earth brought into the open manifested showed up unveiled gotten to know got to know wringed wrang gotten at ran to ground copped out brought to notice mentioned noted become aware shadowed quarried got wise dogged transpired probed contacted isolated stricken uncloaked teared sought out tagged stalked hounded fathomed divined harvested gathered collected looked for searched for or out unsheathed disentombed intuited told diagnosed decided evulsed quested registered appreciated understood run coursed laid your hand on siphoned comprehended checked released freed fallen in with garnered dragged avulsed catheterized secured drug laid your hands on brought out of the ground pegged scouted out run up against run against gotten a fix on double-checked weaseled out edged out blundered on scooped out physically removes touched shoulders checked out come on checked up on readen grubbed localised hauled out sundered out teared up by the roots come up against chased down eked out bird-dogged searched for caught on tumbled into extracted from the ground sized up got a fix on came to light discovered unexpectedly made sure made contact with made a meet clashed with tore up found unexpectedly wheedled out become aware of syphoned spoored tore up by the roots teared up cropped up ferreted hooked come face to face with pulled up by the roots popped up laid one's hands on become known wormed out zeroed in on brushed against saluted localized learned of come to pass rubbed eyeballs rendezvoused with met face to face alluded to became aware withdrawn withdrew drew drawn tailed torn tore ran came to pass became known ran up against came face to face with came up against ran against came on gotten the drift got the message got the picture gotten the picture got the drift gotten the message gotten down cold took in wised up gotten the hang of became aware of taken in got down cold gotten down pat got down pat got the hang of drawn out drew out winkled out took out of the ground taken out of the ground weaselled weaselled out

Động từ

To have engaged in the discovery of facts or information
established found out determined ascertained discovered discerned identified confirmed verified checked checked out figured out learnt learned conceived divined double-checked sized up uncovered worked out detected judged made certain made sure picked up picked up on measured evaluated calculated assessed gauged appraised rated quantified gaged computed counted calibrated took checked up on estimated deduced fand perceived fathomed figured found recognized observed spotted added up realised intuited unearthed recognised noticed saw realized sensed contrived came upon got descried read caught on diagnosed got to know had a hunch came to know made out understood grasped apprehended comprehended appreciated cognized registered twigged caught on to assimilated caught savvied tumbled to dug deciphered decoded compassed cottoned on to seized grokked cottoned to beheld made seen gotten gat known knew followed beholden sussed out took in taken in sussed absorbed absorpt had an aha moment hit on got the picture latched on to gotten the picture accepted come to know gathered mastered digested heard made sense of got the drift of acquired readen fathomed out got the message gotten the message hit upon interpreted penetrated imbibed become aware of become conscious of become cognizant of made head or tail of got on to founden felt processed imagined thought kept up with were aware of been aware of was aware of apperceived envisaged gotten the hang of envisioned soaked up got it cottoned on got the hang of revealed disclosed dug up obtained attained exposed rooted out achieved gained dug out nosed out located ferreted out gotten wise to run down got wind of the fact gotten a fix on hunted up got wise to routed out wised up to got wise to the fact tracked down lit upon scouted up scared up thought of turned up sniffed out hunted down dredged up doped out looked up got a fix on admitted granted concluded told unravelled unraveled believed construed integrated unlocked became aware of became conscious of tracked featured gotten on to visualized got into took on board soaked in visualised puzzled out had gotten the idea got the message about latched onto got the picture about got the idea familiarized oneself with got the point of became cognizant of saw the light caught the drift seen the light had knowledge of pieced together taken on board made of rumbled espied got wind of glimpsed were cognizant of been cognizant of absorbed mentally was cognizant of taken up debunked ran down explored elicited gotten to the bottom of gotten to know encountered got to the bottom of gotten it gotten wind of took up developt developed acknowledged formed cultivated fostered conceded picked out suspected evolved devised allowed confessed owned concocted materialized scented incorporated untangled guessed disentangled respected had information smelt smelled deemed inferred ingested tasted translated cracked noted pinned flashed copied latched on got one's head around come upon got the idea of gotten the drift hazarded sorted out conceived of clicked with fancied gotten into regarded become conscious of the fact that felt in gut watched embraced drank in had a handle on visioned felt in bones become aware of the fact that held considered felt certain had down pat anticipated felt in one's bones materialised imaged drunk in had knowledge viewed trusted felt in your bones become conscious had a feeling got the impression of got the drift had a funny feeling got clued up about had experience of entertained credited own seen the point of saw the point of broke broken brake gotten the gist got the gist gotten the point got the point taken taken notice of took notice of holden gotten the impression got the impression just knew got vibes just known gotten vibes saw through seen through gotten vibrations got vibrations got through one's head became aware of the fact that wised up saw daylight seen daylight gotten through one's head became conscious of the fact that became conscious sighted

Động từ

To have perceived with one's eyes
seen viewed noticed observed eyed glimpsed perceived recognized sighted spotted detected discerned identified made out recognised regarded remarked caught a glimpse of caught sight of descried espied gaped at gawked at gazed at noted picked out spied clocked glanced at glared at got a glimpse of gotten a load of laid eyes on peeked at peeped at peered at picked up scoped out set eyes on stared at surveyed taken notice of clapped eyes on heeded studied beheld saw witnessed caught eyeballed focused on looked at beholden gotten an eyeful of got an eyeful of took notice of got a load of inspected examined scrutinized scanned checked out watched scrutinised checked reviewed contemplated considered looked over audited slanged read overlooked perused analyzed analysed conned marked stared investigated looked probed gazed sized up explored pored over checked over assessed vetted cased rubbernecked recce'd recced peered cast an eye over evaluated looked on took in taken in gaped scoped slang goggled appraised took a dekko at taken a dekko at monitored paid attention to browsed gave something the once-over given something the once-over read through gawked oversaw overseen discovered followed canvassed glared gawped at taken stock of took stock of looked into peeked peeped gone over went over searched ogled focused focussed dissected gawped minded reconnoitered reconnoitred had a gander at had a squint at delved into put under a microscope flashed looked upon picked up on run through glanced researched gave something a once-over given something a once-over flipped through flicked through leafed through skimmed prospected surveilled looked through sifted leered assayed pondered spied on blinked kept an eye on kept under surveillance treated been through gone through went through watched like a hawk kept a weather eye on had a dekko at dug fixt one's gaze enquired into laid one's eyes on gave the once-over given the once-over run over checked up subjected to an examination weighed up feasted your eyes on feasted one's eyes looked fixedly had sight of took a gander at taken a gander at took note of taken note of took a shufti at taken a shufti at felt about squinted swept looked something over gazed upon pried found estimated kept tabs on kept under observation kept watch on anatomized thought about questioned scouted kept a tab on kept under scrutiny twigged supervised penetrated pierced admired kept a beady eye on had a shufti at checked into spectated rubbernecked at superintended taken a gander took a gander skimmed through referred to worked over dug into inquired looked at carefully paid heed to piped cut inquired into examined closely eyed up riveted on dipped into read over looked vacantly gone over with a fine-tooth comb thought of had a butcher's at enquired went over with a fine-tooth comb run your eye over had a look-see ran through took a look taken a look given the once over took a look at got an eyeful taken a look at gave something a going-over gave the once over given something a going-over ran over watched from a distance gotten an eyeful interpreted scoured paraded mustered looked closely located glinted keeked related to raked balanced looked earnestly snooped attended placed pinpointed dipped tested screened rivetted riveted registered esteemed gone into went into pegged combed perlustrated candled weighed smoked examined carefully squinnied surfed glanced over glassed adjudicated judged verified had encountered traced parsed given the eye gave the eye gaged triangulated outstared had a squint had a look winnowed kept eagle eye on gloated taken a good look staked out run down marched past waded through searched into made enquiries into faced cross-examined had a quick look valuated had a shufti beamed looked quickly made eyes at riffed kept tabs looked up and down conducted an investigation into bored plotted looked hard looked intently sussed out made a recce of stared open-mouthed checked up on fixt one's gaze at charted had a good look poked around leered at summed up met with tackled pointed out paid attention attended to spied out discussed picked at taken note excogitated catechized looked through narrowed eyes liked feasted eyes on concentrated made an observation of chewed over screwed up eyes mapped out ferreted out looked see summarised narrowed your eyes pried into boned up checked something out glowered sifted through deconstructed sized flashed on conducted investigations into kicked the tires reported probed into earmarked summarized thought through become aware of paid heed looked something up and down watched closely looked briefly fixed on glanced through kept track of pinned ran your eye over tried to see took a good look graphed took note buried oneself in got a sight of memorized riffled interrogated snuck a look ogled at broke down thumbed through memorised concentrated on took a dekko ploughed through taken a dekko passed through tracked believed subjected to an inspection devoured listened to rumbled feasted one's eyes on hearkened to hearkened turned up browsed through kept one's eye on stared in wonder looked on at had a look-see at gauged nosed around squinted at ran down bore became aware of taken stock took stock gave attention to given attention to was absorbed in been absorbed in broken down knew by sight known by sight taken a good look at took a good look at taken a glance at took a glance at undersaw underseen seen briefly saw briefly burned up took the measure of taken the measure of burnt up taken notice took notice given the eagle eye gave the eagle eye bewared took a butcher's at taken a butcher's at took a quick look taken a quick look seen over saw over took a butcher's taken a shufti taken a butcher's took a shufti gave something a look-see given something a look-see took into consideration gave thought to bore in mind taken heed of took to heart taken into consideration taken to heart given thought to gave a thought to given a thought to born in mind took heed of

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