Đồng nghĩa của overriding

Alternative for overriding

Đồng nghĩa: paramount, predominant, predominate, preponderant, preponderating,

overrides, overrode, overriding, overridden

Đồng nghĩa: nullification, overrule, overthrow, overturn, reverse,

Tính từ

Central, most important
chief leading cardinal controlling dominant first main paramount predominant primary principal sovereign supreme highest central foremost key major pivotal preponderant prevailing top uppermost outstanding pre-eminent prevalent top-priority arch big capital compelling determining final focal grand great greatest master number one overbearing overmastering overruling preeminent premier primal prime prior ruling sovran ultimate essential first and foremost intervening number-one of greatest importance of greatest significance of prime importance of supreme importance superseding numero uno vital head important crucial lead prominent commanding fundamental core presiding critical superior supereminent basic utmost high best salient significant intrinsic topmost ascendant urgent top-tier influential notable champion governing transcendent predominate unsurpassed weighty regnant consummate underlying pressing rudimentary burning elemental integral indispensable peerless matchless unequaled decisive necessary reigning consequential biggest incomparable unequalled dominating big-time heavy imperative absolute acute eminent staple dire exigent apex stellar maximum unrivalled superlative surpassing unrivaled elite unsurpassable serious top-notch directing radical meaningful unparalleled star momentous largest telling must-have material grave high-priority far-reaching No. 1 powerful life-and-death top-drawer imperious elementary exalted illustrious senior famous renowned top-ranking regal towering authoritative premium effective potent root special especial well-known total headmost immediate noteworthy mighty almighty unconditional inimitable pertinent considerable substantial quintessential top-level perfect ranking first-rate large ponderous arch- unbeatable nonpareil overpowering major league heavyweight heavy-duty large-scale intense extensive prepollent prepotent requisite of note historic monumental lofty all-important second to none in the ascendancy of great consequence accomplished expert finished initiative alpha excellent unmatchable characteristic inherent favoured favored chosen successful winning strongest simple original constitutional particular crowning oustanding crack unlimited chad axial basal constitutive beginning opening operative keynote strategic royal upper second-to-none richest noted popular infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded top-rank high priority front imperial full utter kingly earnest germane tough dynamic invaluable conspicuous emphatic initial in charge hegemonic greater of the first rank monarchical monarchal inaugural A-number-1 A-1 optimal peak finest record primo hotshot hotdog maximal larger predominating omnipotent official supervisory all-powerful efficacious arbitrary majestic guiding monarchial unprecedented complete unassailable optimum loftiest definitive crown unexcelled utopian domineering unexampled elevated noble distinguished august dignified at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff apical zenithal tiptop unmatched in control exemplary select undefeated unbeaten deciding honoured esteemed respectable venerable patrician refined aristocratic untouchable profound sweeping appreciable highest-ranking determinative climactic furthermost revered respected celebrated holding the reins prerequisite mandatory needed required severe sizable imposing pronounced exceptional genteel highest ranking mother of all a cut above the rest industry leading topflight first-class best possible top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range top drawer without equal par excellence beyond compare record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 sans pareil top-class posh eventful impactful striking worthwhile pointed instrumental much needed earth-shattering vitally important very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence widely praised well born highborn upmarket silk-stocking well thought of blue-blooded highbred gentle highly regarded huge upper-crust of distinction high-born honored upper-class wellborn overshadowing life-changing dangerous grievous of consequence big-league high-level of concern life and death major-league high-profile big league importunate instant clamant necessitous crying emergent binding coercive unavoidable peremptory extreme ideal uttermost most unique max extraordinary model nth pure outside rare only last unqualified classic faultless culminating flawless sublime archetypal exquisite prototypical beyond comparison glorious invincible singular splendid very impeccable without parallel downright superb sheer enormous all-out autocratic categorical out-and-out outright unmitigated dictatorial thorough magnificent classical unconquerable unblemished out of sight impressive idyllic high-powered choice flat-out fine thoroughgoing remarkable categoric proper stark representative famed immaculate despotic indefectible arrant unalloyed unadulterated rank signal paradigmatic greatest possible totalitarian magisterial high-ranking puissant authoritarian notorious stately precise autarchic in a class of its own tremendous deadly right magnific heroic typical strong definite super assertive clean fair dreadful bodacious blooming tops alone seminal untainted prestigious copybook stainless spotless acclaimed whole cotton-picking straight-out world-class formidable maxi tyrannical unequalable choicest grandiose epic baronial plumb unstoppable proud gallant flat heroical without peer dead regular worthy massive Homeric executive honorable honourable blank very great archetypical good irreproachable unmarred unparagoned prized best ever marvellous excelling distinctive valued transcendental without match fitting marvelous mostest blameless aces immortal ace comprehensive exact iconic eternal textbook five-star recognized correct memorable untarnished world class greatest amount of foolproof all-embracing marked recognised high-class high-grade all-encompassing immense one and only best-case on the button indomitable widespread effectual high-octane current invulnerable unchallenged tyrannous triumphant forceful divine stone impregnable efficient exceeding determined unforgettable rife rampant insuperable administrative redoubtable monocratic autocratical exciting thrilling concentrated resplendent tyrannic unconstrained unreserved emblematic symbolic fantastic high-quality stereotypical wonderful tsarist czarist unbroken terrific brilliant dazzling treasured one-in-a-million standard conventional better seamless insurmountable bulletproof fabled worthiest the most stock upmost autarchical trusted reputable high-up unequivocal picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect hors concours well-connected intact boss high profile resonant storied without fault idealized idealised standout tip-top phenomenal appropriate perpetual one-off crashing unremitting big-name A1 suitable admired opportune sui generis one of a kind vintage just right true to type out-of-sight on the money in a class of one's own spot on umpteenth ten skilled skillful out-of-this-world adept paradisiacal experienced skilful paradisiac A-OK defectless sound distinct anti-democratic managing arrogant ascendent marquee general apogean admirable pioneer unapproached unfettered extravagant lion's share undiminished vulgar overall majority received common public higher bigger elder gilt-edge all-time solid-gold unimpeachable exhaustive full-scale farthest magnanimous unflawed victorious in first place without an equal stand alone beautiful bright epochal unbowed commendable praiseworthy laudable meritorious learned legendary triumphal idealistic one plain demonstrative all-time best resolute unstinted gubernatorial superintending overseeing conducting ordering regulatory restraining mastering presidential unvanquished unsubdued inveterate horrible gorgeous shining hugest absolutist Grade A superfine of the highest quality blue-ribbon estimable plenipotent A-list outermost furthest recognizable individual autonomous applaudable very good capable able quality real high-minded well known first rate gifted highly rated effulgent radiant splendiferous absolutistic on the throne godlike competent hard unconquered unsullied out of the ordinary extra special remotest farthermost feted exclusive best-example dream come true fairy-tale pie-in-the-sky fearsome adored time-honored gratifying true signature princely unending endless imitable raging indescribable mortal to the fore trendsetting big-gun big-wheel big-shot hot-dog overarching full-blown full-on novel of influence eloquent historical rich oratorical four-star VIP cogent predictable unmistakable habitual outmost endmost aftermost sterling undemocratic concluding finishing closing ending well-suited apt made to order relevant tailor-made just the job queenly monarchic usual idiosyncratic totemic recognisable irreplaceable furthest up terminal unaccountable crowned top-grade top-shelf egregious enterprising energetic driving the best stirring gripping riveting hair-raising apocalyptical apocalyptic dramatic climacteric action-packed insistent high-end top-quality top-of-the-line extraordinaire at his best at its best at her best solid first-string accurate aggressive vigorous go-ahead go-getting traditional blue-chip A-grade furthest away farthest away errant perfected positive chronic moving entire intellectual intuitive awe-inspiring uplifting inspiring inspirational primordial obscure hypothetical transcending unconfined innate abstract theoretical approved unheard-of unconventional plenipotentiary purpose-built new sanctioned something else without precedent authorized unrepeatable far-out unimaginable officiating fresh once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind unrepeated separate amazing unordinary incredible in a class by itself newfangled fast-track thundering outrageous harsh gross uber preposterous deep overwhelming flagrant veritable hellacious brutal climatical climactical not beatable indelible haunting of a king no end of catchy wholesale unbound pushing driven ambitious pushy error-free unquestionable lasting cherished indestructible unyielding faithful scrupulous meticulous unerring beyond grasp robust go-go forcible deep-dyed timeless unfading vivid arresting without blemish valuable everlasting undying on the nail crimeless right on errorless unspotted on target on the mark bang on unguilty just so imperishable enduring enthralling never to be forgotten not to be forgotten spectacular observable legitimate accredited accepted fancy unspoilt hot unsurmountable highly capable full of get-up-and-go in the saddle remembered rememberable inestimable profitable precious unflinching dauntless indefatigable inviolable unshakeable unbending all out no holds barred bureaucratic ex cathedra departmental legal lawful canonical authorised without limit ex officio straight out stamped on your memory fixed in the mind mind-blowing out of this world red-letter secure safe hot property undefeatable impassable irresistible unshakable unattackable irrepressible have-it-all up to standard up to snuff up to scratch up to par more powerful more important most important most prominent most influential most powerful most illustrious most skilled most obvious most noticeable most excellent most outstanding most high most extreme most significant most favourable most advantageous most appropriate most favorable most typical most valuable most precious most scholarly most reliable

Tính từ

Denoting a high degree of seriousness
important serious consequential critical large remarkable urgent worthwhile dire especial far-reaching high-priority momentous monumental uppermost acute considerable conspicuous earnest exceptional extensive grave heavy heavy-duty historic large-scale life-and-death material of great consequence page-one ponderous portentous prodigious sensational special substantial telling tremendous unforgettable unmissable weighty burning capital cardinal decisive determining front-page impressive newsworthy of great import of great moment of import of moment forceful significant major crucial meaningful big pivotal eventful earth-shattering key vital earthshaking much tectonic influential all-important of consequence profound notable heavyweight of significance fateful solemn severe noteworthy paramount somber conclusive sombre sober pressing powerful essential exigent of great importance principal sedate staid outstanding great appreciable humourless humorless headline no laughing matter epoch-making strong memorable no joke no-nonsense final life and death big deal deciding striking hefty definitive extraordinary prime deep earth-shaking marked life-changing good underlined uncomic potent celebrated settling dramatic determinative apocalyptic renowned chief imperative relevant respectable eminent mighty trenchant landmark fundamental exciting ample world-shaking world-shattering cogent prominent earthshattering sound indicative massive intense healthy sizable signal impactful fat of importance famous attention-grabbing eye-catching sweeping shaping huge distinguished puissant illustrious solid valid wide-ranging broad famed persuasive abundant sizeable convincing absolute substantive certain compelling useful effective noted devastating revealing real wholesale full generous indispensable comprehensive unlucky expansive wide well-known resonant high-level authoritative eloquent super valuable expressive satisfying pronounced grand across-the-board tough difficult noticeable sententious vast necessary voluminous fatal major-league copious big league clear major league hard distinctive reasonable leading mondo obvious super colossal mammoth imposing out of the ordinary rare worthy of attention quantum uncommon unusual emphatic reminiscent evocative meaty worrying interesting red-letter drastic overwhelming egregious active purposeful lively busy groundbreaking integral topical arresting ground-breaking last responsible defining causal evaluative buzzworthy big-time ill-fated doomful direful inauspicious ominous resultful pithy notorious event-filled strenuous almighty predestined foreordained inevitable doomed destined glum hectic action-packed of note of substance main stern in the limelight gloomy dour grim tidy fair strategic austere must-see controlling effectual measurable detectable perceptible visible quiet downbeat sad milestone extreme cold sober carrying a lot of weight ponderable epochal matter of life and death life-saving forcible definite unprecedented worth seeing preponderant keynote glaring unordinary climacteric glorious particular goodly vitally important now or never life-or-death life or death operative satisfactory imperious kenspeckle surprising unexpected moulding guiding of vital importance widespread gross extremely important decided incisive handsome excessive crisp settled peremptory developmental forming immeasurable lavish plentiful plenteous stunning firm sturdy litmus test princely blanket all-embracing overarching radical suggestive global durable formative molding far-flung ambitious extended rangy pervasive loaded profuse superabundant steady bountiful liberal wide-reaching exhaustive mass charged meaning pointed far-ranging in-depth exorbitant extravagant universal nationwide big-deal efficient across the board acclaimed capable spacious bulky roomy strapping enormous packed husky walloping capacious bull oversize international whopper commodious chock-full burly whopping thundering jumbo hulking stuffed monster intercontinental a whale of a immense detailed awash all-encompassing colossal humongous worldwide gigantic brimming crowded venerable imaginative revelatory moving able coherent dynamite super-duper much touted something unreal highly rated fab doozie rational reasoned pertinent sufficient successful inventive seminal creative original of repute well thought of well received of distinction plausible on the ball aggressive logical vehement lucid punchy charming energetic histrionical well-founded articulate well reasoned irresistible high-powered credible enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid unanswerable direct theatric graceful well founded performant powerhouse solid gold something else of high standing rich fecund pregnant redolent to the max most important most influential

Tính từ

Too attractive and tempting to be resisted
irresistible enticing seductive tempting inviting alluring captivating enchanting fascinating ravishing appealing desirable glamorous attractive beguiling fetching provocative tantalising tantalizing bewitching come-hither beckoning charming indomitable ineluctable inevitable invincible lovable mouthwatering powerful scrumptious strong stunning unconquerable uncontainable engaging lovely magnetic entrancing winning delightful luring cute charismatic intriguing taking pleasing winsome beautiful prepossessing gorgeous fair enthralling pretty adorable glamourous arresting striking sexy comely smashing bonny beauteous pleasant sweet hot good-looking sightly fanciable mesmeric handsome elegant easy on the eye knockout eye-catching fit divine likable lovesome likeable spellbinding mesmerizing delectable elfin luscious interesting sultry adorbs agreeable tasty foxy dazzling seemly mesmerising endearing nubile nice nice-looking spunky heavenly siren aesthetic beddable esthetic likely bonnie pulchritudinous good goodly absorbing hypnotic compelling well-favored drop-dead gorgeous lush sensuous sensual erotic drop-dead dreamy magical sexually attractive disarming arousing exciting bootylicious exquisite graceful as pretty as a picture fine engrossing riveting sexual come-to-bed gripping well favoured darling dishy dear thrilling out of this world hypnotizing attracting drawing persuasive involving bodacious shapely provoking specious stylish hypnotising radiant unputdownable loveable precious amiable delicate fine-looking on fleek easy on the eyes flirtatious transfixing compulsive consuming becoming babelicious appetizing immersing dainty sublime personable titillating appetising superb cutesy ingratiating insinuating seducing very interesting splendid well-favoured slinky entertaining diverting suggestive witching magic coquettish wonderful fabulous wholesome sensational buxom blooming stimulating hunky voluptuous sirenic smart angelic teasing inveigling mouth-watering enamoring magnetising electrifying magnetizing fashionable classy very beautiful debonair resplendent aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing rapturous a ten photogenic well favored illecebrous dramatic intense feline bedroom devastating miraculous congenial pulling studly addictive genial warm welcoming rousing beaut toothsome infatuating affable orphic exhilarating breathtaking marvellous flamboyant forcible eligible phat choice Orphean astonishing trim dreamboat eyeful bijou very exciting immodest shameless beseeching picture-perfect clean-cut all-consuming obsessing controlling preoccupying monopolizing raunchy amorous sexually exciting passionate sexually arousing steamy as nice as pie pleasurable juicy open cordial encouraging monopolising tarty sophisticated cultivated polite cultured civilized suave physically attractive grand to one's liking worldly witty enrapturing statuesque marvelous simpatico cunning sympathique civilised couthy sympatisch willowy dollish dapper curvaceous camera-friendly symmetrical telegenic refined presentable ideal well-formed prettyish showstopping sheen chic glitzy well bred larger than life worldly-wise doll face glam amusing ritzy well dressed magnificent glorious idyllic curious trendy opulent righteous flashy prestigious nifty intoxicating heady looking like a million entranced charmed enchanted bewitched thought-provoking mind-blowing fairylike conjuring fiendish dreamlike fairy-tale too good to be true drawing attention stirring inspiring lively impressive moving amazing remarkable piquant colourful galvanizing vivid attention-grabbing staggering readable memorable colorful hair-raising spectacular brilliant galvanising racy wondrous action-packed startling rip-roaring scintillating charged extraordinary astounding electric inspirational mind-boggling incredible phenomenal heart-stopping lurid enjoyable sparkling overwhelming eye-popping refreshing awe-inspiring graphic salacious viral animated profound imposing shock-horror affecting outstanding galvanic conspicuous kicky mind-bending exhilarative awesome noteworthy challenging buzzworthy invigorating notable shareable prominent spicy relaxing scandalous clever perfect emphatic commanding envigorating showy spirited jaw-dropping distracting glittering fun risqué funny picturesque humorous rich motivating detailed noticeable evocative chucklesome exceptional droll clear hilarious emotional significant tremendous comical distinctive unusual stem-winding marked emotive distinct salient fab spine-tingling theatrical newsworthy fantastical portentous great vibrant extravagant noisy bold eye-opening splashy telling signal out of the ordinary eloquent highly coloured fresh gee-whizz arrestive confounding influencing prompting transporting ensational enveloping salty puzzling totally absorbing anodyne storybook romantic traditional fortunate happy edgy escapist fantasy pornographic stimulative influential saucy lewd sexually stimulating strong in character immersive bright adrenalizing exalté hectic glossy full of personality fantastic prodigious potent besetting devouring excellent stupendous unbelievable cosmopolitan tinselled exotic exhilarant elating hallucinogenic mind-altering ebullient giving one food for thought superior immoderate dominating obsessive ardent high profile jet-setting bling fast-lane royal super effervescent coruscating vivacious tense admirable fervid raging burning deep-seated exhausting obvious evident eventful worthy of note manifest characterful suspenseful shocking horrifying unmistakable awe-striking realistic clear-cut visible unique transcendent first-class first-rate kenspeckle rare grabby uncommon pronounced surprising catchy glinting glimmering sprightly meaty trenchant topical unboring newsy relatable far-out sumptuous special out of sight majestic unmitigated splendorous towering monumental surpassing lavish magnific luxurious observable perceptible appreciable climactic lifelike easy worth reading well-written easy to read satisfying worthwhile well written ingenious gratifying rewarding smooth dynamite forceful distinguished singular jazzy cogent lofty bizarre lucid effective high-octane appalling sensationalistic revealing visual faithful unforgettable authentic haunting sudden studied sharp sensationalist screaming important gee-whiz catchpenny breath-taking cheering pictorial delineated shaking impassioned trembling emotion-charged graphical expressive yellow historic momentous melodramatic recreative shivering quaking vibrating soul-stirring anthemic inspiriting shuddering active definite true-to-life sharply-etched true to life crystal clear frantic blood-tingling large mad swinging boss wild tabloid vulgar coloured pointed rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated colored intellectual intelligent poignant scream riot cheerful fun-filled gas gay restorative side-splitting priceless zero cool be a ball highbrowed serious deep scholarly heavy highbrow heavyweight learned literary classical intellective

Danh từ

The act of abrogating
abrogation repudiation revocation abolition annulment invalidation nullification quashing repeal retraction reversal voiding withdrawal cancellation countermanding ending rescinding rescission discontinuation overruling overturning rescindment scrapping avoidance dissolution negation removal suspension vetoing abatement abolishment axing cancelation defeasance disaffirmation ditching stopping vitiation chopping deracination dumping setting aside recall disannulment abortion recision calling off abandonment dropping calling undoing changing veto alteration upsetting disallowing change overthrow recanting elimination voidance termination annihilation denial contradiction disavowal volte-face obliteration backpedaling abjuration disclaimer abnegation backpedalling forswearing disowning refutation gainsaying about-face contraversion unsaying renouncing reneging backtracking eradication destruction end extirpation suppression subversion wiping out retractation renunciation erasure recantation expunction palinode deletion retracting canceling cancelling disaffirmance renouncement rebuttal refuting disproving disclaiming countering extermination extinction retirement apostasy renege discrediting disproval extinguishment dissolving stamping out effacement doing away with scrubbing junking excising erasing neutralization split discharge breakup dedomiciling remission annulling closure blotting out neutralisation revoking recalling reversing withdrawing abandoning abolishing invalidating split up going phfft closing down turnaround doubleback U-turn rescinsion turnabout switch change in direction

Danh từ

The action of suppressing something such as an activity or publication
suppression crushing elimination clampdown crackdown defeat extinction quashing conquering quelling repression squashing subduing vanquishing check cowing discontinuation end prevention prohibition stopping termination arrest dissolution halting abolishment abolition annihilation conquest destruction dominance obliteration overpowering overthrow stamping out subdual suppressing snuffing out eradication annulment voiding revocation cancellation withdrawal ending nullification cancelation rescission squelching repeal abrogation wiping out invalidation rescindment negation repudiation overturning extirpation defeasance rescinding subversion curb restriction restraint shutdown embargo avoidance extermination abatement removal doing away with voidance limitation riddance taking away stop getting tough crush severe measures stern measures strike scrapping vitiation erasure retraction junking dumping effacement countermanding axing excising ditching scrubbing deracination chopping closure annulling expunction blotting out closing down undoing reversal ruin decimation liquidation recall deletion ruination extinguishing extinguishment loss wastage purging mincemeat suspension erasing neutralization disannulment split discharge breakup dedomiciling setting aside neutralisation finish split up going phfft downfall abandonment retirement collapse cessation dissolving expunging death disposal revoking recalling retracting canceling reversing overruling withdrawing abandoning abolishing invalidating displacement banishment weeding out cancelling devastation demolition desolation wreckage demolishment slaughter massacre havoc murder excision butchery killing butchering massacring slaughtering slaying assassinating overwhelming dispatch finishing off putting to sleep bane rubbing out killing off subjugation taking out carnage putting down

Động từ

Present participle for to use one's authority to reject or cancel (a decision, view, etc.)
overruling cancelling canceling reversing disallowing quashing revoking countermanding overturning rescinding annulling nullifying repealing vetoing invalidating overthrowing retracting setting aside withdrawing abrogating negating recanting repudiating upsetting voiding outvoting recalling ruling against vacating defeating defying dominating flouting predominating prevailing taking back riding roughshod over trampling underfoot declaring null and void trampling upon making null and void abolishing avoiding disannulling obviating undoing striking down nulling nixing rendering invalid rolling back dissolving abating lifting dismantling scrapping reneging discharging calling back making void axing wiping out renouncing vitiating removing scrubbing disclaiming aborting abjuring backpedaling backpedalling rendering null and void disaffirming backtracking on obliterating doing away with dropping abandoning dismissing forswearing killing putting an end to crying off calling off backing out of ditching stopping dumping altering suspending rejecting counteracting offsetting reneging on counterbalancing erasing terminating calling annihilating counterpoising going back on counterordering denying disowning expunging ignoring discarding disqualifying cancelling out canceling out neutralizing neutralising counterchecking redressing rubbing out weaselling out blacking out weaseling out taking out declaring invalid discounting retreating refusing going against disregarding dishonouring disobeying withcalling unsaying doing a U-turn on dishonoring calling in refusing to fulfil changing knocking on the head oversetting prostrating downing undermining weakening blowing zapping KO'ing hushing up bottling up corking up shutting down putting damper on putting the lid on throwing out remitting effacing throwing over shooting down opting out washing out worming out backing out standing down impairing unfitting circumducting bringing down knocking down breaking forgetting backwatering extinguishing redlining retiring eliminating refuting purging deleting cutting omitting belaying suppressing turfing blowing sky-high censoring excluding editing blacking wangling out crawling out of pulling the plug rendering inert wiping slate clean ruling out going back on one's word deleing eliding editing out crosses out stroking out snuffing out blanking out whiting out sweeping away bluing pencil blotting out blue-penciling stamping out blocking out blue-pencilling casting aside striking out rooting out inking out putting a line through Xing out ending compensating for countervailing negativing balancing discontinuing breaking off making up for correcting chopping equalizing counterweighing balancing out superseding torpedoing deracinating waiving subverting getting rid of overcoming counterweighting rendering ineffective frustrating defusing subduing conquering squaring up equalising deactivating evening up making ineffective knocking out finishing off doing in giving something the chop knocking something on the head disavowing abnegating giving up backing down halting foreswearing relinquishing declining forsaking scratching forbidding rebutting ceasing backtracking desisting welshing quitting forgetting it opposing prohibiting eating one's words backing off casting off bringing to an end contravening rebuffing blocking forgetting about spurning preventing turning down disacknowledging breaking with cutting off turning your back on eradicating junking jettisoning disestablishing divorcing apologizing trashing apologising deserting nigging finishing shedding postponing contradicting shelving taking away disproving eating your words copping out drawing back squashing changing one's mind dispensing with reprobating disapproving passing apostatizing having change of heart deselecting interrupting forgoing balking at passing up turning thumbs down banning packing in refusing to acknowledge sacrificing laying off saying no to giving the thumbs down to desisting from flying in the face of relaxing raising declaring eschewing surrendering bleeping bringing to a close holding a funeral interring putting to rest burying inhuming entombing putting six feet under laying in the grave destroying getting off the hook voting down restricting compensating limiting confining dialing back worming out of forbearing doing a U-turn doing an about-turn exterminating checking arresting retrograding retroceding receding excusing oneself pulling out begging off putting a stop to extirpating chucking in rowing back on falling back reeling in taking in impugning traversing crossing dinging stonewalling belying blackballing crapping out wimping out calling all bets off excising doing an about-turn on changing one's tune cleaning up liquidating bringing to naught bringing putting down abdicating inhibiting squelching getting cold feet closing down interdicting gainsaying laying to rest phasing out withholding discountenancing pulling up putting kibosh on taking off reclaiming repossessing putting the kibosh on pulling back cutting short giving thumbs down to knocking back giving something a miss passing on giving the red light to shunning kicking calling a halt stopping midstream knocks it off calling it quits pulling the plug on forfeiting refusing to accept turning back on washing hands of divorcing oneself from escaping bypassing sidestepping shaking jilting debunking discrediting contesting exploding challenging eating crow laying off of leaving off withdrawing from breaking up shutting off finishing with packing up cutting out having done with knocking off parting from dusting off throwing up retiring from parting with giving over resigning from eighty-sixing dissenting from declaring untrue controverting countering disconfirming eating humble pie confuting disagreeing with skiving skipping shrinking from skirting round evading shirking ducking dodging not buying enjoining from keeping back shooting down in flames restraining holding back tabooing calling on begrudging curbing taking exception to doubting disagreeing disbelieving shooting full of holes withsaying standing in the way disprofessing excepting barring debarring disinheriting turning banishing defecting casting flushing laying aside ousting ratting defaulting tergiversating demurring skiving off funking rationalizing running away from excusing bilking steering clear of averting proscribing forestalling precluding forfending not accepting washing one's hands of washing your hands of having no more truck with having nothing more to do with bating deterring sliding out of getting out getting out of rationalising wriggling out of using pretext ducking out of having alibi pulling out of closing one's doors to freezing out not considering warding off closing out staving off putting paid to shutting out counting out leaving out giving the slip

Động từ

Present participle for to surpass or be better than something or someone else
outmatching surpassing outdoing topping exceeding eclipsing outshining beating transcending bettering outclassing excelling outstripping overshadowing trumping besting outgunning capping outperforming outdistancing overtopping passing outrivalling outrivaling outpacing surmounting outranking outrunning outstepping outgoing overstepping towering outweighing ranking towering over putting to shame improving upon towering above going beyond going one better running circles around improving on going one better than putting in the shade overcounting outmanning doing better than exceeding in quantity leading swamping outnumbering trouncing defeating prevailing over crushing overpowering walloping whipping knocking spots off winning against vanquishing subduing thrashing getting the better of shooting ahead smashing overpassing conquering running rings around routing creaming overtaking clobbering wallopping overcoming drubbing licking shaking off shaming triumphing overwhelming triumphing over upstaging outvying leaving standing outplaying rising above leaving behind dwarfing running rings round walking away from leaving extinguishing outhussling owning getting ahead of blowing away shooting ahead of wiping the floor with blowing out of the water outmanoeuvring outcompeting outjockeying dominating outmaneuvering predominating outsmarting overrunning standing above beating hollow standing head and shoulders above winning the race going above getting further ahead of taking precedence taking over outgalloping winning crowning transforming leaving in the dust throwing into the shade leaving in the shade outreaching getting one over on putting someone in the shade gaining the advantage over outwitting scooping outflanking getting the upper hand over overtaxing distancing overdoing out-distancing breaking record having a jump on having advantage getting upper hand having it all over going by mastering stuffing tanking undoing outfoxing overbearing stopping overthrowing overmatching quashing trimming dispatching taking upending snowing downing trashing cooking bulldozing burying subjugating slaughtering getting hosing pipping at the post making mincemeat of bringing to their knees gaining on waxing drawing away from faking out doing in scoring points off blowing out of water pulling a fast one

Động từ

Present participle for to let (edited material) stand, or remain as it was

Trái nghĩa của overriding

overriding Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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