Đồng nghĩa của presiding

Alternative for presiding

presides, presided, presiding

Đồng nghĩa: administer, direct, govern, officiate,

Tính từ

Superseding others in importance or status
dominant chief main primary principal foremost paramount predominant cardinal central leading premier core key prevailing prominent master overriding preeminent prime arch major outstanding supreme crucial influential overbearing prevalent primal grand greatest overmastering salient uppermost head important lead pre-eminent rudimentary alpha supereminent ultimate underlying vital basic essential elementary fundamental number one number-one numero uno chad top commanding first highest high ruling capital sovereign big sovran great superior best prior topmost senior controlling governing utmost ranking top-notch front upper unequaled notable noteworthy peerless matchless unsurpassed consummate unrivalled transcendent incomparable unrivaled focal unsurpassable unequalled top-ranking pivotal directing top-tier champion eminent reigning authoritative ascendant regnant top-level dominating exalted unparalleled maximum famous renowned surpassing inimitable high-ranking critical towering perfect headmost nonpareil unbeatable stellar arch- second to none top-drawer guiding staple simple excellent unmatchable well-known strongest constitutional momentous crack powerful distinguished integral intrinsic beginning opening elemental root original definitive elevated prestigious initiative unmatched decisive superlative absolute untouchable total high-level consequential illustrious pioneer unconditional of prime importance of greatest importance second-to-none high-grade lofty prepollent prepotent major league big-time celebrated highest ranking mother of all overruling in charge hegemonic skookum first-rate elite initial inaugural A-number-1 A-1 in the ascendancy hotdog heavyweight primo heavy of note hotshot at the leading edge heavy stuff at the cutting edge hot stuff apex optimal peak premium finest biggest record optimum unprecedented predominate complete unassailable unexcelled utopian unexampled domineering exemplary select undefeated unbeaten furthermost largest best possible without equal beyond compare industry leading top of the line top of the range top-class record-breaking first class first-class a cut above the rest prize-winning number 1 topflight top-of-the-range top drawer par excellence sans pareil super fine most exceptional choice star fab cool wonderful maximal superb boss terrific neat keen unique fantastic tops tiptop marvellous magnificent splendid sensational fabulous uttermost radical hot peachy five-star crackerjack preponderant swell noble marvelous ace high-class phat quality better greater tip-top out-of-sight world-class extreme divine max awesome glorious larger top-of-the-line out of this world brilliant classic cracking smashing sterling groovy topping noted mean gilt-edged exquisite dope wizard bully gilt-edge crowning A-OK blue-ribbon worthiest fantabulous heavenly beautiful dandy lovely nifty supernal righteous immense extraordinary dynamite prizewinning corking faultless wicked gangbusters bumper hype slick gangbuster banner rare brag down brave bonnie boffo frontline prize bonny apical gone formidable jim-dandy blue-chip bang-up top-shelf first-string four-star out of sight peachy keen supercalifragilisticexpialidocious outside culminating accomplished regal significant world class standout singular winning dreamy solid admirable rad estimable highest-ranking potent dazzling schmick beaut ripping No. 1 belting brill pearler lion's share barrie exo of the first water of the highest order top-hole of the first order on fleek bulkiest indispensable quintessential loftiest nth only last urgent nice crown special spectacular top-priority venerable amazing respectable august dignified prodigious remarkable good honoured esteemed pleasant enjoyable tremendous revered respected all-time phenomenal pleasurable impressive official agreeable satisfying outrageous rewarding colossal meritorious sublime final stupendous of the first rank masterly recognized weighty effective amazeballs of supreme importance first and foremost honored worthy flawless especial recognised honourable honorable magic mighty sik applaudable effusive excessive spiffing highly regarded beyond comparison chillin' inflated exaggerated bonzer bosting A1 of the highest quality solid gold above and beyond of highest order expert finished characteristic inherent majority marquee richest popular state-of-the-art luxury high-quality perpetual everlasting enduring bad favoured favored chosen successful higher bigger elder serious basal constitutive hugest upmost top-rank necessary particular unlimited burning axial oustanding compelling determining virtuoso skilful skillful masterful royal incredible telling must-have intervening superseding of greatest significance infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded delightful immediate zenithal Grade A choicest eventful topnotch A-list ideal imperial full utter kingly tough world bodacious spanking far-out mostest out-of-this-world hundred-proof class one-in-a-million vintage superfine sound aces unparagoned solid-gold alone monarchical monarchal all-time best without an equal in a class of its own hors concours stand alone without peer gorgeous cream marvy omnipotent imperious supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious almighty arbitrary def mega fabby goodly beezer awesomesauce unequalable lank kif bosker flagship executive high priority majestic monarchial top-grade mind-blowing in a class all by itself highest quality very best far out of the highest standard too good to be true too much of high quality very good award-winning apogean holding the reins unchallenged patrician refined aristocratic maxi high-up to the fore fantastical genteel the most astonishing high profile gifted high-minded well known signal resonant legendary well-connected trusted all-important heroic magnanimous triumphal idealistic imposing high-powered reputable fabled puissant redoubtable first rate highly rated learned famed notorious prized seminal admired stately iconic acclaimed big league valued posh highborn upmarket large highbred gentle huge grave wellborn commendable furthest worthwhile praiseworthy laudable splendiferous dream meritable valuable farthest deserving creditable outermost unreal attractive copacetic blue-blooded upper-class remotest best ever super-duper ka pai worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas zero cool hunky dory widely praised well born silk-stocking well thought of upper-crust of distinction high-born farthermost exhaustive outmost standard magisterial reliable classical approved established accepted faraway nethermost most important most influential most prominent most significant most powerful most skilled most illustrious most excellent most outstanding most obvious most noticeable most perfect most scholarly most complete most reliable

Động từ

Present participle for be in authority
chairing officiating moderating conducting leading running administering advising controlling directing governing guiding handling heading keeping managing operating ordaining overseeing reigning sitting supervising officiating at carrying on heading up taking the chair calling the signals doing the honors pulling the strings running the show sitting on top of superintending presiding over commanding overlooking bossing having control of refereeing judging ruling mediating umpiring regulating being responsible for tending stewarding administrating orchestrating dominating exercising control over calling the shots being in the driving seat calling the tune taking the chair of arbitrating facilitating negotiating coordinating influencing masterminding engineering taking the reins being in the saddle pointing in the right direction quarterbacking shepherding running things having the say controlling the affairs of putting on the right track disposing serving emceeing adjudicating being in charge being responsible acting taking charge looking after functioning ordering performing official duties hegemonizing swaying reigning over captaining piloting steering carrying out official duties tyrannising executing rendering wearing the crown assuming command serving the people carrying out exercising authority holding dominion overruling holding sway over occupying throne tyrannizing laying down the law holding sway holding office organizing organising domineering mastering taking care of dictating watching ruling the roost caring for having charge of taking over curbing restraining checking bridling spearheading taming taking charge of keeping an eye on riding herd on containing helming constraining taking the helm inhibiting maintaining minding predominating inspecting holding watching over tending to reining in pulling in holding the reins prevailing over calling the shots in having authority over manipulating skippering subjugating manoeuvring maneuvering conquering determining measuring oppressing ministering chaperoning holding power attending disciplining observing micromanaging ruling over calling attending to having authority holding down keeping tabs on calling the tune in dealing with cracked the whip monitoring limiting methodizing tempering policing systematizing legislating adapting reconciling fronting taking modulating standardizing owning subduing subjecting marshaling marshalling guarding setting overpowering bullying affecting wielding monopolizing driving vanquishing preponderating regimenting instructing overshadowing monopolising standardising systematising protecting exercising power occupying the throne overbearing assuming command of leading the way sitting on the throne having power having influence walking all over wearing the trousers baby-sitting bossing about bossing around calling the play having the upper hand pulling the wires riding roughshod over wielding the sceptre having the upper hand over hosting introducing seeing calling the shots of assuming command over having surveying occupying wielding baton officering coaching having power over having control over tilling adjusting managing people eyeing keeping up funnelling coxswaining trailblazing beaconing contriving funneling navigating channeling channelling pointing allocating shielding safeguarding defending superabounding herding sorting out ministering to taking in hand having command over maintaining order lording over taking control of taking the reins of exercising authority over dictating terms pushing seeing to keeping one's eye on fielding addressing holding dominion over browbeating wielding power hacking calling the shots on prevailing bending to your will plying working treating pressurizing railroading bulldozing giving heed to looking out for looking over minding the store balancing having a handle on restricting keeping under one's thumb taking forward engaging in calling upon pressurising outweighing having the edge having the ascendancy pacing leaning on overriding giving orders lording it over ordering around telling someone what to do ordering about giving orders to using strong-arm tactics on trying to control having the greatest influence holding the whip hand having the whip hand decreeing telling getting the upper hand carrying weight carrying most weight overcoming prescribing bewielding besteering intimidating puppeteering eclipsing subordinating imposing pronouncing outshining pacifying enjoining defeating beating suppressing demanding establishing mandating laying down deciding promulgating quelling licking quashing choosing setting out setting down pushing about pushing around arranging having ascendancy over shaping bidding stating charging legalising normalizing normalising classifying squaring settling legalizing readjusting rectifying fixing fitting trampling on ruling the roost in having mastery over having someone in the palm of one's hand having something in the palm of one's hand having someone in one's hip pocket having someone eating out of one's hand holding the purse strings holding purse strings having a hold over pushing buttons having the whip hand over leading by the nose keeping under your thumb having one's way keeping under thumb having upper hand having the upper hand in playing first fiddle surmounting repressing besting dispatching triumphing over overmatching stopping reading the riot act putting foot down having a bearing on walking heavy getting upending checking up on gaining control of winning against doing down skunking worsting getting the better of getting over getting a grip on gaining mastery over getting around making conform keeping a beady eye on pulling things together putting in order keeping a tab on

Động từ

Present participle for to serve as a member of a council, jury, or other official body

Động từ

Present participle for to hold a meeting

Trái nghĩa của presiding

presiding Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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