Đồng nghĩa của worthy

Alternative for worthy

worthies, worthier, worthiest

Trái nghĩa: unworthy,

Tính từ

Having worth, merit or value
deserving upright decent respectable virtuous good honest honourable praiseworthy reliable righteous admirable dependable ethical meritorious moral noble reputable commendable principled blameless creditable estimable excellent exemplary honorable irreproachable laudable respected trustworthy upstanding valuable venerable worthwhile conscientious fine sterling trusted unimpeachable applaudable model solid trusty fitting incorrupt invaluable justifiable justified first-class pure true right-minded high-minded high-principled right-thinking law-abiding A-1 squeaky clean of good report salt of the earth just right nice proper guiltless innocent correct straight stand-up scrupulous incorruptible notable fair elevated anti-corruption sinless saintly faithful all right distinguished angelic eminent uncorrupted esteemed illustrious clean great morally correct lofty dutiful pious honoured honored chivalrous punctilious straightforward prestigious irreprehensible clean-living inculpable lawful thankworthy dignified praisable meritable impeccable immaculate conscionable of good repute squeaky-clean gallant batting a thousand not too shabby glorious august generous truthful paradigmatic classic quintessential celebrated acclaimed godly saintlike sincere renowned bueno prototypical classical neato charitable magnanimous equitable well-thought-of noble-minded above board worthy of admiration prominent lily-white kosher true-blue not bad pure as the driven snow above reproach noteworthy square grand seemly peaceable high wholesome reputed exceptional characteristic representative typical illustrative stainless spotless holy chaste devout unbribable unstained legit knightly faultless noted unblamable polite outstanding unselfish spiritual moralistic benevolent beneficent gracious cultivated greathearted self-righteous whiter than white great-hearted obedient responsible up front peaceful revered on the up and up orderly ideal civilized venerated duteous hallowed smart high-ranking imposing name stellar recognized unsullied well behaved tractable sacred God-fearing untainted sound unblemished respectful kind religious constant unaffected unspoilt decorous forthright devoted famed undefiled redoubted kindly modest uplifting redoubtable suitable civilised helpful philanthropic lordly recognised highly regarded impartial humane natural benign sympathetic beyond reproach full of integrity palmary white loyal worthy of commendation sublime liberal on the up-and-up courteous altruistic considerate large-hearted bounteous of principle indulgent lenient aboveboard valiant safe reverend admired on the level guileless self-sacrificing proud stately idealistic compliant of note rectitudinous needy due rightful eligible well-favoured well favoured professional influential exalted highest-ranking important submissive amenable manageable biddable conformable docile circumspect impressive terrific mean balanced incorrupted favoring sainted deferential disciplined well-behaved sanctimonious blessed valued perfect Christian world-beating meritious winner meedful golden boss choice sportsmanly favouring prim sportsmanlike saving dinkum prayerful morally right morally acceptable true blue honest-to-goodness fair-minded unerring above-board veracious copybook flawless consummate matchless godlike peerless reverent philanthropical beatific god-fearing unworldly leading immodest number magnificent inflated intellectual highest astral exaggerated excessive first imitable archetypal textbook definitive archetypical gone select tough swell pillar gnarly slick keen top drawer independent self-sufficient regal self-respecting divine seraph without fault high-powered prized meretorious appreciable very good reverenced virginal deserving congratulations maidenly legitimate dedicated steady big handsome selfless virgin major league in limelight big time big name salt of earth established big-hearted unstinting bountiful genteel worshipped obliging staunch full of good works ungrudging free open-handed munificent neighbourly firm of repute well thought of well respected legendary lionized accommodating fast befitting presentable thoughtful friendly hospitable amiable edifying brave courtly refined well known favored famous well-known popular copper-bottomed princely unswerving pre-eminent sage agreeable civil comradely amicable moving ennobled heroical neat tidy spruce accepted tolerant extraordinary remarkable sociable pleasant true-hearted merciful forgiving inviolate celibate unspotted continent vestal unblighted unprofaned favoured with a good reputation tried and trusted genial companionable regardful mannerly wise appropriate comely conforming ordinary well bred moderate becoming mediocre de rigueur done sure steadfast tried unwavering stanch secure trustable non-erotic non-violent improving soft loose bighearted soft-touch clement openhanded glorified neighborly supportive calculable wicked first-rate lily white wide-eyed lionised serious sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped grave pure as driven snow G-rated wet behind ears babe in woods tried-and-true truehearted veridical allegiant down-the-line resolute wholehearted ardent no lie undistorted liege confirmed ace smashing brill tip-top champion top-notch splendiferous super fab comme il faut Santa Claus all heart has heart in right place apple-pie simple bully top-hole beaut untarnished in high favor of good standing well-disposed well mannered well-brought-up well-mannered invigorating ruddy sane practical together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic commonsensical sanitary open normal open-faced clean-cut sensible blooming up to the mark nasty believeable satisfactory organic all there without reproach hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink in the clear of excellent character legal committed clear cleanhanded tried and true tried and tested pristine above suspicion reasonable unfailing stable unoffending crimeless uncensurable guilt-free rational stalwart not guilty impeccant certain uninvolved uncorrupt free of genuine unbiased never-failing unprejudiced licit enduring valid evenhanded nonpartisan proven nondiscriminatory fervent candid zealous indifferent angelical unfaltering immovable fervid objective well-founded sporting even-handed tested dispassionate open-minded restrained as pure as the driven snow infallible anti-discrimination non-discriminatory neutral non-partisan equal strong certified attested competent approved patriotic orthodox sober fanatical passionate uncolored fail-safe fit uncontaminated persistent enthusiastic mature levelheaded card-carrying precise demure dyed-in-the-wool deep-dyed well founded level-headed assured undamaged unpolluted foolproof guaranteed reasoned disinterested logical authentic warranted proved commonsense commonsensible informed accurate stout intact predictable hard earnest obdurate deserved merited condign intense inexorable attentive settled fresh frank definite determined strict close fixed tasteful harmless exact sworn uncompromising self-restrained pukka beyond criticism failsafe according to the rules unchanging pledged sackless hard-core elegant hard-working obligatory bosom sure-fire staid absolute untouched conventional calm true to life adherent boon not to blame free of sin fair and square reserved well grounded serene mad keen always there from the horse's mouth behind one peacekeeping unspoiled complying acquiescent unobjectionable creditworthy gentlemanlike credible sporty according to Hoyle detached snowy undisturbed die-hard concerned clean-handed attached vigorous discreet unflappable free from blame free from guilt adult unbigoted egalitarian unhesitating go-to capable on up and up inextinguishable immortal undestroyable untouchable perpetual straight-arrow in good faith reverential inflexible stiff expected awaited slated anticipated apt apposite rocklike sturdy admiring consecrated on up-and-up innocent as a lamb without sin effective unmistakable uncoloured proportionate confiding loving believable affectionate standard picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible seamless avid as thick as thieves inseparable not responsible astute unshakable persevering upfront impersonal level even-steven cricket fair-to-middling fastidious critical heedful punctual irreprovable tactful consistent demonstrated traditional capable of being trusted without fear or favour snow white reproachless string along with impervious sagacious judicious intelligent used formal polished as good as one's word worthy of trust fly right straight-up boy scout rock solid to be trusted down home pliant filial deferent abiding stubborn immobile unquestioning rigid adamant bound unmovable changeless unbending unqualified intent absolved cleared untroubled good as one's word at peace to be counted on carrying the load tranquil exonerated exculpated prudent unwed emphatic with no axe to grind fair shake square deal eager driven gentlemanly ladylike thinking twice extremely careful self-denying abstinent unmarried maiden nunlike tried out put to the test time-honoured safe as houses binding assiduous diligent defensible defendable warrantable regular perceptive shrewd percipient in good taste couth through and through studious purposeful impassioned seasonable ceremonial meet well disciplined au fait as keen as mustard single-hearted old faithful true to the end out-and-out single-minded given over to quiet vindicable decisive confident sanctioned significant fly canonical hardened austere unequivocal positive careful well trained incumbent on unscathed unharmed cogent perfervid unflinching impotent prudish intemerate monogamous inexperienced controlled subdued deep conclusive unanxious undoubtful sanguine able carefree hopeful well-engineered well-built active vehement profound unmarked unmarred shoo-in easy factual rhadamanthine earned requisite coming scheduled heartfelt red-hot in the bag nailed down locked on beautiful well-grounded imperturbable equable learned unmoved unchanged adoring goody-goody worshipping worshiping venerating heart-and-soul revering pietistic lovely well built high-quality well engineered scholarly poised stolid unimpressed dry-eyed unconcerned unaltered uninjured uninfluenced unhurt unstirred verifiable veritable entrancing adorable full of common sense well balanced collected serious-minded unexcitable down-to-earth having both feet on the ground composed unruffled self-possessed cool out of danger in perfect condition entire without a scratch in good condition shipshape unbroken safe and sound untried goody two-shoes authenticated supported convincing documented authoritative circumstantiated validated verified lovable enchanting adorbs straight from horse's mouth

Tính từ

Bearing good value, worth or reliability
quality excellent reliable valuable good amazing awesome certified exceptional beautiful brilliant desirable divine elegant enviable exclusive exquisite extraordinary fantastic glorious illustrious impressive incredible invaluable magnificent marvellous outstanding perfect phenomenal premium sensational spectacular stunning super superb superior supreme wonderful accomplished admirable advanced applaudable attractive blue-ribbon bodacious bosting capital choice class classic commendable crowning deluxe distinguished dominant dynamite elite eminent estimable exemplary fabulous famous fancy fantastical fine first-class first-rate frontline grand great groovy heavenly high hot ideal immense incomparable laudable legit lofty lovely marvelous matchless mega meritorious mint neat nifty noble notable noted outrageous peerless phat praiseworthy preeminent pre-eminent priceless prime primo prizewinning rare ripping select smashing sovereign special splendid stellar sterling striking stupendous sublime superlative supernal swell terrific tiptop top top-level topnotch top-notch transcendent tremendous unparalleled unreal unrivalled unrivaled unsurpassed vintage wicked bang-up banner blue-chip boffo bonnie bonny boss brag brave bully bumper cool corking crackerjack cracking dandy dope down fab fantabulous first-string five-star four-star gangbuster gangbusters gilt-edge gone hype jim-dandy keen mean number one numero uno par excellence peachy peachy keen prize radical slick tip-top topflight topping wizard gilt-edged high-class high-grade high-quality of high quality of the highest quality of the highest standard out-of-sight really good top-of-the-line top-of-the-range top-shelf very good world-class champion brill beaut A-OK righteous ace rad supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sik schmick exo belting chillin' pearler barrie top-hole out of this world magic spiffing bonzer awesomesauce bosker mind-blowing renowned on fleek too good to be true of the first water of the highest order of the first order elevated crucial majestic dignified flawless faultless imposing sound unequaled def stately unequalled honourable honorable quintessential A1 greatest A-1 very best beyond compare commanding exalted proper refined the best prodigious remarkable delightful standout big lordly paragon fly model hunky-dory premier unexcelled nice consummate optimum surpassing spanking unmatched best sup rior all very well well and good leading unbeatable dreamy unique amazeballs star uppermost marvy formidable gorgeous cream untouchable tops dazzling crack beezer highest singular fabby extreme winning effusive goodly excessive lead worthwhile exaggerated kif worthiest inflated lank flagship meritable venerable splendiferous dream solid respectable deserving masterly creditable utopian arresting top-class top-grade top-tier far out cat's pajamas the dog's bollocks best ever super-duper ka pai second to none out of sight copacetic worthy of admiration worthy of commendation zero cool hunky dory prize-winning without equal award-winning highest quality top-drawer too much in a class all by itself above and beyond of highest order imperial grandiose regal august epic baronial resplendent magnific gallant heroic heroical extravagant impeccable immaculate monumental authoritative massive royal proud Homeric untainted unmarred pure stainless spotless indefectible unblemished culminating prized primary unspoilt absolute respected indispensable profitable precious treasured inestimable valued up to par up to standard up to scratch up to snuff hot property finest top-quality top of the line top of the range luxurious classy grade A plush chic optimal bad expensive ritzy luxury upmarket enjoyable posh breathtaking selected first classical sumptuous skilful skillful costly dainty pricey upscale peak opulent way-out state-of-the-art high-end top quality lavish rich entrancing swanky fashionable distinctive choicest enchanting sharp stylish swish pleasurable radiant smart flashy memorable delicate A-list lush sophisticated fancy-pants pleasing delectable showy major snazzy inspired scrumptious flash unusual pleasant dear foremost central far-out high quality spendy ultraexpensive pricy first-line solid gold of a high standard big-ticket top-flight superfine top-end high-ticket prominent piked cardinal paramount tough heavy world main chief key quick bestselling celebrated bewitching captivating charming polished able agile deft clever unforgettable agreeable satisfying rewarding colossal tophole competent virtuoso masterful unorthodox deep wild hand-picked elect blissful mighty pick fat gnarly handy well-designed natty convenient adroit apt ingenious spruce idyllic rapturous gratifying ravishing alluring courtly foxy juicy rocking really nice favored 10 popular preferred preferential definitive eclectic handpicked plum favorite not too shabby noteworthy master favoured favourite uncommon cherry-picked shipshape out-of-this-world high-test splendorous carefully chosen grade-A moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable like wow cat's meow five star of the highest type highest-quality top grade best-quality modish graceful the very best a standout virtuous top drawer baller crash hot nang No. 1 with it pretty cool ambrosial superhuman yummy paradisal adorable spiritual paradisaic paradisic saintly 24-karat exciting congenial above average slap-up thrilling diverting not bad snappy handsome cordon bleu A-grade high fashion archetypal essential traditional palatial ripe mature plushy Lucullan Lucullian luxuriant luxe swank loaded palace silken Babylonian luscious palatian well appointed recherche elaborate intricate decorative decorated embellished ornate ornamental ostentatious ornamented rococo gaudy baroque adorned flamboyant busy fussy spiffy glitzy towering devilish fanciful jazzy froufrou florid frilly fancible custom beautifying cushy chichi highfalutin OTT over the top most valuable most precious

Tính từ

Good and important enough to spend time, effort, or money on
worthwhile good helpful profitable useful valuable beneficial constructive gainful justifiable meaningful productive usable expedient fruitful positive purposeful advantageous effective effectual efficacious excellent important of service of use of value rewarding significant substantial advisable estimable exemplary invaluable lucrative meritorious money-making of assistance of help paying priceless remunerative sensible serviceable worth the effort worth it favorable favourable beneficent appropriate opportune timely instrumental propitious auspicious behooveful benefic friendly kindly handy wholesome prosperous of benefit benignant toward nice gratifying suitable benign pivotal essential vital crucial practical imperative paramount critical indispensable strategic admired appreciated fundamental key necessary requisite respected in demand exigent relevant commodious needed conducive salutary loved held dear hot esteemed of the essence worth its weight in gold best central happy fair fit providential welcome healthful reassuring pleasureful fortunate satisfactory pleasant flattering pleasing convenient lucky cheering well-timed seasonable pleasurable scarce worthful hot property full of promise agreeable benevolent supportive promising encouraging uplifting win-win inspiring in one's interests in one's best interests fitting apt desirable successful wise economic proper prudent sound operative felicitous recommended moneymaking judicious bright hopeful politic right seemly functional efficient fat juicy satisfying applicable money-spinning pragmatic practicable heartening golden potent fortuitous suggested tactical workable reasonable heaven-sent optimistic adequate valid informative fulfilling preferable commonsensical acceptable utile well timed powerful adaptable utilizable meet rosy logical consumable thriving capable sagacious versatile exploitable going utilitarian sweet approving to one's advantage enriching employable utilisable financially rewarding well paid facilitative illuminating wieldy provident influential decent rational charitable brave generous formative working recommendable furthersome well favoring active rich favouring well-paying dexter competent well spent profit-making available operational functioning roseate likely upbeat rose-colored correct telling applied ultrapractical operable applicative actionable accessible forcible viable strong virtuous serendipitous decisive determinative conclusive running current blessed feasible favoured favored for the best befitting in the black in working order expendable unused exhaustible open subservient ready to your advantage multipurpose at hand at disposal in order well disposed gentle contributive healing edifying moderate warm clement commendable counselable good for one charmed desired preferred industrious generative heartwarming comforting gladdening suited commercial good for you plus shrewd astute reasoned accommodating tasteful recompensing merciful smiling halcyon for-profit renumerative altruistic humanitarian kind required canny effecting qualified accomplishing achieving big-hearted disposable comfortable well-spent well-suited instructive respectable healthy indicated high-income flukey fluky fitted in one's favour in one's favor on one's side jammy financially worthwhile forceful ripe fit to be eaten comestible fit for human consumption safe to eat common edible in running order up and running at your disposal operating ready for use available for use fit for use circumspect far-sighted in one's interest well-paid neat compelling definitive best suited presentable clear bankable cost-effective high-paying called for called-for just casual incidental enviable accidental energetic puissant user friendly user-friendly a good idea enough born with a silver spoon in your mouth well-off congruous commendatory salubrious tolerable hygienic all right conformable becoming commending unobjectionable protean ample pat booming flourishing fatness well-designed user-oriented easy-to-use nifty enthusiastic paid cost effective manageable solid affirmative corroborative lush fructuous natty easy to use enjoyable genial official faithful Panglossian wholehearted straight-shooting authentic accurate in the affirmative steady demonstrable clean going concern paid off very productive progressive forward-looking agreeing assenting confirming concurring consenting useable self-serving to one's own advantage in one's own interests grateful congenial delightsome darling dulcet savoury luscious blest jolly dreamy pretty tasty heavenly delectable delicious delightful palatable savory durable hard-wearing dependable sustaining sufficient nourishing satiating happiness-inducing refreshing assistive aiding sturdy stout hitting the spot flexible pliant multifunction multiuse most correct

Tính từ

Of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose
fit suitable appropriate right fitting meet apt proper qualified seemly able becoming apposite befitting capable correct fitted feasible functional prepared acceptable adapted deserving due good pertinent ready relevant suited adequate apropos conformable decent decorous employable expedient rightful useful applicable available correspondent equipped exploitable serviceable usable useable convenient equal equitable just operable practicable preferable good enough comme il faut -worthy competent trained satisfactory up to snuff skilled proficient felicitous happy nice eligible in keeping compatible pretty welcome congruous fair conforming up to scratch likely capable of equal to up to in the running in line for timely opportune commodious germane handy okay merited advisable requisite reasonable presentable sufficient condign politic deserved swell copacetic righteous legit kosher cut out for user friendly to the point well-timed in keeping with fit for purpose in character up to standard right up someone's street expert clever masterly gifted accomplished talented efficient effective experienced skilful brilliant intelligent powerful adept adroit practised virtuoso savvy tasty skillful masterful cunning easy knowing bright effectual effortless practiced keen ingenious alert endowed genius strong smart sharp dextrous responsible learned deft artful agile dexterous highly endowed with it au fait know the ropes up to speed know one's onions up to it know backwards and forwards crack ace polished crackerjack master great consummate versed mean quick nifty veteran wizard excellent educated nimble professional exceptional knowledgeable compleat seasoned slick complete fine first-rate professed workmanlike habile wicked first-class astute well versed outstanding brainy stellar delicate on the ball impressive bravura top-notch facile magnificent quick-witted sharp-witted elite whiz whip-smart perceptive neat marvellous superb nimble-fingered smooth resourceful canny deadly discerning perspicacious marvelous fast formidable supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent all-round schooled shrewd pro all-around acute superior creative precise multitalented penetrating scholarly a dab hand at splendid big league prompt hot multiskilled precocious accurate hotshot conversant nippy versatile out of this world supreme demon superlative intellectual active quick on the uptake dazzling magic wise inventive class practical ambidextrous cerebral cool remarkable well-versed nimble-witted ingenuous refined top-drawer sure-handed taught tutored well-rounded topflight wonderful terrific flexible adaptable specialist extraordinary old finely judged balanced multifaceted peerless observant vet dynamite awesome quick-thinking erudite choice phenomenal smashing there fab profound rational many-sided sly plastic varied mobile pliable elastic all-purpose protean puttylike various crafty quick off the mark exact tip-top wised up highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained A1 a hand at sharp as a tack graceful businesslike tremendous deep crisp productive complex complicated certified disciplined mighty innovative versant lively best fleet original well trained highbrow ultimate instructed perfect fantastic fabulous variable imaginative alive swift clean sagacious teachable having know-how admirable hep wide awake sapient brisk sensible subtle eggheaded whip exceptionally good brill calculating artistic witty all there on the beam very intelligent no slouch quick on the draw quick on the trigger no dummy very good top-hole Einstein whiz kid class act tuned in shining at reliable very well methodic methodical pitch-perfect prodigious systematic right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on thorough sure-fire stringent prolific straight decisive well-endowed finished fluent organized handpicked capital deluxe magisterial quintessential ideal desirable hardy redoubtable drilled phenom rangé cute leading invincible indomitable exemplary organised strict express categorical long-term champion licensed chartered first class sensational sik exo star faultless virtuosic certificated painstaking dominant well suited well qualified specialized PDQ credentialed universal having good hands inch-perfect leet penetrative quick to learn forward mature puissant amazing cultured studious academic bookish bluestocking having the know-how rad phat schmick exercised supremely skilled specialised sharp-sighted astounding adept physically malleable world-class hip having a knack for nobody's fool authorized clever with one's hands good with one's hands swotty multilayered polygonal manifold multidimensional not born yesterday all around licenced proved tried authorised tested accepted adjustable multiform polymorphic polymorphous out of the ordinary noteworthy have the goods ahead of one's peers have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age exquisite super sublime glorious old hand well read receptive heavenly inspired enterprising intuitive insightful very able know stuff mega banging cracking crucial having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer knowing the score know one's business know the score know one's stuff know the answers amenable eager docile know ins and outs divine bosting of the first water supercalifragilisticexpialidocious having the right stuff has what it takes like a one-man band able to perform innovational elaborate trailblazing innovatory sophisticated fertile razor-sharp originative Promethean sensitive book smart like a pistol equal to the task up there pioneering thinking vigorous mercurial curt wired thinking outside the box deviceful hot tamale careful enlightened logical well-informed sage judicious cautious prudent lithe limber circumspect understanding together comprehending lissom discriminating wily supple smart as a whip very smart having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on hardheaded clear-sighted suss hard-boiled heads-up clear-eyed sussed pawky heady argute worldly-wise long-headed street-smart slippery as sharp as a tack discreet frugal foxy having fancy footwork street smart watchful wary streetwise cagey spry acrobatic sprightly top lissome zippy quick-moving light-footed fleet-footed lithesome athletic big time springy sylphlike twinkle-toed light lightsome tripping featly light-foot gracile feline major league of use robust stupendous big-league of value major-league major important earth-shattering energetic number-one epoch-making splendorous big-time dynamic skookum efficacious earthshaking

Tính từ

Having influence or power
important influential eminent powerful prominent extraordinary great outstanding celebrated commanding controlling dominant eventful formidable head highest highly regarded notorious predominant pre-eminent premier prestigious prevailing prime prized renowned respected supreme top-level valued well-connected all-important alpha aristocratic authoritative big chief cogent deciding dignified distinctive distinguished elevated eloquent esteemed exalted fabled famed famous first-class foremost four-star glorious grand high-level high-powered high profile high-ranking high-up historical honorable honoured honored honourable illustrious imposing incomparable integral leading magnific magnificent majestic marvellous marvelous memorable mighty noble notable noted of influence of note oratorical phenomenal potent preeminent puissant recognised recognized reputable rich royal seminal senior signal successful superior top-ranking towering trusted upper upper-class VIP well-known good iconic resonant noteworthy acclaimed top venerable august significant star well known major revered admired well thought of of high standing big-time redoubtable lofty conspicuous major-league big-name of repute high lionized name consequential high-profile estimable lionised big-league legendary astral remarkable popular impressive exceptional bright principal paramount peerless major league main reputed respectable highly rated luminous considerable first visible storied excellent big league of distinction highest-ranking primary top-drawer key brilliant topmost finest central top-notch well-regarded stately momentous serious lauded monumental pivotal acknowledged vaunted venerated world-class heroic heavy-duty greatest heavy applauded feted infamous matchless unequalled unsurpassed well received strong much touted fundamental in the public eye much vaunted highly esteemed highly thought of high-minded public splendid essential unequaled capital unforgettable established superstar celeb historic professional proud surpassing far-reaching unrivalled big-shot sublime resplendent widely known transcendent of mark number one much-publicized inflated talked about intellectual front-page elite ruling regal immodest exaggerated excessive competent critical crucial core unrivaled efficient arresting lordly striking effectual regnant marked fine special arch- material portly staid vital celebrious redoubted supereminent big-gun arch solemn lead superb high-status salient appreciated sovereign laureate immortal epic extolled well-thought-of large pompous shining uplifting much-admired wonderful far-famed big name having made a name for oneself highly praised much publicized up there skookum worth mentioning stellar praised number ideal cardinal requisite intrinsic of considerable importance decorated ranking focal worthiest prizewinning executive beloved reliable indelible vivid catchy haunting prodigious indispensable necessary needed presiding high-grade magnanimous familiar eye-catching fearless tenacious high-end glamorous substantial self-important overblown superlative triumphal idealistic learned not to be ignored higher widely knowbn numero uno earnest high-priority weighty known best pronounced common in spotlight in limelight singular energetic dynamic heavyweight instrumental kingly everyday of consequence something else of importance grandiloquent landmark fateful gratifying noticeable arrestive underlined especial big-wheel responsible high-power grave upmarket conferring prestige expensive big time crack apical peak crowning tiptop maximal first-rate culminating five-star outside imperial hallowed valorous overbearing unparalleled gifted prior primal unexcelled first rate of the first rank nonpareil to be reckoned with top-tier dominating hot-dog high up high-flying in the limelight on the map decision-making trendsetting winning governing not to be forgotten never to be forgotten of great consequence meaningful groundbreaking triumphant fulfilling higher up awe-inspiring heroical massive grandiose gallant baronial Homeric worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out unmatched inimitable consummate out of this world talked of strictly business playing hard ball well paid marquee highfalutin' satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding pleasing higher-level a hard nut to crack effective cheering pleasurable higher-ranking formal greater reigning imperious demonstrative assertive domineering ceremonial ceremonious leonine lionlike page-oner courtly capable decisive able efficacious emphatic official hard better upward above uppermost overhead fearsome invincible portentous reverential conventional high-octane starchy in control mythical fabulous mythic mythological fairy-tale fictitious unreal folkloric imaginary apocryphal traditional fictional fantastic hypothetical imagined proverbial allegorical parabolic symbolic fanciful storybook made up enchanted magic make-believe magical decent of good repute upright sacred admirable trustworthy virtuous cherished reverend well respected proper with a good reputation principled honest decorous creditable sound dependable sedate meritorious genteel above board faithful of good standing truthful legit righteous refined golden gracious self-respecting high-quality well-beloved loved widely-known holy award-winning time-honored valuable well-liked deserving palmary praisable meritable sterling meretorious appreciable reserved liked reverenced highbrow composed master worshipped great-hearted couth sombre magisterial distingué somber nifty patrician premium sage cultivated moral beneficent valiant just so apex exemplary wise legitimate posh biggest largest matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped independent self-sufficient scrupulous accomplished recognizable highborn overmastering highbred gentle huge sovran overriding wellborn irreproachable conscientious anti-corruption number-one favored just straightforward constant sincere fair high-principled copper-bottomed widely praised well born silk-stocking blue-blooded upper-crust high-born favoured tried and trusted recognisable clean-living seemly correct polite befitting nice presentable neat tidy smart spruce accepted appropriate comely conforming suitable ordinary well bred moderate becoming mediocre de rigueur modest done of good report in high favor comme il faut salt of the earth valid authentic accurate factual true attested certified scholarly definitive verifiable veritable authenticated solid proven straight from horse's mouth documented supported convincing from the horse's mouth confirmed precise circumstantiated validated well founded verified more important more elevated most important

Tính từ

Pleasant and satisfactory
good excellent exceptional appealing delightful enjoyable great likeable likable marvellous marvelous nice pleasant positive satisfactory satisfying superb wonderful acceptable affable agreeable amiable beautiful clear comfortable comforting elegant enchanting engaging enviable euphoric exhilarating fair fascinating favourable favorable fine flashy glamorous gorgeous hunky joyous lovely lovesome mild photogenic pleasing pleasurable precious presentable pretty ravishing seductive sound splendid stunning sublime sunny super tasteful tempting valuable A1 ace admirable aesthetic amusing arresting attractive beauteous blessed boss capital cheery choice comely commendable cunning cute dainty delicate dishy dollish drop-dead exquisite eye-catching fetching flamboyant foxy fun glad glamourous glossy good-looking heavenly honorable honourable hospitable hunky-dory in order intoxicating knockout neat not bad OK prettyish prime pulchritudinous rad radiant rapturous relief reputable resplendent showstopping showy sightly slick snazzy soothing spanking splashy statuesque sterling superior taking unspoilt welcome well-favored zingy alluring blest calming charming congenial copacetic copasetic darling delightsome deluxe dulcet ecstatic elating esthetic first-class first-rate genial gnarly grateful gratifying paradisaic paradisaical paradisal paradisiac paradisiacal passable recherche recreative relishable savoury savory select shipshape splendorous stupendous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious super-eminent super-excellent telegenic irie unblemished bad perfect whole flawless entire up to snuff uninjured crack unbroken intact unimpaired undamaged unharmed unhurt bully tip-top unmarred delectable sweet jolly luscious delicious felicitous dreamy tasty palatable handsome bonny goodly seemly likely bonnie captivating divine adorable desirable winning glorious smashing entertaining magnificent fabulous prepossessing enticing bewitching fantastic beguiling striking terrific irresistible charismatic tantalizing fanciable easy on the eye winsome fit grand refreshing nice-looking sexy tantalising out of this world sultry hot nubile sensational graceful as pretty as a picture sensual lush arousing bootylicious adorbs entrancing brilliant luring spunky rewarding magical cheering exciting drop-dead gorgeous well favoured inviting sexual fab peachy sensuous thrilling magic heartening scrumptious stylish cheerful diverting amazing easy on the eyes come-hither happy bodacious cool babelicious beaut swell beddable well-favoured shapely erotic dazzling intriguing to one's liking come-to-bed sexually attractive cordial awesome heartwarming personable magnetic interesting pleasureful fine and dandy brill spiffing enthralling provocative mesmeric topping wizard bonzer groovy beckoning top-hole becoming buxom blooming on fleek very beautiful to one's taste fine-looking promising bright encouraging blissful outstanding propitious opportune fulfilling timely appreciated gladdening decorative suitable ducky festive heaven-sent much needed superlative champion ripping cracking corking dandy beezer frabjous lovable lekker mooi joyful gladly received to your liking teasing wholesome very agreeable very nice a ten well favored very pleasant titillating ok friendly alright silvery compelling soft golden sympathetic extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant artistic consoling sapid convivial balmy relaxing snug suited welcoming wanted extremely attractive powerful highest ornamental jovial adapted appropriate studly enhancing fancy stellar restful renewing rejuvenating restorative solacing merry dear easy to take matchless peerless tremendous angelic well suited clean-cut incredible easygoing good-natured sweet-natured preferable beautifying goodlooking noble immaculate supreme restoring couthy trim dreamboat eyeful bijou ambrosial ineffable yummy gay gladsome celebratory distracting clubbable rare par excellence spiffy peach ready pussycat classy symmetrical ideal well-formed refined picture-perfect very attractive greatly to one's liking very pleasurable just fine constructive productive worthwhile wicked splendiferous beneficial to your taste long-awaited longed-for desired contenting sustaining sufficient substantial nourishing satiating adequate happiness-inducing replayable in good taste way-out out of sight top-notch very good heart-warming light-hearted hitting the spot optimistic glowing aglow rosy hopeful beaming auspicious elfin drawing attention

Tính từ

Capable or deserving to be admitted, accepted or allowed
admissible acceptable allowed passable permitted tolerable allowable permissible justifiable legitimate reasonable defensible lawful legal licit okay satisfactory sensible sound supportable tenable tolerated OK recognised recognized sanctioned valid applicable appropriate concedable fair fitting just kosher legit likely logical pertinent possible probable proper pukka rational relevant right suitable warranted well founded above board not impossible not unlikely within the law by the book authorized approved authorised sustainable excusable bearable justified sufferable legalized pardonable endurable rightful accepted understandable plausible legalised licensed manageable credible all right venial in order within accepted bounds constitutional granted statutory licenced official bona fide believable genuine brookable on the up and up feasible endorsed viable warrantable forgivable well-founded sanctionable chartered imaginable thinkable going by the rules on the level convincing workable livable reasoned defendable unforbidden unprohibited statutable coherent correct realistic good conceivable maintainable solid grounded explainable honest acknowledged established upright condign innocent protected enjoined passed decreed card-carrying ordained judged enforced due canonical able to hold water let consented favored conceded accorded welcome unobjectionable fit vindicable favoured admitted A-OK totally fine righteous respectable arguable accredited orthodox attainable achievable condonable remissible doable sanctioned by law practicable affordable juridical decriminalised ordered decriminalized ruled jurisprudent vested mandated jural judicial commanded legislated enacted legitimatized expected predictable inevitable mortal creditable of right normal natural foreseeable cogent unsurprising accountable sincere compelling supposable comprehensible cogitable earthly explicable pragmatic lucid reliable congruent true authentic persuasive verifiable dinkum effective to be expected anticipated real par for the course on the cards enforceable binding ex cathedra contractual straight precedented de jure enforcible prescribed aboveboard sure enough intelligent practical wise equitable judicious commonsensical objective sober decent advisable prudent thoughtful impartial commonsense sapient percipient moderate restrained conservative controlled reflective sane temperate analytical unprejudiced informed thought-out well-thought-out firm levelheaded cognitive unexcessive level-headed analytic fair-minded open to reason evenhanded well-advised in one's right mind based on good sense ratiocinative making sense clear-cut full of common sense unbiased standing to reason politic well-grounded knowing cerebral well grounded thinking commonsensible together cool circumspect consistent well thought out well advised unextreme well reasoned sagacious discerning astute shrewd balanced hard sage expedient satisfying perceptive down-to-earth within the bounds of possibility intellectual accomplishable discriminating apt strong realizable matter-of-fact telling consequent cautious befitting enlightened realisable reasoning canny discreet powerful conclusive considered weighty authoritative insightful far-sighted well-reasoned careful merited within the realms of possibility forceful perspicacious systematic deserved potent methodical calculating efficacious articulate deductive accurate common-sense influential irresistible desirable verisimilar useful unanswerable vigilant considerate presumable mature orderly responsible modest clear usable potential obtainable decisive clever stable impressive efficient presumptive joined-up confirmed tactical precise sharp no-nonsense trustworthy intelligible within reason within reach felicitous provident convenient steady clear-sighted worldly-wise dispassionate advantageous handy requisite holding water mild savvy substantiated functional proven smart strategic necessary factual reachable useable all there working meticulous even seemly actionable serviceable unassailable organized suasive acquirable earned colourable middle-of-the-road opportune judgmatical judgmatic exact meaningful thorough applicative eloquent regular well organized timely disciplined meet apposite apparent competent empirical colorable validated reserved organised gettable suited happy seasonable well judged pragmatical clear-eyed plain utile puissant hard-headed fitted trusty well deserved well earned sufficient irrefutable graceful definable safe incontrovertible beneficial substantial worthwhile perspicuous corroborated healthy benign having all one's marbles deducible collected diplomatic inferential constructive favourable deliberate faultless philosophic central keen compulsive incontestable accessible veridical veracious impeccable well-informed secure unquestionable odds-on well-judged procurable securable specious determinative unimpassioned comfortable nonpartisan promising forcible wary tested operative measured germane assuasive compromising serious-minded profound unidealistic favorable performable noncommittal emphatic businesslike presumed empiric steady-going real-world attentive open stringent centrist dependable commodious acute significant solvable faithful tried helpful right-minded heedful easy believeable hopeful applied within limits rock-solid get-at-able ostensible farsighted on the ball seeming moving well-timed well timed punchy mighty powerhouse user friendly ultrapractical vindicated up front in the cards uncontroversial not excessive well thought-out assertable reassuring educated operational knowledgeable learned operable fair enough recommended profitable well-earned estimable enterprising mental supported proportional well-proportioned symmetrical well-adjusted inductive impregnable gainful of use intuitive syllogistic undeniable well informed urgent conceptual punctilious comprehendible conjecturable resourceful brainy well balanced mentally stable cognizant harmonious aware undistorted strict hard-nosed scrupulous fastidious implicit momentous consequential convictive inducing prosaic straightforward unemotional well-expressed well-presented qualified cluey thoughty studious based on hard data based on hard facts certain synthetic infallible trustable inferrible well a good idea probably within possibility finicky visionary incisive conversant utilizable utilisable well-structured well presented well expressed cold holding together cast-iron rigorous errorless sure truthful inerrant verified derivable inferable true-to-life carrying conviction swaying well-balanced tolerant favourite favorite au courant deep honest-to-god fiduciary credential insistent with both feet on the ground with one's feet on the ground with both one's feet on the ground identified showing great knowledge with great knowledge certified definite calculable explicit flawless watertight non-extreme non-radical honest to God minor slight hardheaded heady within the realm of possibility in right mind lenient abstinent peaceable perfect thinking twice leery playing safe hedging one's bets thought through within the limits practiced remittable winnable at hand right-thinking propitious untroubled detail oriented well considered available utilized used exercised non-reactionary agreeable becoming ideal guarded low reprievable exculpatory vindicatory trivial sober-minded composed even-tempered sobersided not given to excesses within realm of possibility graspable true to life with a ring of truth tactful conducive fortunate golden lucky accommodating auspicious higher-order adapted correlated related experiential pithy methodic up to standard swell in character up to snuff good enough copacetic in keeping fit for purpose cut out for right up someone's street to the point in keeping with nice presentable pawky skilful holding up got it together standing up ripe done providential constraining virile take-over steamroller titanic gutsy electric elemental take-charge punch argute pacific not too bad practised utilised structured on-target letter-perfect dead-on spot-on chary skillful sophisticated neutral midway indifferent inexpensive a good bet a reasonable bet a fair bet ten to one quite possible reasonable to think illusory capable philosophical holding up in wash moralistic moral virtuous ethical principled noble up for grabs cherry pie no problem duck soup no sweat systematized coordinated non-theoretical brought to bear hands-on smooth able to think clearly capable of thought of sound mind able to reason clearly compos mentis medium warm checked regulated constant curbed muted close-lipped comely best adequate uncorrupted attested coming on strong ball of fire impactful striking able resolvable interpretable piece of cake unexaggerated understated contemplative introspective twenty-four carat in principle glib close-mouthed quick-witted successful well-deserved heaven-sent abstemious smooth-talking smooth-tongued a priori soluble answerable ruminative deliberative pensive heads-up long-headed utilitarian softly-softly kid-glove delicate comme il faut aggressive exciting charming energetic histrionical imposing direct theatric important performant vehement grand material trenchant definitive high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid dramatic expressive clear-headed inconsiderable gingerly on lookout watchful cagey awake like a clam civil alert observant having foresight not rash precautious cultured ruminating cogitative deliberating fair-spoken assumed explicatable exponible systematised meditative supposed non-excessive well ordered straightened out well regulated well run conformist unromantic on the fence understood prospective believed very likely like enough meditating user-friendly discernible decipherable awaited hypothetical inferred within due limits both feet on the ground nuts and bolts step-by-step circumstantial assumptive presumptuous mainstream able to be done most likely

Tính từ

Worthy of reward or praise

Tính từ

Showing heroic courage
valiant brave courageous fearless bold gallant valorous daring dauntless heroic intrepid mettlesome plucky doughty gutsy stalwart stout unflinching ballsy daredevil lionhearted manful spirited stouthearted unabashed unblenching unshrinking adventuresome audacious chivalrous greathearted gutty heroical nervy spartan undaunted venturesome venturous adventurous assertive gritty manly noble redoubtable spunky unafraid undauntable confident dashing game hardy powerful puissant resolute strong tough unalarmed unfearful lion-hearted stout-hearted fire-eating rock-ribbed indomitable feisty determined have-a-go staunch tenacious enterprising temerarious dogged vigorous steadfast rash steely nerved emboldened assured firm unswerving unfaltering unyielding foolhardy brassy reckless aweless brash death-or-glory unwavering unbending indefatigable stubborn free-swinging unfearing as game as Ned Kelly cocky unflagging high-spirited willful impavid unshakeable frightless go-ahead strong-willed forceful swashbuckling positive decisive madcap dynamic risky persevering icy sporting resilient devil-may-care fortitudinous peppy heedless herolike carefree pushy forward cheeky dareful enduring headstrong bravehearted cool wild undismayed honourable macho great-spirited sassy overbold overconfident unconcerned unworried unapprehensive death-defying full of determination orped defiant chin-up imprudent impervious undisturbed ungoverned uncurbed brazen urbane quixotic hairy suave dignified honorable purposeful superhuman fiery perseverant Herculean classic exaggerated grand epic extravagant persistent assuming bantam dangerous unabashed by unshakable undaunted by lively brisk elevated high-flown inflated grandiose hazardous gung ho ardent gingery peppery mythological champion unscared sure unalarmed by unfrightened impulsive mettled resolved frisky sprightly exciting restless exploratory presumptuous risk-taking thrill-seeking seeking stand tall salty impudent smart-alecky smart obtrusive crusty bigger than life having nerves of steel not scared fire eating hot shot on the go go for broke out on a limb irrepressible hardened inured capable rugged toughened resistant sturdy robust sound quick to recover difficult to keep down quick to bounce back rolling with punches

Danh từ

(somewhat rare) A person notable or important in a particular sphere
dignitary notable luminary personage bigwig celebrity notability grandee name official panjandrum somebody famous person important person someone VIP biggie big name celeb heavy hotshot kahuna leading light nob person of note public figure big cheese big Daddy big fish big gun macher Mr Big pillar of society top brass big noise big shot big wheel Lady Muck Lord Muck big hitter big kahuna heavy hitter high muckamuck high muckety-muck star personality superstar icon figure standout light megastar ikon household name cause celebre notoriety heavyweight celebutante famous name lion leader mogul master V.I.P. great guru giant eminence supremo magnate top banana big enchilada top dog character honcho lady muck face very important person big chief top cat person of influence expert bigshot legend king head honcho lord muck fat cat guiding light person authority distinguished person hero tycoon ace inspiration nabob well-known person prodigy sun man major leaguer high-up important personage top name face idol influential person individual presence headliner force muckymuck pillar of the community well-known face power chief hotdog executive dignity draw idol sphere juggernaut immortal mahatma cynosure favorite favourite fundi pooh-bah big-time operator achiever big stuff big deal the cheese key player phenomenon doyen pundit virtuoso elite pro specialist doyenne hot shot eminent person savant kingpin champion maestro sage maven scholar genius whiz wizard old pro top hand big wig connoisseur pillar of the state pillar of the church heroine wonder darling fave marvel kingfish paragon nawab big nibs wheel bigfoot pet big-timer big leaguer winner big boy muckety-muck muck-a-muck high-muckety-muck poo-bah high-muck-a-muck pin-up topliner ideal exemplar success blue-eyed boy fair-haired girl blue-eyed girl fair-haired boy perfect example shining example joss big bug Big Daddy Big Chief goddess lead brass hat muckamuck starlet sensation major player cause célèbre rockstar spectacle Olympian somebody famous person to be reckoned with captain of industry big star triumph boss god vip baller muckety muck powerful person powerful batter grand poobah great gun person in charge heavy-hitter high man on the totem pole big cat big man on campus preference speed minion ideal woman talk beloved mastermind wunderkind talent rarity shining light popular figure choice spirit master spirit one in a million rainmaker great man spoilt child sweetheart toast delight belle apple of your eye heart-throb role model epitome model princess woman of the hour heart throb mistress diva ideal man queen focus of attention apple of someone's eye big hit golden girl golden boy crème de la crème prima donna queen bee coup best-seller box-office hit wow knockout sell-out box-office success master stroke smash hit smash hit crowd-puller bestseller belter blockbuster box office success crackajack jewel dandy jim-dandy crackerjack masterpiece prizewinner treasure success story market leader natural best seller tour de force gem pip fairy tale fame megahit colossus titan actor principal costar leading lady leading man main attraction female lead male lead movie star film star leading role leading actor

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