Đồng nghĩa của down home


Not attempting to impress others with an appearance of greater importance, talent, or culture than is actually possessed
unpretentious honest unaffected modest natural simple straightforward unassuming sincere artless guileless ingenuous plain frank genuine homely humble innocent naive open real true unpretending honest-to-goodness unimposing unobtrusive unostentatious unspoiled without airs discreet down easy-going folksy free-spirited homey inelaborate laid-back prosaic self-effacing unambitious unbeautified uncomplex unembellished unpresumptuous up front homespun ordinary wholesome lowly rustic quiet unsophisticated cracker-barrel down-home down-to-earth childlike unworldly unstudied unsuspicious green unwary unrefined inexperienced unsuspecting naïve unknowing simpleminded ignorant unadorned informal unornamented uncontrived gullible candid relaxed unguarded uncomplicated naif uncritical primitive spontaneous raw undesigning trusting basic credulous trustful dinkum pure unfussy cozy unelaborate austere unschooled easily taken in everyday understated clean on the up and up uninhibited unforced wet behind the ears simplistic unextravagant easy unmannered unstilted callow small cosy fair unembroidered unexcessive economical restrained dewy-eyed dewy wide-eyed aw-shucks untutored direct unlearned unwitting forthright unpolished on the level uncluttered confiding unmindful unaware impressionable unsceptical oblivious insensible unacquainted uninformed clueless incognizant naïf unfamiliar outspoken no-nonsense undecorated youthful nescient unconscious unartificial square over-trusting easily deceived easily led born yesterday as green as grass traditional low-key downhome conservative friendly pretensionless domestic just-folks unreserved silly unlaboured jejune casual nonchalant meek poor demure familiar unselfconscious unartful undisguised reserved polite considerate kind courteous peasant inelegant token homemade homecooked instinctive instinctual simple-minded classic undeveloped immature rough and ready upfront straight truthful gauche homebrew untrained provincial parochial trim unconstrained minimal practical fresh unhypocritical untaught uncivilized savage bush-league corny unadulterated kid cornball rookie authentic minimalistic elegant graceful up-front meaning what one says barbarian uncultivated barbaric without frills hearty conventional streamlined symmetrical smooth no fooling like it is exquisite tasteful uncivilised untamed animal brutish atavistic nonliterate fierce uncultured undomesticated vestigial underdeveloped wild barbarous homestyle indistinctive featureless neutral nondescript beige faceless noncommittal characterless workaday acceptable penny plain shapely definite regular moderate average unradical reasonable middling unexceptional cheap dry inexpensive unextreme clean-cut well defined boring vanilla pure and simple bland your basic normophilic elementary unexciting insipid dull


(at home) To be comfortable or at ease


Deserving of trust, or able to be trusted reliably
trustworthy dependable honourable reliable responsible staunch true trusty faithful reputable ethical honest incorruptible principled safe secure sensible steadfast truthful unimpeachable upright virtuous constant loyal unfailing unswerving unwavering calculable foolproof good guaranteed honorable mature righteous solid sound steady sure trustable straight tried saintly true-blue level-headed never-failing rock solid straight-up tried-and-true sure-fire true blue above suspicion tried and trusted tried and tested tried and true full of integrity on the level to be trusted worthy of trust always there up front boy scout fly right as good as one's word decent just respectable moral scrupulous conscientious firm upstanding sincere devoted genuine fair proper right-minded worthy stable noble certain right dedicated credible dutiful creditable high-principled authentic committed legitimate high-minded proven unquestionable trusted kosher correct infallible nice valid blameless stand-up law-abiding established pure resolute fast tested irreproachable legit square certified lawful veracious straightforward candid strong proved real ardent devout enduring all right positive allegiant reasonable unerring frank respected anti-corruption conclusive rational definite pious equitable authoritative indisputable aboveboard effective attested indubitable laudable unassailable stalwart uncorrupted fixed admirable impeccable impartial of good repute on the up and up conscionable above board fail-safe verifiable forthright absolute exemplary patriotic incontrovertible demonstrable unfeigned accurate unequivocal convincing acceptable down-the-line true-hearted fair-minded morally correct believable well-founded determined open venerable irrefutable recognized guiltless faultless sinless incontestable estimable legal stanch unmistakable perfect veritable confirmed bona fide precise known upfront immovable undoubted praiseworthy meritorious unchanging recognised commendable flawless undeniable establishable balanced unfaltering dyed-in-the-wool compelling unadulterated persuasive unpretentious actual close attached clean efficacious in the bag watertight plausible above reproach persistent unambiguous clear official well-thought-of exact stout immaculate evident plain inarguable squeaky-clean realistic highly regarded consistent competent approved confirmable predestined hard provable supreme set ascertained destined guileless sterling undisputable true to life unprejudiced unbiased clean-living fair and square inculpable liege strict innocent justified passionate well founded unbribable objective squeaky clean wholehearted orthodox even-handed open-minded unchallengeable pukka salted away on ice sure thing having down pat maintainable sustainable viable definitive dispassionate non-partisan copper-bottomed surefire can't-miss distinguished chivalrous loving unanswerable tenable potent non-discriminatory equal incorrupt probable decisive intimate original accepted well-established justifiable evenhanded veridical nondiscriminatory moralistic honored angelic well-built satisfying earnest unaffected fervent on the up-and-up heartfelt uncounterfeited bonafide of good standing beyond question adult unfaked failsafe unpretended sturdy circumspect right-thinking capable hard-core esteemed sane behind one salt of the earth fanatical bosom capable of being trusted unblemished able to hold water well-grounded predictable emphatic feasible honoured creditworthy rigid supportive prestigious regular vigorous conforming lasting settled notable likely excellent unarguable factual astute efficient neutral knightly irrefragable telling obdurate unstained anti-discrimination eminent easy accomplished untarnished inexorable influential fair dinkum helpful defensible powerful airtight cogent sanctioned verified authenticated indifferent nonpartisan elevated never failing lofty demonstrated logical overt civil defendable agreeable perceptive decorous assured able redoubted honest-to-goodness uncompromising polite peaceable disinterested unselfish godly saintlike supported inerrable inerrant unshakable imaginable uncolored forceful apodictic possible supportable arguable seemly redoubtable deserving courteous for real conceivable impressive fitting satisfactory obedient beyond dispute self-righteous workable beyond doubt presumable obvious above-board invariable of principle confiding affectionate whiter than white pure as the driven snow of good report punctilious holy spiritual noble-minded vindicable well-engineered abiding well grounded from the horse's mouth time-tested well-tried well built beyond a shadow of a doubt safe as houses high-quality string along with hopeful well engineered tested and proved right-hand important principal main favorite having clean hands humble uncontrived unalloyed undisputed certifiable discreet impervious echt standup glorious go-to familiar simple undesigning artless natural hearty zealous pucka civilized careful unconcealed rocklike peaceful duteous boon unflappable impassioned checked favourite quality egalitarian idiot-proof goofproof unbreakable orderly licit hardened inextinguishable immortal undestroyable untouchable perpetual upheld great undistorted truehearted perfervid unflinching fervid authorized accredited straight-shooting card-carrying hard-working confidential chaste humane qualified self-reliant manifest patent carrying the load sustained self-evident clinching respectful even unhesitating no lie Christian well behaved unmannered on up and up undebatable clear-cut categorical durable deep-dyed good as one's word to be counted on tough inflexible stiff straight-arrow by the book morally right morally acceptable unchangeable immutable gallant magnanimous right as rain telling the truth authorised keen final God-fearing in good faith die-hard valuable worthwhile right on straight from shoulder civilised sovereign with no axe to grind irresistible fine applaudable model ultimate not in doubt godlike philanthropic matchless peerless reverent charitable philanthropical confident wise sagacious judicious intelligent plain-spoken error-free invaluable verisimilar assuasive suasive excusable condonable impregnable warrantable beyond criticism unexceptionable unshakeable first-class thinking twice fastidious critical extremely careful heedful punctual concluded decided warranted ensured insured stipulated stated permanent colourable deadly uncanny meticulous inevitable persevering shrewd percipient shoo-in unanxious undoubtful sanguine nailed down locked on carefree equable classic on the nail the real McCoy based on facts straight from the horse's mouth fact-based stainless spotless untainted beyond suspicion free-spoken round moving true-to-life carrying conviction swaying believeable A-1 used endless boundless unmistaken errorless dead spot-on intense stubborn immobile unquestioning adamant bound unmovable changeless unbending unqualified intent bulletproof perdurable literal ingenuous plainspoken truth-telling outspoken unreserved significant fly canonical serious cordial profound long-standing long-lived long-lasting inexhaustible learned inseparable valued well balanced well-balanced unbeatable ceaseless continuous scholarly tried out put to the test time-honoured deep-rooted reputed name well respected of repute well thought of meaning what one says special cherished dear undamaged best close-knit normal treasured on one's side detached unlimited unfading spot on undying continual coherent genteel well known famous well-known renowned popular celebrated acclaimed favored prominent famed high-ranking illustrious presumptive like it is substantial documented circumstantiated validated handy useful undeceivable omniscient effectual always effective unflagging bottomless well judged unimpaired seasonable unspoiled eatable timely unhurt fresh trenchant felicitous favourable expedient whole well timed full-hearted reasoned honest-to-god supposable fiduciary colorable credential thinkable favoured with a good reputation befitting presentable dignified prudent lucid congruent grounded same unrelenting assiduous delivering there diligent eternal counted on come-through continuing kind obliging commonsensical perspicuous deductive informed on up-and-up neat tidy smart spruce undecayed promising fit to eat well-timed uncontaminated intact neighbourly pragmatic germane determinative commonsense weighty analytical practical levelheaded discerning accommodating according to the rules appropriate suitable becoming modest done comely ordinary well bred moderate august sublime mediocre de rigueur pertinent analytic relevant sober consequent commonsensible generous thoughtful gracious friendly amiable considerate hospitable in high favor indulgent benevolent kindly amicable comradely altruistic benign sympathetic holding water matter-of-fact well-advised intellectual well reasoned clear-headed well advised down-to-earth well-reasoned well thought out favorable straight from horse's mouth with a ring of truth within the bounds of possibility sociable pleasant genial regardful companionable mannerly comme il faut neighborly make good in good part make good on something well-disposed well mannered well-brought-up well-mannered irreprehensible without reproach in the clear of excellent character grand big courtly greathearted imposing stately outstanding wholesome high exalted lordly proud beneficent refined noteworthy magnificent superior gentlemanly heroic lily-white big-hearted cultivated leading great-hearted revered bounteous liberal urbane free rightful kindhearted sportsmanlike paradigmatic quintessential batting a thousand not too shabby thankworthy tolerant meritable pre-eminent noted praisable preeminent valiant sportsmanly bueno neato prototypical classical beyond reproach bountiful unblamable exceptional high-powered munificent majestic regal not bad aristocratic seminal sporting dominant highest brave extraordinary gentle distinctive suave worthy of admiration gentlemanlike representative typical illustrative characteristic foremost lavish giving ideal high profile high-level undefiled unsparing portly ladylike major league due couth loose soft-touch unstinting attentive compliant prim courageous bighearted premier prime sedate commanding uplifting impersonal consequential iconic first integral formidable resonant prized self-sacrificing pivotal puissant monumental disciplined high-up mighty top-ranking admired bold intrepid big time far-reaching valorous formal tractable cultured polished ceremonious unsullied profuse prudish understanding highest-ranking unspoilt sanctimonious celibate idealistic prissy apple-pie ungrudging prodigal open-handed hallowed well-bred copybook venerated fulsome openhanded freehearted freehanded affable strait-laced handsome willing inflated consummate classy solemn unobjectionable kingly highbrow composed vestal lenient conventional staid primary of note humanitarian white stellar imperial clean-cut dinkum G-rated memorable astral exaggerated excessive immodest self-respecting major kind-hearted key legendary predominant chief top-notch royal palmary central prevailing notorious compassionate fabled splendid uninvolved worthy of commendation eventful arch magnific alpha all-important grave merciful tender pleasing without fault historical material fundamental well-connected large-hearted highfalutin' core superb remarkable essential of influence senior incomparable signal marvelous fair-and-square number one top marvellous resplendent top-drawer of high standing pompous brilliant big name big-time big league protective peacekeeping soft-hearted warm-hearted complying highly respectable uncorrupt rectitudinous particular professional palatable incorrupted favoring submissive biddable amenable manageable conformable docile finicky chivalric well-behaved inspiring individual sporty according to Hoyle abundant ample deferential daring favouring saving religious delicate fussy deserved merited condign time-honored number elegant needy eligible free-handed ready well favoured well-favoured savory savoury reverenced pernickety unbigoted kin inoffensive full-figured well-rounded plump womanly eleemosynary almsgiving plentiful full independent self-sufficient caring selfless terrific mean self-important overblown sophisticated stylish archetypical imitable archetypal textbook top-level head controlling spirited well-regarded much touted manly quixotic acknowledged virginal higher meretorious appreciable on-the-level right and proper on the square crimeless worshipped fearless dauntless stout-hearted uncoloured proportionate picture-book cleanhanded picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible seamless crucial fit maidenly sweet princely goodhearted public-spirited goodish plenteous willingly given unstinted squeamish cardinal irreprovable eloquent rich oratorical towering four-star upper-class VIP upper successful phenomenal deciding level even-steven cricket fair-to-middling virgin lionized demure debonair in limelight dapper alright goody-goody unmarred precious very good focal grandiloquent considerable vital reproachless pristine without fear or favour awe-inspiring epic grandiose heroical massive baronial Homeric sacred reverend sage prodigious acquitted higher up high up snow white tasteful graceful meritious winner meedful golden boss choice world-beating fair shake square deal edifying of distinction reserved indispensable high-priority intrinsic major-league requisite heavy-duty big-league necessary needed skookum conspicuous public puritanical priggish good-natured approachable forthcoming bonhomous good-hearted complaisant benignant mild congenial bland unctuous female motherly highbred flattering preux adulatory complimentary high-bred studied lionised matriarchal philosophical experienced patriarchal worshipful worshiped non-erotic improving non-violent continent unprofaned inviolate unspotted unblighted characterful meet top drawer imperious of mark of great consequence in the public eye not to blame not guilty guilt-free in line by the numbers gone swell slick select pillar gnarly lily white wide-eyed sombre magisterial somber distingué starchy nifty momentous fateful landmark gratifying pure as driven snow babe in woods wet behind ears historic invigorating envigorating hygienic open-faced ruddy together fresh-faced sanitary blooming matronly deserving congratulations first-rate wicked cheering unforgettable shining triumphant pleasurable rewarding bright fulfilling meaningful groundbreaking wonderful epochal red-letter heart-warming ace smashing tip-top champion super fab brill splendiferous salt of earth just so top-hole bully beaut all there up to the mark nasty organic in the pink hale and hearty in fine feather capital paramount superlative triumphal overbearing unparalleled primal first rate of the first rank unsurpassed gifted prior unexcelled unequaled unequalled highly rated arch- greatest

Trái nghĩa của down home

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