Đồng nghĩa của square deal


Fair, just, or impartial
equitable fair just impartial unbiased dispassionate even-handed right unprejudiced fair-minded honest proper reasonable rightful anti-discrimination disinterested due egalitarian non-discriminatory objective unbigoted conscientious good honorable honourable scrupulous upright balanced candid decent equal evenhanded indifferent neutral nondiscriminatory nonpartisan non-partisan open-minded proportionate sensible square uncoloured above board cricket ethical even-steven fair-to-middling impersonal justifiable level moral stable uncolored upfront without fear or favour fair and square fair shake with no axe to grind on the level on the up and up detached straight virtuous principled uninvolved righteous noble right-minded upstanding trustworthy respectable true lawful fitting independent incorruptible clean blameless kosher stand-up pure law-abiding free from discrimination merited justified condign middle-of-the-road without favouritism rational high-minded deserved nice correct on-the-fence on the fence all right reputable aboveboard worthy even warranted nonaligned suitable elevated exemplary nondiscriminating anti-corruption unslanted competent moralistic sincere high-principled fit legitimate legal dutiful uninfluenced unselfish uncorrupted unemotional faithful appropriate saintly uncommitted sinless irreproachable angelic guiltless meritorious laudable unimpeachable straightforward praiseworthy conscionable right-thinking earned apt without favor humane requisite true blue dependable truthful steady reliable genuine sportsmanlike outside responsible equable innocent clinical unswayed sportsmanly uninterested judicial lofty aloof saintlike admirable godly level-headed unbribable dinkum cold unallied whiter than white squeaky clean morally correct pure as the driven snow fair-and-square according to the rules charitable unaligned non-aligned meet legit non-discriminating disconnected moderate not taking sides becoming well deserved well earned obligatory commendable right and proper punctilious matching forthright sporting gracious unprepossessed pukka frank civil mannerly selfless on the up-and-up equalized well balanced sitting on the fence equalised strictly business cool on-the-level on up-and-up chivalrous gentlemanlike gallant full of integrity without distinction nonbiased free from self-interest without prejudice impeccable immaculate sporty according to Hoyle expected anticipated awaited slated unaffiliated in proportion of principle true-blue circumspect up front on the square morally right morally acceptable Christian that takes everything into account equalitarian unaffected unimplicated adequate sufficient ample enough middle faultless unruffled logical unmoved nonpassionate composed disengaged classless satisfactory middle of the road straddling the fence autonomous free God-fearing squeaky-clean pious noble-minded unconcerned bystanding bounden credible unfailing well-earned broad-minded removed non-participating undecided humble steadfast veracious authentic devoted reverent matchless deserving holy philanthropical devout philanthropic godlike creditable peerless spiritual democratic unconnected unpretentious uncontrived unfeigned on sidelines enduring dedicated unwavering trusty constant resolute patriotic inactive nonchalant poker-faced twenty-four carat holding water permitted official card-carrying in principle authorized befitting orthodox applicable canonical authorised rhadamanthine scheduled coming equal-opportunity rectitudinous dignified quality professional centrist untainted favoring obedient self-righteous incorrupt sound incorrupted non-radical non-extreme lily-white cultivated inculpable irreprehensible tractable well-behaved estimable sanctimonious non-reactionary central favouring religious prim lenient saving proud pacific safe uncontroversial open to reason unblemished unsullied spotless undefiled solid stainless chaste excellent wholesome respected clear cleanhanded virginal pristine loyal untarnished model above reproach unstained above suspicion in the clear clean-living venerable seemly unoffending crimeless uncensurable guilt-free decorous sterling modest civilized not guilty orderly impeccant perfect uncorrupt of good repute unblamable compliant peaceful duteous classic sure free of respectful polite civilised secure white licit tried-and-true valid well behaved paradigmatic quintessential well-founded staunch calculable trustable bueno prototypical classical neato virgin recognized magnanimous tried proven disciplined esteemed angelical recognised submissive docile deferential refined not bad flawless peaceable prestigious distinguished batting a thousand not too shabby without fault biddable unspoilt celibate courteous restrained as pure as the driven snow characteristic representative typical illustrative definitive redoubtable fine vestal commonsensical certified attested trusted firm applaudable approved genteel fast well-thought-of beyond reproach established unspotted praisable G-rated uncontaminated certain outstanding stanch well-mannered precise demure comely natural conforming amenable down-the-line de rigueur salt of the earth tested comme il faut undamaged notable tried and true tried and tested unpolluted eminent knightly reasoned great maidenly reputed name honoured proved commonsense commonsensible informed worthwhile ideal helpful accurate regardful generous intact copper-bottomed benevolent valuable hard sober redoubted normal thankworthy meritable illustrious honored simple presentable continent accepted benign sympathetic copybook levelheaded open august guileless fresh consummate exceptional neat definite highly regarded tasteful harmless exact veridical undistorted confirmed courtly well bred sanitary beyond criticism fail-safe failsafe lordly done sackless elegant high absolute untouched conventional greathearted not to blame well mannered of good report free of sin well grounded above-board from the horse's mouth peacekeeping unspoiled complying acquiescent idealistic unobjectionable manageable conformable glorious creditworthy needy eligible snowy undisturbed clean-handed free from guilt free from blame invaluable valued first-class on up and up honest-to-goodness unerring reverential apposite innocent as a lamb without sin straight-arrow standard perpetual persistent inextinguishable immortal undestroyable unchanging untouchable seamless picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible imitable archetypal textbook archetypical not responsible astute beneficent sedate heedful punctual fastidious critical irreprovable attentive tactful A-1 traditional reproachless snow white palmary high-powered prized admired meretorious appreciable of repute well thought of well respected liberal brave bounteous very good edifying uplifting wise sagacious judicious intelligent staid formal polished world-beating meritious winner meedful golden boss choice pliant filial deferent prudent unwed tolerant extraordinary remarkable inviolate unblighted unprofaned reserved ladylike gentlemanly well known favored famous well-known renowned prominent popular famed high-ranking celebrated acclaimed extremely careful thinking twice self-denying maiden self-restrained abstinent unmarried nunlike binding percipient perceptive shrewd non-erotic non-violent improving couth absolved cleared exculpated untroubled at peace calm serene in good taste tranquil exonerated defensible warrantable defendable regular without reproach demonstrated consistent lily white wide-eyed unswerving favoured with a good reputation tried and trusted assured major league in limelight big time big name of excellent character top drawer well disciplined seasonable ceremonial au fait used quiet true-hearted great-hearted self-sacrificing vindicable well-engineered well-built fly sanctioned significant wet behind ears apple-pie austere well trained incumbent on unscathed unharmed settled tried out put to the test time-honoured safe as houses supportive babe in woods strict cogent invigorating ruddy sane practical together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic open-faced clean-cut blooming intemerate monogamous inexperienced impotent controlled prudish subdued confident fixed in high favor of good standing truehearted allegiant wholehearted ardent liege pure as driven snow obliging kind tidy smart spruce unmarked unmarred neighbourly high-quality well engineered accommodating ordinary sublime mediocre factual no lie able conclusive unanxious undoubtful sanguine carefree hopeful considerate thoughtful friendly hospitable amiable all there beautiful well-grounded learned agreeable indulgent kindly comradely altruistic amicable unchanged easy shoo-in determined sociable pleasant hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink lovely scholarly unimpressed dry-eyed unstirred unaltered uninjured unhurt genial companionable nailed down in the bag locked on neighborly verifiable veritable adorable entrancing out of danger in perfect condition shipshape entire unbroken safe and sound without a scratch untried in good condition authenticated documented supported authoritative convincing circumstantiated validated verified beatific lovable enchanting adorbs straight from horse's mouth well-disposed well-brought-up


Fair chance
fair shake justice equity right fifty-fifty fair treatment even break even chance even odds square odds impartiality objectivity disinterestedness detachment disinterest honesty equitableness righteousness integrity uprightness rightness rightfulness nonpartisanship objectiveness justness fair-mindedness goodness decency reasonableness honour fairness honor open-mindedness good faith moderation neutrality evenhandedness neutralism dispassion dispassionateness consideration legitimacy propriety impartialness truth veracity decorum civility candor charity tolerance suitability courtesy give and take exactitude rationality humanity seemliness candour due charitableness duty equality rectitude even-handedness egalitarianism fair play properness sensibleness honourableness conscientiousness scrupulousness lack of discrimination lack of bigotry balance lack of bias piece parity lack of prejudice morality virtue probity principle virtuousness incorruptibility trustworthiness nobility truthfulness faithfulness upstandingness character fidelity correctness right-mindedness soundness equitability loyalty impeccability confidence high-mindedness worthiness respectability ethics principles honorableness dignity lawfulness frankness openness bluntness genuineness outspokenness unbiasedness legality reputability verity sincerity straightness straightforwardness trustiness responsibility self-respect nobleness superiority good indifference independence distance ethicalness coldness cool unselfishness nonalignment blamelessness purity worth saintliness plainness moral virtue good character gallantry graciousness greatness sublime magnanimity impersonality unprejudicedness candidness selflessness evenness plainnes absence of bias absence of prejudice without favoritism godliness noninterference considerateness reason morals noninvolvement noninterventionism moral correctness reliability erectness verticality perpendicularity high principles fair dealing accuracy precision dependability remoteness emancipation enfranchisement exactness merit non-partisanship authenticity aloofness honourability coolness nonchalance irreproachableness excellence pureness meritoriousness value unconcern irreproachability sinlessness innocence guiltlessness quality reverie dreaminess woolgathering preoccupation impassiveness incuriosity beneficence benefit ethicality grace nobility of soul nobility of spirit obligingness advantage kindheartedness mercy piousness piety noble-mindedness validity lack of corruption permissibility brown study good will admissibleness legitimateness licitness constitutionality admissibility authority defendability accordance with the law

Trái nghĩa của square deal

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